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Show Dem: BEEF

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 25 Jan 2011
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Some of you might have heard that there's some “beef” between HHP and JR over the hit song that got every race crazy last year the song is Show Dem Make the Circle Bigger. Some of us were wondering what the real "beef "is between the two popular and successful Motswako artists. We also know that JR was introduced by HHP in the main stream of this music industry after he asked HHP to listen to his demo and he liked it then decided to take him under his wing. So this “beef” came as a surprise to many people and we wished to know what the real story is behind the beef about Show Dem. 

There were many speculations no one came with the real story as to how the “beef” started. I was one of the people who wanted to know what is going on. A few weeks ago JR happened to be a guest on etv's popular music show, Club808. I was happy when Dineo Ranaka asked JR what is the “beef” between him and HHP that involves the song Show Dem. JR quickly dismissed the claims that there's beef between him and HHP.

He said what happened is that, when he was recording Show Dem, HHP came in studio while he was recording the track and heard that dope beat and asked to put in his sixteen bar so he agreed. So that's how they did the song together. They even decided to put it in their albums. JR said on Club808, when he wanted to do the music video for the song, HHP was not in SA he was in America. He decided to go ahead and do the video anyway without HHP. Other than that there's no beef between him and HHP they are still buddies.

After this interview I was happy that I heard the real story from the horse’s mouth and some tweeps were happy too. We even praised Dineo for asking about the "beef" and JR for answering the hot question. Obviously Club808 has little time for interviews so that's were it ended phofu there was no other question about the beef and that is as far JR explained the story about the “beef”.

Now last night I listened to C-live's Hip Hop show on 5FM that plays every Monday's at 22h00pm. He normally has guests in his show that he interviews from 23h00pm until the end of the show at 24h00 midnight. HHP was last night’s guest. Obviously C-live asked the “beef” question. He asked HHP what is the “beef” between him and JR that’s about the song Show Dem Make the Circle Bigger. HHP explained everything from scratch. I liked how he didn't fool around before answering the question or tried not to answer it. 

He said when this song came up he was with his engineer Stevie. Him and Stevie were just chilling then decided to go to Rusternberg to his family were people would not care about them. They got there and they were in some place where they were playing this vulgarish Kwaito so they decided to leave and go back home. When they were in studio Stevie made that dope beat (the one you hear on Show Dem) and he decided to lay in some lyrics. 

While still there they had a braai/ party and there were people and they decided to play the unfinished song and JR came in and he was crazy when he heard the beat and the song. JR asked if he can put in his lyrics. HHP said he was fine with it. So they did the song together but it was not finished. They made agreements with JR that they are going to put the song in their albums. 

HHP said he even suggested that they should add the hook “We Love It” something that’s going to make the crowds go crazy. After that he said the next time JR came to him with his manager or producer and told him he has finished the track and he wants to make it his first single. That is were the disagreements started. 

HHP said he told JR, no they can’t make it a first single now because it is a hit, JR must release the other songs in his album because, once they start by making “Show Dem” the first single people will expect the next single to be bigger than “Show Dem,” which is something that JR didn’t want to hear. (Come to think of it there was no hit that followed Show Dem and HHP's album didn't get the hype he normally gets). HHP said he even told them he has already released two singles that he has even made videos for, which are Make Monyeke and Banyana. So the whole thing will kill his album. 

Hayi ke JR went ahead and made the song his first single and HHP said he heard JR has comedian Raasdin in his version. He then went to America and the next thing when he came back he found that JR has made the video for the song without him but his verse is still there. That’s when he decided he won’t perform the song with JR, he can do it alone even if they are performing in the same show. He will let JR perform it alone. He said the first time they performed the track together was in the Miller Rock the Boat tour.

C-live even asked how HHP felt when Vodacom decided to use the track in their World Cup campaigns because that was huge and sure there was a lot of money that was put on that. HHP simply answered that he doesn’t even want to talk about that because his tummy hurts when he talks about it but as long as he has lights on in his house and his car has a petrol. He also said there is no beef between him and JR. They are cool he is still his boy. 

I was very surprised when I heard HHP’s side of the story because it is vice versa of JR's story. I asked myself who came up with this song kahle kahle because I’ve read a JR interview on Move explaining how he came up with the song. He said he went to his coloured boys in Eldos. There was a party there and the coloured people were screaming or shouting “Make the Circle Bigger Show Dem, Show Dem” then he decided to use that as a hook in his song.

He even said HHP came in studio while he was doing the song and asked to put in his sixteen bar then he agreed. They even made agreements that they are going to both put the song in their albums. So that is how he ended up doing the song with HHP.

This is getting more and more confusing just when I thought we have heard the truth about this popular song Show Dem Make the Circle Bigger. I think they need to both get invited in any show and explain this thing together when they are both there, so that we can hear how they are going to explain it when they are there together.

So who is lying here? Who came up with the song Show Dem? Who asked to be featured in this song? And who’s story do you (blogger) believe? 

pics: various sites on google.


25 Jan 2011 10:21

it looks more like a case of a beauty and the beast!.....

25 Jan 2011 10:28

kwakwest at the beauty and the beast case..... LMAO... the imagery is just too funny..

25 Jan 2011 10:44 starting to doubt HHP...first it was that guy wa that show ya this.....but im stil his fan 

25 Jan 2011 10:45

Hayi sisi-stew esi. 

So who is lying here? I dunno
Who came up with the song Show Dem? JR, HHP & Steve or Stevie
Who asked to be featured in this song? HHP
And who’s story do you (blogger) believe? I dunno bcoz one is drinking a strong black ricoffee whereas another one is drinking a strong black 5 roses.

25 Jan 2011 11:31

And thats how the Wa mtseba motho o song was born...'O khawatile manyora authi eo' feauturing Casper..then it spread on dissing everyone,Tuks,Motso,Beatjunky TP all aparently fuelled by the feautured Casper and thats how 16 Bars Wcha gonna do was created...Now everybody claims there isnt beef,hei man even if its corned meat its Beef..

25 Jan 2011 11:33

LOLLEST @ "my tummy hurts" @ HHP

Me thinks yha, it definitely should hurt.

25 Jan 2011 11:54

me think JR is lying big time 

wa mo tseba mothooo otla go fuka stress ha mmatla a bo a iketsa scarce 
wa mo tseba mothoooooo

ownah m p
25 Jan 2011 12:06

money can make people go wild....and someone is lying, like you sad (who?)

25 Jan 2011 12:08

I believe HHP's story.

25 Jan 2011 12:13

"My tummy hurts" is a killer!! can't stop laughing...hurting because of the money made by JR or thinking about how much he could made...*shaking head*

25 Jan 2011 12:41

Even though they say theres no beef between them but I still think there is. Worse shem HHP missed on so much moolah from the Vodacom campaign. 

I hear his story about not making the song the first single and it makes sense but look what it achieve now after JR released it as his first single. It got him the Vodacom campaign and all. So imagine how much moolah he would have lost if he waited. 

But shem I feel sorry for HHP if indeed the song came up with him coz JR is only eating the fruits alone. 

There has been alot of beef surrounding HHP lately even Tuks mos was rumoured to be in a beef with him. Whats up with these Motswako guys??? They mustn't go all American Hip Hop on us. 

25 Jan 2011 12:43

I wish I understood what HHP is saying on that Wa Teseba Motho song it seems some of us are missing out on some beef LOL

25 Jan 2011 12:58

If HHP telling the truth, trust me he will be suing poor JR now. The song made a lot of money for him to let it go without a challenge. Mina ngihamba loJR...

25 Jan 2011 14:25

Interesting how the same story has two different versions, and each one of them agreeing on one thing that someone heard the song and asked to be featured on it! That's the only common thing in both versions....

@BigMama, I agree with you.....HHP should sue, if his version is the truth! 

25 Jan 2011 16:34

@Vandimerwe - The status concept is an idea that the client (status) approached the production company I work for with.  HHP was brought on board to present the show becos of the status he holds.  The concept did not belong to him. 

25 Jan 2011 16:37

I believe HHP, His explanation makes more sense *cues wamotseba motho*

25 Jan 2011 17:11

Now that you mention it BigMama why HHP doesn't sue if the song came up with him and the beat belongs to his engineer? Coz really JR got a lot of money from Vodacom even though we don't know how much was it. But maybe he didn't the whole thing to turn out ugly or waste a lot of money going to courts and all that. Or maybe he was happy with the royalties money that he got if he did got it but I think he did.

26 Jan 2011 07:00

i believe HHP man!

26 Jan 2011 08:18

Its because Tuks and JR  cannot sustain themselves in this industry kana HHP ke mokgekole o utlwela bana ba botlhoko kana ba ka ja ntsa. i have always been a big supporter ya ga HHP and i respect him big time. 

TUKS - ga a na botho ngwana yoo 
JR - its hard for him to make it big like his first album so he is grabbing all opportunities coming his way

26 Jan 2011 08:57

i believe JR...i always had this thing against HHP he gets too much credit nge hip-hop yakhe though he doesnt have his own style, his music is motswako inspired bo-BIG somehow, no originality, he  gets awards he dont deserve i.e the Metro award he recently got should have gone to his boy; Kuli Chana maar no he gets it. To me he is like Tira where he thinks if u contribute on an album you have to be a face of it.

If i am proven wrong, JR must correct his wrongs as he will go downnn.

come to think of it someone said HHP stole his RESPECT idea, ncncncnnc

26 Jan 2011 09:28

can y'all clarify the RESPECT story..i dont understand. who stole whose idea?

26 Jan 2011 09:47

All i know is that HHP has a history of stealing things! he is just yearning for credit, he thinks the world revolves around him for some reason. AND IT DOESNT! Like somone said , If JR really did what he claims, then he should have been to endless courts with him, That song made thousands for JR and knowing HHP, he would have fought toooth and nail to get his piece of the pie!

26 Jan 2011 10:27

Still cant stop laughing about "my tummy hurts".... Poor HHP - he's constipated - phela naleBeef its like he's being forced to chew it in a hurry. So e tsene ka dikwele e rile tsi! mo mpeng. Shem...

26 Jan 2011 15:24

Why do we really still entertaining this stale dawg fight??? Phela the song is long been buried but the two dawgs are of them is not telling the truth and I do not think any of them will ever admit to doing wrong.

26 Jan 2011 15:25

Pele I also still believe Kuli Chana deserved to win that award but ke its people who voted for HHP so nothing can be done. 

The respect story is confusing even though I have read an article were he explains the thing I dont remember what he said but all I remember is he said he didnt steal anyone's idea. 

You guys get deep in Tswana, now some of us can't understand eish...

26 Jan 2011 15:37

its getting down , di a boya mo

26 Jan 2011 15:43

check this out you might find answeres

26 Jan 2011 15:47

Jr is lying through his skanky teeth...

26 Jan 2011 15:54

Whats going on there Edgards you know you can tell us. Some of us can't view YouTube thats bad now we missing out.

26 Jan 2011 16:23

haaau abuti Edgar....nne keere the link has got the goss kganthe ke Motso...The Brand. Or is the goss within the lyrics...?... Ive got tvsa love for Motso, but ga ke kweshishe motswako le ga nnyane so i couldnt only here on this article coz i love reading Cheesa's articles even though i dont know what to contribute....

At least now i know khuli Chana o opela motswako, this name is so familiar in my head dunno how....

26 Jan 2011 16:28

LOL! Edgar is always promoting bathong! Kanti it's Motso's song! Just when I thought I missing out on some goss. Thanks for that GA! I appreciate that you like reading my articles :-)

26 Jan 2011 16:41

@Green.arrow-The Gossip is in the Lyrics, THE BEEF has grown in the MOTSWAKO WORLD  @Cheesa-do you know that Jr has done a beef song directed  at non other than HHP,Tuks has been going on also about the beef,Casper also ft on Wam'tseba Mthoo..There is BEEF amongst motswako artist and MOTSO and Beatjunky are all in it

26 Jan 2011 16:42

LOLLEST @ Edgar always promoting.

I think that Motso track also has some "lamb steak-a-nyana" - Motso is also putting his t-bone on the table esafika nje.. kwek!

26 Jan 2011 16:59

LOL! Tjo Motswako guys kanti what's up even the new kid on the block Motso is in this. Maybe Carino its Motso's way of being recognized you know mos publicity stunts. Maybe should tell us why Motso is beefing with HHP heeeheh. I wish I could understood what they are saying, soon I'm taking Tswana lessons lol.

26 Jan 2011 17:33

haaai..they must just come to RGB and talk/fight/let it out or whatever...i cant follow the "beef in songs" trend. I guess ill get the goss about the beef as translated into comments mo....cant , i tried i tried, but motswako is not my cup'a tea..and being Pedi,i shud understand but it just flies over my huge head....

Just by the team HHP, although i dont get whats up here for reallli...all i know is Tandeka aka PJ Powers said Jabba has intergrity, im going by that testimony about him....

26 Jan 2011 17:34

Cheesa..pleasure guys do a great job.

26 Jan 2011 23:05

Their versions are so contradicting. Enough with the beef already, can we get some sushi! lol

27 Jan 2011 11:36

kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa

27 Jan 2011 11:43

eish it is so hard to commend about who is fooling who. because i happen to admire both of them. Politics sucks sometimes.

27 Jan 2011 12:03

beefy, wil be ok sometimes

27 Jan 2011 12:27

There was a party there and the coloured people were screaming or shouting “Make the Circle Bigger Show Dem, Show Dem” then he decided to use that as a hook in his song.

This is alo the story I read in the Drum magazine last year. I didn't know there was some sort of beef between them. I don'y buy the whole thing that they still get along.

All I can say is tjo!

I think they need to both get invited in any show and explain this thing together when they are both there

I agree

So who is lying here?

They are both lying. Usher says there three sides to every story, there is one side, there is the other, then there is truth.

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