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This is Fate 3 Teasers - September 2020

Written by TVSA Team from the blog This is Fate Teasers on 31 Aug 2020
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Coming up on This is Fate this September 2020:

Tuesday 1 September 2020
Episode 10

Preeta and Karan grab hold of one of the terrorists and tie him up. The media channels and news channels arrive at the spot. The terrorists also find the key to the safe. They demand a helicopter or they threaten to shoot all the hostages.

Wednesday 2 September 2020
Episode 11

Sarla tells them that she has moved on and wouldn't keep the Karvachauth fast.

Thursday 3 September 2020
Episode 12

Preeta observed a fast for Karen, and find out who breaks it at noon.

Friday 4 September 2020
Episode 13

Karan is broken when he realises that he really loves Preeta.

Saturday 5 September 2020
Episode 14

Karen has a secret crush and his aunt wants her and him to get married.

Sunday 6 September 2020
Episode 15

Shrishti asks Preeta about her whereabouts. Preeta says she is at the Luthra house, much to Sarla's dismay. As Preeta realises that she is on speaker, she lies that she was fooling Shrishti.

Monday 7 September 2020
Episode 16

While she accepted Karan's proposal at the wedding hall, Prithvi still holds no grudge against her. Whereas Karan, who promised to be with her through thick and thin, left her mid-way on the road.

Tuesday 8 September 2020
Episode 17

They decide to evoke Karan and Preeta's feelings for each other.

Wednesday 9 September 2020
Episode 18

Her colleague figures out that something is wrong between Karan and Preeta. She pretends that her car has broken down and asks Karan to drop Preeta and herself.

Thursday 10 September 2020
Episode 19

Preeta says that her efforts are in vain as there's nothing left in their relationship. Karan's colleague talks about impressing Preeta and Karan loses his cool.

Friday 11 September 2020
Episode 20

Sarla talks about not being able to move on because Preeta hasn't moved on. She cries out to Biji that she had seen Karan's pictures in Preeta's wadrobe. She says that Preeta is trying to be happy but she is not.

Saturday 12 September 2020
Episode 21

Teaser unavailable

Sunday 13 September 2020
Episode 22

Rishab is drugged at the same time as Sherlyn, this breaks the two families when they find them in Rishab's room in a very compromising state.

Monday 14 September 2020
Episode 23

Everyone feels Rishab and Sherlyn went against their rules about sex before marriage

Tuesday 15 September 2020
Episode 24

Sherlin manipulates Preeta and corners her with threats after Preeta reveals that she knows her biggest secret.

Wednesday 16 September 2020
Episode 25

Shriti gets jealous when she see’s Sameer and Tanvi having a chat.

Thursday 17 September 2020
Episode 26

Preeta tells Shristi that she is not going to marry Prithvi, and she consented just to save her mother’s life. Janki is pleased to hear that. 

Friday 18 September 2020
Episode 27

Rishabh tells Karan that he should stop Preeta from getting married as she is his wife. 

Saturday 19 September 2020
Episode 28

Preeta tells Shristi that Prithvi has promised her that he will back out of the wedding, but Shristi says that he doesn’t trust Prithvi and that’s why she has made a video of him. 

Sunday 20 September 2020
Episode 29

Karan starts a fire at Kumkum Bhagya Marriage Hall in order to obstruct Prithvi and Preeta’s wedding. 

Monday 21 September 2020
Episode 30

It’s Karan and Mahira’s engagement day. Both Preeta and Karan are in despair over it, but they don’t share their true feelings with each other. 

Tuesday 22 September 2020
Episode 31

Karan and Preeta continue with acting like they have no feelings for each other.

Wednesday 23 September 2020
Episode 32

Prithvi is excited about his planning coming together on it's own.

Thursday 24 September 2020
Episode 33

Preeta expreses her true fellings to Shristi.

Friday 25 September 2020
Episode 34

Preeta helps Karan as he has pulled a muscle. Rishabh scolds Sameer for wasting time. 

Saturday 26 September 2020
Episode 35

Karan arranges that they use the hall fo his engagement, all to hurt Preeta on purpose.

Sunday 27 September 2020
Episode 36

Sarla confirms the hall booking to Singhania. Sarla is paid for it in advance. They prepare for decorating the hall. Luthra’s are all ready for the ‘Mehendi’ ceremony. 

Monday 28 September 2020
Episode 37

Sarla confides in Biji that she is unable to keep her daughters happy. Karan requests Preeta to welcome his future wife at the Hall’s entrance. 

Tuesday 29 September 2020
Episode 38

Karan ask Preeta if it doesn’t make any difference to her that he is getting married. She says no, in fact she will dance at the function as she’s very happy. 

Wednesday 30 September 2020
Episode 39

Srishti ask Sherlyn to control her tongue or she will reveal whose child is in her womb. Preeta tells Mahira not to marry Karan as he is already married to her. Preeta and Mahira argue about Karan. 

Premiere episodes of This is Fate 3 air on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 19h00.


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Sydney Lynch
14 Sep 2020 22:58

Sydney Lynch edited on
9/14/2020 10:59 PM

Please complete the kundali bhagha((this is fate)) treasure for September??????

17 Sep 2020 18:12

Updated! We've added the remaining teasers for the month.

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