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Harambe is a South African youth talk show that aims to raise awareness about contemporary issues affecting South African teenagers and young adults.

It is a weekly-studio based talk show featuring a panel of youthful adults, including two main presenters, Vusiwe and Lutho John, and four trendsetters, referred to as the posse: Palesa, Mo Flava, Bianca Williams and Sdu.

The series was scheduled to premiere on SABC1 on Thursday 14 January 2010, at 19h00. It was replaced with an AFCON soccer broadcast and premiered on Thursday, 4 February 2010 at 19h00. New episodes air weekly. There are 26 half-hour episodes in the first season.


Each week the panel, along with a studio audience of teenagers and young adults, discuss with the experts and celebrity guests the role young South Africans play in a modern South Africa. No topic is off limits.

Harambe has travelled all over South Africa in its quest to ensure all young South Africans "pull it together" to make it a better world for themselves.

From the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape – young people have been given a microphone and encouraged to have their say and share their feelings on the above topics. Together they share their opinions and discuss solutions.

Young viewers will be shown how they can "pull it together" by volunteering in their communities, making lifestyle adjustments to save the Earth, plus many more.

Harambe speaks the language of the youth. Viewers are able to log onto social networks like the Harambe Facebook and website to discuss the aired topics in more detail, or to get the latest music and celebrity facts.

Featured guests include music stars Da L.E.S. from Jozi, T'zozo and many more.

Harambe engages and promotes positive social interaction of the youth of South Africa.


Episode 1: Eating Disorders

Is the media putting pressure on girls to look like models? The Harambe team talks about the rise of eating disorders amongst African girls and discuss the perception of beauty according to what the media portrays.

Episode 2: Drugs and Alcohol: Dealing with Peer Pressure

The Harambe team joined by Kwaito superstar T’zozo discuss the issue of drugs, alcohol and dealing with peer pressure amongst the youth of Mzansi.

Episode 3: Abusive Relationships

We hear a heart-hitting story of a survivor of an abusive relationship and we are joined by a studio expert who helps us identify the signs of an abusive relationship.

Episode 4: Teen Pregnancy

The reality of raising a child whilst still at school. Join us as we spend the day with a young teen school mom. We hear the different views from experienced teenage mothers and how you can still live a successful life even after a teenage pregnancy.

Episode 5: Sugar Daddies

Tonight on Harambe we talk about ‘ministers.’ The Harambe team discusses the rising phenomena of young girls and sugar daddies. We speak to girls living the flashy lifestyles provided by their sugar daddies.

Episode 6: Sexual Health

When is the right time to become sexually active? The Harambe team talks about sexuality and health. We are joined by former professional soccer players, Silver Shabalala and Enrique Bhana who tell us more about their organisation that creates awareness about sexuality.

Episode 7: Youth and Violence

Why have the youth of Mzansi become so violent? The Harambe team discusses the reasons behind violence amongst the youth of Mzansi. Tonight we are joined by Fistoz, who served his time after engaging in violence.

Episode 8: My Environment, My Universe

What is global warming? What can we do to save our environment before it’s too late. Join Bianca on Harambe ground patrol, as she finds the answers to these questions.

Episode 9: Laugh it Off: The Power of Comedy

The Harambe studios get hilarious as we are joined by comedians Kedibone Malaudzi and Siyabonga Radebe, as they discuss the power of comedy.

Episode 10: Petty Crime

Join the Harambe team as we discuss whether petty crime is an issue of misjudgment or the beginning of a career in crime.

Episode 11: Gender Rights: Celebrating South African Women

The Harambe crew talks about the issues of gender rights whilst Bianca is on ground patrol to find out what different organizations are doing to celebrate the women of Mzansi.

Episode 12: Child-Headed Families

Running a household and caring for your siblings with no parents – how can we as the youth of Mzanzi help? Bianca and the ground patrol team goes to Digkale, a centre that helps child-headed households in Limpopo.

Episode 13: Music as a Form of Expression

The Harambe team is joined by Hip-Hop star Slikour and Kwaito musician Andy Magazz as they discuss how music can empower the youth of Mzansi.

Episode 14: Money Matters

The Harambe crew is joined by an expert who teaches us how we can look after our money better and live a responsible financial life. From his shop in Johannesburg, we are joined by Wandi Nzimande, the founder of Loxion Kulcha as he tells us all about how he started his business with just R20 in his wallet.

Episode 15: The Arts

The Harambe team is joined by celebrity guests Da L.E.S. from the Hip-Hop group Jozi and Kitty Phetla, South Africa’s successful ballet dancer as they discuss different forms of arts and how you can involve yourself.

Episode 16: Bullying in School

The Harambe team discuss the issues of bullying in schools. How can one stand up and face the bullies?

Episode 17: Generation Gaps

The Harambe crew discusses the issue of generation gaps, whether it is a fact of life or bad communication. We hear what the youth of Mzansi has to say about this.

Episode 18: Xenophobia

Is the way parents talk to their children about foreigners the reason why 65% of South Africans are xenophobic? Was the lack of employment in South Africa the reason for the 2008 xenophobic attacks? Join our Harambe team as we discuss the answers to these questions.

Episode 19: Unemployment

How can you create a job for yourself? Mzansi speaks out about the different options one can do to create employment for themselves. We are joined by fashion pioneer of Strussbob Apparel, Tshepo Phologane as he tells us how he started his company.

Episode 20: Depression and Teen Suicide

Join the Harambe team as they discuss the symptoms of depression and the rise of teen suicide in Mzansi. Bianca is on ground patrol to find out more about the symptoms of depression and how we can help save our youth.

Episode 21: Elders: Why Should We Look After our Grandparents?

The Harambe crew talks about the importance of looking after our elders. We visit a daycare centre for elders to learn more about how the youth can be involved in taking care of their elders.

Episode 22: Apprenticeships

The Harambe team discusses apprenticeships, an alternative to a formal education. We find out how you can earn money while learning the job.

Episode 23: Youth Helping Youth

The youth of Mzansi is often seen as problem makers. On tonight’s episode of Harambe, the youth speaks out about what they are doing to help other youths in Mzansi.

Episode 24: Technology

The Harambe crew debate on the issue of technology taking over our social lives but at the same time helping us do things faster and better. Mzansi speaks out about the fun as well as the dangers of some of the popular internet-based social groups.

Episode 25: Embracing Your Culture

The Harambe team discuss the importance of culture and tradition in South Africa. Bianca on ground patrol learns more about cultural diversity at the Lesedi Cultural Village.

Episode 26: Success Stories

Bianca and the ground patrol team travel around Mzansi to find out from the people what the true definition of success is. The Harambe team in studio talk about their own success stories.


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