The real Celebrity Apprentice: Jack Jason

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 03 Apr 2012
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Man-baby Meat Loaf might believe that he's the biggest star on The Celebrity Apprentice but someone else has stolen the show: Marlee Matlin's sign language interpreter Jack Jason.

I've been fascinated by him and was tickled to see him on American Idol at the weekend. Did you spot him in the audience? Marlee was at the show and he was sitting two seats away from her, looking at her through his usual doting peepers.

It's been intriguing to see how he manages to capture every nuance of what Marlee says, right down to when she doesn't complete a word or changes a thought in mid-sentence. His voice is her, despite the fact that he's a guy.

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After seeing his delight at her making the final two on Monday night I decided to find out more about him and discovered that he's been signing for her for over 20 years. They met while Marlee was filming Children of a Lesser God, which she won the Oscar for.

In an interview with he talks about their first meeting. Marlee was staying in New York while filming the movie and wanted to go out but she didn't know her way around town so her co-star William Hurt (who she was dating at the time) organised an interpreter for her for a day out - who happened to be Jack.

He wasn't going to be her permanent interpreter because of being a guy but they clicked immediately and that was that. After that they became business partners too and still are.

They have a company together that focuses on finding projects for Marlee to act in. They look at new scripts, find roles that suit Marlee - roles that would usually be played by hearing actors - and come up with ways in which she could play the roles. They then approach the production company doing the project to suggest Marlee for the part.

This from The Los Angeles Times about what he's been getting up to behind-the-scenes on Apprentice: "He's worked mostly as her interpreter but has also conferred with producers on how to accommodate Matlin on the show, specifically in Donald Trump's boardroom, says Page Feldman, an executive producer for Apprentice."

Both of Jack's parents are deaf which is how he became so astute at sign language. Interestingly he was doing a PhD when he met Marlee and gave it up to be with her - he studied film which is why he's been in-the-know as her business partner too.

In various interviews as he's described as her interpreter, business partner, advisor, conduit and confidant, which you can see he really is. I've constantly found myself thinking that he obviously knows Marlee better than anyone else does, possibly even herself.


03 Apr 2012 11:02

Aww Thanx Tashi. I love yesterday when he literaly 'creamed' Marlee's excitement. He is absolutely with very little fault, Marlee's voice, expressions alles. Awesme duo.

04 Apr 2012 10:36

Absolutely Green, they are.

Thoroughly enjoyed last night's episode as per - I was shocked that the man-baby would come back and have a temper tantrum when it wasn't even his task!

The show's put me off Meat Loaf bigtime - just goes to show how these sorts of celebrity series can either make or break one's impressions of people.

Was also stumped at JR yet again - it's astounding how people will do anything for him, even break their contracts with producers like that Twisted Sister Dee Snider.

Both him and the man-baby revealed the extent of the smoke and mirrors that goes into being a rockstar. They come across as so hardcore  yet they're total boobies.

05 Apr 2012 09:25

Things are really down to the crunch now and I have no clue who Trump's gonna give the win to now. I still think John Rich should win but Marlee's presentation went much more smoothly. It's either going to be a pro for her or Trump's gonna give it to JR for how he handled things when things went whack.

Star's hysterical with her crush on him - she's totally smitten. She would have played a totally different game if she'd been on his team from the start.

I was pleased to see NeNe made the reunion and was shocked at David Cassidy's response to Richard Hatch being in jail, calling it "vindication". I was like, REALLY? I was stumped that he felt so pleased about it - you can't believe someone could be in the entertainment industry and hold such a grudge for what happens on a show.

I'm gonna miss the show bigtime once it ends tonight.

sweetie my baby
05 Apr 2012 14:47

oh wow! i love you always get the little hidden gems from the stories, Tash! what a fascinating dude - and it's great to hear what a bond they have, it comes through really well! looking forward to seeing them do more together!!

05 Apr 2012 14:50

It was the best Celebrity Apprentice so far. Thanks Tashi for this piece about Jack Jason. He is a star, very valuable not only to Marlee but us too!

06 Apr 2012 11:25

Thanx for the CA pieces for this season Tash. I missed the finale, and I'll miss the repeat, but I know John won. Hmm...I think it was close. Nene would have taken the crown as far as who left a bitter taste in my mouth, but outside of the show I usualy like her, I guess its a matter of liking Star more than her, and I had to pick sides between the tw devils. BUt without a doubt, Lil Jon stoe my heart in this season, as well as......*looking down shy*...Gary Busey *big smile*

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