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Young Love Teasers - February 2019
Jagdish gets brutally beaten up by burglars at the temple.

This is Love Teasers - February 2019
Sssssnake weapon... Shagun’s condition turns critical after she's bitten by a snake set free at the Bhalla house.

True Love Teasers - January 2019
Tapasya asks Rathore to free Veer from jail. Rathore agrees but on one condition.

True Love Teasers - February 2019
It's all about a baby on True Love this Feb. Who is the baby's father?

This is Love Teasers - January 2019
Roshni and Prabjot are found safe but Gagan attacks them.

Young Love Teasers - January 2019
Daddu gets terrible chest pain and collapses!

True Love Teasers - December 2018
Sachi puts something in Veer's drink but Ichcha drinks it instead of Veer!

This is Love Teasers - December 2018
Ishita is absent from Aliya's wedding Also: Why is Aliya upset with Aditya?

Young Love Teasers - November 2018
Ganga runs away and lands up in hospital. Also: Anandi gives a speech to the young girls about being educated and dreaming big.

True Love Teasers - November 2018
It's Valentines Day and everyone is cooking up some luuurve.

This is Love Teasers - November 2018
A drunk Ruhi humiliates Aditya in front of the media and local goons punish Aditya and Aliya.

True Love Teasers - October 2018
A fake pregnancy and why can't Ichcha prepare food for her husband?

Young Love Teasers - October 2018
Anandi & Shiv get married and Jagdish watches the live telecast of the group marriage.

This is Love Teasers - October 2018
A suicide! and Raman once again fails to keep his promise.

Young Love Teasers - September 2018
Big developments strike this month when Shiv admits to the truth about the Anandi/Jagdish/Shiv threesome.

True Love Teasers - September 2018
Veer proposes to Ichcha - and Tapasya explodes with rage.

This is Love Teasers - September 2018
Kidnapping, blackmail and a mysterious tattoo. What's the outcome gonna be?

Young Love Teasers - August 2018
An engagement, a hospital stay and deceit!

This is Love Teasers - August 2018
An unknown person tries to blackmail Mihika over the phone.

True Love Teasers - July 2018
Big death alert! Vansh imagines killing Veer and Ichcha.


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Calling all gospel singers... hallelujah! - there's a new music reality search in town


Calling all gospel singers... hallelujah! - there's a new music reality search in town



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