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Episode 1: Is sex the gateway to love?

Nox fears that her husband, Brian is drifting away from her, and attempts to spice up her marriage by taking up a saucy new hobby.

Amira, once again believes she has found true love.

Noma watches it all from the sidelines, safe in her convictions that she doesn't need sex and love. But that doesn't mean her life is complication free. She has to deal with a demanding new client, Danny, and her “fashion emergency”,  the soon-to-be famous hip-hop singer, Seismic.

Inadvertently, Danny gets drawn into the world of Noma's Hair and Beauty Salon and forms a friendship with the women as they contemplate the enigma of men, love and sex.

Episode 2

Is it better to be alone or live with a man who never lives up to your expectations?

Friday night is date night and the salon is bustling with women getting ready for their romantic quests. For some, it means being stuck at a high society do and watching your spouse flirting across the room.

To many single ladies this could mean the opposite; bouncing from one romance to another or living in the moment.

Episode 3

Do women get dressed to be undressed? Why are women so obsessed with what they wear?

The foursome is at it again. Noma has to let an ugly old dress go but it holds sentimental value: It carries the memory of Vincent, Buhle's father and Noma's long lost love. Can she let go of the dress or will it bring her luck and find her, her soulmate?

Born to shop, Nox is scouting for a dress, and a band to perform at her daughter Zinhle's birthday party. Amira hustles Nox for the singing gig. The hooked up Danny has organized the popular band Jozi instead.

Episode 4

No one knows what men want – not even men!

Zinhle's party is a disaster. Her dress is all wrong, the young boy that she has a crush on doesn't even notice her, and Jozi doesn't arrive.

Nox fails to protect her daughter from heartache, while Brian flirts with Portia, a business associate.

Danny screws up, failing her newfound friends dismally. She tries to drown her guilt in sex and alcohol.

Noma watches Nox and Zinhle's pain from a distance and realises: "There is nothing we can do to make a man want us if his eye is somewhere else."

Episode 5

I am because you are...

Nox tries desperately to revitalise her marriage, but she's struggling to draw Brian's attention away from his engaging new business associate.

Amira, on the other hand, finds herself drawn to a magnetic young poet, so much that she loses herself in days and nights of passion. She totally forgets the important meeting that could mean her lucky break.

Could the man she is hung up on be the real deal or another bypass?

Episode 6

How to please yourself...

The gloves are off. This week the ladies go beyond daring. It's all about learning to please oneself at Noma's Hair and Beauty Salon, as Danny sets up a demonstration of adults' only toys.

To get Noma up to speed, Danny takes her on a practice date.

Episode 7

Who has the time to date? Let alone find romance?

Valentine's Day does not turn out the way the friends expect. Disaster strikes on the romantic day's rush at Noma's Hair and Beauty Salon in the form of three blocked sinks.

Humphrey, the plumber comes to the rescue and overhears Danny plotting a 100-date plan for Noma.

One of the friends is keeping a secret that could break or free her girlfriend from a relationship packed with lies and deceit.

Episode 8

The truth shall set you free.

Nox visits Noma's Hair and Beauty Salon in a catatonic state to tell her friends that Brian is having an affair. The no-nonsense Danny cooks up a plan for Nox to get back at her husband.

Could this plan save her marriage or lead her down the path of divorce?

Episode 9

Guilty as charged.

Tough times are yet to come for Nox when she discovers that her husband is building a love nest with his mistress.

In an attempt to make Nox feel better, the four friends decide to go on an outing to Soweto to show Danny where they grew up, and to give Nox the opportunity to discuss her dilemma with the Gogo who brought her up.

Will the words of wisdom save her marriage at this stage?

Episode 10

Great Expectations.

Nox has retreated to her Gogo's house to deal with Brian's betrayal, and in the process cuts herself off from her friends.

The group of ladies are spinning out. Danny tries to make amends when she finds a drunken Buhle in a club, and takes him home to his mother.

Episode 11

My first time.

Danny realises that she has fallen in love for the first time. Nox takes a stand against her husband.

Their home turns into a battleground, but there is a price to pay for her victory. Afterall, there is a first time for everything.

Episode 12

Funny thing about loss...

Noma's father suffers a heart attack. She realises how scared she is of losing the people she loves. This sends Noma into a desperate race to try and protect the people around her.

Experiencing this, Danny re-evaluates her relationship with her mother, realising, that no matter how strained their relationship has always been, losing her would be catastrophic.

Brian finally comes to his senses and realises just how much damage he has done to his marriage, and is on his best behaviour. Can Nox find it in her heart to ever forgive him?

Episode 13


Things are looking up for the girls – Noma's father is on the path to recovery and she discovers that there is a real connection with Humphrey.

Nox and Brian are working things out, and Danny is surprised to find herself genuinely falling for a man, while Amira and Tshepiso get their relationship back on track.

But life is full of surprises, and one of the girls is about to find her life changed forever.


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