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Hott TV event! Uzalo's Mxolisi escapes to Skeem Saam

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Skeem Saam Teasers on 28 Nov 2019
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He escaped prison 10 months ago, he fled to Mozambique and now he's crossing the border into Limpopo, heading for Turfloop.

Yes-yes Skeem Saamers... Mxolisi from Uzalo arrives next week - brought to life once again by Nay Maps Maphalala.

He debuts this Tuesday night (3 December 2019) for a crossover storyline that Nay Maps describes to us as "exciting, full of drama, thrill and suspense."

We caught up with him to get the lowdown on this turn of events:

TVSA: How does Mxo make his Skeem Saam entrance and what can we expect from his storyline?

Nay Maps: He basically makes an entrance like a fugitive, someone on the run. He's been searched for in the country, he escaped, he went to Mozambique (from KZN) and he then makes his way back into the country via the Limpopo region.  

He's been AWOL and hiding for so long, he's been very discreet as a person, and one of the things that really make him decide to go to Limpopo is that he's basically missed that rush and that thrill that he's always lived by as Mxolisi, even in KZN.

TVSA: Is he changed in any way from when we last saw him on Uzalo and now?

Nay Maps: Definitely, there is another extra layer to him. People will see that it is the character they knew and loved.

Now, the next layer that's added to him is he's literally lost so much in his life and he's at a point where he doesn't really give a damn because he's been to jail, he's lost his family, he lost his biological mother... everything's pinned on him.

Literally he feels like his life has gone down the drain so now he just wants to be whatever he wants to be now.

TVSA: What was it like for you bringing him back to life? 

Nay Maps: *Laughs* It was actually something else hey, I had to go back into the skin of that character and remember what he went through and sort of relive what he's been through and bring him back to life.

It was exciting, at the same time, having to go back, it was like "Jargh!" you know, it's always beautiful to have a meaty character.

TVSA: Does this mean we can expect Mxolisi's return to Uzalo or is that over for good? Is he going to KZN next?

Nay Maps: *Laughs* We'll have to wait and see. 

Flash fact: Nay Maps relocated from KZN to Joziburg after leaving Uzalo at the end of 2018. Right now he's also on The Queen as Dingane Khoza.

TVSA: Would you like him to?

Nay Maps:
I don't know... I think as a character he does sort of miss the things he knew and his family, hence him coming back into the country. Things won't be the same, things won't be as normal - there is that desire and urge but things won't be the same. 

TVSA: Would you like to return to Uzalo?

As an actor, right now, I'm grateful for the projects I've been doing since I left there. I've been doing so much, which has also been very exciting for me.

I once thought about it initially when I left but now that I've been focusing on so many other things it's very tough, I don't wanna lie - tough to say that I do. I'm just so preoccupied with what I'm doing that I hardly have time to ever think about going back you know.

I've grown so much as an actor and I keep growing, even as a person, more than anything. I think if I were ever to return it would have to be a matter of seeing how productions can work hand-in-hand to fulfil all that they'd like to achieve.

Like I've been doing in Joburg now - literally sharing of schedules between shooting commercials, shooting different shows at the same time so it's something that can be done. We'll have to see how that pans out but at the moment I'm grateful for what I'm doing now actually. 

TVSA: So you wouldn't want to be back there exclusively.

Nay Maps: Yes, I want to be able to do other projects - that's exactly what I'm saying, like, for example, if they need me to return we can definitely make it happen so long as schedules work hand-in-hand that maybe I'm that side shooting for let's say three days or two days and I'm back this side shooting other stuff for two days, just sharing of schedules, then that can definitely happen.

How did this all come to be? Word from Skeem Saam's publicist Sumaya Mogola is that the Skeem Saam writers came up with the idea during a brainstorming session. It's a purrfect opportunity for Mxo to return to Uzalo don't you think? 

The Skeem Saam writing team's been hush-hush about his storyline, but what we do know is that he'll be in the action for a month or two and that he knows someone in Turfloop. He turns to them for help.


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28 Nov 2019 10:42

I thought he was booted from the queen, what a relief. this is what i wished generations and isidingo would've done... coz their storylines are lit also. the queen and the river do this all time and its usually lit

28 Nov 2019 11:41

Sadly i don't watch skeemSaam and this guy bores me to death. But i love him as a person

28 Nov 2019 14:52

I am not a fan of his work bt I'm willing to see what has in store for us. It would have been better if it was mastermind

Bby gal
28 Nov 2019 15:01

T seemz he wants to be in evry soapie

28 Nov 2019 15:40

ske wandi bhora mna lomfana,, sorry guys,,

28 Nov 2019 21:25


Paula Betty
30 Nov 2019 17:23

I would really love 2 c him,ndimthanda nyan'nyan

03 Dec 2019 10:19

Lol Tashi could see right thrugh him avaoiding the Uzalo return question and didn't let him get off scott free there.

Remember he left Uzalo under a labour dispute involving salary was him and a couple of other actors. The actors have grown in their skills but the show didn't wanna give them more money. That time it is only natural that people's salaries increase overtime as their skills have been perfected, whether you discovered them or not. So I fully understand him for not wanting to exactly return to Uzalo as it were.

03 Dec 2019 10:20

I am not a fan of his work bt I'm willing to see what has in store for us. It would have been better if it was mastermind
Lol Goku, but he is all kinds of handsome though laugh


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