Review: Kong: Skull Island

Written by tha - bang from the blog blah blah blah on 15 Mar 2017
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Is this remake / set-up for the new monster cinematic universe worth it? Does the world need another King Kong movie... Well, let's dig in...


Most folks who are fans of Peter Jackson's King Kong will probably feel like Kong: Skull Island is just too soon. Whilst I must admit, I went into the cinema reluctantly, I came out with a big smile. In the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson " I can dig it". Why? I hear you ask. Well, let me retort.

Kong is atmospheric. The yellow hues and lush jungle vegetation is beautifully shot. If you have ever seen Apocalypse Now, the classic anti-war movie from the 70's, Jordan Vogt-Roberts (the director of Kong) does a great job in referencing it, both stylistically and via the themes the film tackles.

The cinematography of the film, from the colours, even the film poster and certain sequences refer directly to the look of Apocalypse Now, jacked up on a 2017 budget. There are some beautiful shots here to be seen and admired.

Thematically the idea of man as the true monster is also in line with Apocalypse Now. Samuel L. Jackson is our stand-in for Marlon Brando as the general who has grown mad with power.

Kong, in a roundabout way, inverses the monster dynamics, humanising the ape and showing that man i.e. modern man and his army is the true monster. Man's ego, search for power and knowledge can be our downfall.

It's always cool when a blockbuster drops in some pearls of wisdom about life.

Yet Kong knows that it is a monster movie and delivers on action and comedy. Blockbusters that can deliver action and laughs tend to do very well, ask Guardians of the Galaxy.  John C. Reilly brings it on the laughs and so does Jason Mitchell, whom we last saw as Easy E in Straight out of Compton, whilst Jackson handles the action with Kong.

There are plenty of monster fodder sequences with enough military guys being killed one by one by the island and its creatures to give one nice jump scares so you get your monies worth for that too.

Yes, Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston's characters were not really necessary for this film nor is John Goodman's big plan well elaborated on but the little plot holes don't detract from what is a very competent blockbuster.

It will wow you with great visuals, give you a couple of scares and try to warm your heart in a Spielberg way. Note though, those who wait till the end of the movie credits will find something that will tantalize them as a cinematic monster movie universe is set up.

So did we need this Kong? Hell yeah. It's visually stunning, it has heart and in between the action and laughs there's a message about the dangers of man's unchecked ego and the use of brute force. It's a competent action movie, which the family can enjoy together. Looking forward to the sequel.

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