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New! Chasing My Heart Teasers - February 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Chasing My Heart Teasers on 31 Jan 2019
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A new 170-episode telenovela called Chasing My Heart premieres on Star Life this February, replacing Forever Yours which wraps on Frday, 15 February.

If you've missed our Chasing My Heart snack pack, you can tuck into it here: 10 flash facts on Star Life's new 18h00 novela Chasing My Heart.

These are the teasers for the first episodes:

Saturday 16 February 2019

Episode 1

Meet Naina Batra, a strong-willed woman whose journey abroad takes an unprecedented turn as she tells her story to a judgemental fellow passenger. Leaving her sick mother alone was never easy for her, but circumstances led her to take a bold decision.

Episode 2

Naina tells the lady passenger about an incident regarding her mother and how it led her to contact Raghav Mehra. Now, Naina is going to Austria in the hope of meeting Raghav.

Monday 18 February 2019

Episode 3

Naina arrives at the airport in Austria, however neither Rajiv nor Amit are there to pick her up. She goes to Amit's house but is in for a shock. Meanwhile, she meets Raghav!

Episode 4

Rajiv's wife, Chanchal is surprised to see Naina and has a plan for her. Later, Naina is surprised to meet Raghav at the coffee shop.

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Episode 5

Naina confronts Amit. Later, she thanks Raghav and tells Chanchal about Amit's marriage.

Episode 6

Naina sells her ring at the pawn shop to pay the rent to Rajiv's landlord. Rajiv suggests that she finds a job. Later, Raghav comes to the same pawn shop. Will he purchase Naina's ring?

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Episode 7

Naina works as a waitress at a night club to pay for her expenses. Later, Raghav reaches the club to bring a drunk Sanjana back and is shocked to see Naina there.

Episode 8

Sanjana accuses Raghav of taking advantage of her. Dadi throws Raghav out of the Mehra House. Later, Naina saves Raghav from an accident.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Episode 9

Chanchal falls unconscious after Veer's car hits her. Later, Raghav properly introduces himself to Naina. Is Chanchal just pretending to be unconscious or is Veer really in trouble?

Episode 10

Sudha apologises to Rajiv on Veer's behalf and offers to compensate. Naina withdraws the case against Veer but confronts Rajiv.

Friday 22 February 2019

Episode 11

Mrs. Mehra is impressed by Naina and learns about her problems from Raghav. Meanwhile, there is a sudden turn of events. Later, Mrs Mehra makes a solemn promise to Naina's family!

Episode 12

Veer refuses to marry Naina. Meanwhile, Naina is shocked when Indu advises her to marry Veer. She confides in Raghav that she doesn't want to marry Veer.

Saturday 23 February 2019

Episode 13

Upon Indu's insistence, Veer tries to convince Naina to marry him. Later, Naina decides to heed Raghav's request and marry Veer.

Episode 14

Naina agrees to go on a date with Veer on Indu's insistence. Raghav takes a family photograph of the Mehras. Later, Naina tells Veer about her job as a waitress.

Monday 25 February 2019

Episode 15

Raghav is shocked to find the Mehras at the club, where Naina works as a waitress. Veer tells the family about Naina's profession. However, unlike others, Indu praises Naina for her honesty. Later, Veer lies to Raghav.

Episode 16

Sanjana apologises to Raghav and asks him to be her friend. Chanchal is disappointed when Veer sends Raghav to take Naina for an outing. Later, Balraj gives a business offer to Rajiv.

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Episode 17

Naina and Raghav go on an outing. Veer tells Rajiv the reason for agreeing to marry Naina. Will Rajiv reveal the same to Naina?

Episode 18

Chanchal hides the truth about Veer from Naina. Raghav requests Veer to take Naina out for lunch. Later, he sends an apology message to Naina from Veer's phone.

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Episode 19

Naina and Veer go on a lunch date. However, she is shocked when Veer asks her to sign a document. What is it and will Naina sign on the dotted line?

Episode 20

The Mehras are shocked when Indu transfers the property and the business empire into Naina's name. Later, Indu fixes Veer and Naina's marriage date!

Thursday 28 February 2019

Episode 21

Chanchal hosts the sangeet ceremony. Sanjana tries to get intimate with Veer, but Dadi butts in and asks Veer to join the others. During the event, Dadi slaps Raghav for dancing with Sanjana and asks him to leave the house. Later, Parameshwari encourages Veer to elope.

Episode 22

Veer refuses to marry Naina. Meanwhile, Indu gets worried on learning of Veer's disappearance. Will Veer return?

Chasing My Heart airs on Star Life from Mondays to Saturdays at 18h00.

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