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Family Affairs Teasers - December 2020
Series finale! Kaushalya and Shanti try to kill Aarti.

Family Affairs Teasers - November 2020
Plans afoot to stop a wedding!

Family Affairs Teasers - October 2020
Shivam struggles with his loss and turns to booze. Also, Amit uses trickery to get divorced.

Family Affairs Teasers - September 2020
A family is charged with murder! Also, Riya has to prove she is who she says she is...

Family Affairs Teasers - August 2020
A suicide and the threat of another one. Also, Lucky doesn't arrive for his wedding.

Family Affairs Teasers - July 2020
Shivam has quite a temper and beats people up. Also, Sarla and Nirmala think of ways to get rid of each other.

Family Affairs Teasers - June 2020
Nimmi is pregnant. Will she keep the baby?

Family Affairs Teasers - May 2020
Exposed! Chanda and Mohit's conspiracy.

Star Life April 2020 skeds: what viewers need to know
The channel hits pandemic pause on its new shows and lines-up binge sessions of three reloaded series.

Family Affairs Teasers - March 2020
Lots of pretense - falling unconscious, injuries, suicide! All for avoidance or attention.

Family Affairs Teasers - February 2020
Mohit forcefully marries Preeti and then disappears.

Family Affairs Teasers - January 2020
Preeti's marriage is fixed with Vyom. And, a necklace causes a lot of trouble.

Family Affairs Teasers - December 2019
Riya has to prove her innocence by walking on hot coals. Also: what makes Shanti beg for food?

Family Affairs Teasers - November 2019
Preeti tries to commit suicide. Also: Sharmili, Makdi and Vyom stop their captive from escaping.

Family Affairs Teasers - October 2019
Amit is kidnapped not once, but twice! Sarla is caught out.

Family Affairs Teasers - September 2019
Sarla is kidnapped and the family panics after reading the ransom letter.

Family Affairs Teasers - August 2019
Riya unintentionally breaks her fast. Also: Kaushalya narrowly escapes death by chandelier!

Family Affairs Teasers - July 2019
Is there a twin or not? ALSO: A dowry case is lodged at the police..

Family Affairs Teasers - June 2019
Goons attack Amit. ALSO: Riya proposes to Shivam.

New! Family Affairs Teasers - May 2019
Introducing the first teasers for Star Life's new 18h00 novela...


New on TV today: Saturday 5 December

Moja Love finds out if addicts are Ready to Quit as HISTORY documents The Cars that Made the World.

Complicated Love Teasers - December 2020

Mauli admits to Kunal that she still loves him!

Young Love Teasers - December 2020

Roti's, roti's everywhere! Will they stop Nandani's bad luck?

True Love Teasers - December 2020

Manav is kidnapped and Granny wants to exchange her with Rani.

SAFTAs introduce new Best Online Content Award

Power to the people, man.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers - January 2021

Gadaffi is rattled, Jack reels and Sphe tries to hide her jealousy.

New on TV today: Friday 4 December

The Kings of Jo'burg take over Netflix and Curiosity Channel rides the trains in On the Rails.

Wanna date actor Neels van Jaarsveld? Here's how!

He's the bachelor of a new 13-episode series Op my Eish and he's looking for a soul mate.

SAFTAs call for jury members for 15th awards

It's never happened before so it's good news that it has. A transparent, national call for jurors.

The Bold and the Beautiful on Eva Teasers - January 2021

Taylor's presence causes all sorts of ructions and questions.


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