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Rhythm City Teasers - April 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 29 Mar 2012
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Coming up on Rhythm City this April, 2012:

Monday 2 April 2012
Episode 1236

Mamokete gives her brother a chance to apologise for turning his back on her. She's shocked and hurt when he uses it as an opportunity to ask her to look after his illegitimate daughter.

Lucilla comes to see Miles after he's discharged from hospital. He apologises for his behaviour and promises to stop trying to get back at her.

Tuesday 3 April 2012
Episode 1237

Gail worries that Collins seems to find it difficult to translate his feelings for her into real intimacy. Collins tells Gail that the rapist seems to be developing a special relationship with her. Hermanus lets Gail know that he suspects Collins might be the rapist.

Miles decides that he's going to devote himself to life. He tells Lucilla that he's going to make life for Buhle and her as easy as possible.

Bash tells Fats that ward candidates need to live in the ward they represent. Fats tries to use this as a reason to pull out of the election - but Bash persuades him to say that he lives with the Khuses.

Mamokete refuses to bend at all with respect to her brother. The family ostracised her when she fell pregnant - she will not forgive them.

Wednesday 4 April 2012
Episode 1238

Bash gets Fats's campaign underway and tells him he needs to adopt the common touch. Gail makes her move on Collins, with uncomfortable results and almost catastrophic consequences.

S'bu tries to warn off Hermanus, but gets warned off in turn. Reneilwe turns up at the Khuse doorstep. Lucilla departs from Redemption.

Thursday 5 April 2012
Episode 1239

Reneilwe gets Mamokete's back up by intruding on her kitchen. Bash convinces Fats that he needs to go on the front foot in his election campaign.

Fats goes on a charm offensive to try to win votes. Suffocate however does not appreciate politics in his club.

Gail and S'bu try to get to grips with Collins's unwillingness to get intimate with Gail. David gives S'bu some damning information about Hermanus. S'bu confronts Hermanus.

Miles officially moves all his stuff out of Lucilla's house. It is well and truly over between them. Reneilwe tries to work her way into the hearts of the Khuse family. Mamokete does not appreciate it.

Friday 6 April 2012
Episode 1240

Gail tells S'bu that Collins refuses to do therapy and she thinks their relationship has no future. When she's at home alone that evening she receives a delivery of red roses and begs Collins to come and protect her, which he does.

Miles is full of new energy and goes into Redemption on a public holiday. He calls Kop in and offers him a job working for him.

S'bu finds Miles working late in the office, listening to music and talking about that special sound he wants to try and find. S'bu realises he's looking for a new Rachel Phakathi.

Monday 9 April 2012
Episode 1241

Gail finally gets Collins to a therapy session. Miles is re-invigorated by watching live bands. Mamokete can't hide her displeasure at having Reneilwe staying in the house. Fats learns that Suffocate's bet against him, and questions whether or not he should even run.

Tuesday 10 April 2012
Episode 1242

Collins is deeply unsettled by the visit to Dr Washburn. Gail calls him on it. She is very upbeat about the session. Collins snaps when she pushes him to reveal his "deep dark secrets". Gail is taken aback.

Dr Washburn also confronts Collins. He senses the darkness within. Collins starts to realise that Dr Washburn may soon be a problem for him.

S'bu tells Niki he's worried about Miles. He's convinced Miles is in denial about his painful breakup with Lucilla. Niki takes note. She starts to share S'bu's concern when later that night Miles can be seen partying up a storm with some hoochies.

Fats gets ready to take on his opponents. During an election speech at the club he pits the "little guy in the street" against the political machine, denounces Sizwe Nzimande as an enemy of the poor and gets the crowd firmly on his side.

Reneilwe and Tshidi bond, while Mamokete makes it clear that her feelings about Reneilwe's presence haven't changed one bit.

Wednesday 11 April 2012
Episode 1243

S'bu is increasingly finding himself being the parent to a wayward Miles. He is not used to being in the situation at all and is completely at sea.

Collins continues to rail against the therapy situation with Gail. When Washburn starts prodding around, he finally has enough and walks out of the session.

Mamokete starts to make peace with her niece, realising that she's just caught in the crossfire between herself and her brother.

Bash continues to push Fats hard as the election draws closer. Bills are mounting up and they go on a funding drive.

Gail wakes in the night to find a man in a balaclava sitting in her flat.

Thursday 12 April 2012
Episode 1244

The rapist strokes Gail's cheek with his knife - but then turns and leaves her. The cops - and a security company - descend on her flat to beef up her security.

At their session with Dr Washburn, the psychologist has a sudden, piercing insight.

S'bu tells Miles that he thinks he's having a mid-life crisis. He's behaving foolishly. It's clear that Miles is trying to recreate the excitement he felt when he first "discovered" Rachel.

Fats starts getting some small donations from his constituents. He introduces Fats to a big donor who, in return for an envelope full of cash, gets Fats to agree to be his "friend" on the council.

Reneilwe tells a sad story of a cowardly father, too mean to give her a cellphone. Kop responds by buying her a cheap phone himself.

Friday 13 April 2012
Episode 1245

Washburn tries to talk to Collins, one-on-one, but Collins evades him. Bash persuades Fats to accept the electoral "gift", and to play dirty in his campaign against Sizwe.

S'bu continues to be puzzled by Miles's transformation, and tries to talk to him about it. Hermanus tells Collins he sees the real him. Gail decides she needs to do something to catch the rapist.

Monday 16 April 2012
Episode 1246

Bash attempts to get Fats to focus on the election and get past the radio interview. Fats is struggling with his conscience. Bash suggests a much more dodgy tactic that shocks Fats to the core.

Reneilwe is desperate to go to Kilowatt, but Tshidi refuses. Puleng thinks Tshidi needs to cut her some slack.

Mamokete and Kop tell Fats that they will vote for him come the elections. They were glad he exposed the opposition. Fats wants to be ill.

Collins goes to see the therapist one last time. Washburn gives him one last chance to try to save himself. He refuses.

S'bu tries to stop Miles from publicly embarrassing himself. Miles is too drunk to listen.

Gail gets an emergency call from Washburn saying she must come see her immediately. Before she can say what it's about, Collins slips into his office and ...

Tuesday 17 April 2012
Episode 1247

Gail discovers a dead Dr Washburn and calls the cops. She tries to go to work, but clearly isn't dealing with the shock so S'bu sends her home to Collins who promises to look after her.

S'bu's intervention with Miles's recent behaviour prompts Miles to move out of S'bu's flat. But in the midst of packing, something unexpected happens. It's election day and Bash and Fats pull out all the stops to seal the deal.

Reneilwe and Tshidi get dolled up for their night out at the club, but when Bash gets involved, Tshidi's in for a nasty surprise.

Wednesday 18 April 2012
Episode 1248

Gail keeps turning Dr Washburn's murder over and over in her mind. Collins looks after her and supports her and she gives him a spare key to her apartment. Just when she tells him Dr Washburn's last words were not to contact Collins, she realises he's drugged her drink.

The doctor tells Miles that he collapsed because of exhaustion and he becomes increasingly depressed about the idea of becoming old.

Reneilwe doesn't come back all night and Tshidi has to lie to Mamokete about where she is. She eventually pitches up at Kilowatt, drunk and claiming Bash spiked her drink.

Sizwe tells Fats that a stolen ballot box has been found and the crime will be reported to the police.

Thursday 19 April 2012
Episode 1249

Bash surprises Reneilwe when he covers for her with angry Tshidi. Fats doesn't feel worthy when the election results come in. Hermanus plants a seed of doubt about Collins in Gail's mind. Miles has a strange encounter in a smoky bar.

Friday 20 April 2012
Episode 1250

Collins tries to prevent Gail from investigating the connection between the rapist and Dr Washburn's murder. S'bu inadvertently supports Collins's efforts in dissuading Gail. Gail gets dangerously close to finding out the truth about Collins.

An eager Miles goes on a hunt for the mysterious singer who touched him profoundly. He is enchanted when he meets Melody.Mamokete and Kop sympathise with Reneilwe when she reveals her deep-seated issues with her father.

Mamokete finds out about Reneilwe's wayward behaviour. Fats is overwhelmed by his new responsibility as ward councillor. He is tempted to resign, but Bash finds a way to encourage him to commit to his duty.

Monday 23 April 2012
Episode 1251

Gail is overwhelmed and, by playing the therapist, Collins manages to allay her suspicions of him. He suggests staying away from Gail to keep her from her associations with the rapist, but Gail begs him to stay.

Melody sings for Miles and S'bu, but she's not the voice Miles heard. Miles continues his hunt for the voice, despite the misgivings of S'bu and the incredulity of barman Mike.

Reneilwe confesses to going to Kilowatt, but claims her drink was spiked. She 'accidentally' dumps the blame on Tshidi, and Mamokete loses trust in Tshidi.

Fats gets sworn into local council and makes a good start, winning the admiration of his friends. But his high is short-lived when Joe calls in a favour in return for his election campaign donation, asking Fats Malefane to cross the line of corruption.

Tuesday 24 April 2012
Episode 1252

Reneilwe tries to get Bash to take her to another party, but he refuses. S'bu tries to talk Miles out of continuing his search for this mystery singer, but Miles is determined.

Bash convinces Fats to get himself a seat on the tender subcommittee. When the auditions don't yield any results, Miles gives up on his mystery singer. Fats gets nominated onto the sewage committee.

Just when we think Gail's life is in jeopardy, Collins produces baby clothing that he bought with the help of Niki.

Wednesday 25 April 2012
Episode 1253

Fats continues to take flak from all constituents. He is knee deep in the sewage of problems, but finding the council less than helpful.

Gail is glowing at the possibilities of her relationship with Collins when the detective pays her a visit with some fresh news on the case. Miles finally gets the chance to meet his elusive singer, but things do not go according to plan.

Suffocate tells Puleng that the new club is going to open in a week. He also tells her to keep the following night free. He has a special surprise for her. Tshidi and Puleng start speculating. Could it be that Suffocate is going to pop the question?

Thursday 26 April 2012
Episode 1254

Gail tells Niki that she has tracked down the desk sergeant who took the call from Dr Washburn before his murder. Collins watches this conversation, but doesn't know what's been said.

Later he tries to probe Niki for information - but his intensity scares her off. Gail meets with Sergeant Daniels and learns that Washburn indicated during his call that not only did he know that one of his patients was in danger - but that he knew from whence the danger came.

Miles begs Melody to put him in contact with Shado again - insisting that his only interest is in promoting her talent. He tracks her down to a petrol station where, once again, she tells him to get lost.

Fats tells Pastor Desmond lies about how he's exerting pressure on the mayor to have the church's sewage problem solved - and later hears how grateful the pastor is for Fats's intervention. Jafta assails him for not keeping his promise to have the potholes in his road filled. Fats feels very guilty.

Puleng believes that Suffocate's planning to propose to her this evening - but learns with deep disappointment that all he wants to do is show her the premises of his new club.

Friday 27 April 2012
Episode 1255

Bash puts pressure on Fats to prioritise the tender committee and the reparation of his corrupt debts to Joe Malefane. Gail expresses her doubts about Collins.

Puleng is bitterly disappointed about not scoring the proposal, but decides to pour her energies into the new club instead. Sizwe gives Fats a brief lesson in civic responsibility, which sends Fats into the sewage system in an effort to lead by example.

Hermanus's prickliness and defensiveness combine to ensure he fails to convince Ronald of the threat to Gail.

Monday 30 April 2012
Episode 1256

Collins calls saying he wants to see Gail, but she makes excuses. She can't bring herself to share her fears with Niki. When Collins pitches up in the flat that night, she takes Hermanus's gun out of its hiding place.

Miles is struggling to understand what Shado meant by being content. He looks her up and they share a few mellow moments together.

Fats is taking his new role as local politician seriously and is trying to find a way of serving the community while keeping Bash and Joe Malefane off his back. Suffocate eventually tells Puleng why she won't be coming to (011) and she takes it very badly.

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29 Mar 2012 09:45

im first heeeeeppppy

29 Mar 2012 09:47

whoop whoop am number two :))) let now it mi read

29 Mar 2012 09:55

tararaa. Collins the red rose rapist. OMG

29 Mar 2012 09:56

i a number 4, yhey!

29 Mar 2012 10:10

omg! Collins. So wen he rapes all the other girls he wears a musk? Wat a sick psyco! Then afta he has guts to gv hs victims therapy!

Mrs Chix
29 Mar 2012 10:11

OH ......

29 Mar 2012 10:18

PoorGAIL,the rapist is collins

29 Mar 2012 10:19

Ohhh I see david and naomi don't feature or is there something that I wasn't told I see Ronald somewhere would be nice having him back And can u PLEEAASEEE fire Miles the guy bores the crap out of me...I also liked that Fat's chick she brings some Matured energy around him..overall promises to be a very interesting month

29 Mar 2012 10:42

i knew it!  it was collen ppl were suspecting  Hermanus bt  Hermanus gave gail a gun 2 shoot the rapist.

29 Mar 2012 10:50

Why they don't kill Miles.

xoliswa mbayise
29 Mar 2012 11:04

i knew it, colins is the red rose rapist i knew the bastard

29 Mar 2012 11:16

Miles' character is not improving at all. Why are they always trying to make him OLD ROMEO of RC? The man has long reached his sell by date bathong!

sexy d
29 Mar 2012 11:51

yippie be right back...

sexy d
29 Mar 2012 12:13

*shaking head* so collins is the red rose rapist now am starting to wonder if the whole story regarding his wife where true he may have raped and killed his wife.

Miles bathong can someone pls shot him or he should just take a long holiday agg man

Fats ward councellor sho


29 Mar 2012 12:43

Miles, Miles , Miles. I think the guy needs a vacation. They did give it to David and Sbu and they came back better. As for Collins the rapist Hermanus shld cut him piece by piece.

Magical Baby
29 Mar 2012 13:41

I said it that Collins is the rapist. Something about him was just not right, he was too "smooth" for my liking. 

Suffocate eventually tells Puleng why she won't be coming to (011) and she takes it very badly

Guys what is (011)?

29 Mar 2012 13:49

always suspected collins ....... He is jst weird

29 Mar 2012 14:07

Saw it coming Collins is the rapist...wish my friends could see ths cz thy ddnt believe me whn i told em.

29 Mar 2012 14:15

Top 20 - Yoh Collins is the red rose rapist.... yah neh!! Miles will always be Miles, if you know what I mean.. he he he - lol

29 Mar 2012 14:24

will Gail shoot Collins or what?Puleng shud b patient with Suffo one day he will pop the question b patient gal.......

29 Mar 2012 14:55

I think you're right Kassey. So early in the relationship the girl is already planning her wedding. Suffo is still cagey about his Independence and she already wants to suffocate him. She must wait pls.

29 Mar 2012 16:00

i'm new but collins omg

sexy d
30 Mar 2012 08:33

@lilme welcome dear

Miles grow up

Shame poor jaftha he had run out of ideas when lindi dump him yesterday but that should be a lesson man if you think there is something wrong with your relationship going outside to find the solution wont help, find the solutions where the problem lies.

@Magical baby i think 011 its JHB since its, its code probably they they are using that instant of the real name...

30 Mar 2012 11:16

I haven't watched the whole week and depended on the comments for updates but now all of a sudden it's quiet, no comment, nothing, zilch, where's everyone?

30 Mar 2012 11:22

@Magical Baby & sexy d I think 011 is the name of the new club.

30 Mar 2012 13:22

so miles didnt find out that sbu is the man

Mrs Chix
30 Mar 2012 13:32

This rape story is dragging on for too long now.... and I think its time for a funeral... Miles funeral

30 Mar 2012 13:54

I agree with you Mrs Chix, I was amazed to find it will still go on another full month. When I see people campaigning for Miles' exit in the soapie I remember when Rachel Phakathi was leaving the show. According to newspapers Miles said it was good riddance because she was a bad actor and should stick to music. And now the wheels seem to be turning on him.

30 Mar 2012 19:29

30 Mar 2012 19:30

Wow red rose rapist collins thi is not so cool

30 Mar 2012 19:31

Wow red rose rapist collins this is not so cool

30 Mar 2012 22:14

OMMFG Collins the Red Rose Rapist Smh It does look like him at all there I go suspecting Hermanus whilst the rapist is the sweet Mr Collins.tjooooo haike n yeah cn sum1 plz killllll Miles haiiii Rhythm city is boring nw

30 Mar 2012 22:14

OMMFG Collins the Red Rose Rapist Smh It doesnt look like him at all there I go suspecting Hermanus whilst the rapist is the sweet Mr Collins.tjooooo haike n yeah cn sum1 plz killllll Miles haiiii Rhythm city is boring nw

31 Mar 2012 11:37

Poor Miles is just suffering from his demons peeps. I think it just serves him well after the trauma he put Lucila through. Ujwayele ukuthi uLucila always forgives him no matter what but seeing her standing her ground, is new to him. I also like the fact that the story was followed through for us to see the afer part instead of quickly picking up the pieces and getting on with life. I'm still happy with Miles in the soapie guys. I just want to see him suffer summore.

31 Mar 2012 11:41

Poor Miles is just suffering from his demons peeps. I think it just serves him well after the trauma he put Lucila through. Ujwayele ukuthi uLucila always forgives him no matter what but seeing her standing her ground, is new to him. I also like the fact that the story was followed through for us to see the afer part instead of quickly picking up the pieces and getting on with life. I'm still happy with Miles in the soapie guys. I just want to see him suffer summore.

02 Apr 2012 07:24

I see the main story is the red rose rapist, most of us saw this coming from the beginning. I don't know why most people want Miles to go, he has sort of been the back bone of the Naomi saga.

02 Apr 2012 08:55

Hey but Victoria ke mamgobhozi. When she opens the door for people does she have to stand there until she's told to leave. I understand when Lucila is under threat but when Sbu was there she waited as if to say, what's the business between the two of you. Kete ke mosadi. The way she sorted the Jafta issue. And Jafta is waiting there thinking Kete will give her the refund. How stupid of him. The poor lady who really thought Jafta will leave his wife learned the hard way. It's a pity that people don't learn from what is portrayed in these soapies. The stories that we read in news papers are so depressing. Hey, and the man is such a liar maan. What Miles is doing is nothing new. It comes to the end of the relationship yet you still callllllll them to find out if they are still doing well. You calllllllllll them to see if you can go out for a movie and the answer is no. You see them with another person yet you calllllllllll to find out if they've finally moved on with their life and the answer is not straight but you must read between the lines. You callllllllll again and you find it's hard for them to respond and then you hear a voice behind and then you apologise, end the call and send that Adele type of message "I wish nothing but the best for you", you know you don't mean it but hey. You pray hard for strength and you stop calling them for a full six months and they call you!!!

02 Apr 2012 12:30

hey peeps i wonder y sbuh & lulu cant be in luv once coz we can c dat theres dat click btwin them

02 Apr 2012 12:31

hey peeps i wonder y sbuh & lulu cant be in luv once coz we can c dat theres dat click btwin them

Mrs Chix
02 Apr 2012 15:01

@ Calamity, dont get me wrong dear the Naomi saga was hot hot hot, but the way Miles is pining over Lulu is tooo much, he should take a 3months holiday.... I think they will have a good storyline for him when he comeback

03 Apr 2012 03:31

i already knew dat collins was the rapist,but i was kinda hopin he wud change his ways just because he has come 2 lv gail more dan he wants 2 kill her,as 4 miles,ewu!d guy has neva b3n of interest 2 me,bt i thnk death z d bst solution 4 hm

sexy d
03 Apr 2012 08:54

morning all

03 Apr 2012 09:11

Please update, I didn't lsdt night episode.

03 Apr 2012 09:18

Yeah Miles is a big turnoff right now. But Hermnus is the man right now! To think that I hated him when he first appeared!

03 Apr 2012 10:02


03 Apr 2012 10:53

Hi guys. I get what you're saying about Miles and all. But I need an update on what was happening to him on Friday when it seemed as if he was dying on the couch. Please! Please! Please!

03 Apr 2012 10:54


03 Apr 2012 15:05

Miles had a panic attack, I think. Why is everyone on Hermy's case, although S'bu did defend him a bit. Collins (the weasel) went to S'bu and complained about Hermanus, saying that S'bu should keep him away from Gail as she doesn't feel safe with him around and he claimed that Herm is the one who called Gail

03 Apr 2012 15:24

S'bu said that he knows that Herm is a bit strange and he is a crooked lawyer at best but he is harmless. He asked where Collins was and Collins scoffed and asked whether he was insuniating that he called Gail and why would he call her if he had a dinner date with him.

03 Apr 2012 15:33

with her I meant. Then we saw Gail slaving away in the kitchen and Collins showed up with a back pack and he later revealed a knife and a mask which he put on while Gail had her back turned which was creepy. Miles apologised again to Lu and promised to behave, Lu told him that she loves him and they should part as friends. Fats kicked of his campaign and Jatfa asked him about his policies which Fats failed to respond to.

03 Apr 2012 16:11

Thanks a lot @calamity. I bow to you.

03 Apr 2012 18:56

Pleasure Njoy

Name here
03 Apr 2012 19:20

I sense a middle-life crisis

04 Apr 2012 08:43

Lucilla o lahlile jong....
Gail le that charmer boy..hehehehehe...i smell a rat
When is Naomi's part coming/character coming to the scene...i miss her so much...
Bra kop o swna le Avator....funny gud ugly man.

04 Apr 2012 09:34

OMG! I thought I was going to get an update but ended up getting a rude awakening. What's up?

04 Apr 2012 09:45

David told Lulu that he knows about her & Sbu and Lulu ask him what he what David said nothing but Lulu have to know that there are no secret between then. 

Hermanus told Gail to keep an eye on Collins cos he don't trust him but Gail told Collins that Herm's is pointing fingers to everyone including Collins, Collins took his glove from his bag and ask Gail if she trust him (Collins) Gail said she feel safe around him and then they hug each other.  

04 Apr 2012 09:54

Much appreciated @andzon. David is always ahead of things. I don't know whether he's nosy or he wants to keep track of his enemies. But he seems to sincerely like Sbu though. Shame, Gail is a woman in love and sees no fault in the man she loves. Thank you once again andzon.

04 Apr 2012 09:55

Eish MEN! I am only now watching Scandal and am so crying Erin. Mara ke eng ka banna huh? Tino se gat man! *crying* yo yo yo yo somebody nthudise tu!

04 Apr 2012 11:01

Anything on Kete and her brother as yet? I last saw it on Saturday when Tshidi was questioning her mother about the stranger in her house.

04 Apr 2012 11:29

Oops thought I was on the Scandal page. My apologies RC family. Njoy the brother left and Kop and Tshidi are pleading with Kete to forgive and forget. Shame I feel for Kete. The brother (Sello) apologised to Mamokete for coming and upsetting as it was not his intention. Kete is in difficult space right now and I see todays highlights Sello brought the daughter ka nkane haai! U nzima lomthwalo!

04 Apr 2012 11:58

Haai unzima kentse. lol. So it means the brother is not sorry then if he brings the child whether Kete likes it or not. Kete's brother must have hurt her a lot if she managed to forget about him for a full 20 years. Poor Kete ka nnete.

04 Apr 2012 12:53

Ke nka Ketes side in this brother issue. Imagine being pregnant and the boyfriend runs out on you and YOUR OWN FAMILY turning against you? I think Kete's reaction is justified. The brother is beyond selfish and wa tella! He bring his bastard because his wife ha a e batle? Shoooo nkabe ke mo tshetse ka metsi a belang man. Kare boiling water!

04 Apr 2012 12:54

I don't think that person is KETE's brother.
That person is Tshidi's father...Bra kop o tswhere Baiki daar

04 Apr 2012 13:07

lol kentse you killed me there. Sure the brother is selfish. He's turning Kete into a dumping sight now because it suits him. Kete did not dump her child by his door when he rejected her. Selfish is the only way to describe him. Sies!

04 Apr 2012 13:21

Ja KUKU you made me laugh there, I wasn't expecting that one. Keep on spicing it hey.

04 Apr 2012 18:01

The nerve of that guy, really, I guess it is true what they say about never judging anyone untill you walk a mile in their shoes, and now the shoe is on the foot.

05 Apr 2012 08:12

I have to admit to being a little confused. On 29 March the teasers said, and I quote 'Miles finds out about thr rendezvous between Lucilla and S'bu from the private investigator he hired. He confronts S'bu and is destroyed by S'bu's betrayal'. I missed that episode, but from what Dave said to Lu, it seems Miles doesn't know that it is S'bu who was servicing Lu's oils and other fluids and stuff!

05 Apr 2012 08:30

calamity my darling miles was angry bcoz sbu told lucilla that miles has hired a PI to spy on her

05 Apr 2012 10:33

Anyone heard what David & Miles conversation was about, my kids we making noise.

05 Apr 2012 10:40

Morning all I didn't watch guys can someone just be kind enough to fill me in please.

05 Apr 2012 11:36

Lulu and Miles sat down with their Lawyers and Miles give Lu full custody of Buhle and shares for Redemption, Lu's lawyers ask what in return and Miles says peach of mind. Hermanus tell Sbu to be carefull about Collis because he don't trust him but Sbu was angry and Herms was more angry he even call Sbu Buddy Sbu was trying to say somthing and Herms says don't say Buddy I'm not your friend Sbu said but you call me Buddy. Vote 4 Fats, Gravy for all. I don't understand it but Fats and Bash understand. Gail made a move on Collins and Collis was angry and he storm out.

05 Apr 2012 11:41

Lulu and Miles sat down with their Lawyers and Miles give Lu full custody of Buhle and shares for Redemption, Lu's lawyers ask what in return and Miles says peach of mind. Hermanus tell Sbu to be carefull about Collis because he don't trust him but Sbu was angry and Herms was more angry he even call Sbu Buddy Sbu was trying to say somthing and Herms says don't say Buddy I'm not your friend Sbu said but you call me Buddy. Vote 4 Fats, Gravy for all. I don't understand it but Fats and Bash understand. Gail made a move on Collins and Collis was angry and he storm out.

05 Apr 2012 11:41

Lulu and Miles sat down with their Lawyers and Miles give Lu full custody of Buhle and shares for Redemption, Lu's lawyers ask what in return and Miles says peach of mind. Hermanus tell Sbu to be carefull about Collis because he don't trust him but Sbu was angry and Herms was more angry he even call Sbu Buddy Sbu was trying to say somthing and Herms says don't say Buddy I'm not your friend Sbu said but you call me Buddy. Vote 4 Fats, Gravy for all. I don't understand it but Fats and Bash understand. Gail made a move on Collins and Collis was angry and he storm out.

05 Apr 2012 11:41

Lulu and Miles sat down with their Lawyers and Miles give Lu full custody of Buhle and shares for Redemption, Lu's lawyers ask what in return and Miles says peach of mind. Hermanus tell Sbu to be carefull about Collis because he don't trust him but Sbu was angry and Herms was more angry he even call Sbu Buddy Sbu was trying to say somthing and Herms says don't say Buddy I'm not your friend Sbu said but you call me Buddy. Vote 4 Fats, Gravy for all. I don't understand it but Fats and Bash understand. Gail made a move on Collins and Collis was angry and he storm out.

05 Apr 2012 11:52

It's the gravy train, so Fats and Bash are playing with that, that's Fats' slogan. That was so funny when Hermy called S'bu buddy and when S'bu called him buddy he flipped saying he is not his friend. I think he scared S'bu a bit there.

05 Apr 2012 12:30

OMG it seems like I missed out on Sbu and Herms fighting over buddy, wow. Thanx a lot @andzon for coming to my rescue once again. Miles seems to have dealt with his demons finally. lol at Fats and Bash slogan 'gravy train', what does it really mean? My Goodness Fats is promising heaven and earth, can't he be my councilor.

05 Apr 2012 12:32

Herms seems really concerned about Gail playing with fire here.

05 Apr 2012 12:49

Collins is a real psychopath I've ever seen. In Zulu we say "Uluma apholise". He rapes people and then counsel them. He is so sick maaan.

05 Apr 2012 13:31

Sorry for my many same comment, I think our system is faulty. Let hope Sbu won't think Herms is the rapist cos I'm in love with him.

05 Apr 2012 13:36

Yooh my goodness @andzon. Hermanus mara vele. The man has not even a skill to propose love to a woman. He keeps making blunder after blunder. Maar shame he seems romantic but the blunders outweigh romance on this man.

05 Apr 2012 14:32

Have a great Easter Weekend guyz be safe and don't hit and run please.

05 Apr 2012 14:42

Wishing you all the best over the Easter Week- end and stay safe you and your family

07 Apr 2012 10:19

Hermanus is my hero now!! Im a bit confused about ketes children coz i started watching rc later on, sm1 commented that tshidi isnt kop's daughter,hows that?

07 Apr 2012 11:27

Stone is not Kop's son, he is Kop's brother Jacob's son, Tshidi is Kop's daughter. Kete and her brother fell out cos she fell pregnant and was unmarried, with Stone, Jacob denied responsibility, Kop stepped up. He married Kete and they later had Tshidi. Someone was just speculating about the bad blood between Sello and Kete.

07 Apr 2012 11:30

This whole thing of whether Hermanus or Collins has highlighted the fact thar we are all judged by the way we look, I mean you look at Collins and you think butter wouldn't melt in his mouth and you look at old Hermy and you think 'rapist' (although I never for a second thought that he could be the rapist). We all judge a book by its cover.

07 Apr 2012 13:15

U know guys i suspected herman,bcos of dat funny behaviour he do b4, talking abt gail's breast n stuff iyoh.why ba sa re miles ke ene rapists send him to jail trow away the key never came back he irritated me big time.

10 Apr 2012 07:37

Yoo Kete is bitter moes and she is taking it out Reneilwe.

10 Apr 2012 08:30

I would be bitter like she is if I were in her shoes, I swear. After 20 years you dump a child on my stoep and leave and you expect me to smile from ear to ear, NO WAYS. He was not even there to apologise, My goodness me. But Fats in that suit on Friday madoda. A real fat cat indeed. Perhaps a Mandela shirt could have done a trick. Iyoh!

10 Apr 2012 13:29

Lol Njoy, I was on the floor with laughter, that suit, yoo!

10 Apr 2012 14:21

@andzon I told about this love of yours Herms, three restraining orders from women he once proposed love to???? The man really needs to get some skills in the love department.

10 Apr 2012 14:48

Hermy just needs to refine his skills when it comes to his approach, he can come off a bit aggressive.

10 Apr 2012 14:56

lol @calamity. Exactly what he said to Sbu with a straight face nogal.

10 Apr 2012 15:56

@Njol when Herms speak to Gail he make to laugh his approach is Ghetto but he means well.

10 Apr 2012 15:57

sorry he make me laugh

10 Apr 2012 16:30

I think Reneilwe is a manipulative strumpet. She is going to take advantage of the Khuses

10 Apr 2012 16:32

@Ingenuity  you right she is a sucker

11 Apr 2012 09:59

Lol Miles is going through a mid-life crisis.

11 Apr 2012 10:17

Sorry @calamity I was not able to watch so am not able to gossip along with you. Kindly help me with some scoop asseblief.

11 Apr 2012 11:10

@calamity  Miles forgot his age that all, he can't even dance I'm not sure what he call that thing he was doing. Those ladies we calling him grandpa but after hearing that he is record producer they we all over him.

11 Apr 2012 11:59

Heish Njoy, I was multi-tasking during the episode so I can't help with a detailed acount of what happened. Can any of our other RCitizens help?

11 Apr 2012 14:50

sorry Njoy I didn't watch the whole episode, my son wanted pokemon. Fat was saying his speech don't ask what he was saying I'm not sure and people we enjoying his speech. Tshidi and Reneilwe were bonding (talking about careers and to be famous) and they decided to cook I think it was supper while cooking Kete came and if the chicken is ready. Kete push Rene while she was peeling potatoes and do it herself, Rene ask if there is anything she can help with Kete said no and she was very disappointed she went outside. It was wrong for Kete to do that, I felt like crying. I didn't see my lover Herms.

11 Apr 2012 14:52

forgot somthing while Tshidi and Rene were bonding Rene ask Tshidi about Thula. I felt like she is a gold digger. Sorry if I'm wrong

11 Apr 2012 15:28

I think you and me andzon are gonna be scraping for Hermy. Don't mess with my man, I am just putting you on notice, lol.

11 Apr 2012 16:11

Thank you calamity and andzon for the briefing. Sorry for missing out on your man but I'll pray that you see him today because I'm sure you didn't sleep very well last night. Eish Kete man, this child omo tlaba tlabisha di bete, if that's how it's spelt of course. Hawu calamity this man is charming you too now? I foresee disaster peeps.

11 Apr 2012 16:17

@calamity Pls find you own man Herms is mine, I don't want to share

11 Apr 2012 16:22

Lol, I feel like I should throw my name in the hat too.

12 Apr 2012 07:41

I missed last night's episode.

sexy d
12 Apr 2012 08:06

guys it is me or that rethabile girl is playing mamokete the way she spoke to her yesterday pretending to be all sad and all while keeping looking at her with smile ''i got you grandma'' hai i forsee trouble in the khuse household

ijo miles sleeps with a gal young enough to be sbu lil sis and then he tells  the gal sbu is his brother ijo ntate o ga a na dithong sis...

12 Apr 2012 08:38

Andzon le Calamity mara why le ntshapa ka Stena so oop oog? Le ya tseba hore kgale ke ipiketse Hermanus pele kwa! Ao bathong stena se se kana? Hermanus is my man but anyways lona le tla ba wives number two and three with me being INDLOVUKAZI as in MaKhumalo wa Zuma la bona?

12 Apr 2012 10:24

Ayi guyz niyangichaza fighting over one man like this. Anyone for u bhuti Miles?

12 Apr 2012 11:14

Miles Miles Miles! Dammm! he is soooo boring. as for Mr Red Rose i knew it was him from the beggining!

12 Apr 2012 11:19

Lol @ kentse, I think we need to take this outside and settle it like women, I am about to take my rings off, somebody please give me some vaseline. I think you can see from the way Rene smiles that she is up to no good, I think she is gonna play the Khuses like suckers, she is going to take advantage of them.

12 Apr 2012 11:29

Jaa, nee n wr is Tshidi's brother, boyfriend and Studies

12 Apr 2012 11:52

Eish Xihungasi, you can ask that again.

12 Apr 2012 20:41

Hermanus! EIsh ke mjita man! He knows Collins is the rapist! I feel sorry for the councillor! This serial rapist is going to kill him!

sexy d
13 Apr 2012 08:44

For sum reason the way hermanus act/talks/walk/facial expressions u will swear he has some black genes running through his blood

Miles bathong can something hit him with a car and jst be in ICU for the next coming six months

13 Apr 2012 08:59

@ Kentse that why I love my man. 

how come Rene didn't have his father's number I smell something. Rene is upto something. I don't believe her.

I feel sorry for the councillor.

13 Apr 2012 09:05

calamity wake up, ku shoda wena. kentse, sexy d and andzon are no longer watching RC but just drooling over Hermanus. What's you take on him?

13 Apr 2012 10:14

Hermy has the X-factor, there is just something about him, all those women who reject him cos of his looks don't know a real man when they see one. He is a man's man. Sexy d, kentes and Andzon, let's all take a moment to drool over Hermy.

13 Apr 2012 10:18

meant kentse. Gail has been the main culprit, the way she is treating Hermy is unacceptable

13 Apr 2012 10:20

Love you ladies and your unconditional love. Big up to you.

13 Apr 2012 10:33

Gail is involved with a monster because she can't see love even if it hit her on her face. Anything on Lu and Sbu affair now of late or it has just faded like Tshidi's and the tutor. hahaha. What were they needing the phone number for Kene's father for? It seems like the girl has taken from her father she's also a crook. Pardon me for all these questions I since watched on Monday.

13 Apr 2012 13:31

heish Njoy, I am also not certain, I haven't watched RC properly since monday.

13 Apr 2012 13:55

Thanks calamity I'll watch the omnibus tomorrow anyway.

13 Apr 2012 15:03

@Njoy Kete said these forms need your father's details not sure which forms, but what makes me confuse was the answer Rene said she don't have her father's number because her father didn't love her like other kids he didn't buy cell phone for her, she said she use to keep her father's number in her laptop I think she said her laptop was lost/ stolen. Rene can afford laptop but not cellphone? but her eye was saying something else.

sexy d
13 Apr 2012 15:13

@Njoy The needed reneilwe  father phone number so that they when they enrol her to a new school  they may be able to fill the form as there is a part that needs parent contact number  @ andzon she said she used to keep her father phone number on a notepad not laptop dear

13 Apr 2012 15:48

Thanks a million guyz maybe she doesn't want to go to school. Eish family maar you can't choose it. Look at Kop and his problem brothers. These people have enough problems with their own kids now this. I just want to see where it will all end with Rene. I'm sure mamokete will chase her away. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Thanx!

13 Apr 2012 18:49

Eish gals today camera was spot on Hermys face ha a shebile rapist collins. Tjo he looks like Vincent wa Beauty and the Beast e ene re e sheba ka di 80s. My knees are weak gals. I am hopelessly in love. Ke tlo lahla monna oo wa ka.

14 Apr 2012 10:24

Guys did u notice rene's behaviour.

14 Apr 2012 10:27

Tjo kentse, you've got it bad moes.

14 Apr 2012 10:34

Hahaha kentse remember Hermy still has to chose amongst a lot of you so don't wreck your marriage as yet. lol. Rene is working on everyones emotions even Kete's ice has melted. I hope she doesn't break her heart as it will be a double blow to Kete. And this man with a back pack is scaring me. As for Fats, thatha Fats thatha maan.

14 Apr 2012 11:20

Yoh, Hermy was scary moes. When he said 'there you are, I see you', I could see Collins' throat going dry. If looks could kill, Collins would be a bloody mess on the floor.

14 Apr 2012 11:21

Yo Yo Yo!!! The gloves are off. Kentse I've changed my mind Hermy is a man maan go for him gal.

14 Apr 2012 11:23

Fats is an idiot, he should at least familiarise himself with the rules of the game first. Pick up the constitution and read it will you Fats.

14 Apr 2012 12:02

Hey Fats kills me with his blunders. Where has he seen a councilor building a hospital maar yena. Gravy for all Fats.

14 Apr 2012 12:51

Gravy for all.

15 Apr 2012 14:49

i dont think i could ever watch this soapie,from what i've read and seen on tvplus its more like a horror soapie..but it has good actors

16 Apr 2012 09:23

@sexy d who still keep notepad I thought she said Notebook,  I miss Friday's episode. I didn't see my man. i Love you Herms.

16 Apr 2012 10:49

Morning all. andzon I was so surprised as to why you sent no comment on your man proving his masculinity like that. O my word where do I start. He called Collins for a meeting but when Collins arrives he asks Collins what it's about and Collins tells him you called me for a meeting. And then he starts telling Collins that he can see through him. He says the two of them are alike but the difference is that he (Hermy) shows himself to the world, in other words with him, what you see is what you get. Then he tells him 'I see you, there you are'. The doctor has also figured out that Collins is the rapist but could not tell Gail because Collins was there. Collins told the therapist that even if the rapist was your patient you cannot tell anyone because you are not allowed to but the doctor responded that he would if someone was in danger.

16 Apr 2012 10:54

The doctor tried to tell Gail that this person wants you to help him, he is wearing a mask and wants you to unmask him and after that he will kill you.

sexy d
16 Apr 2012 11:46

@Njoy gail le ena is blindfolded about her so called feeling to collins the poor thing was just sitting there while the two were talking to each other aggg man she should have picked something is not right now the poor doc will die in the hands of collins

Oh Oh Oh Hermanus mmmmmmm damn hai eish i wouldnt might waking up next to him he is so iyo lost for words...

16 Apr 2012 11:48

@Njoy let hope I will see my man tonight, he is right when he says with him what you see is what you get. I'm more inlove now then ever.

16 Apr 2012 12:03

Bathong guyz haven't you heard, kentse has filed for divorce already for this man. Can't you hold your horses and let her win just this once and we'll see if we can find someone else for you later?

16 Apr 2012 16:16

heish Njoy, since kentse has even decided to leave her husband for hermy, i am considering (considering being the key work) doing the honorable thing and letting her take this one, but then again polygamy is not a crime in SA and I won't mind sharing Hermy, there is enough of him to go around. I was swooning when he was telling Collins that he sees him. If Dave doesn't watch out, Hermy is going to overtake him in the improv department.

16 Apr 2012 16:19

hahahaha!!!! joh calamity you don't mind anything you just want this man. lol

16 Apr 2012 16:29

Yep, usually I am not into polygamy but damn Hermy is just one of those men who can get away with a little sharing.

16 Apr 2012 17:34

Calamity wa bona wena o bosso wena for go dumela to be wife no 2. After all you heard what our president said ka di wives tsa hae. He says when he marries them he tells them that the DOOR IS NOT CLOSED BEHIND THEM. It means I am still going to marry another wife. So Callie my sweet our Hermy is a very lucky man.

16 Apr 2012 19:21

Bathong! Collns! Tjo a ska mpolaela Hermy le ena bathong! Haai RC is scary now!

16 Apr 2012 19:32

Collins "red rose rapist" your are lucky!!! She doesn't know but soon she will be!!?!!

17 Apr 2012 08:37

I was watching last night but no Herms (my man). Everytime I miss an episode he will show up. What wrong with you Rhythm City.

17 Apr 2012 10:10

Is time Gail start to think like a woman and cee , what 's coming. I really hate Collins because of his softness and kindness while his heart is MORE dirty than Blood sis man

17 Apr 2012 10:38

Take heart ANDZON Hermy will appear shortly! But RC is now so mixed up now!.

17 Apr 2012 10:40

Collins does not have a heart

17 Apr 2012 10:43

If Dave doesn't watch out, Hermy is going to overtake him in the improv department.
no waaays! Dave is the best! OMG!! he kills me every time! boetie, lol lol lol! he just never runs out of these things he says and everyt ime he just has this very confusing expression on his face which makes his statements to be the best ever! i could listen to him all day long

17 Apr 2012 13:17

Ja bomyy it tells that you're so smitten over David even after such a long time of mesmerisation by Hermmy you sticked by him. Yoh.

17 Apr 2012 13:33

i miss drama from  my china man (DAVID)

17 Apr 2012 20:45

Collins there's more for you coming and start thinking because you rely look like a sDOM person!!!!!!!!!

wilson kgakgamatso zachariah
18 Apr 2012 07:11

I wonder wat is gonna happen to Fats when they recognise that he have been corrupt. Fats ga a nka baka mara ke eng ka ene enklek.  Renilwe is still young but she envy Tshidi who has graduated her 21st birthday officially. Bash o skelem and the only person who is always complaining with wat Bash is doing is Niki but they tend to take her for granted. She is always right ka Bash. Hermanus is a crook but he could smell a rat that Collins was a rapist.

sexy d
18 Apr 2012 08:57

Bash mare ke trouble child hey how can she just disapper le rene just like that hai ngwana o le ena o rata dilo you cant just go to a party with a stranger

Collins hai

Miles enuf said he should jst get a grip

18 Apr 2012 09:23

David is my man! my main man! nobody ever gonna take his place, Hermmy is good as well but Dave is the best! lol, uyangenza!

Why isn't anyone asking Collins how he got there? Gail did not call him before she went to see the doctor, but in the middle of everything he appears out of nowhere, Why can't Gail realize that Collins always just comes after the Rapists strikes! every time! love is blind indeed, even have Sbu fooled

18 Apr 2012 09:45

Morning all. Is the doctor now dead? Only Hermy will ask "where was Collins then" when something is wrong. So bommy, there's a man right there.

18 Apr 2012 10:19

@Njoy that means I will see my man tonight.

@kentse I'm closing the door behind me, I'm the 1st and I want to be the last.

Rene and Bash deserve each other

18 Apr 2012 10:32

"Why isn't anyone asking Collins how he got there? Gail did not call him before she went to see the doctor, but in the middle of everything he appears out of nowhere"

I agree with you Bommy and when he got there, he wasnt even suprised that the good Doc is dead. No reaction whatsoever. How come the cops and Gail didnt notice that.

sexy d
18 Apr 2012 11:42

@bommy and it is not the first time. There was a time when gail receives a call from the rapist and when she called them(in the office) to trace the number they told her that they cant trace a call that was made inside the building, while gail was still puzzled hermanus came in and she thought it was him seconds after that collins pitched and bear in mind sbu has just beefed up security that no one mustnt come in unless the person he/she wants to see goes downstairs and fetch him/her, No one even asked collins how he got inside the building without u said love is really blind mare la gail e kare le worse straight.

@andzon i also agree they both go out to make trouble i wonder wat will kete do...

Can they please bring back Dave its been a while since i have seen him

18 Apr 2012 13:29

Can they please bring back Dave its been a while since i have seen him
my day watching rhthym city is just incomplete without him, pluss Hermy obatla go mshapa ka stena! makabuye soon

18 Apr 2012 17:35

"China man" david your needed now because sbu is blind

19 Apr 2012 10:20

i saw my man last night but who was dressing him, his tie and shirt was all over the place or maybe (kentse) someone was trying to sleep with my man on his break.  

19 Apr 2012 10:27

andzon I didn't see it but you made me laugh there. I'm happy though that you finally saw your man.

19 Apr 2012 13:52

@Njoy I was happy to see him but his neck, Please RC dress him nice. Rene is the old slut she is not innocent maybe that why his father don't want her.

19 Apr 2012 16:26

Hawu bomyy, you too? Pick a number and get in line. It seems the line outside Hermy's door is just getting longer and longer. I missed part of RC last night and didn't get to see Hermy. It means I have a date on saturday with RC

20 Apr 2012 14:43

I have to say you've been cruel today. I haven't watched the whole week and have been relying on your blogs for updates and today you just decided to give a cold shoulder, yoh you've been rude guyz. Ai no, you've been rude s'true s'god.

20 Apr 2012 16:18

Lol Njoy, it wasn't our intention to be give you the cold shoulder. I think I watched all of 5 minutes last night, and from the little I saw, Miles got drunk and passed out at a bar, listening to some singer. Gail was discussing a visit from hermy and Collins asked what he had to say to Gail and Gail said that Collins should forget it and she looked very troubled and thoughtful, Collins wanted to give her a mild sedative but Gail declined saying that she is tired enough and she can fall asleep. That's all I know.

20 Apr 2012 17:01

Thanks @calamity you've been a great help. I'll watch tomorrow. Have a supa weekend.

21 Apr 2012 09:55

Kanti u Lucila why is she not leaving uMiles alone and communicate with him about the baby only she's getting to my nerves. Tshidi playing a big sister "don't do as I did but do as I say" experience teaches you a lot. O Collins is a real psycho maan.

23 Apr 2012 07:49

The scene where Tshidi and Puleng confronted Bash was really funny. Lol, reminds me of my sisters.

23 Apr 2012 07:53

Gail made a mistake when she said that she can't get the thought of Dr Washburn laying on the floor with his throat slit, only Dr Washburn was not laying on the floor, he was sitting on his chair.  

23 Apr 2012 07:54

Why does Gail treat Hermanus like the scum between her toes, the man gave you the gun you dufus, why would he risk being shot by you if he wasn't innocent.

sexy d
23 Apr 2012 09:39

morning all

23 Apr 2012 09:59

Morning Did you see Melody's face when Miles was asking her to sing, I think she can't sing or it was not her that Miles heard. We will see. 
I hat the way Gail treat Herms and everythink he says to her she will tell Collins.

23 Apr 2012 13:18

What does this Melody chick think is going to happen. She is gonna be exposed as the fraud that she is!

23 Apr 2012 18:54

Hello bloggers. G

23 Apr 2012 18:58

Hello bloggers. Going to rant here as well lol I have always been a fan of Brendan who acts as the rapists Collins on the show, I think his scenes are beginning to bore me, I so wish he gets exposed, I would like to see how Gail reacts when she finds out she has been dating the serial rapist. I did not like how he stared at Nicki in tonight's episode. Bash bores me to sleep, I love Hermanus' character I crack up laughing every time he is on. What happened to David, why is he receiving less airtime, Miles needs to stop acting like a 16 valve lol. I preferred S'bu and Gail together, they had such chemistry, not only were they friends but confidantes to each other. Who is the father of Gail's baby??

24 Apr 2012 09:23

yeap Perfume, you really know how to rant, lol lol

24 Apr 2012 10:02

Who eva stole my hasB david plz return him with an immediate effect or else..................

can sam1 arrest Collins bathong

24 Apr 2012 10:13

I think Collins really has a soft spot for Gail but the beast inside him does not want nothing! he has demons and he needs a prayer.
I am organizing a prayer meeting especially for him, it will be held at 12h30 - 13h00(during lunchtime so no excuses) at killowat on Thursday! let us pray for Collins to be saved, amen


sexy d
24 Apr 2012 10:22

@bomyy dont forget to invite mamoketer, rose le rose so that they may assist and not forgetting pastor desmond

Reneilwe was it really necessary for u to say tshidi took you to kilowatt for pit sake u r the one who asked her to sis man tshidi has been through a lot and she was on her way of gaining her parent trusts  and u went and ruined it u should be ashamed of urself

Collins Collins ur day is coming boy

Hai miles ena***************comment loading************

24 Apr 2012 10:32

lol @bomyy I will make sure that I attend the prayer meeting because I've never seen such psychological problem in my life. Tshidi's friend is also to blame for encouraging 16 year old's to visit night clubs while they are still amused by jozi. They should have taken her to Small street full stop.

24 Apr 2012 13:51

@Perfume the baby father is David and pls don't says Brendan it Collins because Brendan is my son's name. I didn't watch last night and I will watch RC next week Tuesday.

24 Apr 2012 14:29

No @andzon u David is actually not the baby's father. Gail told him that he shouldn't keep his hopes high because he's not the father. But you know, at some point I thought u David was going to have a child with that NPA lady. Maybe we'll know about the baby's father when the child is born.

24 Apr 2012 15:37

The baby is David's Gail just did not want him getting involved

24 Apr 2012 15:39

@Njoy Gail is a liar, when she was on the phone with her mother she say the father of the baby is knocking in the door it was Collins. I think she don't want to believe that she is carrying David's child she is. Do we know if it a girl/boy cos it seems like Collins know.

24 Apr 2012 15:51

lol andzon

24 Apr 2012 16:24

Lol andzon, Brendan is actually Collins real name, it seems Perfume is a fan of the actor but not the Collins character

24 Apr 2012 16:25

It is so obvious that Gail is carrying David's child, the reason she lied about it was cos she has come to realise that he is a very dangerous man.

24 Apr 2012 16:39

Gail seems to be attracted to these psycho maniacs.

24 Apr 2012 18:42

LMAO only place where I can truly rant and rave. OMGosh Gail is pregnant with David's baby, I hope the child does not turn out worse than its father, I miss him being on my screen. LOL @being a fan of Brendan, I like him he has many facets as an actor, but with this storyline, they seem to be dragging it on and on and on. Gail loves them dangerous, can't see her with Hermanus even though he loves her to bits. I wonder what will she do when she finds out the man that she loves "rapist" is actually the serial rapists, who looks like he is going to go after her best friend Nicki nxa. BTW Nicki is looking lovely I like her new hairdo, she needs to be given more scenes, seems to be more interesting as an actress when she is plotting or scheming.

25 Apr 2012 07:14

Collins says it is a boy, I can't remember them ever discussing the sex of Gail's baby until  Collins blabbed.

sexy d
25 Apr 2012 10:07

Dave Dave Dave ***Screeming left n right*** pls come back to our screens we miss u.... 

25 Apr 2012 11:48

I long for the day where David Genaro, my main man, my reason for watching the soapi, my smile producer at 18h30, the forever funny even when there is someone who died! I miss him so much, if he does not come back soon i am going to stop watching shame, i can not stand that Rene brat, with her on our screen we really need some Genaroism to dilute all of that

25 Apr 2012 12:59

David is yours bomyy I will personally challenge any person who wants to take him away from you. It's just plain and simple and finish and klaar. He will be back be patient........his still plotting evil.

25 Apr 2012 13:27

@ Njoy u r in for it i've always liked David especially his shirts the tatoo on his neck uhhh yo mmaweh David is handsome

25 Apr 2012 13:45

sorry bomyy I'm already chickening out you are on your own. Hey people watch things when we are watching a soapie, shirts and tattoos vele.

25 Apr 2012 14:00

lol Njoy, do not worry, I am not afraid to fight for David, if it were not for him I would not watch rhythm city... that is the true story...

26 Apr 2012 09:22

Morning bloggers. How far is Gail from finding out that darling Collins is the rapist?

26 Apr 2012 12:30

bommy bommy plz plz I LOVE DAVID GIGI

What if they make him biosexual do u think it could b interesting?

26 Apr 2012 16:30

I'm disappointed because I thought the teasers will come before the holidays how ridiculous of RC to do this to us. Enjoy your veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long weekend everyone.

29 Apr 2012 19:36

Finally Gail is getting nearer to finding out the truth about Collins. Oh it's been too long, Jesus. Rene is going to learn the hard way in life. She thinks Tshidi is a nerd but what she doesn't know is that Tshidi has been there and done that and she's got scars to tell. Hermy has done his bit in trying to help Gail but shame he's the only one who sees danger and the last person that Gail wants to hear from. Joh Nikki got a surprise of her life there and it was difficult for her to ask her friend if her boyfriend is abusive. Fat's aka 'gravy for all' is just going with a flow and listening to everyone and wants to please everyone. Fixing a sewage by himself was uncalled for the church should have hired someone to do the dirty work and pay for it. They must stop abusing Fats. Poor Miles in still learning the basics even in his midlife, ja life. Sbu must get a plug and tell his dad to hit the road now. He is overstaying his welcome.

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Uzalo Teasers - July 2024

Back. Who? A familiar face returns and The Punisher isn't done with cleaning the streets of KwaMashu.

New on TV today: Wednesday 12 June 2024

Presumed Innocent drops on Apple TV+ and BBC Lifestyle goes inside the House of Kardashian.


More activity at TVSA Central




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