SAMA18: Fashion Victims, Violators and Victors

Written by Tazteeq from the blog Opinion Ramp on 02 May 2012
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So the SAMA’s and their DRAMA went down this past weekend at Sun City. Let me just say by the end of the show my thumbs were close to bleeding from the continuously hazardous tweeting I engaged in. Unlike Last year this year’s SAMA’s were gigantically entertaining to say the least. I just didn’t want to leave the couch; action packed so much so that blinking felt like taking a nap! So my plan for next year, I will HUSTLE for a ticket to the SAMA’s, such action should be devoured for live satisfaction, TV is not a good enough indulgence mechanism for such! 

Spotting a yellow nuptial-kinda outfit Zahara unsealed the ceremony with her smash hit ‘Loliwe’ which would win her about 5 accolades later in the night. And yes people, she had her bra on this time! *Let’s clap hands* done? Alright... 

Pabi Moloi was looking like an angel. Simple white dress yet sophisticated (yes VusiK :-), thanks bud lol). She looked like the star she is...

I used to hate anything with leopard print until I saw Thembi Seete in this dress. The leopard print was used so tastefully and at the right places, Thembi was ravishing. 

Miss SA Melinda Bam looked glam in a yellow gown with feathers…Even though I think yellow was too bright, she still rocked it with class. It was the Yellow MTN SAMA’s after all. 

Your Girl B* hosting her brainchild show ‘Lights, Camera, Fashion’. Class right there, that’s all. The dress looks like a mesh and she doesn’t look like a hooker or ghetto hoochie like most would have. 

Unathi Msengana, you need to be informed that kids watch The SAMA’s too. Uttering words like MotherF*cker on National TV is very straatmate and we’ll tell you to join Nonhle on her couch. I’ll reserve my comments about her dress, I hope all those ‘too much’ feathers were not all over the floor after the show… 

Somizi or should I say SomGAGA wore stilettos. Please lets have a moment of Shock! [Insert a face of a shocked black man here]

Anele Mdoda wore a black shiny balloon, uhhmmmm, isn’t the colour black supposed to make people look slimmer though??? 

Nothende’s homemade black number had this long opening that revealed everything from the inception of her leg… and have you seen her thighs? True definition of wrong! 

No words can begin to describe Ausi Judith’s dress! I think her dress defined ‘’Tasteless’ in its broad sense! 

Minnie resembled a godess, Like Bonang, her Mesh dress was done so elegant that it hid body parts which needs to be hidden and showed and highlighted the right ones. Nothende, Zizo Beda and Palesa should take notes! Oh even ausi Judith. 

People who looked at Lira for more than 1 minute must have felt dizzy and fell. BUT don’t be fooled, this zebra dress looked good all the way down! She took a risk and went with stripes, the last time I saw someone in a striped outfit I was almost admitted in ICU. 

Slikour and Minnie’s joke about Khune and Bonang&Slikour’s breakup was one of the highlight of my evening. 

Nasty tweeter people were busy passing crude remarks about Brown Dash, someone even said he looks like Somizi. SMH 

Zahara’s simple red dress was just well made. It suited her grounded innocent image. And please don’t ciber-stab me, I happen to like this whole natural look she’s got going on… 

DJ Cleo helped me gather enough courage to rock red Pants. hes one of the few guys who always dress 'cool'...

Micasa were one of the winners, About time I get myself their CD.

Zonke and Theo (who's the girl they're with?), looking dope. Zonke deserved the win. Theo always maintains this 'cool' look too, way to go....

Zahara was the biggest Winner. Here seen with everybody from TS Records including tea ladies, receptionists and Cleaners, celebrating...

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02 May 2012 14:56

@Tazteeq- come on man, is this all? I wanna c more! lol!!! "And yes people, she had her bra on this time! *Lets clap hands* done? Alright..." lmao #dead#

02 May 2012 14:56


02 May 2012 15:00

Hayi bo as I was just getting the IDEA of the SAMAs since i missed watching them... hayi Tazz maarn you can't tease us like this!!!

02 May 2012 15:02

Hay Tazz Hay tshini, did ur PC run out of ink?

02 May 2012 15:04


02 May 2012 15:08

i hav been waiting for this the whole morning let me read

02 May 2012 15:08

please forgive me...I AM BUSY uploading


02 May 2012 15:09

I enjoyed the SAMAs so much as well, I think next year i am making an appointment with them, I just hope they do not dissapoint! the opening act was the best! and all the performances were like out of this world!

02 May 2012 15:17

... I think you meant that white dress is simple, yet very sophisticated ... but then ...

02 May 2012 15:22

Slikour and Minnie’s joke about Khune and Bonang&Slikour’s breakup was one of the highlight of my evening.
this got me too hey, i mean the whole evening seemed like it was planned and all the people announcing awards were well prepared, no gibberish and long tasteless jokes... just  entertaining staff and then straight to the point

02 May 2012 15:28

Wooowww its true that a picture can tell a story!!! Mmmm tana when is the REPEAT for us who were on the road travelling from one province to the other whilst the SAMAs were playing!!

02 May 2012 15:29

Thank you Tazz

*still in shock by SomGaga* my word!

02 May 2012 15:32

Still dont understand why they used SomGaga on that Pizza Ad..............Him n my favourite meal???? hay suka!

Minnie is just HOT!

The Absence of Trevor got me worried, glad they did well even without him

02 May 2012 15:40

DONE manje! TVSA uploader not friendly today....
no more ciber bullets ne?

02 May 2012 15:41

I almost didn't watch, was gonna miss out. Twas awesome. Well done to Randal and his team. And haaaikhona to Nothende's thy, spilled milk I know...but it was worse than angelina jolie's leg during the oscars...only one person could have found it appealing...@Mbulela and his thunderthy luurve.

Magical Baby
02 May 2012 15:43

I don't know who is doing Zahara'a make-up, but whoever she/he is, is doing this girl a favour. I mean what's up with that MUCH powder around her eyes? What's with the false lashes, they don't really suit the poor girl. I think all these fake things belong to the Kartrashians and the attention-hungry peeps.

DISCLAIMER: this is my opinion!!! 

02 May 2012 15:45

Finally skeem, lemme read

02 May 2012 15:48

Hello Ma Bloggers!am new here.... Nothende, Unathi, Zahara and Anele need to hit the gym fast fast...Where`s Pearl Thusi`s picture?read somewhere she wore the same edgars dress as someone. That pic of Brown dash..@Tazteeq is it really him?

02 May 2012 15:56

And yes people, she had her bra on this time! *Let’s clap hands* done? Alright...
Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol

Zahara’s simple red dress was just well made. It suited her grounded innocent image.
But on the neck it looks like it will strangle her kaloku

DJ Cleo helped me gather enough courage to rock red Pants
Shame those pants are in but his beard is bad... (bad is bad, kwaaaa)

02 May 2012 16:09

That pic of Brown dash..@Tazteeq is it really him?

Yes, thats him...he will recuperate like Somizi time he will be a size 34. You'll see ...

DJ Cleo helped me gather enough courage to rock red Pants
Shame those pants are in but his beard is bad... (bad is bad, kwaaaa)

Oh ya, he needs to do something about the beard.

02 May 2012 16:18

I can neverr understand the concept fashion policing. I only dissaprove of nothende is massive thy, but otherwise everyone be a hlapile, wearing clean clothes, if anything was torn it was on purpose so I hardly spotted faux passes. Pearl Thus looked gorjaas in her dress, wherever it came from.

02 May 2012 16:20

Oh and Zahara is such a sweetheart. May angels protect her from the fickleness of the industry and vultures nje.

02 May 2012 16:31

YaaaY thanks Taz for the article phew! we've been waiting and waiting! 

I luv Thembi and her man there, they are looking ravishing hot! 

I must be the only one who didnt like Bonang's dresses this year especially the first one she wore on the yellow carpet. The white one she was wearing inside the super bowl was better. 

I liked Melinda Bam's dress I even liked that it matched the yellow carpet. It looked good on her. I dont think it would have looked that good on another person. 

Sjoe as for Nothende showing such a big hip. Damn she's got curves for days but seriously exposing them like that is not sexy. She should have just worn a dress that is just gonna draw her body and show all those sexy curves then she was gonna look sexy as ever. Many ladies would have envied her for her curves. But now use wayibaxa waveza thanga. 

Sjoe as for Brown Dash my sister was so shocked at how Brown Dash looks now while I was all calm about it like there's nothing wrong. All I could say was that he is brave showing up in such a big event and performing even when he looks very different from what people know him to be. Shame yazi Brown Dash.

I was so happy for Micasa!!!!!!! And very very happy when they won Record of the Year! Especially because I voted for them to win it hehehe! I am sure it all made out for not winning at the Metro FM awards. 

I am also happy that Zonke at least took something home for her nice album Ina Ethe. 

Shem poor Zakwe didnt take anything I was hurt I wanted him to al leats take Best Male not AKA. But I am sure though he will scoop those Metros. But I luuvv'd his closing performance!!! It was super! 

I am happy for Zahara for scooping so many awards. I have never heard of any artists who has ever won 8 awards at the SAMAs in one year! Zahara has made history there! She's got so many awards for her first album while others have 1 or 2 for 5 albums :-( eish u life! 

MaZaZee looked good too shem. I liked her red dress it seated well on her body but the hair and make-up were not on point shem. She should stop doing that hairstyle at home and do it at the salon. Really it looks like she does it by herself or else she should find a good hairstylist to make that afro very well.

I didnt like Minnie's mermaid dress shem sowrie! I even prefered the second outfit. It looked better even though she looked like she was going to a traditional wedding but I liked it. 

As for the bombs that her and Slikour uttered at that stage tjo! She had a good come back after Slikour thought he was putting her on the spot. I think  that was cool. I just wonder how Bonang felt as it seems like her and Minnie aren't really good with each other. 

DJ Cleo should now get a Lifetime for that Downloads award clearly it belongs to him every year. That is his only guaranteed award lately. He looked sexy in that outfit dayymn he's got such a great body *sigh*. 

Hayi shem about Unathi's mother f*cken moment I was not shocked by it yazi since she was saying AKA's lyrics but I see some people didnt take it kindly considering that it was still prime time TV, oh well *shrugs* 

Judith Sephuma looks like she is covered with mud from the rurals. Whats that she is wearing??? 

As for Lira *yawn* 

Nothing different about Theo same ol' same ol'....

Whuuuu Somiz uyarata attention bathong! I am sure his feet were very  very sore after wearing those I am sure he couldnt wait to put his a** on the chair after walking that yellow carpet! Tjo! 

Overall it was a fantastic show no complaints from me shem. Production wise everything was on point. It was way better than last year's nightmare big up to Randal Adams and his team for rendeeming the SAMAs we were already losing hope and interest shem. They pulled a good show! 

As for abuti Arthur being the surprise host hehehe I was just taken by the way he was speaking, speaking like he is making a bed time story for his group of children! Esheee!

02 May 2012 16:32

Sjoe excuse my long reply bathong! Got carried aways *hides*

02 May 2012 16:38

If I was anyone other than me ... I'd hit on that yummilicious Minnie whatshername with the vurves !!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ...... Yaaaaaaaaahhhh ! Showbiz .... Banna ... Ngiyakutshela ! She's the only yummyness in the article as far as I'm concerned ...... of course Thembi is right behind her ... Like the cardinal points .... Nice dresses though , .... i just noticed the dresses !

02 May 2012 17:13

Weeeee Somizi!

02 May 2012 20:48

Yoh hayi babes this is gud! Nothende bathong and Lira,kwaaaa dead!

02 May 2012 22:51

Who is babes? S.K if u referring to Taz *rolling sleeves* I will send you back to silent blogging. Pearl Thusi Models Edgars clothes so she is bound to have clothes from there who cares anyway as if you don't buy from Edgars.. She looked good. Iv seen celebs @ Melts factory shop no biggie hawu. Brown Dash is brave yoh.. I liked Minnies dress except the tail part, Khuli said she looked like a mermaid but she wore a horrible dress nxah. Vusik u are right I wud also do Minnie she's da hottest of the bunch (if I was a man ofcouse). Unathi's dress - thought I saw a big cat there for a moment I'm sure they vacuumed after her yellow carpet walk and that mother fckr think she pulled was so wrong. What the hec was that skinny guy from Big Nuz saying on stage he irritated me he wasn't making sense making us Durbanites looking stupid , ibhuntsi lenzeni nxah. I was sad my homeboy Zakwe didn't win day light robbery nje phela the dude can rap seen him live wow. I don't knw why but I don't like Zahara. Congrates to Zonke love her Feelings song .Anyway overall not bad. Fell asleep and missed out Mi casa's performance and Zakwe's. For some odd reason when I see J-something I think Cheesa lol

02 May 2012 23:01

Sorry for typos I'm half asleep.. Lastly Liras Zebra Lines ay if atleast they were not so thick and hypnotising maybe she was gonna be forgiven. She usually dresses nicer wonder what happend, Thembis Leather number uhh nice on the boobs area but it looks like a dress up outfit for a private session but shorter just the whip missing. Is Martin Phike or the other Denim guy her fiancee Bobo or something?

03 May 2012 08:24

tjo brown dash his waist is soooo shoshobaning,he  need  good eating,SOmizi look fabulous.LIRA plastic tile from cash build

03 May 2012 08:29

Cheesa my friend, hai no, you can comment shem *hides*

03 May 2012 09:21

oh my word tjo brown dash lona, tjo what happend ?

i heard them mentioning brown dash performing but i couldnt see him, until i saw the pic above on Thixo what is this yee yho *worried*

03 May 2012 09:32

Chomi o apara kolobe man

03 May 2012 09:52

mornig all, 

WELL DONE  Micasa !!!!!!!!

i prayed for them yoo, 

Zahara , Zahara Zahara, hope u will go to your home and thank tyour ancestors,

Tk and Sbu gained weight it seems as Zaharas $$$$$ is keeping them happy, big thighs and big tummies, kunzima nokuhamba kulabaa bhuti,, imali iyangena e Ts Records.
i thought u will give us your dance move, Choreographers were not tht bad kodwa i expected more from SAMAS.

03 May 2012 10:21

eish mina i just get sick when i see the TS vultures on screen.abatyebe rha!uZahara yigusha maan!sometimes i wonder if ngowaseMonti for real!

03 May 2012 10:23

Zahara was the biggest Winner. Here seen with everybody from TS Records including tea ladies, receptionists and Cleaners, celebrating...LOL Taz

03 May 2012 10:35

Favoured sana , i heard tht Zahara  entered tht Picanto competition, did she win the car??????

03 May 2012 10:38

somizi enuf said

03 May 2012 10:40

@spenza tltltltltltltltlt, krrrrrrr..

03 May 2012 10:45

i heard tht Zahara entered tht Picanto competition, did she win the car??????

@qaqamba, hawu...that is just hilarious!

Zahara has loads of money in her bank acocunt, i was doing this little breakdown the other day, remember she has sold more than 310 000 copies, now remember her CD cost R89.00, if you multiply that by the number of copies sold you get R27 590 000.00, now if for instance Zahara gets R7.00 out of every CD sold then she should atleast have about R2 170 000.00 in her bank account RIGHT NOW!

so if she aint getting robbed, then that girl is literally a millionnaire and i am not counting the money she's beeen getting from all those R75 000 + performances since last year...

03 May 2012 10:57

Tazteeq  , love u too sana, haaaaaaaa..

03 May 2012 10:57

@Taz you forgot the royalties from airplay!

03 May 2012 11:14

Red jeans on a man are NOT the way to go ... Period !

03 May 2012 11:14

Judith Sephuma looks like she is covered with mud from the rurals. Whats that she is wearing???

Cheesa, i loved your long comment, lol...i was actually feeling the same about Judith, it looks like she was dragged through mud on her way to the SAMA's.

@Taz you forgot the royalties from airplay!
Yes - those too Cnglemother, i think after my calculations, its clear that Zahara might be getting robbed.

i heard a very good track she did with some guy on Metro this morning...i think this girl is destined for good things, i just dont trust Sbu and TK.

03 May 2012 11:28

Guyz i dnt thnk  we can do anything to help Bulelwa Zahara Mkutukana, she signed the contract, even if she gets 3%of her selling albums, theres nothing tht we can do, only  her and her God knows, leyaa two Muffias zona( TK&DJ SBU) zizakuwukhomba umuzi onotywala,

03 May 2012 11:29

@Taz, you mean you sat down to calculate what someone else is earning from multiple sources?? TJO!!

03 May 2012 11:31

I couldn't care less for Zahara's music and whether she is being swindled by TS or not. But one thing i have a lot of time for is that lovely ass of hers. If i had the riches of the Swazi king at my disposal a 3some with her and Minnie will be on the cards and the people of Swazi would easily foot the bill.

03 May 2012 11:33

@ Taz thanks 

still shocked by Brown Dash yoh 

Taz you forgot tax on that money ha ha ha

03 May 2012 11:36

can't Arthur afford to get a baby sitter for one night?

03 May 2012 11:39

minnie looked gorgeous 
bonang should put on some weight - the dress was nice but a bit of flesh would have helped to make it look better 
somizi - no comment 
Unathi - no comment 
Zonke - congrats
i saw Phil Mphela's name somewhere under the production congrats 

03 May 2012 12:51

@Taz, you mean you sat down to calculate what someone else is earning from multiple sources?? 

these are very easy calculations Mbulela, doesnt require a rocket scientist to complete...being the guru in Maths i used to be,these calcs were just a walk in the park...

Taz you forgot tax on that money ha ha ha
damn, Tax can be such a bore, but knowing SARS, they'd probably charge her roughly 35% of those millions, which still leaves her with a lot!!!!

Red jeans on a man are NOT the way to go ... Period !
I used to think so too, there's a tasteful Red that i can wear (more like Marooon-ish in a way), not that blood-red women wear, that would just be incorrect bro...

03 May 2012 13:10

... more like 42.67% gross Tazz ... but if she got a great tax accountant, closer to the 35% is possible.... lol

03 May 2012 14:12

Favoured sana , i heard tht Zahara entered tht Picanto competition, did she win the car??????.... wuuuuu mara qaqamba ungenzani wethu ha hahahahahaha

03 May 2012 14:24

LOL Maki I wish I could be one of those bloggers who just goi one line of a reply! Hehehe things is I just want to comment once coz I know I might not have the time to reply again. So I just want to say everything I want to say and run lol.............. LoL but swazzy why do you think of moi when you see J Something hihihihihihi ;-) *takes a look at J Something* :-D

03 May 2012 14:49

@Swazzy ... What's wrong with doing her as a woman? ... Heck !!! I'd do that body if I was a Eunuch.

03 May 2012 14:58

lol at Zahara's calculations....kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

03 May 2012 15:42

i love tht white guy frm Micasa, any  connection how to get hold of him?????

03 May 2012 15:45

@qaqamba.... you mean J Something? i knw him i can so maar organise his digits for you, that if he wont mind

03 May 2012 15:53

pls my frnd, but pls tell him 1st tht im black,and c his reply..

03 May 2012 15:57

hauw qaqamba why worry about your chocolate colour, coz this guy's exGF is black, he wont mind your blackness

i will talk to him

03 May 2012 16:03

ok sana i trust u,, im same size like Zahara,... lol..

03 May 2012 16:04

love tht white guy frm Micasa, any connection how to get hold of him?????

qaqamba, sorry to burst your bubble ne, but J Something was busy smooching some black chick at the Barcardi Party, word was the chick is his girlfriend and she was literally joined to his hip the whole night, You gonna have to go through her first! Good Luck, do come back to us with some feedback....l0l

03 May 2012 16:11

dont tell me abt tht UGLY BETTY  tht was on the stage tht night,

03 May 2012 16:17

lol qaqamba, do you want a short or long term thing sana?

03 May 2012 17:31

Lmao Favoured,its like u r selling a 'loan' to qaqamba,what's next? U'll ask her how many kids she wants with him? Haha!ha No qaqamba,she wasn't on stage,she was at their vIP seating corner...

03 May 2012 17:36

lol hawu Taz you will never know gore what does qaxs have in mind for Mr. Something(lol), this is what i ask a guy when he shelas me, i just go like "do you want long distance to destination or are you local?"

03 May 2012 18:22

I'm still shocked by Unathi Msengana's "cleavage", WTH? I'm not surprised that she thought she could get away with that, considering the fact that she also thinks she can sing, yoh!

03 May 2012 19:16

ouch Tshd21!

03 May 2012 19:37

@Tshd21 ... I said that her music would be soooo wonderful if it was performed by someone with talent ... & who can sing.

03 May 2012 20:05

@Qaqamba ... The closest most people come to his name is Joao ... His name is Joao (hence J-Something) ... but he speaks fluent Zulu & Xhosa.

03 May 2012 20:06

(He grew up black ... so don't think of him as white ... it'll probably offend him ).

03 May 2012 20:45

it'll probably offend him lol Vusi

qaqamba chomi yam, you have a chance to J Something, your blackness is not a distraction to him

03 May 2012 21:06

... this is the sad reality ... a little research would tell anyone what I just wrote about him, however, I'm certain the girl at Bacardi party never bothered ... our brown skinned sisters do lose the plot at not doing the most basic of research & then doing their thing instead of wearing the skimpiest outfit & throwing their thang at the poor buy ... which normally gets him to do their thang ... which benefits the sisters nothing ... then they want to cry about men being dogs & how they getting played ... fact is a simple one ... ANY man will chow ANY chick who is not interested in the person he is (and what she thinks he is) without thinking twice ... know your quarry & strategise a battle you can win... not doing so guarantees getting chowed and no kiss in the morning.

03 May 2012 21:09

Before anyone asks about the light skinned groupies .... Their purpose and commitment to their scene IS to get chowed, no kiss, no gift ... the brown skinned "Groupie" expects too much for too little work.

04 May 2012 07:46

I'm so glad Micasa won... wow!

04 May 2012 09:15

oh by the way the dress won by Miss SA was won by Miss Botswana 2010 at Miss World

04 May 2012 09:27

Morning all,

Favoured , Tazteeq,& frndz . thanks guyz for the support, 

Nomakula  Roberts from headline said 

" qaqamba nguMankazana (casanova)  this  J somthing , he is a 1 nite stand person, yooo,,

04 May 2012 09:45

lol ... He is a 1 night stander! He's a "Rock Star" ... and women let him know about it !

04 May 2012 10:07

dont laugh wena, aysh ,, yintlungu leee.

04 May 2012 13:39

I'm so lazy to read your replies guys but firstly I must thank  Taz.I just love the way you use your words. You had me chuckle a lot LOLEST.

Tjo i kept on checking every few minutes on that day, looking for a SAMA article but nada even on Monday i still checked but with no vail so ndiyabulela kakhulu Taz.

OK i even forgot some of the things i wanted to say but damn uBrown Dash needs isiphatlo sa R10 with those polony, chips, achaar you name them. Shame man he looks bad. 

SOMGAGA looks good. He must share with Brown Dash whatever he is i mean she is eating. Stay healthy Somzi. BTW i love shim shoes. 

Yho Qaqamba ndimrhalela mna kuqala la J Something. Uyarhaleleka.

04 May 2012 13:48

lol ... and myname comments ... uhlekani ke Qaqamba ?!?

04 May 2012 13:57

Favoured, the pimp!!!

04 May 2012 13:58

Kodwa Qha ... mina ... angifisi ukuhralelwa kangaka ... ngihulthe ... kade nditjiwa ... ndincamile qha ... ukudikwa ukutja kumnandi is not nice! ... frustrating actually ... but. umfo is the new kid on the block ... m'sebenzeni till acinga ukuba ukaka i-ice Cream !

04 May 2012 14:42

Yah uMinnie looked ravishing shame and Unathi must just lose that baby weight before squeezing herself into that dress and her boobs bulging out . I liked Bonang's outfits its a pity ustraight akanama curves like Minnie but she looked gud all the same. I tht the show was boring though too serious no jokes , predictable winners, performances boring just another show nje

04 May 2012 14:44

Lol VusiK... eish wena your comments are always hilarious.... Qaqamba heee heee heee yhooo hayi I will keep my comments to myself girlfriend!!!

04 May 2012 15:03

LOL Vusi ......Hawu sana asikakutyi sonke.

04 May 2012 16:38

yoh! Vusi nango ke umyname efaka isicelo ngestayela lol!

04 May 2012 16:43

yoh! Vusi nango ke umyname efaka isicelo ngestayela lol!

05 May 2012 11:14

Seems like m da only1 who thinks da SAMAs wer boring ey...wz jst hpy dt ms loliwe aka Zahara won8 awards. I bet uze nololiwe wakhe 2 transport dm 2 TS records wz very disappointed bcz Zakhwe mr Carvela ddnt win...he shld hv taken da "street smthing" award

05 May 2012 16:49

ROFL @Myname & Cinglemother ... ungangibhuqa Qha Ten-Nil u-Myname, I love challenges & Myname is my kind of Babe ! ndihlonipha & ndoyika u Makisto phela. (uMyname no Kisto yisinkwa ne-bhotela!) ... Msg recceived Myname !

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