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Rhythm City Teasers - December 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 18 Nov 2013
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Coming up on Rhythm City this December, 2013:

Monday 2 December 2013
Episode 1671

Fats searches for answers after another “miracle” has him questioning God’s plan for his life. Stella apologises to Victoria. Nomzamo begs Suffocate to leave the past behind.

Tuesday 3 December 2013
Episode 1672

Sifiso sees Eugenia stealing a bottle of whisky. Gail advises Niki to talk to Suffocate about their relationship. David persuades Nomzamo not to claim self-defence for killing Mbuso.

Wednesday 4 December 2013
Episode 1673

Bash desperately tries to motivate an extremely nervous Fats. Suffocate cannot come to terms with his mother’s decision.

Thursday 5 December 2013
Episode 1674

Niki tries to get Suffocate to open up to her. Miles and Victoria kiss. Bash makes plans for another revival at Kilowatt.

Friday 6 December 2013
Episode 1675

Miles pretends that he doesn’t remember kissing Victoria. Niki decides to break up with Suffocate and also quits her job.

Monday 9 December 2013
Episode 1676

Victoria tells Miles that she would like his support in gaining experience as a preschool teacher. Puleng tries to warn Fats that he is being exploited by Bash and Speshil.

Tuesday 10 December 2013
Episode 1677

Puleng continues to try to warn Fats about the money-making scheme. It's Victoria’s first day on her new job. Lucilla meets a tall and dark stranger who sweeps her off her feet.

Wednesday 11 December 2013
Episode 1678

Gail also meets a charming guy. DH is very interested in getting whatever information he can get on David. Miles disapproves of the guy who has taken an interest in Victoria.

Thursday 12 December 2013
Episode 1679

Gail and Lucilla discover that they have been seeing the same man. David is surprised and curious about DH. Miles tries to pressurise Victoria to stop seeing Freddie. Fats is broken by the news that Bash, Findo and Speshil set him up.

Friday 13 December 2013
Episode 1680

Gail and Lucilla pretend to each other that they are totally not interested in DH. David turns down DH Radebe’s offer to buy 9-Nine. Freddie is clearly interested in Victoria. Fats feels the pressure to carry on with the revival meetings.

Monday 16 December 2013
Episode 1681

David tries to suggest ways to get Ronald out of jail. DH offers David an extremely good price for 9-Nine. Fats meets a very beautiful young admirer.

Tuesday 17 December 2013
Episode 1682

Gail is starry-eyed after winning a night with DH. David does not give DH the response he was expecting concerning the offer to buy 9-Nine FM. Fats falls for one of his disciples, but she only needs him for his healing powers.

Wednesday 18 December 2013
Episode 1683

Fats feels terrible that he won’t be able to heal Bulelwa’s son. Celia is digging her nose into Victoria’s business. David recruits Lucilla to spy on DH by threatening her.

Thursday 19 December 2013
Episode 1684

DH is managing to charm both Gail and Lucilla. David is getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of insight into whom DH really is. Fats is getting increasing pressure from Bulelwa to heal her son’s terminal heart defect.

Friday 20 December 2013
Episode 1685

Celia is concerned that Miles is giving Victoria mixed messages. Ronald tells David that he’s never leaving jail. Victoria finally confronts Miles about their kiss. David and DH have a mini-showdown involving R10,000.

Monday 23 December 2013
Episode 1686

Bash has to talk Fats against coming clean to Bulelwa. Miles and Victoria continue to dance around each other over plans for Christmas Day.

Tuesday 24 December 2013
Episode 1687

DH tells a disappointed Gail that he won’t be able to spend Christmas with her. Bash panics when Fats doesn’t show up for the Christmas Eve revival. Miles gives Victoria an expensive gift. David gets Lucilla and Gail to attend the poker game.

Wednesday 25 December 2013
Episode 1688

David and DH play a heated, high-stakes game of poker. Gail and Lucilla are stunned to find each other at the poker game. David employs Bash to help him cheat in the poker game against DH. Fats’s followers are not happy with his disappearance and want answers.

Thursday 26 December 2013
Episode 1689

The poker game turns very bad for David without the help of Bash. When DH wants to call it quits, David offers to toss 9-Nine into the pot. DH comes clean to Lucilla about having real feelings for her in front of a very pissed-off Gail.

Fats returns to his friends and lets them know that he is going to resolve the situation at the next meeting.

Friday 27 December 2013
Episode 1690

David is devastated after losing the radio station to DH Radebe. DH tells Lucilla that he wants to pursue a relationship with her. Miles offers to go public with Victoria.

Monday 30 December 2013
Episode 1691

Bash, Findo and Speshil are angry with Fats for giving their money away. Gail feels betrayed by Lucilla and DH. Gail’s plea to Ronald makes him change his mind about staying in jail.

Tuesday 31 December 2013
Episode 1692

Fats wants to throw a huge New Year’s Eve party to wipe the recent events clean. David is trying desperately to get Ronald out of jail. Rose makes it very clear to Mampho that she needs to keep her health situation to herself. Miles and Victoria are trying desperately to spend New Year’s Eve together.

Rhythm City is on e.tv Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


Mopedi Twiii
18 Nov 2013 00:08

Number 1

18 Nov 2013 00:20

Eish Mopedi why mara?

18 Nov 2013 00:21

I know you didn't read.

18 Nov 2013 00:22

I can't wait to see Miles and Victoria together. Stella who is the madam now?

18 Nov 2013 00:24

Yay number 2. not bad

18 Nov 2013 01:01

Top 10 nyana

juicy J
18 Nov 2013 05:32


juicy J
18 Nov 2013 05:32


Mandla Smesh
18 Nov 2013 06:17

top 10 , wow

18 Nov 2013 06:22

top ten yebbbo

18 Nov 2013 06:22

top ten yebbbo

18 Nov 2013 07:40

Who will be the madam? Stella? Wow victoria and miles will make a great couple

sexy d
18 Nov 2013 08:27

morning all

cant say i will  miss much during festive holidays its not dat intresting well except for miles and victoria...where is victori?wat happened to mampho?

18 Nov 2013 08:42

Top twenty not a bad start.

Lady SMS
18 Nov 2013 08:53

Eish at list im on top 15

18 Nov 2013 09:04

Miles and Victoria very interesting.

18 Nov 2013 09:47

Top 20 mxm

18 Nov 2013 10:33

Halala top 15 Miles n Vicky xoe

18 Nov 2013 10:52

Top 20 or something yeh whatever let me go and read

18 Nov 2013 11:20

Miles and Victoria wow cant wait halala........

18 Nov 2013 12:24

Wow interesting month aheard...........

18 Nov 2013 14:16

Miles and Victoria kisses. Woooow! I mean Victoria is a wife material. Where is the madm Stella? Interesting month.

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
18 Nov 2013 14:17

Mmmm Miles nd Vic wow

18 Nov 2013 14:19

I like it for miles and victoria bayafanelana

18 Nov 2013 21:50

Hahahahahahaha am very happy for Miles and Victoria.

19 Nov 2013 05:43

Hahaha Miles & Victoria. . . .somebody be not lieyng on me oooo

19 Nov 2013 09:04

I gues u guys want 2 go 2 da holidays early neh? Lemme read

19 Nov 2013 13:45

Top 20...miles and Victoria..mmmhh i like it

19 Nov 2013 14:01


RC never disappoints

19 Nov 2013 14:32

Miles & Vicky  *interesting*
As for Fats and miracles, can't wait to see.

19 Nov 2013 22:05

miles u shld have married victoria a long time ago. u silly man!

19 Nov 2013 22:41

Interesting month ......miles and victoria heeee!!!! Good couple nd gail shame she is good with david lol!!!!!!

20 Nov 2013 07:51


lady _k
20 Nov 2013 10:26

lady _k
20 Nov 2013 10:27


20 Nov 2013 11:53

Yoh i thot i wld b the first *pissed*

20 Nov 2013 13:45

ke mang this DH guy people.

20 Nov 2013 17:02

@slivovo ke Siyabonga Thwala aka Busani mojalefa... Mmmhhh vicky n miles, luu n dh,, .. I wnt gail n dg to b a couple n also nicky n suffo #wink#

sexy d
21 Nov 2013 08:07

guys is it my eyes or jabu place is de same place mangaliso lived in?

21 Nov 2013 09:02

Lucilla meets a tall and dark stranger (I am guessing that this is code for Siyabonga Thwala) who sweeps her off her feet,

21 Nov 2013 20:36

Mmhh victoria and miles make a cute couple am glad that stella is out of the picture she knew that miles was into victoria and she will never separate them,can't wait 2 watch them

Queen mahlo
22 Nov 2013 13:11

miles and victoria woow i cant wait 2 see them kissing

23 Nov 2013 14:55

miles n victoria mmm interesting dis mnths

23 Nov 2013 16:48

Is Miles and Victoria really a good couple or you people are just being sympathetic with her because she was ill treated and you probably hate Stella.....:'( I man seriously man uVicky is just not miles's type. I maid yakhe period

23 Nov 2013 16:48

Is Miles and Victoria really a good couple or you people are just being sympathetic with her because she was ill treated and you probably hate Stella.....:'( I man seriously man uVicky is just not miles's type. I maid yakhe period

24 Nov 2013 12:24

Guys honestly speaking career doesn't have anything to do relationships. Miles and Victoria, s scene is only showing us that when we fall in love , its not about what you possess. i,m so ashamed by people who look at possessions in this day and age. we should refrain from looking down on maids after all they are also human beings .Vidzot your comment really shows that you lack medula oblangatta.Being a maid doesn't mean you're less human. it simply means you're a better person than your bosses. cause you can do what they cant do. Back to Victoria, well she is damn pretty , I wouldn't mind having her as my wife. does anyone know if she's not married

25 Nov 2013 14:06

Lol @vick..i like what u said its true

25 Nov 2013 14:07

Lol @vick..i like what u said its true

25 Nov 2013 16:25

Yoh Vick, I know she has a double-barrel surname. Not sure if this means that she is married.

25 Nov 2013 19:55

Yeeeepeeee Miles n Victoria. Vidzot dnt worr abt Victoria nt being a gud match 4Miles, as she's upgrading herself as a preschool teacher forsure ths is d begining of her progressiv career, so they wll b perfect for eachada, what a like about them they know one anada so well and the understand each ada. I hope d DH guy is 4real, coz I think its about time dat LuLu get a man who can protect from d hyena David and live a gud life, without scheamng and do all these bad things in d name of protecting herself and family. Suffo an Nicky a big YES!!!!!!

26 Nov 2013 15:52

Like vick said, love knows no boundaries, and the fact that Vicky was a maid should not matter, what matters is that they love and respect each other.

26 Nov 2013 18:41

Whatever happened to cellphone thief Stella?

27 Nov 2013 15:47

ehhhhh miles and vicky been a long time coming

27 Nov 2013 16:09

I still stick by my guns, they are not compatible.
anyway didn't mean to stir a hornet's nest. Miss Stella was rather tough on Vicky (oops on Victoria)

27 Nov 2013 17:05

Was caught up at the idols finale, didn't watch last night's finals. Will check it out on saturday

Perseverence 20
29 Nov 2013 10:12

Miles n victoria perfect combination

29 Nov 2013 11:24

I almost lost my rag with Suffo last night, I was like lift the damn plastic and see that it is not your mother.

29 Nov 2013 12:01

Miles n Victoria. Yipppieeeee. Bye stellaaaaaaaaaa.

03 Dec 2013 08:26

Stella is too much. What more does she want. A woman must know how to get and keep her man, Stella may have got her man but she needs to learn how to keep him. As we can all see all her tricks are not going to help her keep her man.

03 Dec 2013 09:02

03 Dec 2013 09:08

Team#team milesvi# @vicky wow! Wat u said touched my heart soo true xem! Oooow! Fats wena fats ey cnt wait for vick n miles to be a couple n steady just gotta luv RC

03 Dec 2013 18:53

What a breakup Miles n stella nice one.

03 Dec 2013 18:55

What a breakup "Miles n stella" nice one.

04 Dec 2013 15:23

Anyone who ships Vicky and Miles, please raise your hand. I say Vicky can do better than Miles. I mean he let Stella walk all over her.

05 Dec 2013 13:42

I am supporting this Suffo and Niki's relationship

05 Dec 2013 15:28

Ja viva team SN

11 Dec 2013 17:55

Hahaha Fats did he really think he is a prophet, and demanding grape juice

12 Dec 2013 08:06

Fats is a false prophet, funny thing is that he didn't even know. Yoh, Lucilla giggling like a school girl. I think the reason why DH asked Gail out was cos he saw she has loose lips. He asked where David Genaro was and he ended up giving her the history of the

12 Dec 2013 20:03

Oh shame Lulu and Gail!

30 Dec 2013 13:41

but if fats is believing of what he is doing irrespectively that is a game mind of Bash and his friends he can heal a lot of people in the GOD name.

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