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Zee World's The Heir: Where it's too dangerous and deadly to be a girl
Zee World's new 20h00 social thriller puts the spotlight on girls who must be boys for life.

New! Kindred Hearts Teasers - June 2019
Introducing the first teasers for Zee World's new 19h00 nightly...

New Zee World series Kindred Hearts exposes The Importance of Being Good Company
The lead character has an affair because no-one wants to be around Bad Company.

Twist of Fate 4 Teasers - June 2019
Finale alert! Comin' up in the final eight episodes...

This is Fate Teasers - June 2019
Finale alert! The series wraps with a thug, an arrest and...

This is Fate Teasers - May 2019
Hostage drama! What do they want?!

Mehek Teasers - May 2019
Season 1 finale! Norah and Karan get norty for the first time - and there are pix to prove it.

This is Fate Teasers - April 2019
Is Sherlyn pregnant? And who knocked the doctor out and why?

Married Again Teasers - April 2019
Finale Alert! Ishita tries to kidnap Ayu 3 times! Will she ever give up or get caught?

Gangaa 2 Teasers - April 2019
Finale alert! Season 2 ends on 5 April with an ultimate separation.

Gangaa 2 Teasers - March 2019
Please note: these are now updated with the final week of March.

Silver Lining 2 Teasers - March 2019
Finale alert! Silver Lining wraps on Zee World this month with a prison escape and Isha's ghost...

Twist of Fate 4 Teasers - March 2019
New season alert! The action flash-forwards seven years for Season 4...

Twist of Fate 3 Teasers - March 2019
Simonika is confirmed dead... but is she? Also: The Season 3 finale!

Married Again Teasers - March 2019
Lies, lies, lies! A family that was once united has been set apart by one truth and Ansh is kidnapped.

Back! My Golden Home 3 Teasers - March 2019
My Golden Home returns from hiatus this March with a kidnapping, a heart attack and bribed DNA tests.

This is Fate Teasers - March 2019
It's all about murrrrder. Committed by who? Oh yes, it's Prithvi...

Twist of Fate 3 Teasers - February 2019
Tick. Tick. Tick... everyone's lives are in danger. At the mercy of psycho Simonika.

Married Again Teasers - February 2019
Yash has a breakdown and Aart finds out her pregnancy could cost her her life.

Gangaa 2 Teasers - February 2019
The one person both Gangaa and Sagar thought would be on their side, turns against them. Who is it?


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