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The Queen Teasers - September 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Queen Teasers on 15 Aug 2019
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Coming up on The Queen this September 2019:

Monday 2 September 2019
Episode 26 

Have Some Sense, Boy!

Harriet realizes she has to handle her enemies, before Kagiso does. Mmabatho and Shaka make a vow to each other. Jerry and Amo have a heart-to-heart.

Tuesday 3 September 2019
Episode 27 

Lies and Deceit

Kagiso uses his injuries as smokescreen for his plans, Jerry makes a shocking announcement to Vuyiswa. Zodwa and Brutus pick up where they left off.

Wednesday 4 September 2019
Episode 28 

Ixoxo Nexoxo

Kagiso’s revenge plot thickens. Skhumbuzo plays the Khoza’s against each other. There’s smoke and fire in the Maake house.

Thursday 5 September 2019
Episode 29 

The Marathon Continues

Harriet’s plans to get back on top are dealt a huge blow. Jerry gets his medical results back. Gracious finds a way to make some money out of the Khoza feud.

Friday 6 September 2019
Episode 30 


Kagiso has a nasty surprise in store for Shaka and Brutus. 

Monday 9 September 2019
Episode 31 

Blood In, Blood Out

Harriet and Kea search for Kagiso, Shaka and Brutus. Will they get there in time? Thato does his best to steer Corner House through a rough patch.

Tuesday 10 September 2019
Episode 32 

And Then There Was Light!

Kagiso’s actions force Harriet to get creative in her negotiations with Brutus. Sthembiso, hatches a plan to entice Jerry back to the police force.

Wednesday 11 September 2019
Episode 33 

Business As Usual

An excited Jerry gets a shock when he returns to work. Kea is ready for new beginnings. Patronella looks for more job opportunities.

Thursday 12 September 2019
Episode 34 

Zodwa's Revenge

Kea’s fashion launch might be headed for disaster. Jerry wants to get back out into the field but unfortunately he is the only one who thinks he is ready. Patronella keeps everyone at Corner House on their toes.

Friday 13 September 2019
Episode 35 

Strike a Pose

Kea's launch does not go according to plan. Jerry sneaks a brief stint in the field, creating trust issues between him and Sthembiso. Thato finally finds a replacement for Martha, but is she what she claims to be?

Monday 16 September 2019
Episode 36 

Trolls and Tribulations

Jerry finds ways to outwit Sthembiso. Shaka seeks to comfort Kea only to walk into the lion's den. Schumacher and Mjekejeke face Kagiso's wrath.

Tuesday 17 September 2019
Episode 37 

Balancing Act

Vuyiswa makes a decision that puts Jerry’s life in danger. Brutus and Zodwa put the pressure on Shaka to pick a Khoza side. Kea makes a bold business decision, overriding Kagiso and Harriet.

Wednesday 18 September 2019
Episode 38 

Choosing Sides

Harriet is not happy with Kea’s suggestions for moving the business forward. Vuyiswa and Jerry find themselves having to explain their actions to a fuming Sthembiso. Siyanda gets a scathing blast from the past.

Thursday 19 September 2019
Episode 39 

Back Against The Wall

Jerry is put to the test. Harriet is backed up against the wall, she pays Skhumbuzo a visit. Zodwa continues to fight for her family.

Friday 20 September 2019
Episode 40  

Take Off

Zodwa is livid when Mmabatho interferes with her plans. Thato catches Siyanda in a big lie. Kea risks all to prove her worth.

Monday 23 September 2019
Episode 41 

Baggage Check

Kea has another hair raising experience at the airport. Jerry has a surprising reaction to Siyanda living in the Maake house. Gracious cooks up a plan to get back into business.

Tuesday 24 September 2019
Episode 42 

Unfinished Business

An old enemy resurfaces as Kea, Kagiso and Harriet prepare for the launch of Kea’s boutique. Brutus finally agrees to meet with someone from his past.

Wednesday 25 September 2019
Episode 43 

At Your Service

Gatecrashers and nosy journalists threaten to derail Kea’s launch once again. Shaka pulls Brutus out of the dumps and they finally make up.

Thursday 26 September 2019
Episode 44 


Kea tries to convince Harriet and Kagiso that she’s come into her own. Gracious is furious with how Harriet is treating her. Siyanda continues to puzzle everyone with her behavior.

Friday 27 September 2019
Episode 45 

Tgom Rises

Brutus and Zodwa find a new way to get a Harriet. Kea has a shocking counter proposal for Goodness. Friction with Thabiso’s mother results in Siyanda betraying Thato.

Monday 30 September 2019
Episode 46 

A Woman of Many Talents

Gracious switches up her game plan to rise to the top. Kea’s efforts to prove herself to her family are snubbed yet again. Thato finds his stolen money.

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15 Aug 2019 16:51

Where's Goodness?

15 Aug 2019 19:19

I miss Goodness. The Zodwa,Shaka n Brutus story line is boring

15 Aug 2019 22:16

Amo and Zodwa were just unnecessary especially Zodwa she's exaggerating her character like Patronella.... Jerry's cancer storyline is just an insult to the viewers, stage 4 of prostate cancer is no child's play

16 Aug 2019 02:35

Lol I have to laugh! Judging by these teasers September is not gonna be any better. We watch bcos of force of habit

20 Aug 2019 10:10

The queen must go on vacation. They have lost the plot. It's boring now.

20 Aug 2019 13:48

BigMamo edited on
8/20/2019 1:50 PM

Sometimes things looks spicy and hot from far, but bitter and very nauseating when up and close. And that is what I think the Ferguson's saw when they first started this drug operation telenovela. Truth and opinion would never mix. In real life drug business is bad, even in soapie land, for even if drug Lord's do change after they have been busted, it takes forever for them to come back on top, if they ever do come back. As for cancer, I really don't know what to say, because I think it's an insult to all those who have been affected by it..

20 Aug 2019 21:14

@BigMamo my friend has taken a break from watching bcoz of that cancer storyline, its to close from home to him. Xolani Gwala was/is not happy about the storyline bcoz he knows very well what cancer can do to you

23 Aug 2019 13:46

@Bigm and @G..guys i thnk i am with you Cancer is not just a story line tht you can add from your lines, look at Ndlovu on Isibaya ,, atlist he showed us some of difficulties when your have it,, and the storyline was not tht bad.. but as from Maake,, going up and down as if he was not DEAD ?????? hayi kudlaliwe ngathi sana evhaaa.. and the Khozas ,, they always said sizazibasela sizicishele why nOW????? i complained about the name SHAKA .. wht a coward charector ,, the SHAKA we knw is a strong man ready to fight anytime, and Skhumbuzo Khoza can be tht Shaka but the script writers ngaboo  MABENA
List but not last,, Vuyiswa Majola's resignation ,, only to find was not ever taken to HR..BUT she was not at wrk for more than 2mnths byt njee kanjalo abuyele emsebenzini????? hayi Hayi Fergusons sanudlala ngathi..
26 Aug 2019 11:33

I agree with all comments, I don't know how the writers of this show thinks. Maybe they think we are stupid as viewers.
Firstly: Shaka has mashal arts, but he was beaten so quickly in prison - why didn't he use his skills against two on two?
Secondly: Brutas receive weapons from his KZN family - why didn't he used a machine gun/AK47 aginst the crowed? not to forget that Khoza's has men power in KZN that is well equipt, and i support of them?
Thirdly: why the queen plays victim and Kakgiso the portrayed thinker - doesn't reprimand his mother for selling his sibling and well as he knows that his mother killed his father?

Writer, please respect the people who feed your hands. We are not stupid, you are doing the Daimond sagga all over again by trying to lie to us.

Please correct your facts, andd know that Shaka is the King in this movie as his father could not start the wedding before Shaka arrives...Garbish....

16 Sep 2019 14:29

Well i dont think they read these comments

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