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Young Love Teasers - November 2020

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Young Love Teasers on 10 Nov 2020
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Coming up on Young Love in November 2020:

Monday 2 November 2020

Episode 2142

Anandi slaps Mangla and tells her to reveal the truth about the lies she has been feeding Nimboli.

Episode 2143

Nimboli finally knows the truth and goes home with Anandi, who shows Nimboli a picture of her dad, Shiv.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Episode 2144

Anandi tells Nimboli that she will call her Nandani from now onward.

Episode 2145

Anandi takes Mangla to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Episode 2146

Anandi tries to remove the hatred from Nimboli’s heart and convinces her to visit Mangla.

Episode 2147

Akheraj puts his plan for revenge into action.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Episode 2148

Nandani (Nimboli) is admitted to the hospital after being poisoned by Akheraj.

Episode 2149

The FDA inspectors find expired medicine, animal injections and pesticide sprayed vegetables being used at Jagdish's hospital.

Friday 6 November 2020

Episode 2150

A crowd of people throw stones at the mansion in their protest against Jagdish and the hospital.

Episode 2151

Anandi sees Mangla running away from the hospital! 

Monday 9 November 2020

Episode 2152

Nimboli is very upset about Mangla's death.

Episode 2153

Anant finally admits that he is in love with Anandi.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Episode 2154

Jagdish is arrested!

Episode 2155

Kavita has been kidnapped. Shivam and Nandani hide in the back seat of Anandi's car as she rushes off to save Kavita.

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Episode 2156

Jagdish and the cops reach the Ashram and are about to arrest the fake Guru (Akheraj), when the fake Guru's loyal followers threaten to attack Jagdish and protect their Guru!

Episode 2157

Anandi realizes that the Guru is none other than Akheraj!

Thursday 12 November 2020

Episode 2158

Akheraj denies Anandi's accusations in front of the crowd, and says that he is a Guru and not Akheraj!

Episode 2159
Part 1

The crowd beats Akheraj up after finding out the truth about him!

Friday 13 November 2020

Episode 2159
Part II

Akheraj shoots Grandma Kalyani! Do you think she will survive?

Episode 2160

Akheraj and Kundan tie Harkhi up when she tells them that what they are doing is wrong.

Monday 16 November 2020

Episode 2161

The villagers together with the family, gather at the mansion for Grandma Kalyani's funeral. 

Episode 2162

Harkhi informs Jagdish about Akheraj's plan.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Episode 2163

Nandani helps Anandi to remove the bullet in her shoulder, while Akheraj continues to search for them.

Episode 2164

Jagdish shoots Akheraj!

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Episode 2165

The story takes a leap and we are introduced to the grown up Dr. Nandani (Nimboli).

Episode 2166

Nandani dances with the elderly people in the park.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Episode 2167

Nandani is being interviewed by news reporters and they question her regarding whether or not she was a child bride.

Episode 2168

Nandani starts her first day of work at the hospital.

Friday 20 November 2020

Episode 2169

Nandani tells the patient's relative that her brother is no more. The sister slaps Nandani!

Episode 2170

Amit takes Nandani out to a restaurant.

Monday 23 November 2020

Episode 2171

Mr. Shekhwat tells Nandani that Shivam has been found.

Episode 2172

Nandani and Shivam meet face-to-face in a traffic jam.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Episode 2173

Shivam arranges a birthday cake for Nandani but still does not spend time with her.

Episode 2174

Nandani meets Krish and learns that he is her new intern at the hospital.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Episode 2175

Nandani is not happy when she realizes that Krish is their new paying guest at home.

Episode 2176

Sudha tries to commit suicide because Premal refuses to marry her.

Thursday 26 November 2020

Episode 2177

Nandani spots Krish entering the Jaipur Central Jail.

Episode 2178

A passport and knife fall out of Krish's bag. What do you think he is up to?

Friday 27 November 2020

Episode 2179

Sudha's grandmother arrives and she and Sudha speak ill about Nandani, despite how much Nandani is doing to help them.

Episode 2180

Shankar goes into Nandani's room and speaks to Anandi's picture.

Monday 30 November 2020

Episode 2181

Krish and Nandani perform a duet.

Episode 2182

Kundan gets released from prison.

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