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Racism in Social Networks

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 07 May 2012
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Shame the issue of racism seems to be endemic in our country and if we think we can end it we have a long way to go. In fact I don’t think racism can ever end in this country. It’s a sad truth - the only thing we can work on is tolerance.

It becomes more shocking when these racists individuals are not afraid to throw their racists comments on public platforms. We have seen this happening quite a lot in social networks lately.

Steve Hofmeyer has done it on his Facebook page and created an outcry from many South Africans. Recently a certain model by the name of Jessica also made some racists comments on her Twitter page. She was put in her palce by twitter people and she apologised. The thing was all over the media last week. It was even covered by Enews.

Now there is a chain e-mail that is doing rounds containing racists comments that are made by a Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Cape Town campus) student who is complaining that there are a lot of Black people in this country. You know what, read for yourselves… 


I got this from TVSA blogger, Chix. She thought this needs to be out there for the public to see the reality of things in this country. 

This Ken Sinclare person must stop being paranoid and stop thinking just because black people speak their language in his presence skinner about him. Why does he think he is that interesting that black people would just sommer skinner about him? Why is he so paranoid?

Who says what when they speak Afrikaans? You know I don’t get this thing of some white people who are always paranoid when black people speak their language in their presence.

You will find that in some work places black people are forced to speak English even if they understand each others languages just because there are white people who think when black people speak Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana or Venda etc they are talking about them like really I don’t understand.

We don’t care about them speaking Afrikaans in our presence and we don’t even tell them to speak English but when it’s us speaking a different language not English it’s an issue, like why? 

This Ken Sinclair person must just go to the UK where things are the way he likes them to be.


07 May 2012 10:12

tjo! #speechless

07 May 2012 10:25

SHOO, some poeple

07 May 2012 10:35

Ayi.....we can never win the fight against racism! People like these need to be ignored and left alone to rant until they turn blue!

We are not going anywhere, either they get used to this or take the next flight out to Australia.

07 May 2012 10:39

yhooooo Cheesa, Thanks for covering this, i got this email last week and my jaw dropped so low, how someone can be so vulgar was just beyond me...

so this Jessica Girl got served, apparently all her endorsements were removed, FHM cut her lose because of that they were even talking about this on Metro this morning...At just 20 years of age, i didnt actually expect it from someone born in the 90's, sickening....

07 May 2012 10:48

People like these need to be ignored and left alone to rant until they turn blue!

LMAO, i'm sure you meant pink Vesa,

07 May 2012 10:49

Lol! Taz

07 May 2012 10:51

Now I want Julius Malema back

07 May 2012 10:51

wow..... change is still far

07 May 2012 10:55

White racism to me has become an issue of 'sticks and stones'. If democracy can get screwed up to be a point where their racism will have more governing power, then I guess ill be very scared. FOR NOW, What worries me most is black on black violence and hate, xenophobia, our black government stealing from their own, violent crimes in SA....that gives me sleepless nights.

07 May 2012 11:03

07 May 2012 11:16

I am more worried about the inept govt of ours that is stealing us blind than the rants of a mentally deranged white kid. Don't give her the attention she desires.

07 May 2012 11:17


07 May 2012 11:18

Morning all

This whites are frustrated corse they cant study at UCT, UCT its for us BLACKS, so pls lets ignore them, they must  just go to university of Stellenbosch...

07 May 2012 11:27

I'm speechless, this is the first time I see this O_O

07 May 2012 11:29

Oh, this is th elady I saw on the news, tjhe model one. She dug her own grave nje

07 May 2012 11:29

Thank you Cheesa for covering this. We are living in a deranged country where if its not White hating black then its vice versa or even worse black hating on another Black. But truly speaking RACISM is far from over here in CPT because many not all white people have a sick tendency of think they own the place.

When you go to certain restaurants you get snaksanyana looks as if they were to ask how you are going to afford the bill!!!

07 May 2012 11:32

Eish eish this is painful

07 May 2012 11:33

I do not think this kind of behavior should be entertained, should it be entertained it is okay to direct responces to this individual person, because not all white people are like this, and some do feel hate towards blacks but they rather keep their feelings discreet. and to learn that this kid is on 20's? that is very strange, i blame the parents...

07 May 2012 11:37

@qaqamba, where does it say that UCT is for blacks?
So whites must go to Stellenbosch... aren't their ANY blacks studying there...?

07 May 2012 11:51

Something tells me that this demotivator would be particularly relevant to Shit-for-brains Sinclair there:


07 May 2012 12:10

Cape Town is 1 place with the most racist people shame bt i still love it. it's wise to just ignore otherwise u'll go mad

07 May 2012 12:54

Hate is Hate! it does not matter how we brand it (Tribalism/racism/xenophobia etc)
It really does not matter.
My opinion is hate will continue as long as 

one party think they are superior/better than the other.....and notice that really they dont have a stance to stand on (when competition is on and whoever you undermined seems to be on your level/above)

and as long as the other party accept that their mediocre, it may not necessarity be the receipient of the treatment but also other's in same bracket!

reason why for many years I dont use the word "Black" to identify myself...i am an African and should not be apologetic about it (i once voice it on Africa's late night show on 702 many years ago.....and the topic continued till early hours)

......you move from your seat......someone will occupy it and then dont cry.....

the student must just do great..they have an opportunity to study and today no-one can deny them.......let them piss..until they get dry.....change varsities or move over......

Africa has accomodated many people in its humbleness and its been converted as foolish!

07 May 2012 12:56

did not read comments...........im glad you guys are not crying to be loved by haters.....as i see other ppl in retail/workplace

07 May 2012 13:37

allyv.. most black are at UCT, sana theres amount of Percentage /Qualifications tht u must have to be there, i forget it but most whites are no longer at  UCT,, aysh im lazy to find this info, sorry sana, but its tru u can do your research.

07 May 2012 14:02

Oprah Winfrey once said we can beat racism through excellence.

07 May 2012 14:21

But our excellence n success is what is making them go mad nje Njoy. They are mad bcoz we are neighbors  in those fancy homes of theirs n no longer their nannies/garden boys. We are at the same universities, doing the same courses n probably performing better than them. We are colleagues with them, they are no longer our bosses. They would kill for things to go back to the way they were before. They are trying by all means to put us down. They hate the fact that we are on the same level now, we no longer bow before them. Shame, poor them.

07 May 2012 14:34

Ditto! Impondokazi well said!

07 May 2012 14:35

I got an email on this last week sometime & ignored it. I'll go check, get back & read.

07 May 2012 15:44

Hi mablogger those white people they will not change.

07 May 2012 16:31

How can you guys just generalise white people like that?
Not all white people are racists... The idiot that posted this on Facebook is exactly that... AN IDIOT!! But just because he made such stupid comments, does not mean everyone feels that way!

Yes, some whites hate blacks... but don't some blacks hate whites too??

I personally have no reason to hate ANY OTHER colour human being as we were all created by the same God and we are all therefore brothers and sisters...

Come on guys! Stop with this white superiority bull! This is not apartheid anymore and most people commenting here weren't even born in that era... the victims of that era have all made peace with it... it is in the past and the past can not be changed!! That's why you should rather look at the future and see how you can change that for the better!!

@Impondokazi, why would another person's success drive me mad? Why would I try to put anyone of another colour than my skin down? Why would I kill for things to go back to a time when unfair murder and control was a way of life?? PLEASE TELL ME THAT!! 

Please think about what you write when you want to post a comment... I used to really love this site because it was free of gender, race, age, etc... we could all just be blogging brothers and sisters... and right about now, I really don't feel that way anymore... :(

07 May 2012 16:41

Ally we are very much aware of that, we live with white ppl everyday, we are friends with most of them, colleagues n even related to some,we know they are not all like this. We are.........oh sorry I'm referring to those who fit the points i raised above, i know they do exist. I am sorry if i made u feel included in the bad crew :)

07 May 2012 16:43

Thanks sweetie... No hard feelings :)

07 May 2012 17:01

@imponodkazi, my observation about why 'they' are mad is not what you are saying. Most of the issues they are mad about I get mad about also, but I can lash out at my unruly brothers and sisters for those infuriating issues, but when white people do, it is received as racism.

07 May 2012 17:12

Read your second comment @impondo and like Ally I'm also smiling. I even concidered for a moment that u see those things u feel the are mad about in your neighborhood hence I don't know them in mine....but indeed, truth is, there are rotten apples on both sides. And instead of giving attention to the 'idiots' on both ends, we should be celebrating the positive ambassadors on both sides. Such short lives we all have to live...its a crime to focus it on hate or those who hate us. When there is plenty to love and plenty who love.

07 May 2012 21:39

My outlook on any racist phenomenon is simple. For instance ... many people say white people will not change whereas I see Black people not changing, stuck in blaming others for being disadvantaged, blaming racism on everything that does not benefit or suit them. I am essentially as racist as the next person, however, I choose not to allow it to curtail me, my abilities, my desires, and my outlook on life. I am so racist that I forced myself from identifying people by race or colour, religion, or any other identification that differentiates or separates them from me & my idea of identification. These people in this articles are not necessarily racists, they ... like many of us ... are victims ... & they have simply not evolved beyond banal reactions. Many people tend to react angrily or emotionally to racism ... try understanding them, replace them in the circumstances they are venting against and polarise / negate all the circumstances. You would probably have the exact same reaction as these children... who might just have no other means of expression, or have run out of avenues of expressing their frustration beyond their outburst. I will start criticizing white racist the day black people stop being racists themselves and screaming racist only when they are on the receiving end of the stick... and South African ... and American black people do love milking the *bleep!* out of being victims of racism more than any other people of our planet.

Mrs vdK
07 May 2012 22:49

As long as we are race concious, racism will be there. There are some things that will be viewed as racism if said or done to a person of another race. That boy is a little embecile who needs to be ignored. I'm sure he had an unpleasant run in with a black student and when defeated he lashed out on Facebook. Some people will use every chance to blame racism to justify themselves. Quick example.: 2 years ago at a mall in JHB, I was with my daughter she was 2 years old at that time. She is running around and playing in the isles in the shop. So this white lady knocks her over with a trolley. It was a mistake and I saw it. Instead of comforting the child and apologising she gets irritated. And grabs my child by the arm and shoves her aside!!!!!! YhOooooo! I was set off! I confront her, and she still gives me attitude and uses words like 'f*k, b*tch! I find those word disrespectful and degrading. I don't know how but apparently I was all over her like a rash and beat the sh!t out her. Not even 2 male security guards could stop me. She laid a charge of assault. But her lawyer made a huge mistake of playing the race card. The management of the mall as well threatened to "banish me because I'm a racist! It turned into a huge racism saga but fortunately no media was involved. In the end I won the case becuase they were taking it out of context. My point is, as long as sinomntu omnyama nomlungu, we will always have problems. Even if she was black I would have done the same thing. No one messes with my babies!

07 May 2012 23:33

Colour is irrelevant to me ... Insult me or do me harm ... I'm taking you down!

08 May 2012 08:52

I also read about another model Ntombi, I think who also made racists comments after the Jessica's tweets. The storywas also on Sowetoan izolo. This model said something about white people that they should have all been killed..... something like that. She also later apologised. Hayi nie its tough eMzansi this racism thing is taking over. Cant we all just get along thle????

08 May 2012 09:06

Racism is all over, not only between black n white........it exists among blacks .........among tribes.....among families......all over. All those involved just lack 1 thing.......brains. They don't wanna look at the situation n think, they look n assume. We are far from getting along shame

08 May 2012 09:35

tjo!!! *claps* brain dead monkeys neh

08 May 2012 09:47

Mrs vdK. I like u...a lot!!!

08 May 2012 10:31

Now Impondokazi you've touched on something TRIBALISM! There's alot of that on twitter and always grinds my tit! And Xhosas are always the subject on anything! A day never passes on twitter without people saying something about Xhosas. I dont know whether its because it seems like they are the majority on twitter or what. But hheyi maan it freaken annoys me! Xhosas this, Xhosa girls that, Xhosa guys that. Like dont we have Basotho, Bapedi people etc in South Africa that folk can talk about or is there nothing to talk about about them really??

08 May 2012 11:01

There was war between Amazulu and Amaxhosa/Amampondo in 1 of the groups on facebook around 2007/8. it was crazy, name calling,swearing n all. The hatred is still there, they keep on attacking each other now n again. It might be taken lightly but it has a potential of  creating a huge gap in real life.

08 May 2012 11:48

The huge gap in life has always existed Mpodokazi. Our differences are what has always allowed others to divide, manipulate & destroy us. ... Yet we do not learn any lessons, we ... like Americans ... cannot exist without an enemy, when the enemy is not from the outside, we search & find the enemy within.

08 May 2012 12:21

On another note:-

Is there someone you feel-that they are not on your level/class (be it fashion sense/ buying a house/taste in shoes/choice in resturants/hairstyle etc) small things like that

......thinking of the above just look around you...(all races & shapes) in your office, neighbourhood, relatives, schoolmates etc......

I am positive there is someone you think they just cant beat you at something....what if they do/ even are better at it than you? how will you react? there sure is going to be a bit of tingling inside of you
But what matters is how you will handle it...(your maturity/level of intelligence)...are you going to try and discredit the person/take it away from them/try and make their lives difficult.........

Surely somehow we are products of our backgrounds but at some stage we outgrow foolish things/distructive behaviours that dont benefit our sphere of contact.........These may just be products of bad upbringing -maybe one day they will be matured enough to behave like humans.....

Anyone who HATES.......has issues with themselves...no content person has time to nullify others.......I am speaking of fresh evidence (from last week till ongoin) (having established business in an area I was part of (having landed there due to family issues at that time-to -having moved up) the hate -lying -and destructiveness people have when one prospers......having stayed there for more than 10 years....with experience........I sometimes get tempted to believe certain tribes/people from certain provinces dont like progress......but I quickly shun it away....and understand.......its because of their inability to upgrade themselve/know-how of how to get things done-its just a bad reaction to weak interpersonal skills/lack of love in a person-

08 May 2012 12:50

when the enemy is not from the outside, we search & find the enemy within.
ja nhe..............it's like we are allergic to peace.

Ntlewame i like!

08 May 2012 13:06

Racism among blacks, racism among tribes........... lmao what a stupid mistake mxm Mpondo umuncu

08 May 2012 13:56

While driving to work this morning at smiled as I thought of my childhood....being brought up in a predominately Tswana area......I also understand without condoning the behaviours of many of my folk.....(either they do it consciously/unconsciously.....

Growing up in the 80ies I found a term-Balala/Makgalagadi used to define people belongin to a certain surname......E.g ke Balala ba kwaga Xx....or Makgalagadi a kwa ga Xxxx.............as years went on.....introduced to Makula......Barwa....Matebele (all Nguni's) etc..........

I am not sure if my tribe were the only culprits at the time but these were deregotary terms used on purpose to put people under "our" (i never used them) feet....

From my observation....families that were classified as Balala/Makgalagadi were less priveledged and I think they were not allowed to have lifestock...i stand to be corrected by i think initially they were kinda slaves of certain families/surnames...
they will be undermined by even a small child without reproval.......(some people will deny this....but it happened)

With exposure coming to Transvaal I think these people realised they are human beings and had same rights....they started going to school (most of them the first family member to attend school were in the 80ities)........
As they started getting jobs....you will hear comments....ba hira Balala etc...they have advanced more than the *rightful* locals have nice families and you will never hear those classifications anymore.......they were allowed to marry *normal families*.......as they were better off now..

its eradicated!!...and the Matebele story also........i hope it applies/will apply to the rest of South Africans soon!....we dont deny the fact that there are cultural differences......Chinese/Indian/Xhosa/Zulu/mixed raced etc......But we are all here legaly now.................lets get along!

08 May 2012 14:13

i forwarded to my white colleague and damn she was angry about this kid lol

08 May 2012 14:43


Here in Cape Town there is this "feud/bad blood" between people from "Transkei" *referred to as Amampondo* and people from "Ciskei" *referred to as Amaxhosa*

They are always undermining and calling each other names. So it's really true when u guys say we look for enemies even from inside, and this thing is not only about race.

08 May 2012 15:21

As I said ... We are as much the cause as we can be the solution. These differences that we are proud of go a very long way to dividing us.

08 May 2012 16:25


08 May 2012 16:28

That is great news Cheesa ... @impondo .. We all have the power of choice not to make the decisions that reduce us as quality people .... It just happens to be easier to embrace decline.

08 May 2012 16:33

iyho. just read, thanx Cheesa

08 May 2012 17:34

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) student who wrote a now infamous Facebook post has been suspended, the institution has confirmed. Ken Sinclair posted that black people were “f*****g brain dead monkeys” who “always skinner (gossip) in their retarded language” two weeks ago on Facebook. Sinclair is believed to have deactivated his account. The post has led to his suspension by the institution, spokesperson Thamie Nkwanyane told City Press. Sinclair was served with his suspension letter yesterday. The university has also launched an internal investigation. Nkwanyane said Sinclair’s post was not reflective of the mindset of the majority of CPUT staff and students. According to a well-placed source at CPUT, Sinclair is suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation and disciplinary hearing. He is barred from attending classes and being on university premises until the investigation and his hearing are finalised. Sinclair is said to have contravened the institution’s student rules and code of conduct. Former newspaper columnist Pinky Khoabane has also laid a complaint against Sinclair’s post with the Human Rights Commission. In another high profile social network outburst, Western Cape premier and Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille may have to apologise again after youth activist Lukhona Mnguni laid a complaint with the commission last month. Zille apologised on national television a few weeks ago. On her Twitter page in March, Zille called Eastern Cape pupils who move to her province “education refugees” sparking an outcry. Mnguni filed further representations with the commission yesterday. He told City Press the commission asked him the recourse he seeks. “I want an open apology. She must apologise unreservedly through a written media statement,” he said. Mnguni (23) said Zille must also apologise on Twitter for the comments, which he described as in bad taste and ill-informed. Eastern Cape-born Mnguni said he had mixed responses to his complaint and that he was humbled by support from the white community.

08 May 2012 17:37

Chix what you wanted to happen has happened! Hehehe see a journo decided to report on the story after we publish our article on tvsa lol! Power!!!!

10 May 2012 09:58

Why does it make so much noise when a white person calls a black person a K**** , but it doesn't even go anywhere when a Black man calls another black man ikwerekwere? Nothing is new in all this that it should be covered all over the world. We don't have love for one another, and no matter how we try, we will never force change. Change should begin in our homes, if we still call our Africa brothers and sisters kwerekweres then we should learn to live with being called by the K word....No race is better than the other, we are all the same, for those who still think Zimbabweans, Nigerians etc are alliens, change must start with before judging these two whites ***Do to others as you would have them do to you***

10 May 2012 10:19

Thank you Cheesa!!!

10 May 2012 11:52

summarized ... Racism is a reality that exists only with the victim.

17 Jul 2012 12:24

nci nci nci *shocked by Ken* iyakhuluma bonansi ingane

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