End Game

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Broadcast on: SABC1, SABC3



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Episode 1

Jet Hlatswayo is the newly appointed Minister of the Environment standing on an anti-corruption ticket. And the elegant, beautiful and charming Khosi Hlatswayo plays the perfect minister's wife.

A destitute Siya approaches her for help, causing alarm. Thato Kunene is assigned by government to the household as driver and security.

Ayanda falls for the enigmatic and handsome Thato, while Zweli is teased at his upmarket private school. Jet establishes himself as a politician to watch and the Media's darling, while his research assistant Rose searches for highly confidential and dangerous information about another politician.

Late at night Khosi intercepts an sms from Rose to Jet and goes to confront her with shocking results.

Episode 2

Khosi find the cufflinks she gave Jet in Rose's apartment. While media interest turns the case into a cause celebre, Khosi suspects that Jet and Rose were lovers. Khosi's suspicions deepen when comprising pictures of Jet and Rose are uploaded to the 'net.

Ayanda starts to bond with Freddie – a cyber savvy student. Zweli is teased even more at school as he reject's Precious's offer of friendship. Minister of Mining Hamilton Shenge offers Khosi support. Jet throws himself into operation Media Damage control as he addresses angry squatters.

Episode 3

Khosi starts her own investigations into Rose's murder and softens towards Thato as he protects her from her own actions. Fanyana takes Zweli's phone. Precious tries to console Zweli.

Siya is given 24 hours to raise his rent money. At Rose's funeral Khosi is stunned to recognize Rose's brother, Siya. Ayanda's cyber war on Suzie has an unexpected fall out. Khosi investigates Rose's dark sexual history.

Episode 4

Khosi meets Rose's ex-lover Clive at the BDSM club and is offered revealing information about Rose's affair with Jet. Freddie takes Ayanda to meet the Hacktivists and invites her to join them.

Jet meets his match in the coldly ambitious journalist Naledi. Rose's laptop is still missing. Clive refuses to give Khosi any more information. Zweli strikes back at his bullies. Siya tries to find refuge at his sister's flat.

Episode 5

Jet falters as he learns that Rose's laptop has been wiped clean of all information except for a video of her murder. Khosi tries to get the family to present a united front to the media, but her effort is undermined by Naledi.

Ayanda meets Siya and is confronted with her privileged life. She creates the No1 persona and Freddie saves her epic fail in Cyber space.

Jet and Naledi strike a mutually-beneficial deal. Khosi is dropped by all her charities as the sexual tension between her and Thato explodes.

Episode 6

Khosi and Thato agree that being lovers is a mistake. Zweli sees his mother sneaking out of Thato's room. Jet tries to buy his family's affection with computers. Naledi is disturbed by anonymous threatening phone calls.

Ayanda's alter ego No 1 goes viral on her blogs. Khosi discovers Thato spying and tells him it's over. Ayanda accepts Suzie's challenge to prove her street cred and she is attacked in the process.

Episode 7

Ayanda is rescued from her kidnappers. Khosi turns to Hamilton for advice. Jet tells Naledi their relationship should be purely professional. Naledi is angry when he stonewalls her about the Democracy Trust Fund.

Zweli bonds with Precious and Thato. Khosi is shattered by the sad news regarding Clive. Ayanda discovers the secret between Khosi and Thato and leaves home to join Freddie and the Hacktivists. Siya attacks the Hlatswayo home with a homemade bomb.

Episode 8

Hacktivists and Ayanda as No1 turn Siya into a cyber-hero. Ayanda won't let her family know where she is and instead develops the "Where is Ayanda" game online. Her alter ego No1 posts get more popular, radical, politicized and militant.

Zweli and Precious grow closer over a chess match. Naledi confronts Jet in front of Khosi. The police are given a tip off about Rose's scarf and arrive to search the Hlatswayo house.

Episode 9

Khosi and Jet are taken in for questioning. Zweli uses the martial arts skills Thato has taught him to best Fanyana. Precious invites him to stay the night. Khosi throws Jet out of the house.

Siya's landlady decides to blackmail Khosi. Thato learns more about Rose's laptop. Three men surround the Hlatswayo house searching for Khosi.

Episode 10

Khosi's on the streets with nothing but her wedding ring and her wits. A jealous Suzie discovers Freddie and Ayanda in a compromising situation. The Hacktivists hack into Government sites, which infuriates the DP and Hamilton.

Zweli tries to find Ayanda from her "Where is Ayanda?" game. Khosi pawns her wedding ring in order to buy Rose's memory stick and discovers evidence of corruption at the highest levels of Government.

Episode 11

Jet is put on suspension and Khosi confronts Hamilton with his corruption. Khosi realizes that Rose's murder was a set-up. The Hlatswayos are completely vindicated and Jet and Khosi reconcile. Jet is back to being Mr. Clean.

Zweli is becoming a bully. Freddie hacks into the national mainframe and freezes all government computers. The DP demands that Sam finds and shut down the group of nameless activists. Suzie gets her revenge on Ayanda.

Episode 12

The police surround the Hacktivist compound. Ayanda escapes with Freddie. Government searches for No1 but can't find the anonymous agitator. All is domestic bliss on the Hlatswayo front as The DP arranges for Khosi to get a medal of honour.

Khosi realises that her daughter is No1. Ayanda as No1 calls for nationwide protests for Hacktivists. Precious dumps Zweli for being a bully. Thato and Khosi join forces to investigate Jet and they discover a complex conspiracy.

Episode 13

The Slav leaves Thato for dead. Ayanda calls for a protest march at her mother's awards ceremony. Precious and Zweli reconcile. Amanda in her No1 persona leads a crowd of masked protesters.

A nervy police contingent is standing by. The attempt to kill the president is foiled with devastating results. Ayanda is imprisoned. Khosi uses the knowledge gained about her husband and the corrupt political maneuvering to strike a deal with the DP.

As the shattered Hlatswayo family slowly start to heal, Khosi gets a phone call...


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