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Men in Black: The Series, also known as MIB: The Series and Men in Black: The Animated Series, is an American animated television series developed by Duane Capizzi, Jeff Kline and Richard Raynis which features characters from the feature film Men in Black, although thd continuity of the series is different to that of the film.

The half-hour series explores the possibility that aliens live among us and we don't even know it.

Aliens, as one might suspect, have been around for so long that there is actually a government team whose purpose is to ensure that foreign beings follow earthly rules and regulations.

This organisation, better known as Men In Black (MIB), works tirelessly and thanklessly to "protect the Earth from the scum of the Universe."

In 1961, The INS discovered the presence of Aliens - space aliens - among us. It seems that for the inhabitants of the numerous planets and galaxies beyond the Milky Way, the big blue marble looms as a prime travel destination. Her range of cultures, terrains, species and resources makes Mother Earth the logical choice for vacation, commerce, research... and unfortunately crime.

After protracted negotiations, a deal was struck with the Intergalactic Travel Commission (or ITC, a multi-universe "United Nations") to allow for the continued influx of same in exchange for a few considerations:

1) Heretofore undiscovered technology. (Did you really think that humans built the first CD-ROM drive?)

2) The restricted travel of undesirables. (i.e., criminals)

3) The understanding that all aliens must "pass" as humans (or, in some cases, inanimate objects) and not interfere with our societies.

4) And the unquestioned authority of a small group of specially chosen, specially trained men and women to police all visitation and protect the interests of the human race - completely undercover.

Those "protectors" -a division answering only to the ITC - became known as...

The Men in Black.


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