The Bachelorette SA: what long hair on men REALLY means

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 18 Jan 2021
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Bachelorette Qiniso Van Damme

The Bachelorette South Africa debuts on M-Net on Thursday, 11 February at 19h30 and the channel's dragging out the announcement of the bachelors in annoying batches of five instead of just releasing them all in one big, dramatic burst.

Among the first five are...

Ten Naidu

Age: 36
From: Durban
Occupation: IT trainer, school teacher and recently turned schmodel.

Ruan Meyer

Age: 26
From: Bloemfontein
Occupation: Studying architecure at TUT Pretoria.

Of course the first thing you notice about them is their hair, which they know. 

In his official bio, Ruan admits to having used "his likeness to Game of Thrones' Jon Snow, to win over the ladies, but he doesn't like it when the conversation does not move past his likeness."

I bet!

And Ten doesn't mention his hair specifically, but he does say that he's "in touch with his emotions", which explains his coif.

It's to convey the sense that he's sensitive towards women. 

I know this because a childhood friend who used to have long hair told me so. It was a couple of years ago after he cut his hair that he told me he'd realised that his long hair was a rebellion against how his father treated women.

It was to reject his father's misogynistic ways and to make it clear that he understood and respected women and was sensitive to their needs.

It made such an impact on me that I've never forgotten it.

But this doesn't mean that this is the motivation of all men with long hair who want to express their sensitivity towards women.

Could be that they want to appear this way but aren't actually. That it's just a ploy to win women over and to make them think that they are.

It's complicated stuff that Qiniso's going to have to be on guard for.

There's also the issue of how much attention they give to their do's and the amount of time they spend looking in the mirror. You definitely don't want someone whose hair is more important than you! 

The other three of the five don't have the same complications. They are:

Dylan Heneck

Age: 28
From: Born in America, moved to South Africa in 2006 when he was 14. Lives in Cape Town and obviously has money because he spends winters overseas.
Occupation: Partner and COO of music platform SubmitHub.

Kganya Rapoo

Age: 23
From: Joziburg
Occupation: Trainee chartered accountant, lecturer and Master's student.

Bradley Newton

Age: 29
From: Joziburg
Occupation: In the banking and insurance industry.

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