Recap - Survivor SA: Immunity Island Episode 2

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 10 Jun 2021
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We know that luck plays a fundamental role in the game of Survivor and Mike lucked out.

Pinty's aggro streak saved him when he deserved to be whacked too. 

He's made himself so exclusive he doesn't even try to connect with anyone except Carla, who's become the Demi Moore to his Patrick Swayze in Ghost. She's literally shaping the clay while he spooks-out behind her.

I would have wanted Pinty gone too because she terrifies the bejeezus out of me - so up-close and in your face, you'd feel she was about to pounce on you any moment.

But I'd also feel very alienated from Mike if I were hanging round camp, kicking the sand, trying to make casual conversation.

Not that any of them are - they're going in for the kill like the psycho kids in Lord of the Flies. 

Fortune but no fish for Zamba 

The implosion's happened on both tribes already but much more so on Vuna during Thursday's Episode 2 when they lost their va-voom to Zamba in both the Reward and Immunity challenges, despite having Action Jackson Paul in their arsenal.

Vuna descended into backstabbing instantly, before they even needed to vote someone out. They lost the reward and that was it.

While Zamba... caught fish? NOT. 

Obviously they didn't catch a thing because we would have seen if they had. It was the first thing I thought when I saw their "reward".

Everyone over-exaggerated with "oohs and aahs" when they saw the fishing gear, but we didn't hear about it again so I highly doubt they'll be chomping back on a Wild Coast marlin anytime soon.

The surprise of the episode: the victorious behaviour of Dino, previously known as Dumbass. Wow. That was a sudden change in wave length from him.

No more grovelling, no more blithering and no more desperate, loving looks at Paul, who runs so fast he's going to be unbeatable in any challenge involving moving feet.

It was a sight to behold when he blitzed out so far ahead of everyone in the Reward Challenge. 

No wonder he didn't notice Dino's advances last week - he's in a world of his own completely. Sleeping while everyone else was strategising at Vuna, clearly thinking of his tummy during his "I'm an individual" vote for Wardah's bad cooking. 

He's going to need to put in some social strategy soon if he hopes to be considered an ally.

The Underground Mafia

While all this was going on, Tony "Renier" Soprano and Al Pacino Amy must have been sharpening their knuckledusters for the alliance we haven't known about.

How serious do you think it is? It seems like it happened immediately and that it's a real thing. It's weird because Renier's believable when he says something to us so I believed that he's committed to her.

It'll be a downer if he isn't because I want to trust him when he talks to us. 

As for his exploding neck moment in the challenge... crazy he survived it without so much as a crick.

Most deluded of the lot

Santoni for sure. "No-one's playing the game yet," she declared as she soaked up Immunity Island as if it were Santorini. 

My best was her comment at Tribal Council when she explained that she couldn't vote: "Hope it doesn't mess anyone around," - clearly feeling she'd hurt someone's feelings when she hadn't even spoken to anyone in hours. Shem. 

Best quote of the episode

"Information is the currency," - Tyson. 

Made me think about how exhausting it must be to always be needing more. More information, more awareness of what's true and what's not. 

You often hear Survivors talking about not sleeping, working through the conversations and events of the day in their minds at night. You'd need it to stay on top of things.

It's why it's such a bonus to find a true, real ally like Rob and Amber had in each other. Where you don't have to work it out in your mind alone but have someone to share things with.

Let's count the twosomes

The Underground Mafia

Yogi Anesu and Yogi Wardah

Demi and Patrick

Who else? Will be interesting to see if they withstand the elements, including the "drop your buffs" of next week.


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