The Fabulous Life of Khanyisile Mbau

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Interviews on 10 Jul 2006
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The shenanigans of 20-year old Mzansi actress Khanyisile Mbau seem to constantly result in a gossip-fest of notoriety and heated opinion.

Firstly she took over from actress Lindiwe Chibi as the legendary Doobsie in Muvhango last year and got fired after being with the show for only a few months, then she started a steamy romance with zillionaire enterpreneur Mandla Mthembu - who’s more than twice her age - and now she’s moved into his Melrose Arch penthouse, preparing for their wedding and the birth of their baby.

Most recently the Sunday Times and Sowetan featured letters from people criticising Khanyisile calling her a gold digger, saying she flaunted what she has in a recent My Joburg article about her 600 pairs of shoes and seven cars – one for every day of the week.

Never one to believe a word I read and being the sleuth I am I decided to pop in at their Melrose penthouse for a chitter with Khanyi myself to find out exactly how bad she is.

I'd never realised that apartments are tucked away at Melrose Arch the way they are.  Situated directly upstairs from the Ocean Basket restaurant in Melrose’s centre court, the penthouse is one of two – both owned by Mandla.
Seperated by an invitingly blue, long swimming pool, each has a huge glass door which allows you to catch a glimpse of inside, but not enough to see properly, unless you’re actually in.

Tashi: Can you believe that no-one on any soapie will tell me how much actors get paid in South African shows. I just so know you will. How much did you get paid for Muvhango?
Khanyi: Muvhango – I got paid R35 000 per month, after tax and all of that. I got taxed R8000 so I got about R42 000.

Tashi: Is that an average salary? Is that what everybody gets?
Khanyi: I was a lead so amongst the leads that’s about it, but others got higher. I think Mara Louw got R65 000 at the time. You’d find that Florence Masebe was at about R55 000 so it varies with your character and how well you negotiate what you want. If you’re quite soft they’ll give you about R15 000 and that’s a rip-off. You have negotiate and actually be hard about it and not smile when it comes to your money.

Tashi: You took over from Lindiwe Chibi to play Doobsie in Muvhango but then your contract wasn’t renewed after a few months. Some reports say you weren’t good enough, others say you were too wild. What happened?
Khanyi: It was nothing about my acting - when it comes to acting, that’s my craft and it’s something I do wholeheartedly but I went onto the show and I marketed myself. I made sure that I used every opportunity – I wasn’t just focusing on my character Doobsie, I was focusing on how the show got made, how do I produce? - how do I edit?

I went to all functions to meet CEO’s and people who could save my career if the show had to end. You won’t find Muvhango people on the covers of magazines or doing ads, you won’t find them doing motivational speaking to schoolkids because they have this idea that they need to isolate themselves from the world.

It’s you and Muvhango and life ends there. I rebelled against that because I believe, as an actress, you can’t not exist. You’re on people’s screens, why shouldn’t you be known? Why shouldn’t you go for interviews on TV? These are a big no-no for Duma Ndlovu (the show’s creator).

Tashi: Is he old-fashioned?
Khanyi: Yes – he believes that Muvhango is very different from Generations. “We don’t do what Generations does. We’re a family orientated show and we’re Venda and we’re different. We don’t do photo’s on mags or adverts – we just stay away from the world.” For me it was a bit odd because I felt he had a fear that once you got in touch with a lot of other people you won’t succumb to him.

Tashi: Is he a control freak?
Khanyi: He is – he wants you to depend on him so he can run your life. For me it was a big no-no because I’d waited for the break for forever and once I had it I wanted to use it to my best ability.
As Mbali In Mzansi
Tashi: Mzansi that came afterwards. How did that happen?
Khanyi: Mzansi caught me at my lowest point where I’d just lost Muvhango and they rescued me ‘cos I’d given up. I was at a point a where I thought: “Life is just not unfair, I’m not supposed to make it.”

I had the best time of my life filming the show. On Muvhango you don’t talk to anyone, you get in there, you do your thing and you leave. In Msanzi we invited each other to our homes, went to movies together, had fun together – it was really nice.

Tashi: Many people seem to think personalities in South African entertainment need to be a certain type of good and uphold the “right” values.
Khanyi: Yes, and you can’t have that. Entertainment is about different characters. You have your sweethearts, your hunks, your bad girls, bad boys, your rebels, your nerds, your blondes - that’s what creates TV because we’re not all the same. We can’t all be Charlize Theron.

Tashi: No – thank God.  So you and Mandla – you chill out and watch E! a lot?
Khanyi: Yes, we wake up in the morning and just hang out until about 2pm. We cancel meetings the whole day because we’re so inseperable it’s difficult. Time goes too quickly when we’re together, we don’t get hungry, we don’t bored, we don’t sleep. We go to sleep at about 3am. Just sitting here.

Tashi: Mandla’s in his fifties isn’t he?
Khanyi: He’s fifty.

Tashi: Are you marrying him for his money or for love?
Khanyi: That’s the question that everybody asks. When I met him I didn’t know anything about him. I thought he was a journalist so I just didn’t feel his groove. I only found out about what he had a month after we started dating.

I hadn’t seen any of his cars, where he stayed – until one time when I was ill and he had to come fetch me. That’s when I saw: “Oh, you drive that? You have the same taste in cars that I do, fantastic, great.”

We’d already spoken about living our lives together forever and it’s hard to believe but everything was just: “Okay, alright, it’s a bonus” – but I liked his spirit from the day I met him.

Tashi: So what does he do? Where did he make all his money?
Khanyi: He started a printing company and they had a legal fight with Transnet. They sued them for I think about, 32 million, and he won the case so he got this chunk and started investing and started companies and invested abroad and buying shares and it worked for him. He invested so much that he had about 4 million left after doing all of that and it made money for him. That was about six years ago.

Tashi: How much money does he have now?
Khanyi: He’s worth quite a lot. He’s in the B’s.

Tashi: He’s a billionairre?
Khanyi: Ja.

khanysile_mbauTashi: How cool is that? So what’s it like going shopping? Can you just go mad?
Khanyi: Mandla lives for shopping. I think when you’re at his stage, working is not about waking up in the morning and going into the office. It’s about having your laptop and you can go into the office to find out what’s happening anytime. Mandla gets bored, he takes out his credit card, he swipes and he shops.

If you could see the bedrooms, we have no space anymore because it’s just clothes all over the place. He wants his woman to look nice all the time, but he’s very real. He wants to save the world. Everyone he sees, if you’ve got a problem he wants to buy you a house, if you’ve got that problem, he wants to help you out – he’s special.

Tashi: Tell me about the response to the recent My Joburg article about you - I didn’t see the article but I’ve seen the irate letters from people saying you flaunted what you have and this Sunday Times column about what people had to say in the Sowetan. What happened?
Khanyi: I always enjoy doing interviews here because it’s more comfortable. I could sit here the whole day and not go anywhere. Mandla and I drive flashy cars and usually when I ask people to come I let them park where we park so when a journalist comes and sees our names on our cars they’re like: “Okay, nice cars.” They come upstairs and say: “Oh my gosh, nice place.”

The journalist who wrote the story wasn’t here to talk about the cars, the house, the shoes and our possessions. It was supposed to be about: How do you feel about Joburg? How do you feel about this? How do you feel about that?

Afterwards, over coffee, they asked: “So what do you with 600 pairs of shoes?” Then you find the story in the paper where they’re saying: “Material girl Khanyi Mbau with her eight cars said this,” It’s not things that we agreed on that the journalist could use. It was just a conversation we had.

My Joburg always goes to everyone’s house to see where you stay. This is everyone’s dream – now that’s it’s happened why should I feel sorry for myself? We’re so quick to hear about black people suffering or our county’s economy going down – why can’t we celebrate what God has given you and say: “It happened to me, it could happen to you.”

Tashi: Did the letters affect you?
Khanyi: I’m human so it does hurt but I’m in the limelight so it’s what you can expect. You never know who your friends are, who’s really on your side and who’s not.

So many people say things about me but no-one says it to my face. The same people who wrote the letters, if they saw me they’d ask for an autograph.

Tashi: Maybe this is why you and Mandla get along so well – you know you’re definitely on each other’s side no matter what?
Khanyisile: Yes. Mandla and I don’t have friends, we just hang, just the two of us.

Tashi: I read that he said that Lobola was pricey.
Khanyi: It was okay – there were rumours that it was 1.5 million. In our cuture you don’t speak about it because it’s a curse on your marriage but he paid a fine price to honour my family and parents and by paying this he was helping them to better their lives. It was something that he offered.

Tashi: Apparently your mom hasn’t been happy with your relationship?
Khanyi: No, my mother was very depressed when she read that because it my mother was the one who said: “If this is what you want and you’re happy – go for it.” No parent wants to say goodbye to her little girl and it’s hard if your 20 year old daughter’s getting married to a 50 year old guy but she said: “You need to be happy – go for it.”
When Fridges Go Fab
Tashi: Have you ever been in love before?
Khanysile: Once, once. It was a guy my age which put me off guys my age forever. I would always find him with other chicks. He could not be faithful and I just don’t have the energy to be all over the place with different guys. Older men have a way of making you feel: “This is my turf, this is my man.” And they give you a guarentee that: “I’m yours and I’m here.”

Tashi: Having a baby – you’re very young to be having one.
Khanyi: Hmm, 20 and I’m going to be a mom. That’s just a pressure of marrying someone older. He said to me: “Khanyi we need to have kids now ‘cos I don’t want to be too old to attend soccer matches.”

I have to grow quicker to accommodate him and he has to grow slower to accommodate me. We both have to compromise – me on partying and being young and waking up drunk on Saturday morning and him on being too serious and thinking of death – that’s just a no-no – he needs to think about life and staying young and going to the gym like he is now.

Tashi: How did you meet?
Khanyi: We met in Rosebank. I met him last year in July. He was with his girlfriend, I was with my friends. He kept scaring at me and I was quite uncomfortable. He stood up, went to the bathroom and when he left I asked people who he was.

They told me his name and that he was a journalist, that he stayed in Joburg etc. I left and met him this year, in February in Durban. I was checking out of the same hotel chatting to this guy trying to get my change and he kept butting in.

He introduced himself, I introduced myself and he said: “I know who you are, I’ve been looking for you. You’re my wife – we’re supposed to be getting married.” And I was like “Oh, okay.”

He gave me his business card, I eventually gave him my number, he was smoothe and convinced me to meet him for lunch in Joburg and from the day we met we had breakfast with each other every single morning before we started our day. We had breakfast here at Melrose Arch every morning and I didn’t know he owned this place. I’d drive in and leave every morning and had no clue there was life up here.


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27 Jul 2007 06:13

YOU guys can HATE mee all you want. I just say it as is!!  Its very funny how those that speak whats on their mind are STATED as typing HATE SPEECH!! C'mon

Xhosa Chick
27 Jul 2007 06:17

Mmaphuti: Mna I dont!

28 Jul 2007 09:17

Yo whats up yaall? I dig Khanyi's style and wouldn't mind havin fun with her for da night hehehe yaall can invite me on mxit

29 Jul 2007 08:13

35K per month from Muvhango - JA RIGHT!!!  so the peeps in Generations would be getting about 100K per month lol!  and hello at 35K she wouldnt have been driving that crappy car that she was driving before Mandla came along to save her!!! 

29 Jul 2007 09:00

>>so the peeps in Generations would be getting about 100K per month lol! <<

Yip, I reckon that's about right for the long standing leads.

31 Jul 2007 12:26

i luv her no matter what the ppl say go 4 it

05 Aug 2007 11:25

This Khanyi chick is mentally disturbed.... i think she grew up very poor, coz i mean u dont hear this mandla dede going on about how much he makes. insted he pay lil miss paris wanna bw to do it ol for him.. uKhanya udeprived shame.. From nathi

06 Aug 2007 01:01

Mna I just think uKhanyi is too much & uyabora. maybe it's just that I think it is really cool when a woman does stuff for herself instead of using u're body / beauty to get some bling. I think she is more than capable of making it on her own instead of being Mandla's charity case.  

shorty k
07 Aug 2007 06:53

khanyi i think u rock big time,u only live once so live yo life to the fullest because people will always have something to say and the other thing that i love about u is that u have brains and u can answer questions like an educated person unlike the kelly khumalo's of this world who cannot constract a sentence together in english.U go girl!

08 Aug 2007 04:33

My Darling I love and I adore, You Rock.
Does anyone knows if it is true that you my love there was a poing in your life you were dating a woman. This is not a statement, it is an enquiry.

08 Aug 2007 04:50

Now what is this..?

08 Aug 2007 05:03

When I met him I didn’t know anything about him. I thought he was a journalist so I just didn’t feel his groove. I only found out about what he had a month after we started dating. 
Ha ha ha. This I do not beleive.

08 Aug 2007 05:40

When I met him I didn’t know anything about him. I thought he was a journalist so I just didn’t feel his groove. I only found out about what he had a month after we started dating.   That's a big lie, it's unlike her.

I don't like Khanyi , even before she met ntate Mandla ( especially her personality), I think she is a gold digger and full of hersalof.

As a woman you need to humble yourself especially when you seeing a man like Mandla, he's so down to earth and he's allowing a teen to ruin it ? how sick is dat? Bab Mandla.

And to you bab'Mthembu, nice /of /beautifull assess does't built a home but controversy, when Khanyi is finished with you she will leave you, lets hope she will not hire a hitman.

And mablogers anyone who's got Khanyi's contacts, plz connect me I wanna know where she got a Khemi ngizodlisa my man , maybe he will by me a Corsanyana.

08 Aug 2007 14:30

Niyam'yeka umntana bantu. She managed to grab a good life. How would you feel if it was you? Mandla had no limelight before her, now you guys know about him and his monies. Mandla is a P@*#y digger THEN, hahahahahahahahahah

16 Aug 2007 04:03

You go girl ,  i like you and you are so beautifull........................................

16 Aug 2007 04:39

Khanyi never grew up poor, she's just a show off and her man seems 2 enjoy da fact d@ she is bragging about his millions. But anyway Kanyi is not the first prettygirl 2 marry a rich man, so whats the big deal?

16 Aug 2007 15:48

Khanyi we know that you got your self a rich old mutual (Mandla) but there is no need to show of his millions the 50grand that you blew on your hair could do a lot to help the poor, there are many women out there who are married to rich men for instance Dr Preciouse Motsepe you dont see her bragging about her husbands wealth And again what kind of example are you setting for young girls who look up to you? Should they only date rich old men (suga daddies)?

As for Mandla there are still good looking ladies out there that are your age.

26 Aug 2007 09:43

guys plz stop hatin on her coz yo'll know dat if the same opportunity wud cum on ur doors myb u wudnt think twice of takin them coz hell i know i wud ive sufferd so much nd yeah i do agree with her wen she says older guys make u feel special nd lyk u own them unlike these takalani who dnt know wat they want let the poor gal jst live her fantasy nd with the jelousy

26 Aug 2007 09:52

I agree with grambing the opportunity yes its great,abo tat'Mandla baza once in while in yo life,hi hi hi. But dating older guys does nt mean u wont get cheated or things will always be heaven,same can happen with any age.As long those ppl r called MEN

27 Aug 2007 06:21

no matter what we say she will remain khanyi nothing will ever change that she is dam rich

16 Oct 2007 02:49

Khanyi, you go girl. We cant always be talking about the war in Darfur, or the genocide in what do they call this place?kae-kae man. When we talk about Africans we talk poverty, and thats what the world loves. Cant we be positive for once. Enjoy your life Khanyi. I would do the same if i were you.

19 Oct 2007 08:36


Edward Thaba
23 Oct 2007 01:38

Yeah! Let`s face the truth guyz.
Khanyi`s very inteligent & is not like most of the Mzansi women who are afraid of making thingz happen for them. She really has a business acumen & is a go-getter. Those are the qualities that most of us (men) want in a woman.
Now, let`s stop with the insults & name-dropping.
We could learn a thing or two from this gal.
-Til then, live life to the fullests!

25 Oct 2007 06:59

Xhosa Chick
25 Oct 2007 07:06

Edward Thaba wrote:  (Khanyisile Mbau has a ) " business acumen"
Pls elaborate!!!

25 Oct 2007 07:14

Can someone please enlighten me on how to add an article (Very blonde I know...pls help) I've created the blog already...where do I find "add article"

25 Oct 2007 07:30


Welcome to TVSA, on your reply on this article the last paragraph contained vulgur words which are not tolerated on TVSA.I am going to delete your reply due to those words which for worse are written in capital letters.


Xhosa Chick
25 Oct 2007 07:31

I was enjoying Makhoza's until the last paragraph. So can the Moderatah please delete that post. Thanks

25 Oct 2007 07:32

yeah yeah watever ngo Mambwauw but that pic where she is posing nxt to the fridge looks like pick n pay advert she promiting food lol on Fanta bootle ephelile

Xhosa Chick
25 Oct 2007 07:35

Thanks, Moderatah. You're sharp like that!

Xhosa Chick
25 Oct 2007 07:37

LMAO @ " Fanta bootle ephelile"!!! So much for being fabulous!

25 Oct 2007 07:40

lol @ fanta bottle.

25 Oct 2007 07:41

hey khanyie

gal keep up the gal african power u rock i dnt care wat they say about you u are the bomb .dats sihle

25 Oct 2007 07:49

LMFAO... eishh mabebeza u made my day.............ha ha ha ha  heeeeee

25 Oct 2007 07:50

ulwimi lakho lungcolile shem makhonza....udodi nje lo owubhalile. bese mara ukwazi ukubiza abanye abantwana ngamagama asnaks ende wena uthi uyalungisa.wrong and wrong make a very big wrong sisi haayi uright.

Tshisa gal
25 Oct 2007 07:50

25 Oct 2007 07:50

@ Peekat, why is your name black, take them golds mi,mi,mim,mi

25 Oct 2007 07:52

sbeyonce, does BEYONCE (our TVSA one) know about this............couldn't u rather choose Bhiyonse or Bhontshisi???? neway I understand, coz nami I chose Nonny as a last resort after my first options were taken by the early birds.

25 Oct 2007 08:00

Hhay ' ke Lahle no Bhontshisi.....................................

25 Oct 2007 08:04

Phuma kimi weFloh, phela it's that time of the day & my creativity is not at it's best..

Zee Babes!
25 Oct 2007 08:05

Hate her or love her....the gal is here to stay and she is IT.

25 Oct 2007 08:12

Khanyi was mistaken when she said she was paid R35 000 in Muvhango, she meant R3 500, she gets confused a bit when it comes to numbers, please forgive her guys, she's got a lot on her mind, parties to go to, auditions to go to, fights with Mandla, breaking up with Mandla, getting back together with Mandla, keeping up with fashion, trying to be a married woman, trying to be a mother, being a teenager, going for manicure etc....You don't have to take everything she says seriously rather take what she does seriously...Just read in Sunday world that she had a fight with her aunt who got a hug from Mandla, she is accusing auntie of having a crush on Mandla, oops I almost forgot, they were hugging in the BATHROOM, interesting, Mandla just knows where things like hugs have to be done (in the dark aka BATHROOM) nice one Mandla, unfortunately you were caught dude, next time you do it lock the BATHROOM door and ensure that umamgqwashu is a few inches aways.

Xhosa Chick
25 Oct 2007 08:17

Heeeee heeee heeee, Eish, Joe!

kwa kwa kwa kwa. LMAO @ your entire post!!!! Yhu!

25 Oct 2007 08:22

Kuhamba lapho ke ukujola nabantu abadala, o Aunti bazokuthathela,
but what were they thinking , a hug in a bathroom, nami bengizolwa kwamampela.

25 Oct 2007 08:24

Bye guys,
Love u all,

25 Oct 2007 08:30

Bhabhayi Florence!

25 Oct 2007 08:38

i also want a filthy rich shuga tata, except mine has to be cute.  Maar i like this gal shame...qhaaa uyadika sometimes... maar i still like her... maar sometimes uya... 

25 Oct 2007 08:46

kanyi is living up to her dreams, i say you go gal an neva come back. she living her life the way she wants it to be and does not care about wat i or yall say. she motivating to some of us because she then tells us that people will always talk and will never be satisfied with watever you do ther4 live botshelo ba gago lyk your in ur own world. hope lo a tlhaloganya.

26 Oct 2007 06:33

Thatha!! Kanyilicious, usis'khokho gal ndikuthanda tooooo much noba bangathini banomona sana.

31 Oct 2007 07:56

a what in the bathroom????

thatha bab'mandla.. u got yourself isbham'qushu senkosikazi and u certainly know how to wind her up

30 Nov 2007 06:08


30 Nov 2007 06:31

You do what works for you, who decides on  what is wrong or right.........Big up Khanyisile for doing what works for and for you my girl. 
The bible says no sex before mariage but we still engage in sex way before live your life the way u see fit girl.

30 Nov 2007 06:58

the moment u put Khanyi name and the bible in one sentence ,,,,uyayimosha yonke intetho yakho...Khanyi is on her own trip 2fame and riches and the media is just besides her all the way....Skhokho se jelly ne pudding !!

so what
30 Nov 2007 07:56

Im still saying this KHANYI this UYANDA that,in my life I havent see people who are jelous like this ,why cant peple  mind their own life n get educated with some of  reality in life,why cant we think like white people,they dont have jealous,thats why they go far with life

30 Nov 2007 08:54

Guys this girl is living large i tell u, ndimbona almost everyweek nalotatomkhulu wakhe walking hand in hand apha eSandton City mall. Sometimes i get so tempted to ask her to buy me pampers neNan for my child . They are carrying designers packages all the time so ipampers zingabayintoni ke kuye. And uMandla guys akekho that bad uKhanyi has younged (what's the right term - islungu sibalekile) him. im 26 but nam ndingazama pha kuye coz akajumpisi uba ugugile. I like her shame but what happens 10 years down the line to uKhanyi wethu i wonder.

10 Dec 2007 18:16

coming to think of it  older man do give a sense of ownership "true"   u sort of feel secure when u with him bcs  he wont hve ol the energy to out with all these girls.....make no mistake um not generalising but compared to youger guys chances of older guys cheating on u anr 70-30  70% of younger guys wud cheat on u as compared to 030% of older nt saying older guys dnt cheat but the ounger guys are worse than older Khanyi  u go gal   hang on to him these younger guys will just kill us ka AIDS

07 Jan 2008 03:21

Yooooooooooooooo Khanyi mfana u r hoooooooooot  kao rata wa tseba dnt mind da issue of u dating a 50year old man dis is lyf mfana tym w8t 4 no man

23 Jan 2008 08:09

This girl is beautiful but I wonder if she's got a brain? She looks like one of those who likes shopping, dressing up, parties and sex but with no substance at all and very shallow.
Can she be a role model for girls of her age? I do not think so. I just find her to be very conceited, arrogant, stubborn and disrespectfull. 

 She's just the type of women who give men a lot of troubles and subsequently destroy their lives. 
As long as her man has got the bling bling she's around. once she emptlies his pockets, then she calls him names and insults are just pouring like rain in summer. I know your type very well girl. You won't fool me.

23 Jan 2008 08:23

//// yawn //// @SK

23 Jan 2008 08:31

Wena Mbau, the money, cars and house you're bragging about are not evey yours. Why bored? Ask actual rich actors in hollywood and they will show you how to behave. 

Do not brag about money that is not yours wena Mbau. You have not worked for it so do not talk about it as if it's yours.   You are just a beautifull girl to hang out with and have a good time with. That's all.
This prince of yours of 50 years old man, is just happy to have his way with you. That's all.  A man of his age prefers peace arount him and reflection. You are just a distraction. I wonder if you will be able to get enough out of him before he dumps you like he did with those he really loved before he become rich.

Learn to humble

23 Jan 2008 12:14

Khanyi u r very hot, do not listern to what people are saying, wena just focus on your life, goals, family and close friend. Believe me people will talk whether you do write or wrong, they will still talk, so pls do what you think is right for you.

19 Feb 2008 02:35

me i luv u khanyo just know dat ill be behind u nd people will always talk so dont entertain them wena u must live ur life 2 de fullest ngoba uphila kayi 1 my luv.mwahhhhh luv u stupendusly 

i really dont care
20 Feb 2008 06:40

20 Feb 2008 06:44

So do I ..........LOL

07 Mar 2008 04:44

girl stp lying everyone knows that u knew who he was.anyway girl i just have to admitt i realy love your style you rock.i love the way you live your life.batho ba ke se hlole ba tlohela ho bua le wena o ya tseba hee,feela ke rata ho o bolella hore"mathateng afe kapa afe ke tla dula ke na le ya o rata wena le thre
-sum.pliz say hello to three_sum for me

07 Mar 2008 05:18

Plp are just not very honest out there. There are many gold diggers in Mzantsi (and i'm not saying she is cos i don't know her), why the beef with her. Are ladies jealous cos she got what they wish they had, just cos their men don't take them shopping and all. I don't particularly like this girl but i don't dislike her either, i don't know her mos, but the double standards ladies are just not on. Nam, i don't want a broke ass nigger cos sana you can't eat love at the end of the day. Leave the poor gal alone, deal with ur own demise and stop being jealous and get ur own, get urs sistas...

12 Mar 2008 07:44

squeezzzz, oh my gosh'''''''u ar the boom iwish i could visit u for the weekend.i luv u to the limit

13 Mar 2008 07:06

peeps, i lahv this gal noba ubani uthini

13 Mar 2008 12:32

khanyi my name is also khanyi.i adore u vry much and dnt lisaten wat other ppl say.......i luv u

02 Apr 2008 07:51

24 Apr 2008 07:25



30 Apr 2008 13:33

Can somebody give Khanyi my contacts as her personal fashion stylist. With all the money that she has, she is confused when it comes to what to buy to wear. I like her shame maar I'm still trying to figure out if she is a Carvella(Mshoza) girl or a Stilleto(Coo-girl). Where did she get those boots and nou, the belt on top of the fur jacket?

30 Apr 2008 13:45

Im happy for her what ever she is doing is her business,

03 Jul 2008 09:49

Yo andiifuni lentombazana -------------indidhika.
Leave the poor gal alone 
She is not a poor girl,,,,,,have you ever see a poor girl with a billioner boyfriend,who is spending R50 000 for hair ,who take a photo near the fridge for the pople who are realy poor to see that "Khanyisile Mbau`fridge is fool ,i mean realy now.Ai suka .
Yooooooooooooooo Khanyi mfana u r hoooooooooot 
You know what             i will pretend as if i did`nt see that kagore ke tla go phoqca

kodwa sheim she is reach after all.i fues that is what everyboy want hey--------

04 Jul 2008 02:59

U go Khanyi neva mind about wat ppl r saying infact whether they talk or not they won't cum between u and Mandla am also Mthembu we are sweet by nature we were born 2 be the Kings and Queen,enjoy ur life gal life is too short for regrets,u are hot intelligent;beautiful;talented, charming hell of a woman..........Good Luck!!!!!

12 Aug 2008 06:51

Hi there 
Just Checking..............................

13 Aug 2008 08:31

Hi Guyz can u help me with the meaning of this 2 words "LMAO & LOL" kaloku ndisafika (i'm new)...... luv u all...u rock 

Hayi Khanyi u-Grand sana qha! 

Mandla gets bored, he takes out his credit card, he swipes and he shops.He wants to save the world. Everyone he sees, if you’ve got a problem he wants to buy you a house, if you’ve got that problem, he wants to help you out – he’s special. 

i would be thrilled if u & Mandla can have ur own orphanage home or contrubute to the needy ppl.

21 Aug 2008 06:41

"When I met him I didn’t know anything about him. I thought he was a journalist so I just didn’t feel his groove. I only found out about what he had a month after we started dating"
yeah i also think she is lying here, she said she asked some of her friends about dis 50 years old guy and they said he is.... ..liar! they told her the truth dat the man is a billionaire and i know she was after the man .

But hey um not saying um against you dating 50 yr old guy, go for it gal, wat um saying is dat you are lying when you said you didnot know about the guy before ok.
Be happy with the man you love!!!!

03 Sep 2008 05:31

I also reckon she was probably not entirely honest in stating that she didn't know about Mandla's stash!.....but I love this chick, she knows exactly what she wants and states it in bold headlines- it also doesn't mean that she doesn't love him.....I mean how could she not love a swave 50 year old who's making her "Paris Hilton" of Mzansi, you just gotta dig.

I say Big up girl...

25 Oct 2008 11:36

does she think we were born yesterday? ofcourse she knew he had moola. by the way why didn't she mention he was a railway layer? he was working with trains and got an unfair dismissal, then he suid transnet for R88 million. khanyi, not all of us are dumb. i know the real story, and you know i do.

ada flo
31 Oct 2008 12:02

She's found happiness, that's what matters to her and family.  
We all want to be happy, don't we?
Age is just a number.

keep right
17 Dec 2008 15:26


I saw u earlier in PTA driving your Lambogini (sp), gilr you look good in that car. Im nothing to judge Khanyi and girls lets not be jealous, we knw if the opportunity like this come our way we were damn gonnatake it. Just because we cant find gold to dig doesnt mean we are not like her. 

khanyi u rock. Live your life gir, theres no 1 who s gonna live it 4 u!!!

Prince Akeem
21 Jan 2009 17:34

At least she's honest about her life. They seem to care about each other its alright

Prince Akeem
21 Jan 2009 17:35

Good interview straight to the Point. Kudos Interviewer

04 Feb 2009 14:47

U r hip, happening,clever, young, bubbly and simply taking care of yourself!  I don't care what people think or say about you, you just do it for me!

They pretend as if you are the seeking attention yet they follow you and write silly things about you...well don't get ripped by those lifeless people..just be gratefull that everyone can notice...take an advantage of that andn simply continue being a mother to KHANU!


Bcoz of you ...I know how to choose the guys I go out with! One day I will personally meet you & give you one more additional tip!
Luv u big time.........NORMA KHESWA (UMLAZI)

30 Apr 2009 17:39

i think you like to show off and you like attention
but i love you and i love your confidence 
i think you dont hide who you are and you go for what you want
................i would love to meet you in person

30 Apr 2009 17:39

i think you like to show off and you like attention
but i love you and i love your confidence 
i think you dont hide who you are and you go for what you want
................i would love to meet you in person

16 May 2009 00:51

i wish i was u Khanyi, dating a guy in the same ae sucks. I also need udediswa. Uprovida
U r doing a gr8 thng sanalwam

16 May 2009 11:12

hehehhe anathi, am not so sure if they doing that well anymo

lover gal
07 Aug 2009 12:02

khanyi i think u so cute n young,i would really want to know,what atracted u in this old man,is it becoz of his money or what,and if it how long do u think this relationship of ur's going last.

07 Aug 2009 12:32

lover gal
r u seriously askin dat???????????????

18 Aug 2009 10:44

Hai, Khanyi you  still rock dear  and you are hot. Please visits Limpopo i  really want to see you life.

lady gaga
18 Aug 2009 10:50

shame she looked beautiful in these pictures compared to now, i wonder what happened, stress maybe. u can have all the money in the world but without love u dnt have anything,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

hope u learned from ur marriage to mandla and do good in ur future relationships or in life, all the best girl!!

Ms. Jay
18 Aug 2009 10:58

35000 is little......

lady gaga
18 Aug 2009 11:08

Ms. Jay ,what are u on about ?????????

Ms. Jay
18 Aug 2009 14:15

her salary from Muvhango....LG

25 Oct 2009 09:35

u just a failer how can u do that to that old man who needs so much love while u don't have luv ? u need to have conscience unembeza washonaphi kubantu that song is frm madam president production by babu'edmund mhlongo so nawe iba no nembeza funda ukuzimela remember easy come easy go hhe!!!!! wake-up when a u going to learn like other people how to raise money by yourself

15 Dec 2009 14:01

Cizett 83 
you go girl, if anyone gets a chance in life like yours i say grab it with both hands and you will cross that bridge when you get there. Luv ur spirit.

15 Dec 2009 14:07

Bathathe khanyi, You've just proven from this interview that you are not just a pretty face but one with braines, Ya mtwana uyashisa jelouse down no wander mandla is so in love with you.

15 Dec 2009 14:16

Yazi Zandile I wud understand if you were responding 2 years ago......... mara manje sisi.......hayi you must be out of your mind hawu......

15 Dec 2009 14:25

Yazi Zandile ngivumelana noDalo, can't you see the date of this article....

15 Dec 2009 14:49

Hawu yazi!!!!!!!

15 Dec 2009 14:57

LOL @ Dalo.

22 Dec 2009 13:31

22 Dec 2009 13:32

22 Dec 2009 13:51


Stop telling people how they should live their lives.

Stop asking people questions they dont have answers for,
it exposes your level of maturity and intelligence

It is normal to gossip but please don`t make it a habit,rather turn your 
gossiping skill into s`thing positive

Nobody is perfect,we all have our weakness ,so stop complaining or
criticising other people,because they also feel the same about you,it just 
that they are EMOTIONALLY MATURED to ask you about your life and how to 
live it !
If s`thing is not your business STAY UOT OF IT

So plz live KHANYI alone, she is enjoying life the way she live.And dont forget that we are living in a life of DEMOCRACY so what do u expect guys? She is living her life!

22 Dec 2009 13:55

@sexykb......who is holding Khanyi against her will, this a thing of the past can we move on already. And please don't tell me you never question what people do. Khanyi is living her life and no one can stop her except modimo. You need to get a life and forget about the past and focus on the future, no one can change Khanyi's lifestyle.

22 Dec 2009 14:21

hey Biggie, i saw you message from FB.. I dont have access. Thanx for answerring

11 Feb 2010 09:16

I like you gal, just because u r stylish, i admire gals who go for what they want, what is this new centry all about, I wonder why people are bitting your head off, that is your life, u chose it and u love it, live it gal, I just like the way u dress. FANTABULOUS... LOL

11 Feb 2010 09:43

I used to like her until she started destroying families. I wonder how she sleeps at ngt

11 Feb 2010 10:04

Tashi: Having a baby – you’re very young to be having one.
Khanyi: Hmm, 20 and I’m going to be a mom. That’s just a pressure of marrying someone older. He said to me: “
Khanyi we need to have kids now ‘cos I don’t want to be too old to attend soccer matches.”

I have to grow quicker to accommodate him and he has to grow slower to accommodate me. We both have to compromise – me on partying and being young and waking up drunk on Saturday morning and him on being too serious and thinking of death – that’s just a no-no – he needs to think about life and staying young and going to the gym like he is now

Shame he's already missing those ballet dancing and preschool
I wonder if he can Afford that gym now that he has 0.00 on his bank account. kwakwakwakwakwakwa!!!!

20 Aug 2010 14:24


08 Feb 2011 14:40

Khanyi, I don't care what people say about you, fact remains u rock girl. you speak your mind, can account for things yoy do, both good and well not so good. I love the fact that you not afraid to be yourself, and frankly don't give a hoots if people don't like you...

Big Ups, keep doing what you do best, (just don't snatch married men-loll)...but honestly, live your life to the fullest, your way!!!

laddy M.
30 May 2011 14:43

Khanyi u Rock grl,jst live ur lyf de way u want & careless about wat people say bcoz dey will olwayz talk where u do gud or bad,keep loving ur self & I will olways luv u& PLs Take care of ur self

29 Jul 2011 16:05

04 Aug 2011 14:31

dats only 1 thn i lyk bwt ya khanyi,u dnt gv a dahm.its yo lyf so enjoy it b4 its 2l8

05 Aug 2013 00:49

um not sure about the salary part, thats the one um interested on......

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