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M-Net : 02 Oct 2016 - 18 Dec 2016
Vuzu : 26 Jun 2017 - 11 Sep 2017

About the Show

Shark Tank South Africa is a South African version of the reality television series Shark Tank, based on the format created by Nippon TV, in which entrepreneurs go up in front of a panel of business moguls ("Sharks"), who are willing to invest their own money and time in potentially lucrative business ideas.

Entrepreneurs who enter the Tank must try to convince the Sharks to part with their own money and give them the funding they desperately need to turn their dreams into million-rand realities. All of the good, bad, emotional and even absurd pitches help showcase the "I wish Ihad thought of that" business ideas and products.

But the Sharks have a goal, too — to get a return on their investment and own a piece of the next big business idea. When the Sharks hear an idea worth sinking their teeth into, they're more than ready to declare war and fight each other for a piece of it.

If the Sharks think that a pitch is worth a deal, they delve deep into their own pockets to support the project financially. But if they encounter small fry, they are quick to shred the proposals to pieces, and if no Shark bites, the entrepreneur walks away without an investment.

In the first episode, the Sharks have the option to invest in four very different propositions: a proudly South African décor range, a chocolate silk-screen business, a product that may revolutionise nail care and a range of low-carb food products.

After one of these pitches, the Sharks completely lose their cool and another one prompts them to doubt the enterprise's longterm financial viability. But then someone arrives who manages to charm them out of stacks of cash...

Shark Tank South Africa is based on the format Dragons' Den, created by Nippon TV in Japan and distributed around the world by SPT. It is an M-Net Original Production and is executive produced by Kee-Leen Irvine and Duncan Irvine for Rapid Blue. The series director is Josh Feldman and the series producer is Ryan Deacon.

The Sharks

Season 1

Gil Oved
Dawn Nathan-Jones
Marnus Broodryk
Romeo Kumalo
Vinny Lingham



The Saucy Printing Co.
Entrepreneur: Michael Fletcher
Seeking: R500,000 for 15%
Deal: NO

Retro Revolution
Entrepreneur: Chrisanda Moodley
Seeking: 260,000 for 20%
Deal: NO

We Love Low Carb
Entrepreneur: Hein Kymdell and Leandi Strydom
Seeking: R5,000,000 for 5%
Deal: NO

Native Décor
Entrepreneur: Vusi Ravele
Seeking: 400,000 for 25%
Deal: YES
Shark: Gil | R400,000 for 40%


Sub-C Adventures
Entrepreneur: Nelis Retief
Seeking: R48-million for 40%
Deal: NO

Rugby Tool
Entrepreneur: Reinhardt van Niekerk
Seeking: R600,000 for 49%
Deal: NO

4d Pro
Entrepreneur: Fabian Arends and Carl Adams
Seeking: R2-million for 8%
Deal: NO

Comfy Mummy
Entrepreneur: Sarah Jeffreys
Seeking: R1,670-million for 30%
Deal: YES
Shark: Vinny | R400,000 for 40%


Party Candles
Entrepreneur: Tanya Byrne
Seeking: R500,000 for 20%
Deal: YES
Shark: Dawn | R500,000 for 50%

Moo-liscious Biltong
Entrepreneur: Vivian Perry
Seeking: R500,000 for 40%
Deal: NO

Entrepreneur: Gavin Horn
Seeking: R1-million for 35%
Deal: YES
Shark: Vinny and Romeo | R500,000 for 30%

Lastpoint SA
Entrepreneur: Thami Skosana
Seeking: R800,000 for 20%
Deal: NO


Ja Brew Brewing Company
Entrepreneur: Jacques Nel
Seeking: R250,000 for 15%
Deal: YES
Shark: Marnus | R250,000 loan for 50%

Entrepreneur: Wayne Goelst
Seeking: R85,000 for 85%
Deal: NO

Modular Projects
Entrepreneur: Arthur Blake
Seeking: R48-million for 20%
Deal: NO

Perfect Hair
Entrepreneur: Taryn Gill
Seeking: R750,000 for 25%
Deal: YES
Shark: Romeo | R400,000 for 40%


Entrepreneur: André Groenewald
Seeking: R1.5-million for 10%
Deal: NO

Entrepreneur: Thabiso Mokomele
Seeking: R300,000 for 15%
Deal: YES
Shark: Dawn | R150,000 for 20%

The Bio Back
Entrepreneur: Braam Brand
Seeking: R4.5-million for 49%
Deal: NO

Karoo Creative (Creative Doormats)
Entrepreneur: Chantelle and Henco Wiid
Seeking: R100,000 for 25%
Deal: YES
Shark: Gil | R150,000 for 25%


GoZone Water
Entrepreneur: John Oord and Len Oord
Seeking: R1.8-million for 20%
Deal: YES
Shark: Marnus | R750,000 for 20%

X-Chem Chemicals
Entrepreneur: Angela Pitsi
Seeking: R3-million for 20%
Deal: NO

Hermanna Rush
Entrepreneur: Jacqueline Corfield
Seeking: R500,000 for 20%
Deal: NO


Madkon Braai
Entrepreneur: Konrad van der Westhuizen
Seeking: R3-million for 25%
Deal: NO

Rydawi Fish Farms
Entrepreneur: Nanje Olivier and William Kelly
Seeking: R1-million for 25%
Deal: NO

One of Each
Entrepreneur: Tamburai Chirume
Seeking: R750,000 for 5%
Deal: YES
Shark: Dawn | R200,000 for 25%

Entrepreneur: Kyle Haffenden and Michael Joubert
Seeking: R5-million for 20%
Deal: YES
Shark: Vinny and Gil | R500,000 for 20%


Entrepreneur: Thokozile Mangwiro
Seeking: R800,000 for 20%
Deal: NO

FCP Energy
Entrepreneur: Lisa Illingworth, Warren Hurter and Kelvin Carr
Seeking: R760,000 for 30%
Deal: YES
Shark: Vinny | R200,000 for 20%

Fuel Decontaminant
Entrepreneur: Christopher Chow
Seeking: R6-million for 25%
Deal: NO

House of An: Image Emporium
Entrepreneur: Nerike Botes
Seeking: R500,000 for 30%
Deal: NO


SA Polyhammer
Entrepreneur: Dean Fegen
Seeking: R12-million for 25%
Deal: NO

The Wine Game
Entrepreneur: Sheryl Steyn
Seeking: R3-million for 30%
Deal: NO

Die Braai Prop
Entrepreneur: Clinton Janse van Rensburg
Seeking: R600,000 for 35%
Deal: NO

Plan My Wedding
Entrepreneur: Jason Newmark and Chelsea Evans
Seeking: R300,000 for 35%
Deal: YES
Shark: Dawn and Gil | R400,000 for 50%


Ceiling in a Can
Entrepreneur: Dave Pons
Seeking: R1-million for 20%
Deal: NO

Time Wize Parental Control
Entrepreneur: Barend Craven
Seeking: R1-million for 40%
Deal: NO

Groove Knitting Needles
Entrepreneur: Jeff and Samantha Niemann
Seeking: R1.2-million for 25%
Deal: NO

Ice Cream Ninjas
Entrepreneur: James Peters and Anton Fester
Seeking: R1.5-million for 40%
Deal: YES
Shark: Vinny | R1.5-million for 33%


Cape Sidecar Adventures
Entrepreneur: Tim Clarke
Seeking: R3-million for 20%
Deal: NO

Malia Nail Care
Entrepreneur: Lebogang Mphela
Seeking: R500,000 for 30%
Deal: NO

Wonderfillz Pizza Cones
Entrepreneur: Frank Ciman
Seeking: R530,000 for 30%
Deal: NO

Thursdays Lingerie & Swimwear
Entrepreneur: Shana Macdonald
Seeking: R500,000 for 30%
Deal: YES
Shark: Vinny | R200,000 for 30%


Entrepreneur: Vincent Viviers and Enrico Ferigolli
Seeking: R1-million for 15%
Deal: YES
Shark: Gil | R500,000 for 20%

Eco Bumpers
Entrepreneur: Ntuthuko Shezi
Seeking: R1-million for 25%
Deal: NO

Entrepreneur: Sharon Maani
Seeking: R850,000 for 20%
Deal: NO

LC Infinity Innovations
Entrepreneur: Daniel van der Spuy and Adriaan van der Spuy
Seeking: R500,000 for 15%
Deal: YES
Shark: Romeo | R200,000 for 15%


Vinny Lingham: R2,800,000
Gil Oved: R1,500,000
Dawn Nathan-Jones: R1,050,000
Romeo Kumalo: R850,000
Marnus Broodryk: R750,000 + R250,000 loan

Total Investments: R6,950,000 + R250,000 loan

Fast Facts

Shark Tank originated in Japan and was originally a format called Money Tigers. Producer Mark Burnett then adapted into Shark Tank for American audiences.

It's been speculated that it is statistically harder to get into the US version of Shark Tank than being accepted to Harvard University.

The simplest ideas often make the most money. While many entrepreneurs in the US version came into the Tank with ideas for apps or tech products, the simplest consumer goods have seen the most success inside the Shark Tank and also in the American marketplace. American Shark Lori Greiner once said, "If you have one genius product and good entrepreneurs, you can turn that one product into a huge success."

Shark Tank often gives entrepreneurs a valuable boost even if they don't end up cutting a deal with the Sharks, due to the exposure that brands receive just by being on prime time television.

Ashton Kutcher appeared as a guest Shark in the first episode of the US's seventh season.

Shark Tank has been made in many different territories in the world, including Australia, Portugal and Italy. The British version of the series, Dragon's Den, has also been popular around the world with adaptations in numerous countries, including South Africa.

Sharks Gil Oved and Vinny Lingham were previously investors (or "Dragons") on the South African version of Dragons' Den.


Shark - Himself

Shark - Herself

Shark - Himself

Shark - Himself

Shark - Himself

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