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Days of Our Lives Teasers - August 2015

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 16 Jul 2015
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Coming up on Days of Our Lives this August 2015:

Monday 3 August 2015
Episode 11 883 - 36

Chad and Daniel go to the police to report Melanie missing. Gabi tries to convince Andrew to let Melanie go but he has Gabi on tape. E.J. and Sami argue and kiss. John announces he is going to try and take over DiMera Enterprises.

Tuesday 4 August 2015
Episode 11 884 - 37

Rafe, Roman and Agent Spencer search E.J.'s apartment after obtaining a search warrant. A mystery person plants a pair of gloves in E.J.'s apartment.

Chad takes matters into his own hands and ends up at Andrew's place where Gabi is trying to warn Andrew but he has already moved Melanie. Lucas walks in on E.J. and Sami and assumes the worst.

Wednesday 5 August 2015
Episode 11 885 - 38

E.J. arrives at his apartment just as Roman, Rafe and Agent Spencer find the gloves. E.J. believes that they planted them there but Roman tells him that have it all on videotape.

The search for Melanie continues as Chad arrives at the house where Andrew was keeping her and sees Melanie's bracelet on the floor and forces his way into the house. Gabi hides in the basement room and pretends to be knocked out when Bo gets the door open. Ian finds Kate's divorce papers.

Thursday 6 August 2015
Episode 11 886 - 39 

Hope finds Gabi's number written on a piece of paper in the room Andrew held Melanie in and they figure that whoever took Melanie must have been after Gabi and she doesn't refute the idea.

Melanie realizes that Andrew brought her to the tunnels under Salem and tries to tell him that they are toxic. Nicole sticks by Daniel's side as they search for Melanie. Carrie decides that she can't be in Salem anymore with her feeling for Rafe and tells Austin she wants to go back to Switzerland.

Friday 7 August 2015
Episode 11 887 - 40

Abe plans a fundraiser in Lexie's honor. John can't get the DiMera board member to agree to let him take over DiMera Enterprises.

Sami realizes there may be something to clear E.J.'s name as Rafe gets more evidence to make an arrest. Daniel sees Rafe and Nicole together and tries to distance himself from her. Will realizes that he no longer has Alice's letter that says E.J. is not a DiMera.

Monday 10 August 2015
Episode 11 888 - 41

Will realizes that Lucas must’ve found the letter but is too late and Lucas hands it over to Rafe. John lets Ian get under his skin about Brady. E.J. tells Sami they will always have a connection. Carrie tells Rafe and Roman that she and Austin are moving back to Switzerland.

Tuesday 11 August 2015
Episode 11 889 - 42

Bo and Hope find information on Melanie's kidnapper who has a criminal history and escaped from a mental hospital. When they show Gabi the picture of Andrew and give his real name she pretends not to have ever seen him. Chad recognizes him from the Countess W shoots.

Sami and E.J. find surveillance footage of E.J. throwing the gloves away and someone coming and taking them out. Will angrily confronts Lucas about turning over the letter. Rafe, Roman and Agent Spencer arrive at the DiMera mansion to arrest E.J.

Melanie pleads with Andrew to move them because the tunnel is starting to fall apart. Andrew leaves to find a new place but leaves Melanie behind and she ends up being knocked out by falling debris.

Wednesday 12 August 2015
Episode 11 890 - 43

Ian is revealed as the mystery man as he remembers pulling the gloves out of the trash and has a tech person erase the surveillance footage. Sami is upset that E.J. didn't tell her that he wasn't Stefano's real son.

Brady and Madison announce that they are getting married the very next day. Daniel thinks that Nicole is trying to seduce him while his daughter is missing but Nicole explains she just wants Daniel to take care of himself.

Thursday 13 August 2015
Episode 11 891 - 44

Sami reveals that she saved a copy of the surveillance footage to a flash drive. Bo and Hope start to realize that Gabi's story is not adding up.

Chad finds out that E.J. has been arrested for Stefano's murder. Melanie is able to convince Andrew to take off his mask and gets her hands on his cell phone. Carrie and Austin say their good-byes.

Friday 14 August 2015
No Days because of ODI cricket.

Monday 17 August 2015
Episode 11 892 - 45

Sami is attacked and the memory stick is stolen. E.J. can't makes bail because he is cut off from the DiMera money. Melanie is able to get a call out to Chad but he can barely hear her. All Chad makes out is tunnels and Brady figures she must be in the tunnels under Salem. Jack gives his approval on Cameron.

Tuesday 18 August 2015
Episode 11 893 - 46

The tunnels continue to fall around Melanie, Andrew and Gabi. Melanie realizes that something is going on between Gabi and Andrew. Brady and Chad continue to search the tunnels.

Sami uses Countess W,  as collateral to bail out E.J. from jail. Roman gets a call from a mystery person telling him that E.J.'s plane is ready to leave the country. Victor tries to warn Daniel about Nicole.

Wednesday 19 August 2015
No Days because of ODI cricket.

Thursday 20 August 2015
Episode 11 894 - 47

Salem gathers for a fundraiser in Lexie's honor for autism research. E.J. is able to remove his ankle bracelet and leave it behind. Andrew is getting ready to reveal all to Melanie when another explosion hits and knocks Andrew out.

Melanie finds Brady in the tunnels. Madison thinks that Brady has stood her up for their wedding. In the tunnels, explosions happen all over the place and rock the fundraiser. E.J. tries to hold on to Sami who is dangling from a ledge at the warehouse.

Friday 21 August 2015
Episode 11 895 - 48

The town is thrown into chaos after the explosion in the tunnel. Ian cradles a dying Madison in his arms telling her that he was only using Kate - unaware that Kate is listening to everything. Daniel works to free a trapped Nicole who is going into premature labor.

Jack has to overcome his PTSD to help save Abby who was in the elevator when the explosion hit. Will finds out that Sami is at the warehouse and rushes to find her. Sami tells E.J. to let her go so they both don't get pulled down by Will arrives in time to help E.J. lift Sami back up.

Brady suddenly has an urgent feeling to get out of the tunnel just as Madison dies. Chad asks Gabi why Andrew said to ask her where Melanie went but Gabi is able to cover saying the Melanie had went ahead when Gabi faked her hurt ankle.

Monday 24 August 2015
Episode 11 896 - 49

Sami refuses to let E.J. go alone and Will says he will cover for them. Will finds Lucas passed out and lies to him about seeing Sami. Lucas goes to the warehouse to search and Will eventually admits that Sami is safe and has left with E.J.

Theo helps find a little girl's missing mother. Bo helps Daniel remove the debris from Nicole but Daniel is knocked out by more falling debris. Jack and Cameron are able to open the elevator doors enough for Jack to get in.

Jack and Abby share a special moment as the elevator cables continue to snap. Cameron is able to open the doors again and Abby gets out but time runs out for Jack as the cable snap and the elevator plummets to the ground.

Tuesday 25 August 2015
Episode 11 897 - 50

Kate confronts Ian about using her and he angrily admits that he killed Stefano. Daniel and Bo continue to search for Nicole but when they get through the debris Nicole is gone.

Later, they find Nicole wandering around and in labor. Melanie has to revive Brady after debris falls on him. They eventually find a way out of the tunnel and are hugging when Chad and Gabi find them. Roman gives Jennifer and Abby the bad news that Jack died instantly from his injuries.

Wednesday 26 August 2015
No Days because of the ODI cricket.

Thursday 27 August 2015
Episode 11 898 - 51

Sami and E.J. settle into the safe house. Nicole's labor stops and Bo gives her the news that E.J. took off. Melanie is reunited with Daniel. Brady arrives at Madison's room to find Kate and gets the bad news that Madison didn't make it. Jennifer finally breaks down over Jack's death.

Friday 28 August 2015
Episode 11 899 - 52

Sami and E.J.'s make out session is interrupted by a cryptic message from someone saying they have information to clear E.J. name.

Sami ends up spilling tea on herself and changes into the skimpy dress Silvio bought and Sami sees that someone is trying to get in through the door. Before Sami can figure out who is at the door Rafe grabs her from behind.

Kate tries to push Brady into attacking Ian by telling him that Ian was messing with Madison's head about Brady. John shows up and demands Kate leave and not use Brady for her revenge on Ian. Kate finds Lucas at the coffee place and finds out thate Lucas is through with Sami.

Melanie is reunited with Maggie and gives her statement to Roman. Gabi worries that she will be exposed. Later a patient into the room and it turns out to be Andrew. Daniel tells Maggie that he can't use Nicole anymore just because he is afraid of being alone. E.J. is knocked out.

Monday 31 August 2015
Episode 11 900 - 53

Melanie and Gabi are shocked when they realize the patient is Andrew. Melanie runs off to get help while Andrew grabs Gabi's arm.

Chad overhears everything Gabi and Andrew say to each other and knows that Gabi knew Andrew. Gabi admits that she didn't really have a stalker but never wanted Andrew to kidnap or hurt Melanie. E.J. comes to and realizes he has been kidnapped by Ian.

Daniel tries to tell Nicole that they should cool things off but is interrupted by Maggie telling him that Andrew is in the hospital. By the time Daniel gets to Andrew he is dead. Chad decides to keep Gabi's deception a secret. Tad confronts Will about being gay. Sonny kisses Will.

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