Genres: Drama, Musical
Broadcast on: M-Net, M-Net Series Zone, Vuzu, M-Net Family



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International channels
ABC : 10 Oct 2012 - 25 May 2016
CMT : 15 Dec 2016 - 26 Jul 2018

South African channels

M-Net : 14 Oct 2013 - 16 Nov 2018
M-Net Series Zone : 17 Nov 2014 - 02 Feb 2015
M-Net Family : 06 Jul 2015 - 12 Feb 2017
Vuzu : 05 Aug 2018 - 11 Aug 2019

About the Show

Nashville is an American musical drama television series created by Callie Khouri which revolves around Rayna Jaymes, a legendary country music superstar whose stardom begins fading, forcing her record label to pit her against rising teen star Juliette Barnes.

"Music City" can mean so many things to different people. In Nashville, musicians and songwriters are at the heart of the storms driven by their own ambitions.

Some are fueled by their creativity and passion for fame, others struggle to cope with the pressures of success and doing everything in their power to stay on top.

Music legend Rayna Jaymes reigns as the Queen of Country, but after two decades, her grip on the throne is slipping. Rayna refuses to be steamrolled by her record label as they present a new arrangement. And in the face of an evolving industry, Rayna is struggling to adapt and reinvent herself, which she must do if she plans to stay relevant.

Juliette Barnes is sexy, sassy, and trails trouble in her wake — she's also the country's #1 crossover artist. In her climb to the top, Juliette's public image is threatened by circumstances she struggles to control. And while she is determined to sit on Rayna's throne, Juliette refuses to deal with her difficult past.

Offstage, things aren't much smoother for Rayna. Her father, Lamar Wyatt, Nashville's most influential businessman, continues to complicate her life. Their strained relationship is defined by years of resentment and secrets that come to a head when Lamar and Rayna's sister, Tandy, push Rayna's husband to run for mayor.

For husband Teddy Conrad, this marks an opportunity to share the spotlight with his wife instead of continuing to be the man behind the woman.

The city of Nashville is the stage for many hopefuls: Deacon Claybourne, Rayna's longtime bandleader whose unrequited love for Rayna prevents him from claiming success if he went on his own.

Scarlett O'Connor, the beautiful and gifted songwriter, who's here to support her boyfriend Avery's talent while still unsure of her own.

Avery Barkley, a struggling alt-country musician, who can't help but feel left behind when his girlfriend Scarlett's songs have a chance to find an audience before his own.

And Gunnar Scott, a wholesome up-and-coming crooner, who finds a musical soulmate in Scarlett, coming in between her relationship with Avery.

Season 1 stars Connie Britton as Rayna, Hayden Panettiere as Juliette, Powers Boothe as Lamar, Charles Esten as Deacon, Eric Close as Teddy, Clare Bowen as Scarlett, Jonathan Jackson as Avery, Sam Palladio as Gunnar and Robert Ray Wisdom as Coleman.

Season 2 stars Connie Britton as Rayna, Hayden Panettiere as Juliette, Powers Boothe as Lamar, Charles Esten as Deacon, Eric Close as Teddy, Clare Bowen as Scarlett, Jonathan Jackson as Avery, Sam Palladio as Gunnar, Robert Ray Wisdom as Coleman, Lennon Stella as Maddie Conrad, Maisy Stella as Daphne Conrad and Chris Carmack as Will Lexington.

Added to the regular cast for Season 3 were previously recurring stars Will Chase as country superstar Luke Wheeler and Oliver Hudson as Jeff Fordham, the slimy head of Edgehill Records.

Dee Johnson (Boss, The Good Wife), R.J. Cutler (The September Issue, The War Room, A Perfect Candidate), Callie Khouri (Thelma & Louise) and Steve Buchanan are executive producers of Nashville. The series is produced by Lionsgate, ABC Studios and Opry Entertainment.


Rayna Jaymes

Juliette Barnes

Scarlett O'Connor

Teddy Conrad

Deacon Claybourne

Avery Barkley

Gunnar Scott

Coleman Carlisle

Lamar Wyatt

Will Lexington

Maddie Conrad

Daphne Conrad

Luke Wheeler

Jeff Fordham

Layla Grant

Jessie Caine

Brad Maitland

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