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Isidingo Teasers - February 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 25 Jan 2013
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Coming up on Isidingo in February, 2013:

Friday 1 February 2013
Episode 3567

Beth takes her problems right to the top of the Sibeko Towers. Yvette pushes the limits of the ex-wife envelope. Lerato starts her journey to self affirmation and power.

Monday 4 February 2013
Episode 3568

Nikiwe maintains her lie about why she cancelled Beth's funding but she's being watched on all sides for a crack in her story. Cherel faces a day as Yvette's sponsor - will she survive without klapping her? Lerato thinks her fancy new CV is the key to her dream job.

Tuesday 5 February 2013
Episode 3569

Nikiwe would rather die than admit her culpability in the growing funding fiasco. Cherel continues her high-wire act between the shredded nerves of Charlie and her high-maintenance mother. Georgie contemplates with growing alarm the thought of losing the services of Lerato.

Wednesday 6 February 2013
Episode 3570

Jeff chooses an unsuspecting fall guy to sort out Nikiwe's mess. Cherel has a surprise on the eve of her wedding. Lerato changes the plans for her future.

Thursday 7 February 2013
Episode 3571

A looming horror rises up to put Cherel's wedding in jeopardy. Nikiwe Sibeko has a bad day at the office. The garter and bouquet predict an unexpected union.

Friday 8 February 2013
Episode 3572

Jeff is at the receiving end of Nikiwe's wrath, as Rajesh works feverishly on a secret plan. Newly wed or not, Cherel's true nature doesn't take too long to reveal itself. Lerato's life takes a massive and unexpected turn for the good.

Monday 11 February 2013
Episode 3573

Uncle and niece go head-to-head and major fireworks ensue. Cherel does her best to be a nice stepmother and help Charlie off The Deep. Lerato plots her new life.

Tuesday 12 February 2013
Episode 3574

Rajesh plans big things in secret but how long will it stay secret? Charlie is struggling with her hidden burden as everyone around her tries to decide things for her. Sechaba is being a very supportive boyfriend ... but jealousy lurks around the corner.

Wednesday 13 February 2013
Episode 3575

Rajesh is faced with an ethical dilemma regarding his future. Kimberly and Ben spend time together despite their differences. Sechaba and Zeb struggle with their romantic plans.

Thursday 14 February 2013
Episode 3576

Rajesh and Nikiwe are faced with their broken friendship while Rajesh works feverishly to drop his bombshell on Sibeko Gold. Ayanda and S'khumbuzo find that Valentine's Day can be special. Sechaba and Zeb outdo themselves in the surprise dinner of the year.

Friday 15 February 2013
Episode 3577

One of the le Roux brothers learns that it is never a good idea to surprise a lover. It is difficult to tell the personal from the political in the Sibeko boardroom. Lerato discovers the joys of scholarship.

Monday 18 February 2013
Episode 3578

Rajesh feels he's at the end of the line with Sibeko Gold until Katlego plays the ace up her sleeve. Daniel's Valentine surprise for Kimberly goes horribly wrong. Lerato's dream of becoming a beauty therapist takes an emotional knock.

Tuesday 19 February 2013
Episode 3579

Nikiwe and Rajesh are sucked down into the mire of office politics. Daniel makes his lover a very enticing offer. Lerato will do whatever it takes to get justice.

Wednesday 20 February 2013
Episode 3580

Rajesh plans to resign, but will he go through with it? Kimberly feels caught between her work and her relationship. Sechaba is stressed by Lerato's studies.

Thursday 21 February 2013
Episode 3581

Rajesh's resignation brings out the worst in the Sibeko clan. Daniel feels threatened by Len and out of his element in Kim's glossy world while Lerato's new obsession gets her into hot water with Georgie.

Friday 22 February 2013
Episode 3582

Rajesh takes on the Sibekos at the internal inquiry. Katlego is not happy with all aspects of the launch. Sechaba and Lerato consider their future.

Monday 25 February 2013
Episode 3583

The magazine interview exposes more than expected while Nikiwe has to deal with an unexplained health scare. Kimberley's successful launch poses a dramatic and life-changing question for her. Calvin's car trouble forces a new twist to his life.

Tuesday 26 February 2013
Episode 3584

Kimberly wants to move on but her heart is still breaking over Daniel. Rajesh is tripped up by domestic chores while he plans his future success. Calvin, against his better judgement, accepts help from Sechaba.

Wednesday 27 February 2013
Episode 3585

Rajesh's clandestine behaviour takes its toll on his marriage. Len comes sniffing around Kimberly hoping he can fill the gap Daniel has left. Calvin considers baring almost all to relieve his financial straits.

Thursday 28 February 2013
Episode 3586

Rajesh Kumar makes on offer on a big purchase and the Sibekos have an interesting offer for Kimberly. Calvin strays into dangerous territory. A difficult fashion shoot goes down in Len's apartment.

Isidingo is on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.


Cpha ndlovu
25 Jan 2013 17:13

Yepppppppppppp jus bcoz am number 1

25 Jan 2013 18:46

yay no 2

25 Jan 2013 18:51

No3 yipppy

25 Jan 2013 18:53

Yay no 4....let me read

25 Jan 2013 19:23

Yipeeee no. 5

25 Jan 2013 19:25

no 6 Im in

25 Jan 2013 20:55

February is my months. No wonder I'm ontop 6. I'm going to spoil u this year.esp next month

25 Jan 2013 21:14


26 Jan 2013 07:06

Hi guys, im new here. i have been a silent blogger and have enjoyed your comments all the time.

26 Jan 2013 09:23

numb 11 let me read

26 Jan 2013 09:23

numb 11 let me read

26 Jan 2013 17:11

Top 20!

27 Jan 2013 07:48

Top 20 let me read

27 Jan 2013 08:51

Top 20 yhooo ok let me read up

27 Jan 2013 08:58

Boring 4 ma liking!!

27 Jan 2013 09:09

Interesting just love my cherel

27 Jan 2013 11:00

Katlego is a confused soul,today she hates nikiwe tommorrow she is fighting nikiwe's batles in the name of protecting her family,like really?

sexy d
28 Jan 2013 09:13

nothing much intresting but hope it will get better.....

28 Jan 2013 10:12

Im new in this game hope l wl enjoy guys

28 Jan 2013 11:13

Lét's watch and see.

28 Jan 2013 11:27

Nay history repeats its self boring

29 Jan 2013 11:27

i don't like Katlego, she bores me to death.

29 Jan 2013 12:41

dull not so intresting thos month gosh

30 Jan 2013 17:24

Eish!Cherel keepz it interesting!

31 Jan 2013 12:47

Hello Bloggers

When is Isidingo airing these days

31 Jan 2013 15:40

18:30 sumtimes 21:30

31 Jan 2013 16:39

Thanx Goldi, i missed so many episodes

31 Jan 2013 17:55

They should change its name from isidingo to ucherel=))

31 Jan 2013 18:00


01 Feb 2013 14:02

Sooooo boring

01 Feb 2013 14:44

My Pleasure Btwa

04 Feb 2013 08:45

Good morning
Yvette is irritating, demanding everything from Eddie and blaming him for everthing that Charlie is going through. She didn't even come to support Charlie during the trial. Charlie is really not coping with the death of Quinton.

Kanti Nikiwe is the one who first cheated on Frank back in NY.
I think Frank and Beth's relationship is just a rebound.

I'm glad Prada is moving back to Len's the house was not the same without him.

04 Feb 2013 09:02

Yvette irritates me s well wuuu haai no man she's making everyting about her n Charlie's not coping on da ada hand mxxxxm Nikiwe mst jst being a bitch n separate business n personal stuff she's only doing dat to spite Beth cos she's with Frank nw well it might be a rebound for nw den later on become something mo *sign* i guess will have to wait n c

04 Feb 2013 14:14

I liked Frank and Nikiwe
I also liked t he idea of Barker and Beth
Ben & Charlie
Len & Prada

04 Feb 2013 15:11

i like Nikiwe and Vusi

05 Feb 2013 12:42

niki n vusi were great until nikiwe become pig headed

frank n beth could also be great they r both matured

05 Feb 2013 13:00

jo Lerato hehehe

05 Feb 2013 14:35

Yvette is a pain in the ass  she should go home.
How long will Charlie be able to keep quiet
  Does the wedding happen.  I love Cherel

06 Feb 2013 09:34

Its difficult for charlie because her step mom is a murderer and since his dad is a cop he doesnt have to know anything, cherel's heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

06 Feb 2013 13:47

Yvette is such a pain, Nikiwe's starting to become a bore now (bitter & all). Its high time Kumar leaves the scandalized family company hey.

08 Feb 2013 08:42

We want photos for the wedding

08 Feb 2013 11:30

Morning ALL

Happy new year to u all guyz, its been hectic for the past year, but   I AM HER!!!!!

Welcome all new babies, chat as much as u can sana,

Cant wait to watch Top Billing on Tuesday , Cherels wedding,

08 Feb 2013 12:37

Nah isidingo is losing it. I tot dat wed was going to be a bomb u knw. But then ke i was suprised to c obakeng only. Enye nenye beyibora xem.

09 Feb 2013 12:48

Helo guys hope u r all well.

lesegos Girl
12 Feb 2013 00:27

I think Frank had so much fun with Nikiwe,like the time when they would lie on the carpet  talking and laughing.that was cute! he's now boring with Beth whom i used to think they would make a great couple. they're acting like a muvhango couple..maybe they should pair beth with eddie said,lolly was perfect for frank..

katlego and jeff should go on a break, there's nothing for them right now..i would prefer lincoln sibeko back.i hope for a hectic kim-katlego-cherel storyline in future.

18 Feb 2013 14:34

Ccharlie plis let go of quinton's death,infact cherel did u favour so plis let her be happy,atleast thrs smone hus rili makin hr truly happy other than those scammy rltnships.rajesh shud make it big n those ego-full bastards of sg must look shamely upon themsewlvs with regret that u quit,oh man i jus love isiding,hw can one watch live recordin,im sure it will be mouth watering

20 Feb 2013 12:18

Len, Len, Len!!!!!!!!!! He makes me sick!
When Daniel was away, he didn't bother with Kimberley, now his back, now he wants her! Come on Isidingo writers, that story line is so damn boring man! PLEASE!!!!!!!

Charlie, needs to get a grip, I'm happy she's out of the DEEP! Eish!

Len, please leave Kimberley and Daniel alone!!!!!!!!!

Len is just a Man-Whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Feb 2013 10:13

i totally agree with you Kimmi, the story line is boring.

21 Feb 2013 18:53

So damn boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig,PLEASE come with a better story,Giving it miss this month.

25 Feb 2013 08:24

These month is boring shame will wait 4 next month

25 Feb 2013 14:27

Like seriously hey, I haven't been watching this month. Scandle has more action.

26 Feb 2013 00:10

It's just so *bleep!* boring,Not going to watch any mor.....e

26 Feb 2013 09:39

Could Nikiwe be pregnant?

26 Feb 2013 10:54

@timone my feeling exactly is she pregnant although there is no morning sickness just dizziness.  Poor Frank if she is

Did you see Charlie is in the Tropical island programe on Saturdays at 18h30

26 Feb 2013 11:01

Yes I saw Charlie.  I only watched Episode 1 where she was the winner for the day, I PVRd last week's episode.

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