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The Bold and the Beautiful on Eva Teasers - March 2021 (Final month!)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Bold and the Beautiful on Eva Teasers on 24 Feb 2021
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Bold fans... the news is not good. Just as the show was gaining traction in South Africa again, it's been unceremoniously ripped from TV, plunged into the abyss left by Eva.

As you may have seen in the TVSA News Shorts, the channel's shutting down on DStv from Monday 22 March and Bold's final episode airs on the 19th.

Unfortunately it was doomed to happen because of the dismal offering that Eva's been passing off as entertainment over the past year. Bold is currently the only show with first run episodes on air and now it's suffering by association.

These are the final teasers:

Monday 1 March 2021                            
Episode 8009 

When Wyatt and Sally visit Hope and Liam, Wyatt and Hope share a memory from their past. Impressed by Bill’s role in Will’s life, Katie convinces Thorne to allow Bill to stay for dinner. 
Tuesday 2 March 2021                                     
Episode 8010   
Thorne begins to feel left out watching Bill, Katie and Will spend family time together.  In attempt to bring them closer together, Sally gives Hope a very special gift. 
Wednesday 3 March 2021                                 
Episode 8011 

Hope remains troubled by her encounter with Sally and fears she will never be able to overcome her pain.

Katie thanks Thorne for understanding about the time she’s been spending with Bill and Will and promises that she will devote more time to him.

Katie and Thorne make love. Thorne speaks about his past love with Darla to Katie.

Liam encourages Hope to allow people in to help her. Sally and Wyatt revel in their relationship. 
Thursday 4 March 2021                                     
Episode 8012 

Brooke counsels Hope and suggests that she may find some comfort in working on her line, ‘Hope for the Future’.

Taylor tells Steffy that she knows of a birth mother who is putting her infant up for adoption. Hope snaps at Brooke and asks to be left alone.

Flo reels when Reese divulges the truth about Zoe and the thugs. 
Friday 5 March 2021                                           
Episode 8013     

Liam vents to Wyatt about the difficult time that he and Hope are having. The Spencer brothers have a heart-to-heart.

Flo expresses her concern to Reese about her future with him. Wyatt is floored when Liam shares that Steffy is considering adoption.

Steffy and Taylor anticipate meeting the mother of the infant. Wyatt becomes suspicious when Liam asks him to keep Steffy’s secret.

Later, Hope apologizes to Liam about how she has been acting.  

Monday 8 March 2021                                       
Episode 8014                     

Steffy makes an instant connection with the infant. Reese becomes concerned when he sees the thug at the restaurant where he and Zoe are having lunch.

Wyatt urges Liam to let out his pain and comforts his brother as he relives the worst night of his life. Reese tells Zoe that the thug is an acquaintance but she is not convinced.

Flo gives Reese an update on their plan. 
Tuesday 9 March 2021                                     
Episode 8015     

Reese urges Flo to seal the deal. Zoe, Emma and Tiffany decide to enter a talent contest on a TV show.

Reese realizes that he may be too late when the thug tells him he is at the TV studio watching Zoe.

Steffy asks Liam to meet the infant who she would like to be Kelly’s sibling. 
Wednesday 10 March 2021                             
Episode 8016 

Liam feels a spark when he holds the infant that Steffy is adopting. The thugs surround the stage right before Emma, Zoe and Tiffany’s audition.

Reese intervenes, demands that they leave Zoe alone and gives the thug half of the money due, taking Zoe out of immediate jeopardy.

Liam learns the name that Steffy will give her new daughter. 
Thursday 11 March 2021                                 
Episode 8017 

Taylor reassures Steffy that she will handle the cost of the private adoption. When Hope tells Liam she has one more doctor’s appointment, Liam decides to break the news about Steffy adopting.

Flo feels the weight of Reese’s illegal activity. Carter and Steffy meet to discuss the legal parts of the adoption. 
Friday 12 March 2021                                         
Episode 8018     

Ridge becomes overwhelmed with emotion when Taylor tells him about the adoption. As happy as he is for his daughter, he is concerned at the pace at which it is all happening.

Reese is surprised when the thugs visit him at the hospital. Hope demands answers when Reese accidentally enters her room during her doctor’s appointment.

Flo inwardly worries while giving false papers to Carter and Steffy. 

Monday 15 March 2021                                     
Episode 8019         
Ridge goes to Brooke’s cabin to deliver the news of the final adoption to grieving parents Hope and Liam.
Heartbroken, Hope wants to be happy for Steffy but can’t help feeling sad and jealous.

Taylor thanks Reese for providing happiness to Steffy and their family.

Liam expresses his support of Steffy but Brooke and Ridge seem convinced that there is something not right about the speedy process. 
Tuesday 16 March 2021                                   
Episode 8020     

Hope reassures Brooke that it was her suggestion to have Liam leave to support Steffy and her two babies. Flo and Reese debrief on the adoption and then Reese gives Flo information about his future.

Liam shares a special moment with Steffy’s new daughter. Brooke counsels Hope on how to navigate the grieving process.    
Wednesday 17 March 2021                             
Episode 8021 

Hope has a visceral reaction to holding baby Phoebe for the first time. Zoe gets emotional when Reese announces plans for his immediate future.

Reese’s guilty conscience overwhelms him when Taylor arrives unannounced to express her gratitude. 
Thursday 18 March 2021                                 
Episode 8022 

Eric, Quinn, Pam, Brooke and Emma comfort Hope and Liam as they return to work at the Forrester Creations office. Zoe shares her suspicions about Reese with Xander.

Later, she visits Reese’s apartment hoping to find a clue that will help her understand why he left so suddenly. Zoe soon comes face-to-face with a very surprised Flo.

Eric tells Hope that he and Ridge would like to put more resources into the ‘Hope for the Future’ line.  Hope’s sadness becomes overwhelming. 
Friday 19 March 2021                                         
Episode 8023     

Flo gives back as good as she gets when Zoe pressures her with hard questions.

While informing Steffy that Hope is back at work, Brooke takes the opportunity to query her about Taylor’s connection to Phoebe’s birth mother. Brooke meets Phoebe for the first time.

Hope breaks down at Forrester Creations and is comforted by her Aunt Katie. 

A heads-up that Season 32 episodes are available on Vodacom's VideoPlay.

Premiere episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful air on Eva from Mondays to Fridays at 17h30 until Friday 19 March 2021. A rebroadcast of the previous day's episode airs at 17h00 and a Saturday omnibus airs weekly at 16h00 until 20 March.


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