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The Wild Teasers - May 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Wild Teasers on 30 Apr 2012
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Guests who'll be appearing on The Wild this May include:
  • Kenneth Nkosi as businessman Khaya Nomvete.
  • Khabonina Qubeka as Maxime, housewife extraordinaire and Khaya’s wife.
  • Zakeeya Patel plays Kaya’s beautiful assistant Amita.
The action coming up:

Tuesday 1 May 2012
Episode 226

Itumeleng and Modise stand united as the fight for the Tladi chieftaincy continues. The DNA results for a paternity test are revealed. Lebata makes his true intentions known towards Marang. Giovanna makes a play for Jack.

Wednesday 2 May 2012
Episode 227

Marang meets a mysterious guest and his beautiful partner and gives Lebata an answer to his business proposal. Jack and Angie are still at loggerheads concerning Giovanna. The "three sisters" agree that Angie should forget about Jack. Modise refuses to make peace with his uncle.

Thursday 3 May 2012
Episode 228

Itumeleng grows isolated from his brother and jealous of Marang and Lebata. Angie has mixed feelings about Jack being faithful. Amita is concerned for Khaya's health, while Maxine wants to be taken seriously.

Monday 7 May 2012
Episode 229

Itumeleng is forced to admit his feelings for an old friend. Angie's wild goose chase ends up breaking an unsuspecting heart. Resentful of Amita and Khaya's relationship, Maxine can't resist spoiling her husband with something sweet.

Tuesday 8 May 2012
Episode 230

Lindsay comes to terms with her feelings towards Tristan. Maxine has something up her sleeve and an infuriated Itumeleng lashes out.

Wednesday 9 May 2012
Episode 231

Marang admits to Diksie who the person is that owns her heart. Mama Rose nips Flora's expectations in the bud and Angie is shocked after a confrontation with Giovanna.

Thursday 10 May 2012
Episode 232

Itumeleng and Marang's relationship takes an unexpected turn. The cause of Khaya's illness is revealed. Tension mounts between Tristan, Jack and Sarah while Lelo accuses Modise of trying to take advantage of her.

Monday 14 May 2012
Episode 233

Itumeleng and Marang decide to define their relationship. Tristan struggles to play the good father and Khaya's health continues to fail. Lelo and Modise come to a crossroad, much to Flora's envy.

Tuesday 15 May 2012
Episode 234

Modise is left indecisive when evidence about Lebata's corruption come to light. Maxine's frustration towards Khaya is growing and Lelo offers Marang a surprising truce. Karel goes to an old friend regarding a life-long secret of the land.

Wednesday 16 May 2012
Episode 235

Modise helps Lebata against better judgement. Lelo and Sarah fail to save Amber's ruined weekend and Karel is concerned about his meeting with Khaya. Itumeleng and Marang battle to find a balance while Maxine's son upsets her.

Thursday 17 May 2012
Episode 236

Amita's suspicions grow about Khaya, while Itumeleng and Marang enjoy a blissful day out. Modise confronts Lebata about new corruption charges and Tristan is confronted by the consequences of his actions.

Monday 21 May 2012
Episode 237

Itumeleng wows Marang with a special trip. Amita tells Khaya about her suspicions. Modise rejects Flora's idea that he should run for office and Tristan admits that he's not the perfect father.

Tuesday 22 May 2012
Episode 238

Khaya makes a shocking discovery about his health. Tristan tries to make amends with the people around him and Karel continues to press Modise into pursuing a political career.

Wednesday 23 May 2012
Episode 239

Khaya's blood runs cold and Marang gives astute advice to Itumeleng. Modise kicks off his new career, only to hit his first setback. Tristan's attempt to get fit goes off track.

Thursday 24 May 2012
Episode 240

An encounter with Lelo causes Itumeleng to question his past while Modise tries to get him to endorse his new career. Jack draws Angie into a bet with Tristan. Khaya has a confrontation with the culprit of a plot against him.

Monday 28 May 2012
Episode 241

Jack plays Angie off against Tristan in a bold and risky bet. Maxine makes a power move, much to Amita's dismay. Modise continues his bid for community support for his campaign. Itumeleng recognises a ghost from his past in the newspaper.

Tuesday 29 May 2012
Episode 242

Marang's good mood is noticed by the Dinaledi staff. Modise gains a valuable supporter when he takes charge like a true leader. Everyone's excited and rooting for Angie, but the pressure may be too much for her and Jack.

Wednesday 30 May 2012
Episode 243

Itumeleng hides his worries about the ghost from his past. Lebata vows to destroy Modise while Marang vetoes Angie's ranger initiation, claiming that it's too dangerous. Tristan is a victim of over-training and Bernie battles to get a grip on her anger about Itumeleng and Marang's relationship.

Thursday 31 May 2012
Episode 244

It's the day of the ranger initiation race between Tristan and Angie. What will the consequences be after Modise throws Lebata out of the community lapa? Mama Rose finds out that Itumeleng and Marang are having a romantic relationship.

The Wild is on M-Net Satellite Mondays to Thursdays at 19h00, on M-Net Terrestrial Mondays to Thursdays at 18h00; and on Mzansi Magic Mondays to Thursdays at 20h00.


30 Apr 2012 22:01


01 May 2012 08:52

Whatever! This show looks beautiful but has no story...

02 May 2012 10:49

Marang is just using that arrogant Lebata to make Itumeleng jealous. she looks good w Lebata tho.

02 May 2012 13:38

Itumeleng is RaTladis son after all, more drama coming this month, i love this soap.

02 May 2012 14:00

Marang and Itumeleng wow that should be a true romantic scene..

03 May 2012 16:03

mm Itumeleng either u did something w the DNA results or you just have a good heart. u want to forgive that pig.

09 May 2012 15:03

lol @ Marang's smile after the fight.. i think i'd also do the same, men fighting over mwa.

14 May 2012 12:15

Maxime very evil jo! wonder wat she has up her sleeve.

21 May 2012 14:31

kanti wats with Maxime?? she wants to kill Khaya or wah?

am loving Mr. & Mrs Ferguson.

24 May 2012 15:55

Abt time... hope today she'll be packing her belongings and leaving that beautiful hse.. nxah! stil patiently waiting to see wats w her n Itumeleng, there has to be something with the way she was looking at Itumeleng's pic.

25 May 2012 08:58

Goodness is it the end for Mr. Khaya? very sad. was expecting a bit mo action from him..

30 May 2012 12:01

Sho! Biggesmalls is hating. 
Are you talking about a show that in its first year scooped up SAFTAS. A show that is internationally winning awards after awards. 
this is a show where every top actor wants to be. 
It's way better than the drivel we are given from SABC sopaies. Let me not even start about how much all those soapies sucks. disgusting!

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