My Perfect Family

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Episode 1: Koko Moves In

Mandla's Mom, Koko, unexpectedly pays the Nkosi family a visit.

Koko doesn't know about Portia and Mandla's divorce, so to keep up appearances, and to Lu's delight, Mandla and Portia have to pretend to be a happy married couple for the duration of Koko's stay.

Episode 2: The Plumbing Business

With his clientele starting to expand slightly, Mandla begins to struggle with managing his plumbing business' books.

Meanwhile, Portia is also struggling to sell houses and Lu decides to convince them that Portia should manage Mandla's business– once again, hoping to bring his parents closer together. But managing his parents' work relationship proves difficult for Lu.

Episode 3: The Wedding Anniversary

On what would have been Portia and Mandla's wedding anniversary, Portia starts to feel unloved as it seems Mandla has wiped their special day out of his memory, even though they're divorced.

Lu plots to give Portia a special evening, trying his best to make it look like it came from Mandla, with disastrous affects.

Episode 4: The Urn

A new sports master at Lu's school scraps chess as a recognized sport, and Lu has to take on another extra-mural activity - his only choice being soccer. Luyanda is petrified by the fact because he knows nothing about the sport.

Looking to spend more time with his son, Mandla offers himself as Lu's coach, convinced he was quite good in his hey-day.

Episode 5: Portia's Home School

After seeing a programme about it, Portia decides that it's about time Lu started getting home-schooled like all the Hollywood child-stars. Lu is not happy with the idea but Mandla and Portia are convinced they can do it.

A war ensues between Portia and Mandla as they try and decide who the better teacher for Lu is.

Episode 6: Sex Education

When Portia and Mandla discover a pack of condoms in the house, they start to suspect the pack belongs to one of their children. On a quest to discover who the condoms belong to, they are forced to have the dreaded sex "chat" with both Thando and Lu.

Meanwhile, Koko has started an illegal business, selling government condoms.

Episode 7: The Invite

Luyanda receives news that he is nominated for a SOPPIE (a Soap Opera & Perfect Performance in Entertainment) award but his invite only allows for one extra guest. Lu sees this as the perfect opportunity to impress his school-crush, Khanyi, by inviting her along.

After promising to take Khanyi to the awards, Lu tells his family about the invite, and they all set out to win Lu over, hoping to prove that they are deserved of the plus one.

Episode 8: Virtual Dating

When Mandla finds out that Portia got Thando to help her set up a cellphone dating profile, he gets jealous. Lu sees another opportunity to get his parents back together and convinces Mandla to start his own Internet dating profile.

Mandla and Portia brag to each other about the partner they've met online without knowing that they are in fact talking to each other.

Episode 9: Terminating Lu

Gossip-monger Dineo tells Lu that she overheard the director talking to the producer about killing off a character.

When Lu reads his script, he notices that in an upcoming episode, his character gets an "unknown illness" and starts to believe that he may be the actor to lose his contract.

The entire family works together to ensure that Lu doesn't get fired, by inviting the producer over for dinner in the hopes of impressing him.

Episode 10: Breaking Puberty

Luyanda lands himself his first major commercial where he has to sing. But Luyanda and his family's dreams of nationwide stardom and money are dashed when it seems like Luyanda's voice begins to break and he suddenly becomes unable to speak.

Episode 11: The House Party

Portia and Mandla have to attend a funeral and Thando thinks it's the perfect opportunity to throw a house party, much to Lu's dismay. Lovers convinces Lu that this is the perfect opportunity to raise his "coolness meter".

The party gets out of hand and Portia and Mandla unexpectedly return early.

Episode 12: Life Orientation

Lu tries his best to hide that he is failing life orientation at school. But his plan of hiding his big secret from his parents fails when his LO teacher shows up at his home unannounced.

In a bid to convince the teacher that their family is not dysfunctional, Portia invites the teacher over to dinner, where the family has to pretend to be normal.

Episode 13: Lu's First Kiss

Lu receives a script for an episode of "The Highs and Lows" where he has to kiss a girl. Lu's immediately nervous as he's never kissed a girl before, and Dineo adds to his anxiety by telling him how important it is not to be a bad kisser.

Lu looks for advice on kissing from his family members, but only gets more problems. Maybe his school boy crush, Khanyi, can help him?


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