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Almost Yours Teasers - April 2020

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Almost Yours Teasers on 11 Mar 2020
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Coming up on Almost Yours (Un poquito tuyo) this April 2020:

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Antonio breaks the news to Javier that he will never walk again. Later, Catalina tries to convince Antonio to get back together with her.

Thursday 2 April 2020

Antonio wakes up next to Catalina. Meanwhile, Julieta and Elvis arrive at Chapultepec with Sol. Elvis kisses Julieta, and Sol takes a photo.

Friday 3 April 2020

Antonio asks Madonna to talk to Javier, believing that she is the only one who can bring him out of his depression. She agrees and goes to visit him.

Monday 6 April 2020

Elena invites Álvaro to have dinner at her house, and Paco walks in on them kissing. Meanwhile, Javier finally agrees to return to therapy.

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Antonio cries and tells Catalina that he doesn’t know if he can forget Julieta. Meanwhile, Don Ramiro fires Elena from her job at the cafe.

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Julieta agrees to meet up with Antonio, who tells her that he is back together with Catalina. Julieta tells him that Catalina already told her.

Thursday 9 April 2020

Antonio confronts Catalina for sending the photo to Julieta. Meanwhile, Leticia’s attorney visits Mateo and notifies him that he is being sued.

Friday 10 April 2020

After realising that Sol is missing, Elvis immediately calls the police and then goes to look for her. Leticia tries to make Mateo jealous.

Monday 13 April 2020

After agreeing to go travelling with Catalina, Antonio tells Julieta that she is the love of his life and asks her to get back together with him.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Paco suffers from a bad cough and goes to the hospital, where he receives some bad news. Meanwhile, Julieta asks Elvis to marry her.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Antonio offers Beto a job at the bank. Paco confesses to Elvis that he does not have long left to live, but says he does not want Julieta to know.

Thursday 16 April 2020

Viviana is hurt to see that Beto is back together with Azucena, but she congratulates them. Gregoria admits to Elton that she is in love with Paco.

Friday 17 April 2020

Gregoria confesses her love to Paco and asks him to marry her, but he breaks the news to her that he has not got long left to live.

Monday 20 April 2020

Esteban realises that something happened between Rebecca and Eduardo, and confronts Eduardo. Álvaro proposes to Elena, while Beto finally graduates.

Tuesday 21 April 202

Elvis has to take Paco to the hospital, but tells Julieta that it’s because he drank too much. Eduardo tells Beto that Viviana has been kidnapped.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Álvaro convinces Antonio to alert the police to Viviana’s kidnapping. Meanwhile, Mateo visits his children, and they ask him to return home.

Thursday 23 April 2020

Antonio is about to rescue Viviana when the kidnappers hear the police sirens. Madonna ends her relationship with Fabián.

Friday 24 April 2020
Final Episode!

Viviana returns home and embraces her family. Lupita receives a phone call informing her that Paco is in critical condition in the hospital.

An anthology series called Decisiones replaces Almost Yours once it ends.

Premiere episodes of Almost Yours air on Telemundo from Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.

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06 Apr 2020 19:22

Why would Antonia get back together with Catalina ? Even if he doesn't get back with Julieta, Cata still isn't the right woman. In fact she deserves to lose out completly. And why would Viviana get away with sabotaging Azucena's cake.

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