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It Had To Be You Teasers - February 2019
Marcelo reveals he has cancer....but does he?

Wait for Me Teasers - February 2019
Sarah returns to David. Also: the stolen video game seems to resurface.

It Had To Be You Teasers - January 2019
Jeny plans the wedding but will it still happen?

I Dare You to Leave Teasers - February 2019
Leonel looks for Nuria to find out where his son is and then comes to the realization that...

Wait for Me Teasers - January 2019
Amelia advises Rosa Maria to do something that will change her live forever: be silent about her husband and son.

Wait for Me Teasers - December 2018
The plot, the characters and teasers for Eva's Wait for me, which replaced Just Looking this month...

It Had To Be You Teasers - December 2018
A look at the future of Eva’s new novela in the wake of its premiere yesterday.

New! It Had To Be You Teasers - November 2018
Find out what to expect from Eva's new novela with this premiere pack feat. an intro. and the first teasers...

I Dare You to Leave Teasers - January 2019
Julieta arrives at the wedding and discovers that Adrian and Paulina are already married. Ines suffers a heart attack after the shock of events at the wedding! ...

Just Looking Teasers - December 2018
Finale alert! One episode remains. This is it…

I Dare You to Leave Teasers - December 2018
Nuria is accused of tampering with grades and is taken to prison and Monica leaves with her children.

Football Dreams Teasers - November 2018
Rene's father considers putting her in a foster home. Also: The team request a psychic to remove the ghost from the hotel.

I Dare You to Leave Teasers - November 2018
Your first look at the future of Eva's new novela in the wake of its premiere last night…

New! I Dare You To Leave Teasers - October 2018
The story, the first teasers, flash facts and Twisted Sisters... everything you need to know about Eva's new novela.

Anything But Plain Teasers - November 2018
Finale alert! Roberto lands in jail while Luciana expects his baby!

Just Looking Teasers - November 2018
Pedrote is shot and Ana is taken hostage.

Light My Eyes Teasers - November 2018
Finale alert! Soledad finally gets her daughter.

Anything But Plain Teasers - October 2018
Roberto is arrested and Luciana explains why she believes that Augusto killed Rafael.

Football Dreams Teasers - October 2018
One baby is born and another is confirmed.

Just Looking Teasers - October 2018
Patricia is upset with Pedrote about the goings on between her father and Lazara.


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