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Scandal! Teasers - May 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Scandal! Teasers on 29 Apr 2013
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Coming up on Scandal! this May, 2013:

Wednesday 1 May 2013
Episode 1735

Thembeka and Shakira are disturbed to hear about the new appointment at NFH, while Daniel's world is rocked when he comes face to face with his past.

Maletsatsi's efforts to expose the teacher start to achieve results. Tino and Erin gather ammunition against Mjomane but seem to be frustrated at every turn.

Thursday 2 May 2013
Episode 1736

Cain brings Daniel to his knees. Unbridled vigilantism in the community threatens Richard and his family's lives. Tino and Erin get a surprise visitor in connection with Mjomane’s trial.

Monday 6 May 2013
Episode 1737

Cain makes a veiled threat against Daniel's children and then does something shocking to back it up. Rising tension with Shakira prompts Precious to find an ally.

Richard asks Gontse for a secret favour. Tino and Erin receive support in their fight against Mjomane’s plea bargain - from someone unexpected.

Tuesday 7 May 2013
Episode 1738

Cain takes Michaela hostage to get Daniel to confess and Daniel reveals some shocking secrets.

Wednesday 8 May 2013
Episode 1739

Layla asks for help on researching a man she once knew - Daniel Nyathi! Maletsatsi feels ill after Gloria receives news from the school governing body. Tino and Erin have a disturbing experience when they visit Mjomane in jail.

Thursday 9 May 2013
Episode 1740

A dangerous alliance is formed between unlikely allies and Layla is shocked to run into a face from her past.

Monday 13 May 2013
Episode 1741

The nature of Cain and Layla's past relationship is revealed but Layla fails to disclose one important piece of information.

Tuesday 14 May 2013
Episode 1742

Layla worries Cain is a loose cannon as long as he only has one thing to live for so she gives him another reason to live.

Maletsatsi is confronted by the full impact of her mistake but is the whole ugly saga over now or only just beginning?

Wednesday 15 May 2013
Episode 1743

Daniel hatches a plan to escape Cain's clutches. Maletsatsi has an idea of how to make amends for her mistake. Mmadika is able to offer Mrs Mgagi some help.

Thursday 16 May 2013
Episode 1744

Daniel's escape attempt almost ends in disaster.

Monday 20 May 2013
Episode 1745

Shakira pushes Precious closer to betraying Daniel. But hidden away from everyone, Daniel's time is running out...

Tuesday 21 May 2013
Episode 1746

The tide seems to be turning for Cain as he becomes better acquainted with a potential new life. As Dintle's pregnancy progresses, it becomes clear that the atmosphere in the Ngema house is likely to worsen before it improves.

Mmadika has an unexpected and unpleasant encounter with someone from her past.

Wednesday 22 May 2013
Episode 1747

Mangi's in for the shock of his life when he arrives at the Newtonian for what he expects will be a business meeting.

Thursday 23 May 2013
Episode 1748

Precious and Shakira face off. Who will be victorious? Dintle sends an SMS to a boy - and it’s not Scelo. Mmadika tries to find a date for the online media convention.

Monday 27 May 2013
Episode 1749

Some people start to wonder whether something is amiss with Daniel. Lindiwe believes that Dintle has suspicious motives for changing her behaviour. Mmadika investigates securing a date for herself through very unusual channels.

Tuesday 28 May 2013
Episode 1750

Eddie receives some disturbing news about Daniel's whereabouts and Mangi and Shakira make a worrying discovery about who they've been communicating with.

Wednesday 29 May 2013
Episode 1751

The realization that Daniel is in trouble leads to a revelation that will change Mangi forever.

Thursday 30 May 2013
Episode 1752

Daniel's plan to get a message to his family that he is in danger may have been successful but it has another, very dangerous result.

Scandal! is on Mondays to Thursdays at 19h30.


29 Apr 2013 14:50

Number 1, Yeeeeep

29 Apr 2013 14:50

Finaly im number one this month! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

29 Apr 2013 15:03

Number 2

29 Apr 2013 15:04

No 3 mmmm not bad

sexy d
29 Apr 2013 15:04

number 5 YIPPIE

29 Apr 2013 15:07

Yeah Daniel past is finally catching up on him.

29 Apr 2013 15:08

So Cain might just be the real Daniel Nyathi. I just wonder what Mangi will do or say when he finds out. talk about real drama.

29 Apr 2013 15:09

Thanks God I been waiting for this?

sexy d
29 Apr 2013 15:11

Wow sandal is gonna rock this month,,,,,So Cain indeed is de real Daniel Nyathi ayeye de serial killer stoty is over jst like day.....glad to have layla back n she better tell Q gore ke mang his father

29 Apr 2013 15:14

mmmmmmm cant wait too much secrets very interesting

29 Apr 2013 15:14


29 Apr 2013 15:14

That means gogo was right about Q. being Nyathi.

29 Apr 2013 15:17

Scandal is on fire this month, action++

sexy d
29 Apr 2013 15:18

@andzon yep she was rite Q is Daniel son dats makes him and Mangi cousins......

Lady SMS
29 Apr 2013 15:28

At last the secret is coming out about who theis the real Daniel Nyathi which of course is Cain

29 Apr 2013 15:31


29 Apr 2013 15:47

Is Sasha dead? her name is not mentioend thru out

29 Apr 2013 15:50

aweeeeeee top 50

Cest la Vie
29 Apr 2013 16:05

Scandal is by far the most interesting soap in SA

29 Apr 2013 16:11

was checking the teasers every thirty minutes hoping to be the first but eish here iam top wateva,let me read

29 Apr 2013 16:18

scandal bringing in more scandals thats so interesting,cant wait to c daniel on his knees,

29 Apr 2013 16:31

Oh yes; finally; Daniel gets his come uppance. I am assuming that Layla is going to tell Cain about Quinton cos the teasers say that shi will give Cain another reason to live.

29 Apr 2013 16:32

deginatly watching scandal so Cain is Qs daddy hmmmm

29 Apr 2013 16:33

I will be glued this month. Dintle needs to be exposed though. Or are they going to wait for her to give birth and the baby will need blood and then she will b exposed for the litte con artist that she is is. She is just looking for a meal ticket.

29 Apr 2013 20:30

new here n top 30 nt bad nt bad at all always knw dat Q's dad is cain bt will his mom tel him dat? hope she das,dis mnth is epic jst drama,drama n more scandal n i hope u guys make me fil welcome

29 Apr 2013 20:54

Scandal is the *bleep!*!!! Halala Scandal, Halala! :-)

Enkay Naija
29 Apr 2013 22:29

All the way frm Nigeria, Scandal rocks, Q ?°?¯??????? a Nyati, wao wat a twist, while Donna ??S?? warning ?e_?????_?? daughter T¯_??O?? ße_? careful the Nyati'S. This ?°?¯??????? gonna ße_? S??? inteResting. Its scandal baby.

29 Apr 2013 22:56

scandal will be the best soapie this month!whoop whoop!!!!

30 Apr 2013 01:34


30 Apr 2013 01:35

Shit is gonna hit the fan

Sis p
30 Apr 2013 06:06

Wow scandal rocks guyz akuthethwa into enye kuyedlulwa unlike other soapies

30 Apr 2013 07:48

I once said Q is the real Damiel Nyanthi's son oh I will be glued to the screen.

30 Apr 2013 08:47

Wow, this is what I call DRAMA. I love it, very interesting!!!!!!!!!!

30 Apr 2013 09:11

I Loooooove May teasers, looking forward to it *smiles*

lira for lee
30 Apr 2013 10:41

Not bad

Dreamer catcher
30 Apr 2013 11:45

Looks very intetresting this month bt its scandal always expect the best n I'm also new guys

Lazy lee
30 Apr 2013 19:56


30 Apr 2013 20:07

Iyoo,dis month wil rock 4 sure,looking forward 2 it

01 May 2013 05:54

I just like it for the Scandal.

01 May 2013 13:38

Scandal is getting better with age, now that's what I am talking about! We are going to enjoy this month.

01 May 2013 20:34

Wow scandal this month rocks, so many scandals coming out.

01 May 2013 21:51

this is awesome, finally Lucas is going down arrrg

02 May 2013 08:53

Bam! Hello Lucas. Didn't think I would see the day when Lucas/Daniel called another person Daniel.

02 May 2013 11:56

MMMmmm this is so  interesting to watch as always all the Best 

Im glady that the really Daniel is back unlucky Stan couldnt have him first,
Daniel is the Father of Quton mmmm 2 Mangi his father is Stan  mmmmm 3 Michalle her father is Lucas.

Edward is waiting for this day for a long time. i feel sorry to Mangi all this years Lies MO and Madika tjoooe 

Titi D
02 May 2013 15:06

At last i have been waiting for this to happen ....

02 May 2013 17:48


02 May 2013 20:11

ooooooooo yooooooo am gona miss out big time!

lil carter
02 May 2013 23:36

Daniel must learn to be more responsible

03 May 2013 08:44

How did he steal Daniel's identity, they don't even look alike.
I really don't understand how he did it, surely thier families knew them they could see the realy Daniel, how did they keep it a secret for 10 years. When the real Daniel disapeard, nobody bothered to look for him, they just accepted Lucas to be him.

Lucas is not so clever after all, sending someone to a foreign country with illegal drugs does not mean killing them. He thought he was going to die in jail or have a death sentence *I wonder what he was thinking*

Gogo Manyathi warned you and now it's payback time

03 May 2013 09:59

I'm so Happy Daniel is in hell

03 May 2013 10:21

I never thought I would live to see the day when "Fake Daniel" would look so frightened at another human being. Gosh his look last night was a killer!!! Sello Maake can act!!!

03 May 2013 10:30

i really laughed wen lucas said the name daniel,tht was the shock of hz life,cant wait for monday,

03 May 2013 15:22

Wow scandal is rockingggggggggggg

03 May 2013 15:53

@nonku u jus cnfsd me to the last degreeeeeeeeeeeeee

isnt mangi the son of Daniel aka Lucas

Quinto the son of Daniel aka Cain

Who 's Michelle?

Daniel aka LUCAS fnshd me ydae kwaaaaaa

07 May 2013 16:18

Micheila is Shakira "s daughter Lucas 's daughter

sexy d
09 May 2013 08:26

Scandal rocks,,,,,shame poor mangi

09 May 2013 09:05

I don't really feel sorry for Mangi. It's time he learned the truth. he needs to man up

09 May 2013 09:14

I must say that I am disappointed in Tsatsi. After what she has been through; for her to be so rash and judgmental (without facts might I add); is just wrong, and for her to be acting all contrite right now is not gonna make things better for Tsebo. Mud sticks and when you throw it make sure it is at the right person. She was a prostitute; I wonder what the chruch ladies and vigilante ladies will think if she was to reveal that tidbit.

09 May 2013 09:16

I love Cain! Finally someone has brought Daniel to his knees.

10 May 2013 11:17

I want to see the full news about Daniel revealed. Ntaksay; the are a lot of plot holes in this whole Daniel/Lucs/Cain saga. I am suspending disbielief/belief and want to see how it all pans out.

10 May 2013 13:09

Daniel aka cain, Lucas and Stan how are they related?
mangi is who's child? 

10 May 2013 15:05

Mangi is Lucas' son. Stan and Daniel (Cain) are brothers; Lucas is their cousin.

12 May 2013 14:01

cant wait for the thembeka shakira alliance versus precious

15 May 2013 20:08

The scripters here work like mermaids, they pull our eyes out....way interesting

16 May 2013 09:12

I liked the goofy look on Quinton's face

17 May 2013 08:48

Please writers let the fake Daniel Nyathi rot in jail this can be a lesson to us don't let him get away with it again as usual.

24 May 2013 11:37

Hi guys, how came fake Daniel Nyathi is the biological father of Mangi?

24 May 2013 14:41

Fake Daniel is Scandal,if he dies scandal dies FACT

24 May 2013 15:27

@andzon mangi's mother thatho was married to stan then cheated om him lodaniel who is lucas,n mangi was conceived.hop ive tried

lebogang shareen
25 May 2013 14:31

akhona is annoying why is she treating he mother like that? she annoy me

25 May 2013 16:04

Hello, scandal is the best soap ever

26 May 2013 13:51

I hate akhona too, @lebogang shareen.

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