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Written by tha - bang from the blog blah blah blah on 10 Sep 2018
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As I've said before, Side Dish started well, the pace was pulsating. The plot moved fast, Episode 1 felt like a standalone movie... so now that we are at the season finale, what does one make of the last episode and the series?

Episode 4 dished out all the secrets for everyone to see, from Poor Skhalo to the School - there was no place left for our ladies to run. Poor Joyce had to ditch her kids, Sli showed that she has some form of humanity and poor Amanda went to meet her cousin.

All this sounds riveting on paper but the last episode lost some of its momentum.There are some story choices that make no sense, unless it's a slight comment on how incompetent the SAPS can be.

The publicising of the girls' identity without the police going to their homes or places of work first? Then there's the police having an alert out but the traffic cops not having the same alert... and Appollo travelling from Tzaneen to Joburg to still be in time to be part of the highway chase? Maybe I'm just nitpicking.

Or maybe the show wants to extend the series beyond four episodes and I'm pre-judging it. But the surprise and engagement for me was gone. Everything became too on the nose; even how Phiwe's book was connected to a decomposing body in the newspaper was a stretch.

The series started on high note for me but ends on a not so high note. For an episode that had car chases and a main character dying, I wasn't moved. It lacked tension.

How did you guys see it?

It was not all gloom and doom - at least Amanda had her confrontation with her cheating husband which I loved and was a nice touch, but other than that, the episode did not leave me on the same high as Episode 1.

Unless there's still more to come... we shall see next week.

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10 Sep 2018 14:23

Tashi edited on
9/10/2018 2:27 PM

Interesting review Thabang - thanks. The show clearly struggled to follow through on the gusto and intrigue it set up at the start, especially structurally.

It's like the writers didn't properly pace themselves across the four episodes so by the end they had to rush the resolution, which created the non-sensical aspects of the story. 

There's definitely no more next week - a new mini-series called Emjindini starts in its place.

It stars Freedom Mswane as a miner who finds a bag of gold coins after an earth tremor that he causes. We'll be creating a Show Page for it later this week with all the info. including cast, producers etc. 

tha - bang
15 Oct 2018 10:34

Hi Tashi didnt like Emjidini although i appreciated that they gae a new production house a chance, the story didtn capture me

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