Survivor SA: Immunity Island Recap - Episode 15

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 09 Sep 2021
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I have no clue why Tyson voted for Nicole instead of Anela and I don't care. Either he lost the plot completely by imagining that Chappies was somehow speaking "in code" when he said he was thinking of voting out Anela or the show's bad editing struck again. 

Whatever the reason, I was thrilled with the outcome. It couldn't have worked out better because it proved the power of a truly loyal alliance involving two people who genuinely care about each other.

Anela and Nicole continue to be invincible as a team with their fist pumps and hugs, neither really knowing what their relationship means exactly, but knowing it means something.

I was freaking when Chappies gave Nicole orders to vote Anela out because what if...?

As you may know, I have previously been concerned that she won't stay loyal to him so my heart breathed a sigh of hooray when she stayed true, despite "yes-yes-ing" Chappies because she had no choice.

He literally took over Tribal Council as if he owned the place while Smash sat sweetly, trusting he would be okay, which he was. 

The Dude strikes again! Once more, he was just sitting there and didn't even need to make a fire against Tyson because of Tyson's weird Twilight Zone turn.

Looking cool-cool-cool, looking like a...

Chappies has started to annoy the bejezuz out of me in a sudden change of perspective that started last week. 

The best way to describe it is with the wise words of comedian Eddie Izzard who describes such a phenomenon as a cyclic continuum whereby someone can suddenly change from looking cool-cool-cool to looking-like-a-dickhead. (*See video at the end)

I've been finding Chappies way too overdone in the past two episodes, as if he's playing for the camera. Also, I don't believe everything he tells us anymore, which is a problem.

I'm happy for castaways to lie and spin stories to their competition but not to us, and now I'm feeling he's spinning us stories.

It started last week when he said he just wanted Anela to relax and enjoy the reward lunch with him as if he hadn't chosen him for strategic reasons, when he obviously did.

This made me question other things too, like when he said he'd told Wardah about the family visits as a way of connecting with her or to be kind.

I can't remember exactly what he said but it was supposedly to uplift those who didn't get a visit when it did the opposite. Now I'm wondering if it was part his gameplay too.

Which wouldn't be a problem if he was honest with us about it. Was he? Is he? I don't like the fact that I'm questioning it.

And the final two are... Nicole and Anela!

The situation with Chappies confirms that these are the two I want to see in the finale. Unfortunately a final two instead of three means it might not happen if Chappies wins immunity again, which is a strong probability obviously.

The challenge is an endurance balance though and we know how well Nicole does at those - it's the challenge that caused The Dude to fall in love with her originally so I have a huge amount of confidence that she can actually win it.

And if she does, I believe she'll take Anela to the end, whether she's genuinely loyal to him or not, because she'll see herself as having a better shot at winning against him than Chappies.

If she doesn't choose him I'll be crushed. 

Sort of like Wardah feels after being rained out of the show. Bwa! I initially thought Chappies' advantage of getting rid of a final jury member sucked from a Survivor format point of view BUT as I saw Wardah leaving I was relieved.

I'm not in the mood for viciousness at the final Tribal Council and I'm sure she would have been, especially if Chappies and Anela made it because we know how she feels about them both.

As for next week's final jury grilling... let's hope it doesn't rain because I don't want to suffer all that bad make-up and hair we were subjected to this week.

Marisha... I mean really now... they should have given them a canopy to sit under to save us the horror.

*The vid... see Eddie's description of the phenom in the opening: 


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