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Written by TVSA Team from the blog Interviews on 14 Apr 2014
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Suddenly, in a moment, I realised that it's been much too long since we last caught up with Rhythm City's Pam Andrews. In a heady moment of spontaneity I got in touch with her for a chinwag and, as you'll see, I discovered that she has a secret fantasy.

Here's what she had to say:

Tashi: What's life like for you right now?
Well, I don't like to talk about my life too much because I try to keep it as private as possible so I'm doing Rhythm City, I recently re-married, and obviously you know, I've got my son and I'm singing. I do corporate shows.

Tashi: The last time we spoke you said that you aren't singing and that was it, that you're never going to do it again.
Pam: Ja, ja, I was in a different mind frame.

Tashi: What made you change your mind?
I just, I missed it. I actually went to Cape Town and my mom showed me this video of me at my very first variety show in Cape Town. I watched it and I was thinking, "Ah, look at me on stage, it all began with me wanting to be a singer." so I think that kind of sparked it.

Remember I told you that I didn't feel motivated to sing or anything like that? Seeing that video made me want to get back on stage and perform and entertain.

Tashi: What do you sing? Do you sing 101 songs?
No-no-no, I sing artists that I love. You know, people that inspire me so I do like Madonna songs, Kylie Minogue, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Cher. I do like quite dance'y pop songs.

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Tashi: Are you thinking of doing concerts and stuff or do you plan to stick to the corporate side of things?
No, with the corporate side of things at least I control it and turn down gigs and stuff like that because of my son. Rhythm City takes so much of my time so when I do get free time I call my agent and say: "I can perform next weekend, " or whatever. So I can take my son with and my husband can come with me.

It's not as hectic as if I had my own album. I wouldn't have time to do that because of my schedule on Rhythm City and I don't want to be too much away from my son so this is more controlled and at the same time I'm making a shit-load of money. Who doesn't want to do that?!

Tashi: What sort of money do you earn for those kinds of things?
I can't tell you but it's very nice. They pay.

Tashi: Is it R20, 000 per gig or more?
No, a bit more than that.
Tashi: *thinking* Mmmm, must be about R25, 000.

Tashi: Your husband, remarrying. This is a different husband from the last time we spoke?
It's a different husband.

Tashi: What happened with the last one?
The other one is my ex-husband and this one is my new husband. *laughs*

Tashi: So, what's your surname now?
My surname now ... I am Pamela Pieron.

Tashi: It was Thivillon before.
I was French and now I'm Polish.

Tashi: Ha!
I'm still keeping it there in Europe you know what I'm saying.

Tashi: How did you meet the new one?
I actually met him when I was doing a fashion show for Gert-Johan Coetzee last year, when I was modelling for him. He was sitting in the crowd. He was friends with a friend of mine, an actress, and then he asked for her to introduce us and that's how we met. Exactly a year ago.

Tashi: Oh my gosh and you're married already.
Ja, life is short. Move, move!

Tashi: Tell us what happened with the last one.
We got divorced.  We just grew apart. You know, *bleep!* happens.

Tashi: What's your new husband's name?
Voytek Pieron. He's a businessman. Life is busy. He travels all the time so my son and me travel with him. So we're always going to London and to ... what's the other place called ...?

Tashi: Poland?
No, not Poland, funnily enough I've never been to Poland. Oh ja, Monaco. London and Monaco - those are the two places he goes to a lot.

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Tashi: Having done so much, is there anything in your life that you haven't done yet that you want to do?
Um ... have sex with a girl.

Tashi: Aha! So you haven't?
*laughs* No, not yet. No I joke. Um ... I think the one thing that I do want is ... I'm taking swimming lessons right now because the one thing I do want to do is ... we all went to Monaco with my husband's friends and they were all jumping off the yacht and I was too scared to do that so that's my goal. I'm taking swimming lessons so next time I'm gonna jump off that yacht and swim.

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Tashi: Back to sex with girls ... how do you think your husband would feel about that?
Oh, he'd love it. *laughs*

Tashi: I thought that's what you were going to say! Do you have your eye on anyone?
*laughs* No, not really. It's not something that I want to do, it's just something that I've always wondered about, what it would be like? We were actually talking about it the other day and I said like the one thing is: "A girl." and he was like "Okay, cool." He's just one of those cool guys.

Tashi: I hope that the next time we speak, you'll be swimming.
Or I'll have another husband - or a wife! *laughs* I joke, I joke.

Catch Pam on Rhythm City, weekdays at 18h30.


14 Apr 2014 01:35

Yoh. This chick got divorced 5minutes ago and already she is married again. Some people don't waste time at all

Mrs Chix
14 Apr 2014 10:34

atleast I am not the only one who cant swim. LOL

14 Apr 2014 10:48

I just love this gal, I choose to turn a blind eye to her other not so cool actions

14 Apr 2014 14:32

She's stayed. Cool chick.

Here i am still hoping for hubby number 1. *sigh* Not fair.

14 Apr 2014 17:29

I don't know what's better: that pic of her in Times Square or the London-Monaco name dropping. Get it, Pam!

Magical Baby
15 Apr 2014 11:50

I just love her, I agree with u Pjvv. I also turn a blind eye to anything else that's not cool about. You go girl!!!!!!

25 Apr 2014 12:58

My future wife

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