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Muvhango Teasers: January 2014

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 17 Dec 2013
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Coming up on Muvhango this January, 2014:

Wednesday 1 January 2014
Episode 1904

Mulalo is distraught about Teboho's departure. Thandaza gets some unwelcome news that spoils New Year's Day for her. Khomotjo gets a big fright.

Thursday 2 January 2014
Episode 1905

Teboho is worried that she's losing her touch with Mulalo. Khomotjo is not pleased when Phathudi's brother Lerumo arrives. Thandaza gets a surprise visitor who has some interesting news about Teboho.

Monday 6 January 2014
Episode 1906

Mulalo gets a horrible shock regarding his wife. There is a power struggle in the Mojalefa household. Albert and Gundo draw closer.

Tuesday 7 January 2014
Episode 1907

A distraught Mulalo watches as his wife fights for her life. Nandi and Khomotjo fight over Tumelo. The police pay Thandaza a visit.

Wednesday 8 January 2014
Episode 1908

Teboho takes a turn for the worse. Khomotjo and Lerumo have a showdown. Vusi has a change of heart.

Thursday 9 January 2014
Episode 1909

A shortage of blood in the blood banks threatens Teboho's life. Khomotjo has a huge fight with Lerumo and demands that he leave. The police continue to question Thandaza about Teboho's beating.

Monday 13 January 2014
Episode 1910

Thandaza has the power to save Teboho's life. Khomotjo fights with the Mojalefa's over where Phathudi should be buried. Sthe has a crush on Busi. Albert and his son are getting closer which doesn't please Hangwani or Rendani.

Tuesday 14 January 2014
Episode 1911

The Matric results are out. Teboho finally confesses the truth to Thandaza. Busani and Lerumo are scandalized when Khomotjo is determined to make Phathudi's funeral a publicity event. Thandaza is forced to lie to protect her own brother.

Wednesday 15 January 2014
Episode 1912

Khomotjo throws Phathudi's family out of the house. Shonisani decides that Mulalo has made his choice. Thandaza's relationship with her brother falls apart.

Thursday 16 January 2014
Episode 1913

Khomotjo learns of her husband's last wish. Thandaza battles with letting go of Vusi. Mulalo has good news for Albert.

Monday 20 January 2014
Episode 1914

Teboho makes her triumphant return to Thathe, with Morena in tow. Busani says his goodbyes to Thuli. Lerumo kicks Khomotjo out of his brother's house.

Tuesday 21 January 2014
Episode 1915

Khomotjo out manoeuvres Lerumo and Nandi. Vho-Mukondeleli will not let Teboho walk all over her. How far will Vusi go to get his driver's license?

Wednesday 22 January 2014
Episode 1916

James asks Thandaza to come back to MMC. Vusi gets caught out by Mankosi. Lerumo and Nandi find out where Khomotjo is staying.

Thursday 23 January 2014
Episode 1917

Thandaza decides to give Vusi driving lessons. Shonisani arrives back in Thathe and her arrival causes havoc. Khomotjo surprises Lerumo with a court case and decides to throw a party.

Monday 27 January 2014
Episode 1918

Mulalo finds a way to wiggle his way out of taking a second wife, but he will need Susan's help. Khomotjo's house warming is not the celebration she thought it would be. Mampho urges James to buy a place of his own.

Tuesday 28 January 2014
Episode 1919

Khomotjo reveals her grand plan to Tumelo. Susan is troubled by Mulalo's proposal. Thandaza wishes that Vusi had a father figure in his life.

Wednesday 29 January 2014
Episode 1920

Thandaza is convinced that Vusi paid a bribe for his driver's licence. Susan and Mulalo continue to plot in secret. Khomotjo starts to reel in Lerumo with her charm offensive.

Thursday 30 January 2014
Episode 1921

Vusi has his new car and seems to have turned over a new leaf. Khomotjo's has a new plan to get the shares and it seems to be going well. Mulalo drops a bombshell regarding the Chieftaincy.

Muvhango is on SABC2 from Mondays to Thursdays at 21h00.


Ms Bee:
17 Dec 2013 01:25

Wow! Muvhango will be playing on fridays!!!! Come 2014 :)

mma mahlaola
17 Dec 2013 01:40

No 2, ke di good tsa Fridays.

mma mahlaola
17 Dec 2013 01:40

No 2, ke di good tsa Fridays.

mma mahlaola
17 Dec 2013 01:55

Di tlo bowa ko muvhango can't wait go utlwa confession ya Tebogo nd what caused Phatudi's death

17 Dec 2013 05:04

Yiiiiipeeeeee I'm no 3!!!!!!!!!

Punchu sweet bbe
17 Dec 2013 06:03

Yepeee no.5 first tym let me go and read nw

Punchu sweet bbe
17 Dec 2013 06:15

Oops i mean no 4 nt bd at all muvhango will be rocking woza 2014!!!!!!

Punchu sweet bbe
17 Dec 2013 06:16

Oops i mean no 4 nt bd at all muvhango will be rocking woza 2014!!!!!!

17 Dec 2013 07:19


17 Dec 2013 07:40

#10 let me see whts up in jan

sexy d
17 Dec 2013 07:50

wow muvhango will now play on fridays woza woza 2014 cant wait...

17 Dec 2013 07:53

17 Dec 2013 07:53

17 Dec 2013 07:57 will be extremely hot  & hot & hot in january 2014 in the land of muvhango. will not miss a single episode 4 real. 

it will be hot & hot & hot in thathe,mulalo & suzan plotting with each other,tebogo being exposed,thandaza beating tebogo & being exposed,war @ mojalefa household,phathudi dying,can not wait already

munhango will be airing from monday-friday now,that good

Mandla Smesh
17 Dec 2013 08:07

not bad big up Muvhango

17 Dec 2013 08:44

top twenty yeah....le'mme read

17 Dec 2013 09:16


17 Dec 2013 09:49

ijoo lenna ke tlile ka nako!!!!!!!!!!

good morning.

17 Dec 2013 09:51

Wow ziyabuya ngo january yo!!!

17 Dec 2013 09:52

uhmmmm nice 1

17 Dec 2013 10:20

Drama Drama Drama yhooooooo

17 Dec 2013 10:46

Phatudi ena ha se kgale a fihlile o se a bile a shwa?? Hai.

17 Dec 2013 11:28

Real drama: 
Tebogo confess to Thandaza. 
Phatudi's death.
Susan a regent.
Sanele & Albert getting closer.

Can't wait & thanks for Friday episodes. 

17 Dec 2013 12:05

not bad

17 Dec 2013 15:27

wow thankz

17 Dec 2013 15:58

Wow! Teboho confesses to Thandaza mhhhhh cnt wait to see
Jan is gonna be hot!

17 Dec 2013 17:50

Very nice, finally Teboho confesses to Thandaza.

17 Dec 2013 21:07

hi guys i'm new here. anyway bck to muvhango, i wonder who's going 2 give teboho a beating. teboho confesses all to thandaza, thts the first step, whn is she going to jail?

17 Dec 2013 22:20

Not bad at all. Thnks for fridays. Cnt wait to watch

17 Dec 2013 23:09

not baddddddddddddd!!!!

17 Dec 2013 23:14

Top 20 nna m really confused, myb I shld read the teaser again. Finally muvhango will play monday 2 friday

Mrs Matsheke2b
17 Dec 2013 23:35

Soapies like killing ppl mara! Wht killed Sawasawani manje? I always call him that from Masakeng.

17 Dec 2013 23:57

I guess phatudi died from heart attack his children ba month bulaisa stress. Muvhango made lots of changes this year, if u haven't watched muvhango 4 the passed six months u will b lost. But I can't wait though. 1 other thing I dnt gt is Tebogo confesses everything 2 thandaza bt still she is nt arrested instead she is goin back 2 thathe or thandaza decided nt 2 open a case caz she saved her lyf by donating her blood 2 tebogo

18 Dec 2013 12:28

Wooooooow again 30

18 Dec 2013 15:47

Monday to Friday now, wondered when that would happen..

18 Dec 2013 22:24

Top 30 lemme read yoh

18 Dec 2013 23:27

muvhango iyatshisa cnt wait 2 c the drama kodwa wen is TEBOHO gng dwn???

Elto tshisi
19 Dec 2013 00:10

Elto tshisi
19 Dec 2013 00:16

Wow that the best news ever in all story tell busani that I'm sorry abt wat wll happen

19 Dec 2013 06:05

Drama Drama woza 2014!!!

Masindi Rudeboy
19 Dec 2013 10:14

Mxm muvhango is going 2 boring the whole january' I hate mojalefa's family'

19 Dec 2013 13:59

cant wait to c the new faces on Muvhango,cant it b january olredi plus im broke

20 Dec 2013 15:01

I think Thandaza does not report Tebogo to the police because Mfungelwa her brother is the one who gave her a beating so it makes it 50/50 Thank God he did not kill her it would have been a waste

20 Dec 2013 15:06

And thank God Phathudi is Gone now we can expect more drama from Khomojo in the jolling department maybe there will be a triangle Albert/Hangw/Khomojo

Pjean Masiu
20 Dec 2013 17:50

I like it 4 friday.

20 Dec 2013 20:11

Nna I cnt 2 c khomotjo suffer, thrown out of the house, I wish they can leave her Penny less, so she can start frm strech. She shld knw a meaning of hard work, if it wasn't 4 phatudi she will still b a receptionist. Busani said " she is jst a cheap girl, in a very expensive cloth"

20 Dec 2013 23:40

Monday to Friday i can't wait and all the drama. Come new 2014

6 ich heels
21 Dec 2013 01:00

Oh wow celebrations in order, fireworks because this is amazing muvhango will play on fridays. I think that thing called tebogo was beaten up by thandaza's brother not that tebogo confesses that she almost killed thandaza or maybe she did confess but now thandaza is in a tough position and new characters oh and finally thandaza goes back to work

21 Dec 2013 23:34

Tebogo will never go 2 jail, Big up 2 Siyabonga Thwala, I love him, he doesn't like boring n unrealistic storylines , Muvhango z losing it, hope thy c that b4 its 2 late

23 Dec 2013 09:14

kwaaaaaaaaks gaaaaaaa hi xikosi swilo swakona unge swi twisis kuri swiya kwin hayi se kova generations

baby chakzz
23 Dec 2013 17:36

Newbee here so Mulalo won't be marrying Musiwa afterall

23 Dec 2013 21:52

Iyhooo 2day muvhango was rocking, lmao makhadzi " a ba kile ba ho bontsha BUS STOP ha sale otla mo" lol. And tebogo ka MOLODI. What khomotjo did it was childish, every1 who hv a business mind can see that is a trap, a chairperson of a board will nt behave like that, they will try 2 find a solution. Sanele can't act, its like m listen 2 1 of lesedi drama, all talk bt no emotions

24 Dec 2013 10:08

@ Stlaks.. True.  Sanele has proven to be a BAD actor!!  It's so boring to watch him trying to be emotional.

24 Dec 2013 12:19

Happy holidays family. Enjoy. Hey Mims.

baby chakzz
24 Dec 2013 15:52

Guys plz help who iz Jonas

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
26 Dec 2013 09:27


baby chakzz
26 Dec 2013 16:48

Y cnt Limi tel Makhazhi Teboho s secret 1nc & 4 ol

26 Dec 2013 20:10

10 n 29 cnt w8t u drsv jail tebogo gogo go gooooo

26 Dec 2013 22:00

@ baby chakzz I thnk it is bcaz he want tebogo 2 tell thm herself, I remember once mushasha said 2 mulimisi sumtyms the ancestors dnt show thm everything caz thy want thm 2 figure things by themselves, myb this whole thing ya Tebogo will teach them something. Ijooo I can't wait 4 monday, Makhadzi hv a death wish serious

baby chakzz
27 Dec 2013 17:27

Y cnt Musiwa tel Makhazhi wat Teboho said 2 hr d other night mara

27 Dec 2013 20:13

@baby chakzz Jonas is Pearl's father who is Thandaza's driver

28 Dec 2013 06:29

Wow muvhango ya glad engekho uThuli this tym.....thnx for friday episodes

baby chakzz
28 Dec 2013 13:37

I heard he pasd on may his soul RIP

28 Dec 2013 19:50

Thanx for friday episodes kgomotjo tjo haketsebe nkareng its seems Albert has children all over Muvhango its gonna be Ho------tY

29 Dec 2013 13:47

29 Dec 2013 13:47

29 Dec 2013 13:50

Wow! Jan will be more fire!! I like it. I'm new here.

kagiso candice mawela
29 Dec 2013 16:11

Cnt w8 4 episode 10 whn tebogo confess the truth 2 thandaza. Thnx 2 friday episodes

29 Dec 2013 21:14

@baby chakzz yes he passed on in a car accident. He is Mbongeni Ngema's younger brother

29 Dec 2013 23:05

May his soul rest in peace. I can't wait to see muvhango new look on wednesday, the 2014 look.

baby chakzz
31 Dec 2013 13:42

I thot Mulalo ddnt wnt a 2nd wife bt he ws atractd to Shonisani,KK thot he would b nominated as CEO of MMC LOL

baby chakzz
31 Dec 2013 13:44

I thot Mulalo ddnt wnt a 2nd wife bt he ws atractd to Shonisani,KK thot he would b nominated as CEO of MMC LOL

31 Dec 2013 14:10

yoh cnt w8 hle thandaza otlo hlanya hore bt tebogo otshwarwa wen

baby chakzz
01 Jan 2014 00:57

Happy 2014 family

01 Jan 2014 21:53

Compliments to new year, i am happy is my first time Muvhango is going to be buzy this month, I am just worried about Tebogo, she is always getting away... I hope that Mulalo can love Shoni so that he can teach tebogo lesson..

01 Jan 2014 22:35

I thght GUNDO is the new character kante ke sanele's venda NAME

02 Jan 2014 10:39

02 Jan 2014 10:40

02 Jan 2014 10:41

02 Jan 2014 10:54

oh its interesting but what will happen 2 shonisani is she going to be chosen or what?

02 Jan 2014 13:12

i still want to know wen is tebogo goin 2 jail caz it looks lyk she will b still walking free after her confesion

02 Jan 2014 14:56

fridays wow so wel;l

02 Jan 2014 14:56

fridays wow so wel;l

02 Jan 2014 16:19

Maybe Tebogo will tell Thandaza that Mfungelwa beat her and not that she is the one who shot her*just thinking *

02 Jan 2014 16:22

Happy new year bloggers

baby chakzz
02 Jan 2014 16:37

Busi has a loose tongue y dd she tell Thandaza abt Teboho being back dats d sam thing she dd wit Meiki's Suprise baby shower she s so annoying

02 Jan 2014 22:46

I luv lerumo, he can put khomotjo in her place

03 Jan 2014 15:35

happy 2014 lovies... I so love muvhango

03 Jan 2014 19:29

03 Jan 2014 19:39

Hippie muvhango on fidays now , when is Tebogo going to jail ?????

Ms Bee:
03 Jan 2014 20:55

Where's Muvhango today kanti?

03 Jan 2014 20:56

Where is Muvhango now as promised? Mxn !!

03 Jan 2014 20:57

Ms Bee I'm also waiting

03 Jan 2014 21:15

M waiting 4 muvhango

03 Jan 2014 21:30

muvhango okae byanong ? Bored

baby chakzz
03 Jan 2014 22:35

Is Lesilo Rula the Fridy episode of Muvhango we wer promisd?

04 Jan 2014 10:48

We'll find out what happened!!

04 Jan 2014 16:08

Please find out what happened to the friday episode? I was looking fowatd to it. Tebogo has a way f getting what she wants. Busi has no manners. James must teach her daughter some manners.

Mrs Chix
06 Jan 2014 09:02

Happy new year everyone. Its sad some of us are back at work. What happened to Muvhango on Friday anyone??? They should give us double episode today.

06 Jan 2014 11:00

We've been in touch with SABC2 to ask what's happening and why it wasn't on. We're waiting to hear - will keep you posted.

06 Jan 2014 15:19

! An update - we've just heard that the Friday episodes have been postponed until March. No reasons have been given as to why.

Mrs Chix
06 Jan 2014 17:21

LOL March??? Unorganized bunch nxa

06 Jan 2014 17:44

06 Jan 2014 19:00

Ke simolola go tenega janong, ke di empty promises tsa SABC

baby chakzz
06 Jan 2014 20:18

@stlaks myb smthing serious came up 4 dm 2 cancel it nw 4 March

07 Jan 2014 12:25

march kgale jwalo! ache hle........i was really looking forward to seeing muvhango on my sreen 5 times a really dissapointed........mare heh they had their reasons

07 Jan 2014 12:27

ayayeye muvhango........muvhango....ayayeye muvhango..........muvhangooooooooooo can't wait for tonight's episode hleng.........i just wanna see how badly teboho was mo laile ke sono hle

07 Jan 2014 16:14


07 Jan 2014 20:40

Who in the right mind will choose their step-mom over their own mother, tumelo ga a tsee sentle serious

07 Jan 2014 21:03

Whoo Teboho looks terrible bathong!! Tumelo is so irritating shem

07 Jan 2014 21:04

Guys tell me when did Gundo aka Sanele learn to speak Venda so fluently?

07 Jan 2014 21:53

07 Jan 2014 21:55

07 Jan 2014 22:16

If you were in thandaza shoes, will you save tebogo life or will you let her die?

baby chakzz
07 Jan 2014 22:29

Guys Teboho lukd terible bt dats hw mis Bu lukz whn she shot her 5 times & denied it,it serves hr right

08 Jan 2014 04:13

@Goldi he cub spk t all along bt ddnt want Albert to knw since they were fighting. I also think the confession is about the beating not the shooting.

08 Jan 2014 21:22

The confession Is from Teboho to Thandaza not the othe way, ok @list now I understand thanks Turqouise

08 Jan 2014 21:26

Ohhh KK"s laugh though hahahahaha I couldn't stop loling when he laughed @ Tumelo thanks he didn't get the CEO post

08 Jan 2014 22:28

Eeh wy is phathi is dead

08 Jan 2014 22:31

Ke magetlo a makae james turning down the offer of being a CEO, keng ga a e tshepe gore otla dira mmereko o siameng.

09 Jan 2014 00:36

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 15:05 Mvango ya rooka man!

lemonade mouth
09 Jan 2014 15:07 Mvango ya rooka man!

10 Jan 2014 09:36

mmmhhhh wooow on Fridays!!!!!! now yu rock, Lets see

10 Jan 2014 10:43

Hey n0nc32h - hi! The Friday episodes have been postponed unfortunately :( - they're only going to happening from March now.

We've just updated the teasers to reflect the episodes now that Fridays aren't happening.

11 Jan 2014 19:38

SPOILER ARLET FEBRUARY ON MUVHANGO: Tumelo nd Khomotjo wage war against Lerumo nd Nandi, bt things take a different turn, prompting an unlikely union. Tebogo nd Mulalo are involved in a tender corruption scandal bt can Mulalo do enough to show that his hands are clean? Thandaza's ex Ranthumeng returns bt it will b played by musician ( Brian temba). Thandaza fights with Ranthumeng' new squeeze Matshidiso. MARCH: Tumelo nd Khomotjo are in jail 4 scheming. Albert starts plotting to take away the Mojalefa's shares, while Ranthumeng chooses between the 2 women in his lyf. Azwindidni still in jail nd his wives are losing hope that he'll be freed. Lerumo nd khomotjo's union may be illegal bt he goes deeper into the matter to find a solution. Dr Mongenzi killer is finally revealed. Ranthumeng nd matshidiso host their engagement party bt Thandaza ruins it by revealing that her rival's a two faced golddigger. It seems that Thandaza nd Matshidiso will lose Ranthumeng bt Thandaza isn't letting him go without a fight. Matshidiso is in identity theft scandal, and the is jubilation in the hills of thate as uncovered truth set every1 free

12 Jan 2014 08:27! Wre dd u get dat please tell me iyooo! I wana know is it true dough?

12 Jan 2014 18:43

@ dzibu yeah its true gt TVPLUS magazine u will c

12 Jan 2014 18:45

@ dzibu yeah its true gt TVPLUS magazine u will c

12 Jan 2014 19:43

Oow! Its been a while since i've bought 1! Thnx u!

13 Jan 2014 10:34

mmmmm Interesting months ahead hey thanks Stlaks

13 Jan 2014 13:25

Muvhango rocks ne & according to Stlaks' update it seems more drama is coming our way.

13 Jan 2014 16:18

Happy new year friends

I cnt wait for Feb then look intresting thnks @Stlaks

13 Jan 2014 18:25

I can't wait for february, thanx Stlaks for the update.

15 Jan 2014 11:12

mxxxm thandaza and tebogo boring

15 Jan 2014 12:05

You can say that again Yoyo What happened to "I know Teboho is the one who shot and she is going to pay"
How is she going to pay if she forgives her. She needs to go to jail and be exposed for who she really is.

Dr Mongenzi killer is finally revealed. I wonder who killed him, if it's Teboho she must rot in jail.

16 Jan 2014 21:40

I wonder who killed Mongezi

16 Jan 2014 22:40

U welcome guys. I think tebogo is the 1 who killed mongezi, myb that is why she is nt goin 2 jail 4 shooting thandaza, so she can b caught 4 mongezi murder, unlike wen she is in jail it will b hard 2 connect her 2 mongezi murder. JUST MY THOUGHT.

17 Jan 2014 02:03

I think Tebogo is going to be in Muvhango for a long time to come, i think this forgiveness from Thandaza part is a way for the writers to pardon her from what she did to thandaza and because thandaza confessed to tebogo about her brother then they are even. she might even turn out not to be Mongezi's killer.  

 for me i was disappointed at that twist, surely how can people go around shooting people and i forgive you make the story swept undert he carpet, give us something better writers.  

but for thandaza it may be a bit of closure somehow, noone believes her anyway.

17 Jan 2014 11:44

First was joyce wishing Busani 2 marry thandaza, now is phatudi wants lerumo to marry khomotjo. The is sumthing I dnt get, wen lerumo was @ jazz club he was talking 2 his wife over the phone, so does phathudi wants khomotjo 2 be the 2nd wife of lerumo, or I did hear properly

17 Jan 2014 11:53

haaibo did Thandaza tell Teboho that it was her brother who beat her up O.o? *hand on mouth* i missed that part hey, Phatudi want's Khomotjo to be the second wife, haai this is a joke i guess they will get married for the sake of the inheritance not love and hornering he's wish

21 Jan 2014 13:29

21 Jan 2014 13:32

24 Jan 2014 15:52

Mulalo o kwasha tshitemba

30 Jan 2014 15:24

i dont like khomotjo at all

Ms Opinionated
30 Jan 2014 15:42

@Goldi i also did not get that part, in fact for me the twist is that Teboho will not be at peace with Thandaza for a long time coz at the time Teboho confessed Thandaza failed to tell her that her brother was the one responsible for her beating. Teboho will be bitter and will probably think that Thandaza "forgave" her and diddnt want to report it to the police just to hide her brother's crime.

Ms Opinionated
30 Jan 2014 15:42

@Goldi i also did not get that part, in fact for me the twist is that Teboho will not be at peace with Thandaza for a long time coz at the time Teboho confessed Thandaza failed to tell her that her brother was the one responsible for her beating. Teboho will be bitter and will probably think that Thandaza "forgave" her and diddnt want to report it to the police just to hide her brother's crime.

30 Jan 2014 15:57

Makes Sense hey Ms O but Teboho must go to jail tlheng yhoooo haai no

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