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Muvhango Teasers - March 2014 (Updated!)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 13 Mar 2014
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This March, Muvhango extends to five days a week, starting on 14 March.

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Monday 3 March 2014
Episode 1938 

Thandaza learns that Ranthumeng was engaged to another woman before he lost his memory. Teboho starts work on her cleaning tender. Tumelo responds bitterly to Thuli and Pat's chemistry.

Tuesday 4 March 2014
Episode 1939

Khomotjo and Tumelo celebrate being back on top but Pat has news that will shock them.  Teboho is doing a good job at the clinic but not everyone is happy for her. Matshidiso puts Thandaza in her place.

Wednesday 5 March 2014
Episode 1940

Thandaza decides to fight for her man. Teboho's cleaning staff don't turn up for work. Khomotjo is determined to keep Lerumo in Joburg. Pat asks Thuli out on a proper date.

Thursday 6 March 2014
Episode 1941

Khomotjo finds new ways to keep Lerumo in Johannesburg. Matshidiso and Thandaza both lay claim to Ranthumeng's affection, but who will win it? It looks as though Teboho's cleaners have taken her to the cleaners.

Monday 10 March 2014
Episode 1942

Albert is determined to squash the Mojalefas and keep them out of MMC. Teboho's business seems to be falling apart. Thuli forgives Pat for standing her up. Thandaza has a strange dream.

Tuesday 11 March 2014
Episode 1943

The walls are closing in on Teboho and Susan threatens to turn her back on her. Khomotjo's cousin turns out to be someone from Thuli's past. Thandaza starts digging for some dirt on Matshidiso.

Wednesday 12 March 2014
Episode 1944

Tryphina gathers evidence against Khomotjo. Teboho is hounded by the press about the awarding of her cleaning tender. Carol gets to know Khomotjo's new family, and Tumelo takes an interest in her.

Thursday 13 March 2014
Episode 1945

Matshidiso blindsides Thandaza.  Susan makes a decision about Teboho's cleaning tender. Khomotjo plays matchmaker.

Friday 14 March 2014
Episode 1946

Thuli gets the fright of her life when she sees Carol at Khomotjo's house. Teboho makes Mulalo feel bad. Khomotjo and Tumelo get a nasty surprise.

Monday 17 March 2014
Episode 1947

Khomotjo and Tumelo find out who got them arrested. Thandaza realises who she can use to jolt Ranthumeng's memory. Teboho wants an apology from the chief.

Tuesday 18 March 2014
Episode 1948

Thandaza comes down hard on Lerumo when the Mojalefa family scandal threatens to harm the company. Khomotjo is on the warpath and Nandi is the target. Susan and Gizara have a blow out and Gizara reminds her who is in charge.

Wednesday 19 March 2014
Episode 1949

Matshidiso tells Ranthumeng about Thandaza's past betrayal. The uncles defy Susan and reduce Teboho to tears. Nandi and Khomotjo have a one on one confrontation.

Thursday 20 March 2014
Episode 1950

Thandaza gives up hope of ever getting back together with Ranthumeng.
Teboho tries to convince Mulalo to leave Thathe. Nandi fears for Lerumo's safety now that he is married to Khomotjo.

Friday 21 March 2014
Episode 1951

Albert is scheming to take the 40% share from the Mojalefa's.  Mampho tells Ranthumeng to marry Matshidiso. Teboho convinces Mulalo to let her get a job.

Monday 24 March 2014
Episode 1952

Albert has a plan to get rid of the Mojalefas, but he won't tell anyone what it is.
Everyone is hoping that Azwindini will get a suspended sentence. Ranthumeng has decided which woman he wants to be with.

Tuesday 25 March 2014
Episode 1953

The family and Azwindini brace themselves for Azwindini's sentencing.
Thandaza isn't going to take Ranthumeng's choice of Matshidiso lying down.
Why do the police come after Lerumo and Khomotjo?

Wednesday 26 March 2014
Episode 1954

Thandaza and Matshidiso have a show-down after Thandaza discovers the truth about Matshidiso. The Mojalefa family's marriage is dealt a legal blow.
Susan and Pfuluwani struggle to accept that Azwindini is gone for good.

Thursday 27 March 2014
Episode 1955

Ranthumeng and Mampho gang up on Thandaza. Azwindini seems to have lost hope. Lerumo is made to feel like a liability by the MMC staff.

Friday 28 March 2014
Episode 1956

Matshidiso rubs Thandaza's face in her defeat. Albert plots the Mojalefa's downfall . Vusi visits Azwindini in prison.

Monday 31 March 2014
Episode 1957

Lerumo will not let Albert walk all over him. Matshidiso is getting closer to getting everything she wants. Mrs Gumede makes a revelation that shocks Thandaza.

Muvhango is on SABC2 from Mondays to Thursdays at 21h00.


truth opinion
20 Feb 2014 00:41

I love Muvhango so much it makes me proud of all my limpopo roots but I'm so troubled by the young boy playing vusi HE CAN'T ACT!!! Truth is I know majority of actor & actresses there can't act but not this is worst.....everytime when he has a part or that girl who acts as busi we loose concitration. Even when busi was acting with meki she made meki to act alone, when she was supposed to cry she was BAD......gosh! What's happening to our actors?

6 ich heels
20 Feb 2014 00:57

Wow I'm speechless, just going to take all of this in first and the fact that I have been waiting for these Teasers all day long. Plus finally the chief will be free

Mandla Smesh
20 Feb 2014 01:03

#3 i so luv ths nw let me read wats gonna happen

20 Feb 2014 05:04

#4 let me go read

20 Feb 2014 05:11

5th yipeey

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
20 Feb 2014 06:34

No.6 yes

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
20 Feb 2014 06:46

Cum on new face again so called matshidiso is lyk we going 2 c new faces each nd every month nd dey dnt lst jst hppy dat azwindini is goin bck home,as 4 Tumelo nd Khomotjo arrested dats myb dey wil learn smthng! Jst cnt wa8 4 march

20 Feb 2014 07:17


20 Feb 2014 07:42

nyc story line dis month

20 Feb 2014 07:48

No 9, Not bad at all............this month is very interesting n i just love Muvhango it has neva disappointed me and Im happy dt Azwindini is back

sexy d
20 Feb 2014 07:54

let me go and read

sexy d
20 Feb 2014 07:59

wow gonna enjoy watching muvhango who is mr gumede?finally azwi is gng home

20 Feb 2014 08:27

hi peeps m new top 20 lyk it!jus saw somewere saying Azwindini n lyked it,letme read!

20 Feb 2014 08:27

hi peeps m new top 20 lyk it!jus saw somewere saying Azwindini n lyked it,letme read!

20 Feb 2014 08:38

20 Feb 2014 08:46

Wow guys im so new here n im lovin Muvhango somuch... Muvhango is the best soapie out of thm all wth great storylines. I cant wait fr the drama to unfolds..

20 Feb 2014 08:47

why is Teboho still walking free???and wat happened to Thabisile coz there was smthng between her n mukhwevho family that it was a mystery

Madam M
20 Feb 2014 08:55

Top 20 .morning guys.

20 Feb 2014 09:07


20 Feb 2014 09:13

Susan and Pfuluwani struggle to accept that Azwindini is gone for good.

20 Feb 2014 09:18

top 20 yeeeeeepyyy

20 Feb 2014 09:22

She wants to find out if Mr. Gumede was really involved with Mongezi's death.

Teboho yr days of wealth are numbered

20 Feb 2014 09:28

Matshidiso the real?? then kgomotjo

MyOO Originals
20 Feb 2014 09:51

Finally!! we cn have Vhafhuwi back.

20 Feb 2014 09:59

Ok let's see what Khomotjo is up to

20 Feb 2014 10:02

Now that's what i am talking about. Very interesting month indeed my friends.

I love Thandaza to the core, she is one strong woman and always stand n dig for the truth (Matshidiso and Mr Gumede), no matter how long it takes her to get it, good heart!

Azwindini finally my prayers have been answered, buya ekhaya Chief (wadlal'uChief "Oskido's voice").

Ahhhh Ranthu.......... yoh hhay  *no comment

can u please go away now, we tired of your round face and a small mouth. (pretty tho)

Khomotjo i dont like u sisi shem,u irritate me! Tumelo just go back to London or whatever u were,u r nothing but Khomotjo's lapdog. Lerumo u r stupid. Mama Nandi give it to that b*tch, she belongs to the zoo.

Albert u never win anything baba so let it go.

Vusi and Sthe...... *yawns n sleeps*

20 Feb 2014 10:06

Intersting.... Khomotjo & Tumelo arrested..... KG and Lerumo remarry (drama drama) more drama between KG & Moriti..... Azwindini back home..... Thandaza & Ranthumeng was a closed chapter why take us back there, now they are bringing Matshidiso who Mampho will want Ranthu to choose we had that storyline with Tebogo.

20 Feb 2014 10:07

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! So proud of Muvhango the story line and all are in POINT best soapie award must go to MuVhango interesting can't wait

20 Feb 2014 10:36

Mr Gumede isn't sthe father? And if he is the 1 who killed Dr Mongezi, how, when and why? I guess I'll jst wait nd see. Gr8t month though can't wait

20 Feb 2014 10:56

Very interesting.

20 Feb 2014 11:02


Yes I remember now, but I dont remember any relationship between the Gumede's and Mongezi. 
Let me think....


20 Feb 2014 11:46

Oh Muvhango is on fire! Can't wait. Love the story line.

Mash 2010
20 Feb 2014 13:49

Looks interesting. Glad Azwii will be free

20 Feb 2014 15:24

Interesting month Azwi coming back,finally khomotjo find her match,as for tumelo go back to london my boy,teboho teboho teboho eish,

20 Feb 2014 15:46

Movhango Movhango Movhango. Hai love da drama. But y bring Ranthu bck if u gonna take hm away again #Sigh

20 Feb 2014 16:09

Hi guys top 30 lemme go n read

20 Feb 2014 16:24

I'm so glad that the Chief is coming back home as for Teboho walking free all the time even when she deserves punishment is so irritating

20 Feb 2014 20:13

i love muvhano big time. but the mukhada Teboho is cute, so is Shoni.

21 Feb 2014 09:40

Wow movhango realy rocks but i kinda hv problem with dis chick called Teboho,she makes people to think dat basotho wmn dnt hv respect,manners n dignityas for thandanza wow de wmn like u in dis world are few,ur de super mom n ur heart is pure

21 Feb 2014 10:23

Thandaza is the best of them all

madombidzha 1
21 Feb 2014 16:28

i love muvhango but y vhafuwi vhasa vhuyi

21 Feb 2014 22:58

I miss BUSANI, plz bring him back

22 Feb 2014 10:17

43 hippp hiippp not bad

22 Feb 2014 11:54

thandaza ur de bst woman n i wish vhafuwi cn cum back nxt mnths

22 Feb 2014 15:22

Mr Gumede killed Mongezi, no its like mount Kilimanjaro meets Table mountains, never basjwayela kabi

23 Feb 2014 00:31

I'm speechless

heavy B
23 Feb 2014 13:14

heavy B
23 Feb 2014 13:15

can not believe azwindini was in jail for nthing

24 Feb 2014 20:01

I wonder why Mme Mampho hates Thandaza so much. My God that woman is pain in Thandaza's neck ouch

25 Feb 2014 00:02

4 a moment there I thought PAT was falling 4 THANDAZA, the way he looked @ her wen MAMPHO said she is the CEO of MMC. I hope not. Nna personally I want BUSANI 2 come back nd marry MS BU

Eli Ngubane
25 Feb 2014 06:10

Yes! I can't wait to watch muvhango playing 5 days Week. I'm eally in love with it

25 Feb 2014 11:17

I jus love Pat,he is a charmer

26 Feb 2014 13:22

Muvhango playing 5 days a wik??? yyiiipeeeee!!! Mojalefa family, intersting indeed

Exquisite Exotic Twist
26 Feb 2014 18:08

Thanks to God! AZWINDINI finaly c0mes home! :-D ....its a good thing that Teb0ho has left,i wish she never comes back (y)

27 Feb 2014 11:19

Wat leruma nd khomotjo are doin is a fraud. Getting married 2 gt something, is lyk u marry some1 in order 2 gt a citizenship.

Mrs Chix
27 Feb 2014 11:38

Dont worry Stlaks they are encouraging fraudulent marriages. They are show us that its actually simple to get a marriage certificate.

27 Feb 2014 12:27

yaay Azwindini be going home

27 Feb 2014 13:21

That Khomotjo woman, is she after her step son or what, coz have never seen anyone who has a good relationship with step mom. May be behind closed doors we will see something sinister. I know he wants the riches but to turn your back against your own mom.

27 Feb 2014 13:24

Mulalo why did you marry that girl, sometimes pretty faces are trouble, look at you. The stress is killing you, how are you going to justify your wife's actions. Who will give you a job after being accused of corruption. Pfulu - You wanted to be khosi fareli...have you ever looked at how tjatjarag you are as compared to Susan. Having royal blood doesn't mean you are blessed with the ability to lead pipo.

27 Feb 2014 13:27

Muvhango has made me see Pat (aka Phenyo) in the new light. I remember how I hated the guy on Gen. Muvhango why are you potraying Receptionists like that. Nonny thinks wonke amadoda ayababa, even Pearl was the same. now seriously

6 ich heels
27 Feb 2014 14:07

Ey peeps I'm confused who is phat into thandaza or thule because the way he looked at thandaza and mampho acting all proud of thandaza to phat anyway guys just some side information Duma Ndlovu (creator of muvhango) was on metro FM around this month according to a news paper I was reading, he said that he was happy muvhango will be playing for 5 days of the week and also said that thandaza will get married again but he and the muvhango team will not tell us who thandaza is getting married to as yet, so people an guesses?

27 Feb 2014 14:28

@pjvv that means he acted the role of Phenyo so well because in reality we do hate cheaters..... @6 inch from the current cast I'll say Pat

27 Feb 2014 14:55

ay Thandaza and her million marriages

27 Feb 2014 15:17

@ 6 ich heels.....I guess Thandaza & Thuli will be fighting over Pat. But he can make his own choice unlike Busani who ended confused because of dead wife wish. Thandaza is tired bathong, let her raise her kids in peace. Marriage is a good thing but only when it lasts longer

Amy M
27 Feb 2014 17:10

Guys Melusi Yeni ( Pat ) has lost a few kilos hey. And i like the moustache he looks good. I lolled so hard when Khomotjo scolded Tryphina, asking her what else besides cleaning did she know and that she better make the house presentable coz she wanted to Tjukuja ga botse at the party to celebrate her marriage to Lerumo. Thank God Pat is nothing like Tumelo, he doesnt buy Khomojo's fake kindness. He sees right through her and it kills Khomotjo. And as for Phulu giving Susan a hard time like that. Oh i cant stand her and her mouse face loll

28 Feb 2014 00:08

Nna I think Thandaza nd Ranthumeng are goin 2 get married again, that's why they brought him back. Myb this tym is 4 it will last.

28 Feb 2014 07:42

I don't understand Phenyo is Pat now so called Phathudi how come ???,I Don't like the new Ranthu is boring shems

28 Feb 2014 08:54

Morning guys

haven't been watching but i alos think that Thandaza will marry Ranthu again

28 Feb 2014 09:20

@Ntombiez.....He was named after his uncle (ubabomkhulu wakhe) Phathudi, in short its Pat,

28 Feb 2014 09:23

@Ntombiez, Pat is called Pathudi coz he was named after his partenal uncle. Morning guys

6 ich heels
28 Feb 2014 10:58

Me too guys I agree with you guys I think thandaza will marry Ranthu again because she really does love him also because why would they bring a new ranthu just to take him off again because the whole point of the existence of the character of Ranthu was that he was specially created for thandaza, plus they made a great couple

28 Feb 2014 15:15

Maybe the second Ranthu will be better I so hated the first Ranthu. Themba Nofemele is good in dancing not acting Ranthu

02 Mar 2014 00:26

Thandaza,for u sisi it would be better that she would be a single mothe....For moriti woman you got what u deserve

03 Mar 2014 13:11

thandaza u're the super woman, gys wat hapnd abut the real ranthumeng.that new ranthu is bring.

03 Mar 2014 15:46

Hi guys, I'm new here... I cant wait for announcement ya Sonisani's pregnancy.....that's the only thing that will sort this Teboho out....and probably be on her way back to Lesotho...

03 Mar 2014 16:13

Haaaaaayi is she pregnant????????? that would be awesome ppl

Amy M
03 Mar 2014 16:48

A warm welcome to u TerrancehowardWife. So is Shoni really pregnant, tjo (#claps once). I bet Teboho will want to get rid of her and her unborn baby permanently. Phela one neva knows ukutsi whats going on in Teboho's crazy mind.

03 Mar 2014 22:56

Muvhango is behind with 1 episode, or the teasers dikopele, caz wat was suppose 2 play on thursday played 2day myb the monday teaser will be the tuesday 1. Ijoooo RANTHU, nna if I was matshidiso I'll b upset, I knw u lost ur memory bt the first tym u c me u think m ur cousin, ijoooo I think a sister is better.

04 Mar 2014 09:58

Lol, my dearies she aint preggars yet....but that's where it's going *who wanna bet* 'you know these dramas'...glad I raised hopes, lolling!!!

04 Mar 2014 12:02

Myb this Matshidiso girl is a friend that Ranthu meet now she heard that Ranthu lost memory then she said she is his fianc that what I'm thinking

Madam M
04 Mar 2014 16:07

Khomojo hey u have göne too far.That marriage is for bussines strictly not to b cosy.Moriti u r ê one who suggested the marriage watch out for Khomojo.Mulalo shame one u are u still under Teboho's spell ,u are being dragged by ur nose.

04 Mar 2014 21:14

makhubalo n
04 Mar 2014 21:50

I love this soapie and shame I mst say hayi sisi Khomotjo uyakwazu acta mtana bantu u r gud I jst love u

04 Mar 2014 23:23

05 Mar 2014 21:17

Thuli and Pat make a beautiful couple I love them. I just wish Tumelo can stop interfering

05 Mar 2014 23:45

I want Matshidiso 2 babysit Dakalo nd Morena jst 4 a day 2 c how she will cope, I knw Ranthu nd Thandi are divorced bt Matshidiso is being unreasonable, Thandaza will always be part Ranthu. As she keep saying that her nd Ranthu are getting married, she should knw Vusi, Morena and Dakalo are part of a package. She must be happy that she won't hv 2 deal with Tebogo. Pat ena its looks lyk o rata basadi, hw will u feel if u were Thuli, ur date busy looking @ other woman

06 Mar 2014 12:36

06 Mar 2014 12:36

06 Mar 2014 16:42

I just enjoy Muvhango, but I just don't like when Thandaza is always getting what she wants. She divorced Rathu but now it looks like she wants him back. She had her chance with him and BLEW it by cheating. Now that another woman interested in him she wants him back. I REALLY WISH she doesn't get her way her way this time. She must give other ladies the opportunity to also get married. She is a cheater and she doesn't deserve a man like Rathu. And man can't forgive a woman who cheats, the trust is gone she must move on to other man then we'll see how long that will last. And Chommie is a VERY BAD actor how did she even a part in Muvhango was is her body that did it during auditions, I DON'T EVEN SEE WHERE her character is going more like stuck, did she even go to study drama, I mean there are so many good actors out there, Chommie sorry dear I have nothing against you personally but stick to dancing.

06 Mar 2014 22:09

The new Ranthu is really boring argh

06 Mar 2014 23:23

Tebogo should shoot Thandaza again, and myb Ranthu will remember why he nd Thandi divorced nd get his memory again. Nonny lmfao

07 Mar 2014 08:04

The new Ranthumeng is boring. boring boring boring. pls they must find someone else.. that guy cant act at all..o a bhora strong

07 Mar 2014 09:27

The new Ranthumeng is so handsome(yuuumy)but yoh he can't act,he is so boring shame

07 Mar 2014 10:24

Wa bora new Ranthu mase elokhu ethi ustwarere.(I'm sorry ,I don't remember ) now n again , ay Tumel please awuphinde phesheya ,Kgomotjoz puppet ,I think Albert sephelelwe ushatini .useyephi manje u Gundo? Most soapies ayakopelana ,check 7de Laan ,Emma also lost her memory ,she only remember old staff ,Generations baba ka Ruby his memory come n goes .hmmmmm

07 Mar 2014 10:34

Morning,maybe we need to be more patient on our actors,remember when Thuli came in Muvhango she was the worse actor ever bt see now she is improving everyday and am liking her.Give Ranthu a chance,as for Chichi dancing is for u gal nt acting,always bheka ama cameras really gal even Chrissy wakugenerations is beta

07 Mar 2014 12:35

can't wait for next week friday.......5 days of muvhango

07 Mar 2014 12:36

lmao......nonny neh - she is something else

07 Mar 2014 19:02

Lol Nonny. I dnt trust ths Pat guy

11 Mar 2014 12:22

Loved the new theme song. But guys are these teasers correct? Cant even tell which episode was yesterday.

11 Mar 2014 14:31

This teasers is very confusing.... Afternoon fam.. Love yu all *blowing kisses*

6 ich heels
11 Mar 2014 16:20

Ey guys nonny is just too funny, oh guys I just love the new title sequence (love the new way muvhango begins) * I'm speechless and in love with muvhango more than ever*

11 Mar 2014 17:28

thot I was the only one confused. they must just upload new teasers.

11 Mar 2014 17:30

oh I loved the new title, but wat happened to the following episode preview?

heavy B
11 Mar 2014 22:39

whose de real matsidiso

12 Mar 2014 12:34

There must be something wrong with the teasers . I want to see the real Mathsidiso, kazi ufuna ini kuRanthu

Mash 2010
12 Mar 2014 13:38

I wonder what is the story behind Matshidiso...

13 Mar 2014 00:06

Hey hey everyone - we'll ask Muvhango for clarity on the teasers and keep you posted.

A story about the new title sequence:) Muvhango's new title sequence: rate it!

13 Mar 2014 11:41

Updated! We chatted to Muvhango and the episodes changed because of the five days a week situation. The teasers have been reworked and updated ... we've added them.

13 Mar 2014 16:35

yoh! the new Ranthu aka HA KE HOPHOLE  is boring yohh, can we just move on pls. and Matshidiso hai suka...

13 Mar 2014 19:10

no no no dz teaser has changed, it wasnt lyk dz da fst tym i read it! whr z da part whr Thandaza interups da engagement party, the part whr Chief is being released?

13 Mar 2014 20:18

I wish Tebogo cn go 2 jail 4 wat she dd pls dat women is a witch.Mojalefas ijooo

13 Mar 2014 20:27

No no no dis is nt wat i read last tym ijooo i want chief 2 go home

Mash 2010
13 Mar 2014 21:45

what the hell is Suzan wearing (orange dress)?

14 Mar 2014 15:24

5 days a week! ,,,,,I like.

17 Mar 2014 14:39

I think all that (chief going home and interuption of engagement party will happen next month 

17 Mar 2014 23:14

So inlove with little Dakalo, she's cute.

6 ich heels
18 Mar 2014 14:31

I love the way thandaza just decided to come and visit ranthu with dakalo and totally avoiding a very pissed and jealous mampho, and that was a very sweet moment between ranthu, thandaza and a very cute Dakalo. Mulalo is just plain stupid listening and bowing down to his ill manned, murderous wife

6 ich heels
18 Mar 2014 14:33

I love the way thandaza just decided to come and visit ranthu with dakalo and totally avoiding a very pissed and jealous mampho, and that was a very sweet moment between ranthu, thandaza and a very cute Dakalo. Mulalo is just plain stupid listening and bowing down to his ill manned, murderous wife. I'm really loving susan as chief

19 Mar 2014 19:56

this Matshidiso is something,what is her motive really? is she and Ranthu engaged? Ranthu and Thandaza belong together. u go Thandaza fight for your man.

BK Baby
21 Mar 2014 12:20

Muvhango! i love it all. bt Thandaza and Ranthu really...been goin in circles too long

21 Mar 2014 18:39

By the look of things, MATSHIDISO doesn't want RANTHU 2 remember anything. It either she nd ranthu are jst 4rnd or Ranthu was engaged 2 Matshiso the real 1 nd she died in a mine explosion nd this Matshidiso stole her identity.

hanedzani nechiomvani
25 Mar 2014 14:25

Hey lerumo is confused by albert

mabeke avhasei
26 Mar 2014 14:35

the truth will come out & azwinndini will be back & tebogo mst go to jail for wat she dd to Thandaza & azwinndini regarding the matter of Mongezi

26 Mar 2014 19:13

26 Mar 2014 19:16

26 Mar 2014 19:16

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