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Generations Teasers - August 2017

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 23 Jun 2017
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Coming up on Generations this August 2017:

Tuesday 1 August 2017
Episode 177 (0697)

Thabi tries to get Tau to incriminate himself. Lucy is stunned by what her ex does. Rorisang takes a turn for the worst.

Wednesday 2 August 2017
Episode 178 (0698)

Mazwi looks on in horror as his daughter’s throat is cut open. Lesedi isn’t sure how to tell Mpho the truth. Smanga waits in vain for his beloved to arrive.

Thursday 3 August 2017
Episode 179 (0699)

Sphe revels in being the hero but it doesn’t last long. Fana realises Mrekza is onto him. Cosmo is loath to have blood on his hands.

Friday 4 August 2017
Episode 180 (0700)

Thabi’s escape attempt goes horribly wrong. The Diales are shocked to find a half-naked man in the kitchen! Dr Watson believes Nolwazi should know the truth about what she did.

Monday 7 August 2017
Episode 181 (0701)

Nandi is hurt when her help is no longer wanted. Lesedi is mortified when Mpho sees what she has in her blazer. Jack’s henchman makes a gruesome discovery in an old mineshaft.

Tuesday 8 August 2017
Episode 182 (0702)

Sphe’s plan to get her husband’s attention works like a charm. Fana wants James to get a blackmailer off his back. Gadaffi is forced to lie to his brother.

Wednesday 9 August 2017
Episode 183 (0703)

Lucy is impressed despite herself when Mrekza takes charge. The police arrive at the Moroka house with a search warrant. The nightmare is only starting for devastated Smanga…

Thursday 10 August 2017  
Episode 184 (0704)

Rorisang is deliberately given the wrong medication. Zitha gets upset when Wandile voices her suspicions. Mrekza ropes in Bamuza’s help.

Friday 11 August 2017
Episode 185 (0705) 

Getty’s delight about bumping into an old friend doesn’t last long. Nandi is thrown by Sphe’s strange behaviour. Gadaffi is shocked by what Cosmo reveals.

Monday 14 August 2017
Episode 186 (0706) 

Mpho is banned from dating Lesedi. Nolwazi is unsettled about what her visitor has to say. Jack sets out to sow derision amongst the Morokas.

Tuesday 15 August 2017  
Episode 187 (0707)

Sphe alters the lab results to cover up her actions. Fana realises he’s out of his depth and confesses all.
The brothers gang up on Tau – they want him out!

Wednesday 16 August 2017
Episode 188 (0708) 

Smanga realises there’s more to the confrontation that happened at The Eat. Things get ugly between mother and daughter when Nandi voices her suspicions. Mrekza is a mess after an unexpected phone call.

Thursday 17 August 2017  
Episode 189 (0709)

Will Mazwi fall for Jack’s manipulation? Gadaffi is relieved when suspicion is deflected away from him.
Mpho sneaks out of the house.

Friday 18 August 2017  
Episode 190 (0710)

The Morokas are left reeling when Rori’s heart stops. Thabi’s journal offers some interesting information.
Tshidi is beside herself with worry about Thomas’s revelation.

Monday 21 August 2017
Episode 191 (0711) 

The press have a field day when Smanga kicks Tau. Nandi is shocked to the core about her daughter’s confession. Lucy is furious when she hears who Lesedi met with.

Tuesday 22 August 2017  
Episode 192 (0712)

The Diales are a mix of emotions about their unexpected visitor. Molefe is powerless when Mazwi puts his foot down. Sphe feels nothing for her child.

Wednesday 23 August 2017  
Episode 193 (0713)

Jack lashes out at his daughter in anger. Gog’Flo and Elsa bond, oblivious of jealous eyes watching them.
Tshidi gets the fright of her life when she walks into Gadaffi’s penthouse.

Tuesday 24 August 2017
Episode 194 (0714)

Cosmo gets a job offer. Will he turn against his own? Zitha gets serious flack for standing by her man.
Lucy pushes too hard and disaster ensues.

Wednesday 25 August 2017
Episode 195 (0715)

Getty does something stupid in the heat of the moment. Tau plants a seed of doubt in Fana. Lesedi is shocked to hear what happened in the past.

Thursday 26 August 2017
Episode 196 (0716)

Nandi urges Sphe to tell the truth. Jack knows how to stroke Mazwi’s ego. Zondiwe isn’t going to let some street-rat dictate to her.

Friday 27 August 2017
Episode 197 (0717)

Lucy is ready to commit murder when she hears Elsa’s suggestion. Mpho resorts to stealing again.
Gadaffi wants his brother to join forces with him.

Monday 30 August 2017
Episode 198 (0718)

Tau spirals out of control. Gog’Flo calls a family meeting. Zitha tries to manipulate Fana into giving her information.

Thursday 31 August 2017
Episode 199 (0719)

The children are mortified by their unexpected sex talk. Scandalised patrons eagerly start recording when a fight in the shebeen turns ugly. Wandile is shocked to hear what her sister wants her to do.

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23 Jun 2017 06:19

Can they let Rori live a healthy .the writers are dragging her health issues like they did with Mnqobi's.Smanga has turned against Tau .looks like everyone hates everyone hai man.this is all confusing .its like a crime show now .can we have some romance please.

23 Jun 2017 06:38

tau/smanga alliance is no more tjo!.. teasers are confusing now will have to see on screen action

23 Jun 2017 07:40

@max Rori's health issues are already annoying, now I have the pleasure of finding out that they'll be dragging this for the next two months? Boring. Anyway is Sphe going to harm Rori in order to get Mazwi's attention? I've always thought that Sphe could have a screw loose just like her mama lol. Do Tau and Gadaffi kill Thabi? It seems like a lit month otherwise. And it's always a good thing to not see Namhla anyway in the teasers. May she stay away till December at least.

23 Jun 2017 08:36

Lol Dezi u knw that tramp Namhla will pop up somewhere and annoy us .Tau is gonna be a baddy again i cant wait to see it unfold

23 Jun 2017 10:24

yooo intloko ka Zack' head.. .

23 Jun 2017 13:34

my wish is nolwazi end up with Gadaffi bt i don't see it happening.. another wish karabo to guest return for 1month just 2 mess up tau&zitha #NB not break the relationship cz i love them bt would love to see Connie squaring against zoe mthiyane and leave again

23 Jun 2017 17:43

"Jack's henchman males a gruesome discover in an old mineshaft" could that be the remains of Abe?

23 Jun 2017 17:46

"Jack's henchman makes a gruesome discovery in an old mineshaft". Could that be the remains of Abe?

23 Jun 2017 21:00

Sounds very promising!! Can't wait!! Are they introducing somebody as "Gaddafi's brother" or are they talking about Tau?

23 Jun 2017 22:47

I think Gadaffi refering to Wandile as "Sweetie" was quite significant in tonight's episode. It may show that Kumkani, or probably most of the people since there wasn't any reaction to him saying that, have/has generally accepted Wandile for who he has become and will therefore "treat" him accordingly. I also liked the ending of the show when Molefe tells Mazwi that he has to fight "smart", he says," When you do not have the power, you play them to get what you want" and that there are "many ways to win". This is an interesting statement and Molefe is wrong in some sense, because although Mazwi really seems to not be able to fight the likes of sheming, manipulative Tau and Jack, I still think he holds a lot of power, seeing as everyone is tossing him around, wanting him to be on their side... this definitely means he holds all the power that carries business decisions and fosters the relationships of many characters on the show. He's made out to be some kind of starring in this case (but it's actually Smanga, but that's a discussion for another day). And Molefe's last words, "... you play them to get what you want" is quite intriguing. I can't wait to see what he does when he "stands up for himself" and plays the game like the great Tau, who I think plays the game better than everyone by the way. @Max85 It seems that everyone is really becoming an enemy of everyone... Drama!!

26 Jun 2017 21:02

I wish they didn't break up Tau and Smanga's alliance but then again Smanga is a Moroka. This is an iconic power struggle between two old enemies, Tau and Jack!

27 Jun 2017 08:40

And Tau still has the upper hand... you've got to applaud how good he plays the game whew! And I'm screaming at Molefe playing Mazwi, using the little "advice" he gave him, for himself lmao! He basically said if you can't beat your opponents, "play them to get what you want" and now he played Mazwi the fool into believing that Molefe is for all the "goodness of the family" when he's no better than Tau or Jack... they are all playing him! Mazwi is going to look even more stupid, confusd and really angry if Molefe succumbs to Tau's demands lmfao!! First he was sold out by Jack... now it'll be Molefe weeeehh!

27 Jun 2017 08:56

mxm tau is beginning to irritate me by always having upper hand on jack..i mean he is business/political mastermind than jack and it's proven bt im waiting to see how jack will put him on his glad tau/smanga alliance is over cz tau was again sort of using moroka's as bridge and think it's time smanga/mazwi get along and protect what's theirs

27 Jun 2017 21:26

I loved tonight's episode. Tau's got the game on lock. It was like a coup. Jack's response can only be interesting after this.

03 Jul 2017 22:38

wow the clips from 2014/15 just brought back all beautiful memories of phiwe&karabo felt like they still part of the show .the show was on its element at that time in terms of acting..

04 Jul 2017 08:50

What a great episode ,those flashbacks were done proper shem .i am looking forward to this Tau vs Jack rivalry.white people can act man .that Vaugh was great last nyt

04 Jul 2017 11:39

Kanene, what happened to Abe's remains? Cant remember

04 Jul 2017 12:55

@max remember when everyone used to hate Vaughn's acting? lol he KILLT IT last night! Generations is going in a superb direction. I love Zitha. Everyone is doing great acting wise, except Namhla. That girl is the worst actor.

04 Jul 2017 13:17

@dezi u love Zitha ..lmao i almost fell off my work chair by this comment .i must say Zitha has grown on .i love their connection with Mogale .vaugh has improved from last time .even Mpho is fitting well with the other kids .this month is kicking off on high

04 Jul 2017 13:41

Wait a minute... @Dezicles you love ZITHA!!!???? I'm SHOOK! lmao... yeah this storyline seems to be starting off well, I hope it'll deliver!

04 Jul 2017 13:50

i told yall that zitha is gr8 bt you guyz said she boring. .im looking forward seeing thabi's comeback 2night if not 2mrw

04 Jul 2017 14:38

Lol yes guys I love Zitha. I think now that she has backed off from her obsession with Jack and she has found Tau, I find her more likeable. Plus she's beautiful. I like Mpho and his friends too. Is Thabi related to the Celes? talk about a plot twist.

04 Jul 2017 14:46

@dezi i said the same on July teasers that if writers don't link thabi with nandi they are morons. and i think there's nothing linking them cz jack does not know abe

04 Jul 2017 15:07

I always say Gen writers are stupid ....but the way they are linking this Abe thing is beautiful to see especially us who strated watching The legacy from the beginning . I miss Simphiwe shame .i wonder what would hv happened if she had stayed on the show.

04 Jul 2017 22:19

Such an intriguing episode! That girl Motsoaledi (Thabi) can act. And she's a stunner. I think this time round Smanga is really gonna fall for her but Kumkani and Tau will do something to her lol. Smanga always takes the L.

05 Jul 2017 06:20

Why are we still Namhla and her detective Roberts ...we need a break from them mahn .Thabi is still so hot mahn .it seems she is not related to Fana then cz they ddnt knw each onther last night .What the hell is wrong with Nolwazi mara .Does Gen have new Directors .i hv noticed some great directing lately

05 Jul 2017 07:24

@max85 i wrote tvsa email complaining abt directing,poor dialogue etc of the show..tvsa forwarded it to generations team.#Response was "thank you will pay attention and difference will show in the coming months " . it's been 3months since the email myb they tried to fix the problems

05 Jul 2017 07:37

We love u qavile loool!

05 Jul 2017 08:42

You guys dislike of Namhla has rubbed off me. I think their storyline has to come to an end. Namhla needs a job and a boyfriend, may be se will be more entertaining

05 Jul 2017 09:04

@qavile u are a star .u must ask them to fire Namhla ne .thanks in advance

05 Jul 2017 11:29

@max PREACH! Namhla is a horrible actress as it is, now they are dragging this Roberts storyline to the point where it has no direction anymore. The objective was to catch Gadaffi, that's not happening so please deliver us from this evil. Fire the girl. Anyhoo thanks @qavile for looking out for us!

05 Jul 2017 12:19

lol that would make me a horrible person. i know namhla is not technically best bt too basic ..i love her when she's natural onscreen bt problem strikes when she out of her comfort zone..i think the way she speaks kills the vibe just like sonti and sbahle from uzalo

06 Jul 2017 10:09

the guy who is a private investigator  for Jack ???isnt the same private investigator for Tau?????

06 Jul 2017 10:33

@QQ he is private investigator for everyone ...

08 Jul 2017 13:08

seiso modisenyane will be joining @Gen as tshidi's cousin

08 Jul 2017 18:59

Don't know that person. Random that Tshidi needs a cousin. Hope that doesn't mean Mpho is leaving. Also hope she brings drama.

08 Jul 2017 20:05

@Dezi don't think mpho is leaving bt person will debut around 7august i think

11 Jul 2017 19:01

That Tselane girl from (G&D) is doing her thing jealous down..... Jack Mabaso is so good He just needs a sharp right hand man like Ace....... James is slowly

11 Jul 2017 19:02

That Tselane girl from (G&D) is doing her thing jealous down..... Jack Mabaso is so good He just needs a sharp right hand man like Ace....... James is slowly

11 Jul 2017 19:02

That Tselane girl from (G&D) is doing her thing jealous down..... Jack Mabaso is so good He just needs a sharp right hand man like Ace....... James is slowly

11 Jul 2017 19:02

That Tselane girl from (G&D) is doing her thing jealous down..... Jack Mabaso is so good He just needs a sharp right hand man like Ace....... James is slowly

11 Jul 2017 21:24

Loved tonight's episode especially when Fana shunned Nolwazi.

11 Jul 2017 21:59

Generations is desperately trying to be edgy with these disgusting sex scenes. Tshidi moaning like that was unbearable. This is a family show. The show just comes across as trashy. So unnecessary.

12 Jul 2017 07:08

lol @Dezi #Qhubeka #Unomona cz smanga was serving tshidi to an extent she forgot its acting.. well the show is gr8 and Thabi/tshidi/smanga scenes gave me goosebumps and made me feel typa way

12 Jul 2017 09:11

I agree with Dezi...the scene with Smanga and Tshidi was tasteless .those sounds Tshidi made were disgusting to say the least . Thabi is so beautiful on a positive note

12 Jul 2017 11:36

The disgusting sex scenes need to be cut out. Sis!

13 Jul 2017 14:04

its soo disgusting,, and Mazwi and Nolwazi its not on your relationship,, not sure because i dont do ex relationship,, to tht scene was just pissing me off..

17 Jul 2017 10:08

Generation is boring this days, Tau an smanga fighting and always Jack get away 

03 Aug 2017 21:28

I'm confused

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