Taryn & Sharon

Genres: Comedy, Comedy-Drama
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Episode 1: Holding the Baby

Taryn and Sharon are tasked with babysitting their frenemy Laurie's toddler, but they learn that they don't have the first clue about looking after toddlers and this shows when they paint the boy toddler's nails pink and lose him in the mall while looking for baby-friendly nail polish remover.

Gary and Ma Lillian accidently lock themselves in Gary's new state-of-the-art garage and take a stroll down memory lane, only to discover that they had very different experiences raising Taryn and Sharon.

Episode 2: Gary's Lover

Gary has a new lady in his life, Leanne, a seasoned gold digger who Taryn will go to any length to expose and make sure her inheritance remains intact. Sharon claims that she could date any guy but bites off more than she can chew when she meets a man on a Christian dating app who wants to make her his wife.

Episode 3: Boss B*tches

Taryn and Sharon try to launch their social branded media marketing leveraging company by helping their friend Fabian create a video to rebrand his least promising client, Comfi Shoes, but struggle to convince teenagers to make it appealing to the youth.

After Taryn called her mother Sandy to intervene in Gary's love life, they fall back in love and plan for a romantic (if not toxic) future but Ma Lillian snaps them back to reality.

Episode 4: The Baby Shower

Sharon organises Laurie's baby shower but has to improvise with an eccentric last-minute replacement who poses as the guest of honour she forgot to book. Taryn faces an existential crisis when she meets a strange kid who asks her uncomfortable questions about her life choices.

Ma Lillian finds a novel way to extort money from Gary to pay off her loan shark.

Episode 5: The Homeless Guy

Taryn and Sharon try to start a modeling agency division of their company and stumble across a gorgeous homeless man to be their first client. But they get stuck in a car park after shopping for his make-over.

While Gary and Ma Lillian look after the very familiar-looking homeless man, they discover he has amnesia and try to discover his true identity.

Episode 6: The Detox

Taryn and Sharon believe that technology is destroying their souls, so they agree to go on the ultimate detox: No food or technology, only ice lollies. But temptation gets the better of both of them.

Gary buys a new cutting-edge TV but does not know how to turn it on, much to Ma Lillian's frustration when she misses her shows.

Episode 7: The Activist

Sharon meets an activist, Rocky, who she's completely smitten by and proves how "woke" she can be by begging Taryn to attend a protest against animal cruelty at Yummy cosmetics. But Taryn smells something fishy about Rocky it's not his B.O.

Gary befriends a new man to prove he isn't racist but accidently sends romantic signals to him and Ma Lillian cannot help but stir the pot.

Episode 8: Corporate Takeover

Taryn joins the workforce as a last ditch effort at finding love with Mark who only dates working women. But her fake job just so happens to be where Mark works. So she employs Sharon's help to keep up her façade.

When Gary's lazy boy breaks, Sharon sees an opportunity for an extreme home makeover. But when Sharon's taste is too expensive for Gary's budget, he hires Laurie who goes full on minimalist.

Episode 9: The Exhibition

Taryn and Sharon attend an exclusive preview of Laurie's upcoming art exhibition but things go awry when Taryn accidently breaks one of Laurie's sculptures and try to fix it before Laurie notices.

When Gary forgets Ma Lillian's birthday, Ma Lillian resigns and comes up with a plan to remind Gary what he'd be missing with a new incompetent domestic worker, Poppy, but Ma Lillian's plan fails when Poppy wants more than what Ma Lillian bargained for.

Episode 10: The Funeral Home

Upon seeing a mysterious rash on her arm, Taryn believes the worst: she's dying. With Sharon unamused, Taryn takes the initiative to plan her own funeral but gets stuck in a coffin when testing it out.

Gary and Ma Lillian compare whose day requires more work. When Gary and Ma Lillian exchange daily schedules, Gary realises that her work is much harder than he thought.

EpisodeS 11: Queen B.E.E.

Gary ropes Sharon into pretending to be his BEE partner to get into a potential business deal but Gary has his work cut out for him when he realises she has no clue about the property business and is distracted by her crush on Gary's potential partner.

Stung by being excluded from the business dealings, Taryn asks Ma Lillian to teach her how to cook African cuisine to prove her relevance. Ma Lillian takes joy in teaching Taryn how to make Mogodu.

Episode 12: Forever Young

Sharon feels old when a shop assistant mistook her for someone old enough to be a teen's mother. She sets out to prove her youth and drags Taryn on a wild night out with hipster youth.

Fearing that she will die alone, Ma Lillian seeks to reconnect with an old flame but Gary will do anything not to lose her.

Episode 13: Anatomy of Dating

When Ma Lillian wonders why Taryn and Sharon are still single, they explain the complexities of modern dating and illustrates the stages of dating through two awful dating experiences: one, where Gary sets Taryn up with one of his work colleagues and two, where Sharon thinks she's met the man of her dreams on a mobile dating app.


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