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Rhythm City Teasers - August 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 30 Jul 2012
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Coming up on Rhythm City this August, 2012:

Wednesday 1 August 2012
Episode 1323

David reads Niki the riot act about running a brothel in his club. Lobola negotiations for Tshidi are seriously underway.

Miles tells Shado that he has to face Ivan man-to-man. David does something so bad to Kaplan that he apologises to everyone.

Thursday 2 August 2012
Episode 1324

Miles is in hospital and Shado is stricken with grief and remorse. Suffocate agonises over whether to confess to Puleng.

Bash tries to apologise to Niki, but she doesn't want to hear it. David offers to be Niki's partner in the call-girl business.

Friday 3 August 2012
Episode 1325

David tells Niki that she must decide whether she is for him or for Suffocate. Miles refuses to lay a charge of assault against Ivan Tshinawa.

Reneilwe advises Tshidi to explore her real feelings regarding William. Niki and Suffocate debate what to do about the insufferable Bash.

Monday 6 August 2012
Episode 1326

Suffocate continues to avoid Puleng's discussion of marriage leaving her to wonder whether they have a future or not. Shado acts impulsively by reporting Ivan's attack on Miles to the police. Tshidi and William finally acknowledge that there's more to their feelings for each other.

Tuesday 7 August 2012
Episode 1327

Kop argues with his brothers about money for the wedding while Tshidi and William gaze into each other's eyes. Thula returns from travelling and finds out to his horror that Tshidi got married.

Mamokete tries to make an effort with William. Niki learns an unusual skill and genuinely surprises David with her new-found skills

Wednesday 8 August 2012
Episode 1328

Niki isn't happy at all when Marla starts making moves on David. Miles is discharged from hospital and tells S'bu that he's worried about what Ivan might do to Shado for having him arrested.

Reneilwe tells Mamokete that she saw Tshidi and William kissing. Suffocate asks Puleng to supper because he has an important question to ask.

Thursday 9 August 2012
Episode 1329

When Niki tries to assert her authority, Marla shows the first signs of her true colours. Tshidi dreads the prospect of getting married without her mother's blessing.

An already suspicious Suffocate witnesses a spat between Niki and Marla. Ivan tells Miles that he wants him out of Redemption and threatens Shado's career.

Friday 10 August 2012
Episode 1330

Marla tries to take over Niki's job and David uses the situation to test Niki's muscle. Miles struggles to decide between losing Redemption and losing Shado. Suffocate appeals to Cuba hoping to get her permission to move in with Puleng.

Monday 13 August 2012
Episode 1331

William and Tshidi revel in their marital bliss when an unwanted guest makes an appearance. Miles tries to get Zondi to take on Shado as his artist. Ivan reiterates his threat.

Niki realises that Marla will continue to be a threat and culls her in front of David. Suffocate is overwhelmed when Puleng arrives at his place with all her belongings.

Tuesday 14 August 2012
Episode 1332

Puleng invites Niki to have supper at Suffocate's flat, to Suffocate's deep displeasure. Marla swears vengeance on Niki.

Fats decides to throw a bachelor party for William. Miles takes a risky decision. Nozipho tries to get back into Tshidi's good books.

Wednesday 15 August 2012
Episode 1333

Fats and Jafta are planning William's bachelor party, and it seems like things will get out of hand. Tshidi is suspicious of Nozipho's sudden return and her intentions.

Miles puts his risky plan into action. David goads Niki into threatening Suffocate after he shuts down the brothel.

Thursday 16 August 2012
Episode 1334

Suffocate confronts David, whom he accuses of being behind Niki's blackmailing attempt. Ivan is keeping the pressure on Miles.

Fats and Jafta tell Kop and William that everything has been set up for his "bachelor" party which is scheduled to take place the next evening. Tshidi brings Puleng up to speed on Nozipho.

Friday 17 August 2012
Episode 1335

Puleng is disturbed by Suffocate's outburst the previous night. To make matters worse, the cops arrive with news that the guy he assaulted is pressing charges. The experience forces Suffocate to a drastic decision.

William ends up at a lame stag night. Jafta intervenes to inject some life into the party. Tshidi decides that she's going to give her friendship with Nozipho another chance.

Monday 20 August 2012
Episode 1336

Suffocate wrestles with his conscience and what to do about (011). Miles and Shado draw closer after he tells her how Ivan's affair with Lucilla spelt the end of their relationship.

In the wake of William's bachelor party all the hung-over participants have different memories of what happened.

Tuesday 21 August 2012
Episode 1337

Suffocate puts David and Niki in their place. Miles is pleased that his strategy is working as planned, but the staff fear this may end up doing irreparable damage to the company.

Reneilwe and Mampho approach Bash for fake IDs to gain entry into Kilowatt.

Wednesday 22 August 2012
Episode 1338

Bash strikes a deal with Reneilwe. Nozipho continues to impose on William and Tshidi. Miles believes that Ivan is nearly at breaking point. Puleng finally confronts Niki.

Thursday 23 August 2012
Episode 1339

Suffocate tells Niki that she can stay at the club, but their friendship is over. Mampho and Reneilwe agree to help find youngsters for Bash to hustle.

Cuba has a screaming match with Suffocate and Niki. Puleng tells Suffocate that she has made a decision.

Friday 24 August 2012
Episode 1340

Tshidi feels guilty for abandoning Nozipho. Puleng announces to Cuba that she's leaving the club. Miles thinks he has won his battle with Ivan Tshinawa. Suffocate makes an unexpected decision.

Monday 27 August 2012
Episode 1341

Niki turns up at the club wanting to talk to Puleng. Miles is devastated that his plan to unseat Ivan has failed.

Tshidi is puzzled by William's obvious discomfort around Nozipho. Reneilwe realises that Mampho has a major crush on Bash.

Tuesday 28 August 2012
Episode 1342

Suffocate is staggered by the fight. Miles rages about Lucilla having been appointed CEO of Redemption.

Tshidi tells an apparently contrite Nozipho to keep away from her husband and her family. Reneilwe urges Bash to ask Mampho out to a concert.

Wednesday 29 August 2012
Episode 1343

Niki decides to move out of the club to avoid further trouble. She turns to David for help. Lucilla tries unsuccessfully to convince Miles that her accepting the position of CEO at Redemption has nothing to do with him.

Thursday 30 August 2012
Episode 1344

A newly released BK member tells Hermanus that George is about to start an operation and they need to use the 9-Nine airwaves to communicate the secret code.

Things are tense between Lucilla and Shado when Lucilla reads her the riot act. Reneilwe sees William putting his arms around Nozipho.

Friday 31 August 2012
Episode 1345

Mampho does not get the desired result in her attempts to hook Bash. Reneilwe tells Tshidi about what she saw between Nozipho and William.

Ivan is not amused when Lucilla does not take his side against Miles. Hermanus sets the mysterious operation in motion right under Stacy's nose.

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30 Jul 2012 14:34

Number 1

30 Jul 2012 14:37

Number 2
Yoh, at last

30 Jul 2012 14:38

1st.  Lookin interesting this month.

30 Jul 2012 14:39

Number 1 ...yeah let me read then!

30 Jul 2012 14:42

Whow Miles and Tshinawa! Nxm..

Lesedi 1
30 Jul 2012 14:44

Interesting!!! let me read.

30 Jul 2012 14:53

number 7

30 Jul 2012 15:25

no 8, let me read

30 Jul 2012 15:26 in de top 10 4 de 1st tym.

30 Jul 2012 15:29

we will c

30 Jul 2012 15:37

No. 11...lemme read

30 Jul 2012 15:38

No. 11...lemme read

30 Jul 2012 15:59

Mampho does not get the desired result in her attempts to hook Bash. Reneilwe tells Tshidi about what she saw between Nozipho and William. so this is a reverge wow will just have to wait and see

comented 1st
30 Jul 2012 16:52

shame tshidi...nosipho is back

30 Jul 2012 18:34

On the top 20....interesting storyline

30 Jul 2012 19:18

Marla shows her true colours,niki is her match then

30 Jul 2012 19:19

Marla shows her true colours,niki is her match then

sexy d
30 Jul 2012 22:06

Nosipho is maidi wife rite? I wonder what does she wants now but we will have to wait and see how is goes as for tshidi uncles wow dey jst crack me hey

31 Jul 2012 04:49

So what do u want us to do by writing "number one" or are u still in primary school? LAREBORA lona bana!!!!

31 Jul 2012 04:53

Lol, so this William is not only a foreiner but also unfaithful? Poor Tshidi That Jafta character irretates me!!!!! Eyw

31 Jul 2012 08:53

William and Nozipo???? but he looks innocent, maybe Nozipho was a striper at the Bachelor's party and slept with William when he was drunk. 

31 Jul 2012 10:28

Molweni  guys, Nozipho mara, i guess it's revenge, remember Maidi & Tshidi's affair. Now she is gonna seduce Williams just to spite Tshidi. Poor william doesn't know that he is being used to settle an ancient score.  I hate what Ivan is doing to Shado, mxm!

31 Jul 2012 12:12

Shado is just more trouble than she is worth. All this rebelious attitude she has. She could have solved Miles' problems by performing but yena she wants to go sell herself to Ivan, that's just disgusting on her part.

02 Aug 2012 15:33

Ivan is such a coward, why not fight Miles by yourself without you bodyguards.

I loved the look on Kaplan's face whe he apologized to Niki and Marla, I wonder what David said to him that scared him so much.

03 Aug 2012 08:59

Ivan is not gonna stop until he gets his pound in felsh. This all started cos Miles stole money from the company.

03 Aug 2012 09:05

It seems like Shado has undergone a personality change. I thought she was this tough as nails chick who worked on car who was a skeptic and now she comes across as this naive little girl who doesn't know how the world works.

03 Aug 2012 10:26

what did David do to Kaplan for real?I liked Kaplan's face too.William how can he do such moves,its so bad considering Tshidi's sacrifices.

03 Aug 2012 14:37

I see somewhere where they talk about Thula, thought he was fired together with Stoan.

04 Aug 2012 10:28

Yoo, Sis Bee's singing, I am not sure whether she sounds more like a cat being strangled or a hyena giving birth.

04 Aug 2012 10:30

Me too pjvv, maybe he was suspended.

06 Aug 2012 08:26

Yoo, Sis Bee's singing? That was just excrutiating.

07 Aug 2012 15:05

Can David and Nik nak just get it over and done with, all this flirting is too much for my blood pressure.

07 Aug 2012 15:14

What is wrong with everyone trying to take Redemption away from Miles. First it was David and now Ivan. I mean really now, can't they just go form their own companies.

09 Aug 2012 09:56

ummmmm Sis Bee singin'............."I will hold the mop and yu hold the bucket",dats was so sweet of Tshidi.

09 Aug 2012 10:01

ummmmm Sis Bee singin'............."let me hold the mop and yu hold the bucket",dats was so sweet of Tshidi.

10 Aug 2012 09:47

It's good to finally see Kete relent.

10 Aug 2012 11:25

Hello Mabloger.
what game is David playing mara heeee.

10 Aug 2012 11:31

i think the sexy Nikki thing is over done now! hayi man, why are they displaying her like that as if ke le rhosha! shame! hayi shame! bayamenza shame

10 Aug 2012 11:39

10 Aug 2012 11:40

hi guyz
David is up2 his old games.

10 Aug 2012 15:27

David has a thing for Nik Nak, he just wants to hit it and quit it.

10 Aug 2012 15:32

Cuba should just butt out of Puleng's business, I know she is her mother but embarrassing her like that was just not on.

12 Aug 2012 11:06

Mmmm kinda fancy how nikki closes her teeth with the lips parted.mmmn

12 Aug 2012 11:08

Mmmm kinda fancy how nikki closes her teeth with the lips parted.mmmn

13 Aug 2012 09:49

I think someone is in lust with Niki ala david.

14 Aug 2012 10:34

david and nik nak no words 4 u

14 Aug 2012 16:04

niki is playin with fire... she doesnt know david very well

14 Aug 2012 16:45

So, Nik Nak is going to try and blackmail Suffo, really Niki, does she actually think that David cares about her. Granted nik nak is street smart but when it comes to David, street smart don't mean nothing cos once he has ahd his fun he will tire of her and she would be just a nuisance and we all know how David deals with nuicances. He makes them disappear.

15 Aug 2012 06:38

Sorry Puleng, saffo is not a husband material & not ready. Tsotsi la muntu

15 Aug 2012 10:04

I honestly believe that Suffo makes a mistake which he is regretting and now he gets to see what a piece of work Nik Nak is, she is so drunk with power cos she thinks David is in her corner, the way she spoke to Bash last night, that was just nasty.

15 Aug 2012 13:48

yho Niki thinks now she has David on her side and she is burning all the bridges, hehehehehe I can just see her crying to bash when Dave is done with her

15 Aug 2012 16:55

You and me both bomyy, you and me both. Dave has loyalty only to himself. Right now he is just bored.

15 Aug 2012 20:29

'Did you know Suffocate'

16 Aug 2012 09:07

From the look on Suffo's face, I think the question should be "do you know Niki"

16 Aug 2012 16:30

It looks like Nosipho is out for sweet revenge....

16 Aug 2012 17:49

Of all the characters in Rhythn City I cant stand SHADO' s role! But I really like TSHIDI and WILLIAM! And that scene about the holding of mops and buckets ahhhhh that was so romantic and now NOSIPHO wants to shatter! Eish mara!

16 Aug 2012 19:45

Are there really characters like Jafta ekasi people?

17 Aug 2012 09:36

Nozipho is here for her pound of flesh.

17 Aug 2012 10:13

lol yes Xtru, those are the people who make the kasi to be kasi!

tebell phori
21 Aug 2012 19:16

Ivan is gettin what he deserves. Luci back is cool. Niki don't fool around with suffo. Tebello Phori

sexy d
22 Aug 2012 08:04

Suffocate my man wow

22 Aug 2012 16:08

I loved it when Suffo put Niki in her place. How dare she? Who the hell does she think she is?

22 Aug 2012 16:19

Nozipho is like a stalker now, always showing up at inopportune times, what the hell does she want from Tshidi, is it revenge of a  scorned woman. I think she's a bit unhinged.

22 Aug 2012 18:58

Nozipho is just just annoying now; I mean what the hell

22 Aug 2012 19:27

I was so happy yesterday when Suffo told those two off, they were annoying... especially Niki

23 Aug 2012 12:16

Argh Niki; she shouldn't be listening to David.

sexy d
24 Aug 2012 10:08

@Ingenuity so true hey she should go ask miles, lucilla, gail and suarez baloyi what david is capable of . she is gng to end up alone if she is not careful dave care only abt himself...

Nozipho ena comment loading..................................

24 Aug 2012 13:54

Nozipho I've got one word for you - Intruder 
Why does William feel so uncomfortable around Nozipho?

24 Aug 2012 14:17

Lol, sexy d; I also have no words for Nozipho, she is so obvious in her intrusiveness. She wants to ruin things between Tshidi and William

wilson kgakgamatso zachariah
27 Aug 2012 12:58

I really want them to get married this two. Suffo and Puleng they can make a nice married couple. A mme gone Suffo o rata Puleng, I have never heard him a raya Puleng are I Love you. Nikiwe Siphesihle Bongqo ene o tla tsena in trouble if she does not run away from David the Beast. She is now a cheese girl and she is now arogant towards her brother because of money. I can smell a rat.

27 Aug 2012 14:04

@Ntaksay "Why does William feel so uncomfortable around Nozipho?"

Sometime last week can't recall which day when the 3 of them were at the bar, Thula phoned  Tshidi & i'm sho the signal was bad, so she had to step out of the bar & left hubby with  the Intruder, with Tshidi gone, the Intruder caressed willie's thigh,  he told the Bitchy  Intruder to stop what she was doing as he didn't like it She apologised though..

Royal Highness
27 Aug 2012 14:43

tshinawa alwayz boring and ruining peoples lyves

27 Aug 2012 19:10

Nozipho wants some action from William bt she aint getting it, may be not just yet. Loving this drama. O ma ga o - pelu ohun Tiwa Savage.

28 Aug 2012 09:01

I saw the September teasers and all I can say that it is just took much drama

28 Aug 2012 11:00

Fats ke mosadi mara neh? O rata ditaba tsa batho, did Bash have to apologise to him for not sharing rumours?  whaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!!!!! 

sexy d
28 Aug 2012 11:41

@Calamity i jst read the teasers n iyo so much drama coming up cant wait

28 Aug 2012 14:36

Poor S'bu.

28 Aug 2012 22:45

@Ingenuity, why poor S'bu?

30 Aug 2012 15:48

I was happy with Bash yesterday, he's such a good brother

30 Aug 2012 16:05

ha.. Miles and Ivan always having the same conversation over n over its nw irritating.

31 Aug 2012 14:25

@ Mskm  very irritating

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