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Isidingo Teasers - April 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 27 Mar 2012
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Coming up on Isidingo this April, 2012:

Monday 2 April 2012
Episode 3348 

Daniel moves forward despite Benjamin's reservations. Lolly and Frank struggle to reconcile what has happened. Sechaba discovers there is little reality in Reality TV.

Tuesday 3 April 2012
Episode 3349 

Cherel is resolute - she will not sell her BLR shares without a fight. Lolly makes a big decision about the direction of her life. Sechaba finds that Lerato is something of a slave driver.

Wednesday 4 April 2012
Episode 3350 

There's heartbreak for Lolly and Frank as the affair comes to a tragic end.

Kimberly discovers that she may have bitten off more than she can chew when Cherel goes on the counter offensive. Sechaba continues in his bid to bulldoze his way to the top of the heap.

Thursday 5 April 2012
Episode 3351 

At Cherel's instigation, Keene enlists Slu to help him execute a risky manoeuvre. Frank deals with the fallout from his devastating split with Lolly.

Lerato's dictatorial management style threatens to derail Sechaba's campaign to become ward councillor.

Friday 6 April 2012
Episode 3352 

A vengeful Cherel comes after Benjamin with all guns blazing. Nikiwe's little brother arrives to spend time at Sibeko Towers. Lerato causes a PR disaster for Sechaba's political career.

Monday 9 April 2012
Episode 3353 

Cherel makes Benjamin le Roux her personal whipping boy. Jefferson teaches his nephew that history has its ironies. Lerato gets a very big surprise while watching television.

Tuesday 10 April 2012
Episode 3354 

Priya closes in on the perpetrators of the teargas outrage. A depressed Len struggles with complicated office politics. Sechaba meets with Lerato to map the way forward.

Wednesday 11 April 2012
Episode 3355 

There's shocking news for Benjamin which changes his life forever. Jefferson admits to an irrational resentment regarding young Ntando. Danger is the aphrodisiac for Lerato and Sechaba.

Thursday 12 April 2012
Episode 3356 

Benjamin Le Roux sets out to rebuild his shattered world. Ntando Sibeko reveals a disturbing dimension to his seemingly normal life. Sechaba Moloi learns the hard way that politics is not for the faint hearted.

Friday 13 April 2012
Episode 3357 

It's a very unlucky Friday the thirteenth for Sechaba. Cherel seems set on taking Benjamin down, but then Barker decides to get involved. Ntando's mounting problems are a big worry to Nikiwe.

Monday 16 April 2012 
Episode 3358 

Betrayal by the enemy within leaves Daniel utterly shattered. Terror stalks Sibeko Towers as the family's worst nightmare comes true. Sechaba misguidedly tries damage control by appearing on Len's show.

Tuesday 17 April 2012
Episode 3359

To tell, or not to tell Lincoln, that is the question. Benjamin faces the reaction to his betrayal and takes it on the chin. Yet more bad news for Sechaba means he's on the verge of finally throwing in the towel.

Wednesday 18 April 2012
Episode 3360 

Frank joins the frantic hunt for the kidnapped Ntando. Daniel tries to find out why his own brother stabbed him so brutally in the back. Down and out Sechaba gets encouragement from an unexpected source.

Thursday 19 April 2012
Episode 3361 

Nikiwe and Frank have a new suspect in the kidnapping. Cherel struggles to neutralise a serious threat. Sechaba receives an unexpected endorsement in his bid for elected office.

Friday 20 April 2012
Episode 3362 

Rosie is not the innocent she appears to be. Cherel blackmails Benjamin into committing a despicable deed.

Sechaba does himself proud on by-election day but rubs Slu up the wrong way. Benjamin makes a telephone call which will change the course of his life.

Monday 23 April 2012
Episode 3363 

The Sibekos fear the worst as the kidnappers go silent. Cherel is out of jail and ready for battle. The by-election results are announced.

Tuesday 24 April 2012
Episode 3364

A shock discovery by Nikiwe leads to a most surprising outcome. Cherel and Kimberly go up against one another but not face-to-face. Sechaba receives encouragement and praise from an unlikely candidate.

Wednesday 25 April 2012
Episode 3365

Nikiwe finds herself in an impossible situation and passes the buck on to Frank. Benjamin receives an unpleasant and unwanted gift. Ma Agnes has a thrilling suggestion for a young hustler.

Thursday 26 April 2012
Episode 3366

Katlego's snooping lands her in hot water. Daniel takes a huge gamble regarding the BLR leadership with disastrous consequences. A fuming Sechaba is snubbed by Jefferson.

Friday 27 April 2012
Episode 3367

Freedom Day takes on a whole new meaning for Ntando. Cherel credits Kimberly with helping her get her mojo back. Sechaba reinvents himself as environmental crusader.

Monday 30 April 2012
Episode 3368 

Jefferson and Nikiwe force Rosie into a corner. Benjamin decides to reach out to Pieter van Dyk. Sechaba is focused on the Re-Use Co-op Exhibition - much to Lerato's disgust.

Isidingo is on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.


27 Mar 2012 11:05

Lol md it no1 nw lt m read

27 Mar 2012 11:15

OMW...NO2 Lemme read

27 Mar 2012 11:16

Kimberly is my hero... Go Kimmie

27 Mar 2012 11:17

It looks to be full of drama this coming month, but a big setback is on Frank and Lolly. Can't they be a chance to be happy a bit? If there was marriage to be ended, it was the Sbeko's. Why Frank's after all they have gone through? It is not fair, if lolly is going away as she usually do, the script should have done something else, not ending. As for the others, they are the usual..

27 Mar 2012 11:18

hi there number 5 let me go read

27 Mar 2012 11:25

lolly and frank split?the writer could have done much much better than man they cant divorce ahg...lerato is going to dump sechaba..
cherel in jail,maybe she has a hand in the kidnapping..

27 Mar 2012 11:51

how boriiiiiiiiiiig

27 Mar 2012 11:58

drama all the way

27 Mar 2012 12:10

I think the writer is mean, lolly and frank have hardly had a chance to be together, gee she can be a real bitch. why cant she just tell frank the truth, I mean he has an illness as well alcoholism.she was there for him when he was down and out.

poor doc doesnt know what to say and do but she cant tell frank

27 Mar 2012 12:10


27 Mar 2012 12:11

my comments arent being pinted

Khutso mokoto
27 Mar 2012 12:24

halllo i'v been no.12

27 Mar 2012 12:27

Other teasers still not up guess that's why Isidingo is my no. 1

Hi Everyone, I'm new.

Lolly & Frank are fine breaking up maan, yes they love each other but they were better off apart, I love Frank as the ladies man.  But now does this mean Lolly is leaving?

But yes interesting month, Cherel finally makes a proper comeback, love it and Benjamin seems to be going down, good riddens.

27 Mar 2012 12:28

Other teasers still not up guess that's why Isidingo is my no.

27 Mar 2012 12:47

Yep isidingo is no 1

27 Mar 2012 12:48

give up

Mrs Chix
27 Mar 2012 12:58

lol @MS

27 Mar 2012 13:04

I got a chill down my spine as I was reading's gonna be interesting I tell you. I am so excited

27 Mar 2012 13:10

atleast nikiwe will get some

27 Mar 2012 13:29

Sorry peeps my comments werent being printed dont know what the problem was

sexy d
27 Mar 2012 13:31

wow let me go and read

27 Mar 2012 13:32

This isnt funny

27 Mar 2012 14:15

Top what what - Its being long to watch this soapy seens they change time slot, I love Kimmy, anyway what time the onimbus play guys.......

27 Mar 2012 14:23

I am confused now , i wonder wts going to happen this April, wth the Sibekos

sexy d
27 Mar 2012 14:26

@MsChap Sunday 9h30

27 Mar 2012 14:52

@Sexy d - Thanx

27 Mar 2012 14:52

@Sexy d - Thanx

27 Mar 2012 14:53

I love kimmy as well she is a real bitch but a beautiful mother to Jody

27 Mar 2012 14:56

Isidingo is back. I'm not sure if Cherel coming out of jail is a figure of speech or she literally comes out of jail.

27 Mar 2012 15:00

i jst wanna c lincon

27 Mar 2012 16:20

I would love to see Mavis, she has always been in he kitchen but we never see her lol

27 Mar 2012 20:51

Seems xciting wid another kidnapin.

representing Botswana
27 Mar 2012 22:47

yeah yeah...thats why isi won th best soapie!! its gon b drama drama drama! welcom bak cherelki.

miss ceepee
28 Mar 2012 07:46

i cant wait to see Ntando and i suppose we are getting closer to seeing Lincoln.As for Cherel and Benjie,can't wait for the drama.oh and im glad Daniel wil get more time on screen,i like him.

28 Mar 2012 08:58

Hi all,

This frank lolly saga is getting to me.   I love bianca saying she thinks lolly is pregnant because she saw lolly at the hospital.

Has Kimberley got feelings for Daniel, looks like it they spent time together in Europe.

28 Mar 2012 10:00

Mornig all,

MS sana i where can i  claim my cash  from Isidingo they stole my lines last night,, will forward proof now,,

28 Mar 2012 10:06

Reply from: qaqamba Monday, March 26, 2012 16:07 PM

Hi there.

YoNgama sana many thanks for the info, mara why Lolly, hayi suka!! i wish Calvin could see a book or appointmnt frm the dr and advs his Dad so tht he can have a picture of wht is going on, i wont like Frank to be hurt again,

Uyabona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need my cash sana, im the one who came with tht line, noe they stole it frm me,,

Trixy 123
28 Mar 2012 11:40

DISAPPOINTED that Frank and Lolly get to split...what was the use of such a wonderful wedding......

Did Sechaba win the elections? 

Trixy 123
28 Mar 2012 11:40

DISAPPOINTED that Frank and Lolly get to split...what was the use of such a wonderful wedding......

Did Sechaba win the elections? 

28 Mar 2012 12:36

@trixy exactly what a waste of a wedding. 

The doctor really feels for this situation pity she cant tell frank but its against the law.

Sechaba hasnt won yet. 

sexy d
28 Mar 2012 12:41

@MS law or not she should just take the risk and tell frank besides laws were made to be broken watever sickness lolly has it will eat her up quickly as she is not getting the support from the one she loves as he doesnt have a clue wat is going on ka mosadi wa gage...

28 Mar 2012 12:57

One advice to the doctor: Snatch the man and live with the consequences.

28 Mar 2012 13:47

If jefferson mentions to frank that lolly was at the clinic maybe he will get suspicious and start asking questions.

28 Mar 2012 19:06

wonder hw priya will feel when lolly and frank splits.shame

29 Mar 2012 06:16

Hey there is drama tjo! Benjamin deserves whats coming to him. Go on and expose him Cherel!

29 Mar 2012 08:58

Hi all,

Well lolly has really gone and done it now.  How could she.

Kimmy really hates cherel but you cant blame her look at everything she has done.

29 Mar 2012 11:09

Lolly forgets that she's the one who proposed marriage to Frank when he was not thinking of any commitment and she's complicated his life at the end. He should go find solace in the hands of the good doctor before Len beats him to it.

29 Mar 2012 12:15

I wont forgive Lolly she should rather had just flown off to London instead of hurting frank like that, she acted like a slut. Basically begged Len to take her to bed.
LEn still has to work with Frank that is going to be ackward.  Frank was devastated

29 Mar 2012 13:24

Hi all.. You are right MS what lolly did to Frank was so nasty. It felt so real. She could do better than that.

29 Mar 2012 14:00

@kandy it was nasty and selfish.  She should just come out with it that she is ill not blatently go out of her way to hurt the man she loves.

Jody seems to be coming out of his shell, he must go out with daniel on the game rides etc it will be good for him, barker disagrees but he mustnt wrap him up in cotton wool he is a little boy and needs adventures.

29 Mar 2012 14:19

"Wrap in a cotton" i like the expression. Barker and kim should leave Jody to be the kid he is. Not contaminate his mind with their issues which i think will last forever

29 Mar 2012 15:51

jody must be left to develop his own personality at this rate he has three adult running after him kim barker and harriet.

Good for zeb for once saying something nice about Sechaba.

jefferson just asuming lolly is pregnant and telling her not to drink so much coffee that was funny.  Lolly got a fright she thought they were on to her illness.

29 Mar 2012 22:24


30 Mar 2012 07:51

Ontrance I'll have to side with you on this one. I think from the way it started from them getting married it was a bit weird. There were too many trial and error going on. Frank involved with Nikiwe was kind of odd while having feelings for Priya and Lolly. The relationship between him and Ayanda is also not clear. I think there was too much experimentation going on. With Skhumbuzo, Bianca and Ayanda as well. For me right now Frank's relationship with the doctor will do me good. As for the marriage with Lolly, I wasn't impressed.

30 Mar 2012 09:37

Mornig all,

Lolly wht a dissapointment!!!!!!!!!! im speechless.

30 Mar 2012 09:51

What now Lolly? You have ruined your marriage gal!

30 Mar 2012 10:10

i hate her.

30 Mar 2012 10:32

Hi all,

I cant believe the doctor misdiagnosed her, but still Lolly shouldnt have done what she did, how can you sleep with another man whilst loving another.

You made your bed now you must lie in it .

30 Mar 2012 11:10

Don't blame the girl perhaps it was her dying wish. Saving the best for last.

30 Mar 2012 12:23

So Lolly finally managed to hurt Frank and wreck her marriage in one go. Well I wonder what she's gonna do now that she's NOT dying

30 Mar 2012 13:20

It was so painful to see Frank in tears.How could she hurt Frank like that.

30 Mar 2012 13:20

It was so painful to see Frank in tears.How could she hurt Frank like that.

miss ceepee
30 Mar 2012 17:51

Lolly is selfish,fullstop.

01 Apr 2012 19:36

Oh Len is not called Len for nothing. The guy never learns. I remember when he had a threesome with Nandipha and he ended up in shivers and in clinics trying to prevent the contraction of HIV; yet the man uthi uyithole on a silver platter. Huh!

02 Apr 2012 20:18

Will Cherel ever stop being the center of attention.I hate many lifes does she hav?

02 Apr 2012 20:19

Will Cherel ever stop being the center of attention.I hate many lifes does she hav?

02 Apr 2012 20:23

Im sorry but i think Frank and Lolly just didnt|dont jell.He is older and kinda washed up and shz younger and not the type to glad they r separating albeit using an unrealistic storyline to do so.NOW,lets say a prayer for benjy boy and humdrum dan before cherel rips them apart!RIP boys

02 Apr 2012 20:32

Will Cherel ever stop being the center of attention.I hate many lifes does she hav?

sexy d
03 Apr 2012 08:29

morning all

Guys i need an update i missed the omnibus on sunday. Is lolly still dying or wat and what has happened between her and len pls guys am on my knees.....

03 Apr 2012 08:46

Loly is not dying - the final results came back.

Oh my gosh - i love Kimberly - she looks like a Vampire with that powder skin of hers and Reddish hair. 
I lyk Benjamin too - he has so much energy but his brother is another one...mmhhh. Eish mara Sechaba le Lerato bathong...2 domkops...kikikiki

03 Apr 2012 09:21

mara benji how can u let D 2 fight cherel alone she is going to destroy u boys

Trixy 123
03 Apr 2012 11:04

I still cant get over the break up of Lolly and Frank....I think the writers made a *bleep!* up this time around and have really disappointed us viewers....If Lolly was scheduled to go on her usual "trips" away from isidingo, they should have just come up with another storyline instead of that......I really felt for Frank.....Am just wondering what storyline they will come up with to bring her back coz I think she will definately come back...

sexy d
03 Apr 2012 11:43

@KUKU M thanx dear guess i better not miss the omnibus this sunday...

03 Apr 2012 13:26

Hi guys,

Shame lolly really messed up Frank cannot forgive her serves her right she should have trusted him.  Also using Len wasnt very nice.

Frank has a right to be angry and the doc for misdiagnosing but as for telling him she wasnt allowed to

Will Cherel give in ? I dont think so but maybe she has too.

Ma agnes isnt going to be very happy when she sees sechaba faked a conversation with her. 

04 Apr 2012 07:59

Lolly wa spita - she should have known better. Frank must give her RED CARD asap.

Lolly e jesa Frank magano-gano a Len....just imagine.
Eish i lyk Katlego hey...she is so thin lyk a ruler mara atleast o na le go swane.

Sechaba and Lerato... DOMKOP + SLOW LEANER = BACTERIA

04 Apr 2012 08:21

Wake up guys - ga gona nako ya boroko!

04 Apr 2012 11:24

Isidingo bloggers you always freeze when you feel intimidated. It's time you learn to take the bitter and the sweet guyz. Hold your own.

04 Apr 2012 11:55

It would help if we spoke English in the room.

04 Apr 2012 12:01

Welcome back MS. I missed you. Update please.

04 Apr 2012 12:06

eish sad end of Lolly n Frank short lived marriage. anywu, Daniel vs Cherel this is a must see wonder wat Cherel has up her sleeve. Ben good for sticking up for family, pliz don't go. Daniel will need yo hand taking Cherel down

04 Apr 2012 12:29

@njoy thanks when did you last watch.

I dont trust Cherel she has something up her sleeve, ben better stick around cos daniel wont be tough enough for her. 

Good for len explaining the story to every one but calvin is still so angry.
Even although lolly thought she was dying she had no right to beg len to sleep with her.  Poor Frank is so hurt.

Eddie was sympathetic towards cherel thats a plus does he actually care.

04 Apr 2012 12:38

Thanks @MS. I last watched on Sunday but not to worry because I can follow from replies of the past two days. Daniel is always dominated by women. Ben was right about him. Farrow blinded him and Kim is doing the same. I think Eddie cares for Cherel but feels Cherel is her own enemy.

04 Apr 2012 12:53

well that was selfish of Lolly, so sad for Frank.

Lerato supervising/manager i knew she's sweat those ladies.

mm Cherel n Eddie there's still something there.

04 Apr 2012 13:04

what are daniel and cherel fighting about?
so daniel and kim are back together?

tvplus says the "fake" Le Roux will be revealed next week..almost forgot about it.

04 Apr 2012 13:15

Fake Le Roux. I wonder if they are following up with the story after the Le Roux Senior autopsy. If you remember well, it was discovered then that one of the children was not his. I just wonder. Kim convinced Daniel to oust Cherel out of the BLR company and Dan now wants to force Cherel to sell her shares back because she's a minor shareholder as per company policy. But Cherel, you know the lady mos, they don't call her 'die hard' for nothing. I hope I'm still in line with the story.

04 Apr 2012 13:33

i think Benjamin is the fake Le Roux, n Cherel will find out n she'll start black mailing him.

04 Apr 2012 13:51

Don't say that MsKim. What will Benjamin do without the Le Roux name tag maar?

04 Apr 2012 13:54

They will also have to bring their mother back from overseas where she's hiding to answer. Just when the brothers start to know, understand and support each other, this happens. Let's hope it's not like that.

04 Apr 2012 14:14

Cherel is a strong wicket one hell of a woman...whatever she wants - she will ensure that she gets it regardless of who gets hurt in the process.

Baker is getting OLD...haoi khona.

I lyk Katlego bathong....mmmhhhh...but she needs a bit of flesh.

04 Apr 2012 14:36

Good Njoy sounds like you are up to date

I should have asked Braam who the fake one is I saw him on Sunday at our New blue route mall in cape town.
I wonder who the fake one is ?  Daniel has more to lose if he is as he is CEO now if he is fake cant they take the title away from him?

I liked Eddie and Cherel together even all though she is an evil witch.

Lerato should treat those women with respect and stop being a slave driver.

What is Zeb's problem now.

04 Apr 2012 15:30

I think benjamin is the fake le roux,there wouldnt be much drama if it were daniel..@MsKim cherel hires keene to dig dirt on the leroux,which will take us back to braam's death...keene will work with slu to find the truth..and cherel will do what she does best,blackmail

04 Apr 2012 15:48

04 Apr 2012 15:53

@MS you can trust Lerato to cause unnecessary drama. What has Zeb done this time around?

04 Apr 2012 16:44

@ellablueivy you say they will work with Slu in an investigation, wish to see that one happening.

05 Apr 2012 08:02

Kimberly looks like a Vampire...she is just pale but hey...she's HOT HOT HOT.

Benjamin is such an intelligent kiddo....but hey...his brother is becoming more clever now.....mmhhhh

Lolly is such a blunder - she got what she deserve anywhere so she must go to her mom as she claims.

Poor Frank....o tla ba strong ne....why don't u date wa mmona gore o lahlile...o shota lenyora.

Where's Bianca and Katlego...Jeffison etc...miss them

Poor Len - you have such a gud heart even though you are a playa...but u r a gud guy.

05 Apr 2012 09:18

HI all,

@njoy zeb was just being his usual nasty self.

Shame poor len still loves lolly despite what she did.  She must go to her mum now and leave frank to pick up the pieces, maybe he should befriend nkiwe again she was good for him.

poor Jodie has to be taken out of school again, when is that kid going to be allowed to settle down.

later xx

05 Apr 2012 10:21

Nikiwe and Frank, mmhhh, I don't know. I personally did not see where they were going. And this thing of a former exile who was friends with the father and now the fathers friend is dating his daughter, Shuh guys. Well, it's possible but it should have been made more convincing than as simple as it was portrayed. In such cases I expect ubabomncane to fight it until he gives up.

05 Apr 2012 11:29

so lolly is really leaving??i hope its not for good..maybe frank will hook up with nikiwe coz i heard vusi might also be leaving..
@MS what happened,why is jody taken out of school,is he in danger or something?

05 Apr 2012 12:30

@ellablueivy looks like lolly is leaving... dont know if she will be back.

Kim and Barker are afraid for jody's safey because of the whole cherel thing so kim said she is going to ask  harriet to take him away on holiday, but cherel promised Barker she will not harm kim or jody, but who knows do we believe her.

I think Frank needs time to heal he did love lolly and is deeply hurt, but nkiwe could be a good friend, remember she used to go to the AA support groups with him.

I wonder when bianca is having the baby.

05 Apr 2012 13:53

Have a great long weekend all hope the easter bunny is good to you


05 Apr 2012 13:58

Have a great weekend too @MS till next time

08 Apr 2012 10:18

Sechaba is good. Jealous down.

Miss R
08 Apr 2012 10:27

OMG Im back guys and im enjoying every minute of it..........especially Njoy's blogs..............nway i think these guys know wat they r doing, but something must be done for Cherel...........she is getting on to my nerves hey. Hope Ben is not the fake Le Roux...........ah it will be disheartening.........
As for Njoy, keep us entertained with ur sense of homour some of us need it.

miss cee
08 Apr 2012 11:04

hey y'all am new here ...benjamin IS the fake le roux,,its kinda interesting though coz if it had been daniel there wouldnt have been any drama

08 Apr 2012 11:38

OMG! 'You're someone else's bastard, who could have thought'. No one hits the man when he's down like that and live to see another day. Except for Cherel.

08 Apr 2012 15:26

Cherel is very hot when she is playing that thing of hers I love this woman

08 Apr 2012 23:34

Hi guys..Big up to the Isidingo writers...This is hot...Cherel is really starting a fire here and its gonna cause an alarm to go off.My guess is that with the Le roux name tag benji will lose everything.Well according 2 my understanding Marlien Le roux was only involved with 2 men,which were Braam Le roux and then she had an affair with his brother Fanie Le roux who could have been Benjis daddy,the only good thing that will come out of this is that he will still get to keep his surname.

09 Apr 2012 13:21

Joh akere marlien n fani once had an affair maybe benji is fani's son.....

09 Apr 2012 20:04

Best line (what I need today might not neccesary be what i need tomorrow) and (life is so much easier when u concentrate at one thing at a time)and the award goes to cherel deviliers haines leroux

09 Apr 2012 22:15

Oom Fanie must be the bastard who produced Benj! Lol

09 Apr 2012 22:28

WEish Cherel is at it again...That women rocks.Is this the end for Sechaba and lerato?They make a good couple,both are crazy and make me laugh...So Ntando will be kidnapped and frm what i see from the teasers is that his Girlfriend Rosie will be behind it.

09 Apr 2012 22:28

WEish Cherel is at it again...That women rocks.Is this the end for Sechaba and lerato?They make a good couple,both are crazy and make me laugh...So Ntando will be kidnapped and frm what i see from the teasers is that his Girlfriend Rosie will be behind it.

10 Apr 2012 08:42

Cherel is ripping this family piece by piece. I hope the mother doesn't loose her marbles again this time wherever she's hiding.

10 Apr 2012 09:16

sluleka li is a very convincing LIAR..The way he talked to priya like nothing ever happened hahaha,he's very good...and priya makes an excellent cop..
are kimberly and daniel seeing each other or just working together against cherel

gosh ntando is sooo cute,like him and his accent eish...i wonder who will be behind the kidnapping and why...

10 Apr 2012 09:34

I just wish Nikiwe could speak audibly. I'm tired of reading the sub text when she's speaking.

10 Apr 2012 10:35

i heard ntado speaking xhosa friday bt monday speaking zulu im confused is their mada a xhosa woman?

cherel knws no bawndries when it comz 2 hurting ppl except 4rm barker

10 Apr 2012 11:25

Shame, Barker knows worst from Cherel. He's no exception at all. She killed his son, stabbed his daughter and was never convicted for any of it. He sustained a lot of bruises from Cherel.

10 Apr 2012 11:33

Ke tsibile gore Benjamin is not LE-ROUX’s son.....
Daniel ke sebotho – o jele menstruation wa Kimberly
Cherel ke moloi jerrrrrr

Nikiwe wa mbora ke curve ya go wa le mazinyo.

10 Apr 2012 11:43

Hi all.

So Benjamin is the bast .... son.  Cherel loves the power this gives her.
What is she going to do?

I think daniel and kim are just working together.

Good for sechaba the larato story she mistreated those women and tried to steal their money. Not good for his image.

Katlego and jefferson are they a happy couple again?

10 Apr 2012 15:01

@MS you've been voicing concern about when Bianca will give birth to the baby. She's become part of the furniture of the Sibeko's and seem to have forgotten her purpose there. I wonder what will happen the day she will leave the house and leave the baby behind.

10 Apr 2012 15:37

@njoy i am sure it is going to be difficult just to hand the baby over but she will have to, i suppose she will go back to her other child then. What happened to Cheeko her husband?

10 Apr 2012 15:53

I'm not sure whether she divorced with Chicco but what I remember is that Chicco is the reason why she agreed to this deal with the Sibeko's. He got her indebted up to the point that she had to work two jobs and finally went for a quick fix deal with Katlego.

10 Apr 2012 16:44

that Ntando kid is really cute!

Shame Daniel is in deep s##t, Benji is forced to betray him now.

10 Apr 2012 22:10

@Impondokazi thats true,Benji is almost just like Cherel...Deceitfull and ruthless,anything to get their way.Is it just me or has Barker become soft?i miss Farrow,did she really die when that Helicopter crashed coz her body was never found?I think Ntando is a great actor,His Girlfriend Rosie looks like she's up to something.Looks like a gold digger,i see katlego is hot on her heals and suspects something.Have you guys bought the new You magazine.Its features a story about Vusi muletsane(Meshack mavuso)...He apparently had a 1 night stand with a student,who claims he infected her with H.I.V,he also gave her R1500 to have an abortion,she says they had a relationship but he insists that it was just a 1 night stand.His wife of 16 years is still with him and they attending councelling

11 Apr 2012 07:59

O Cherel you can rub it in man, dear God you're a Pro. Poor Benjy looking for some resemblance in a mirror while Cherel wants a scientific proof. He just turns into a little boy when faced with trouble. Call mummy Benjy, call mummy.

11 Apr 2012 08:17

who plays rosie?
@MS I read somewhere that Bianca decide to keep the baby..

11 Apr 2012 08:18

who plays rosie?
@MS I read somewhere that Bianca decides to keep the baby..

11 Apr 2012 08:41

mara benjy looks sooo lost!every dog has its day,and benjy is howling stupid right now!shem

11 Apr 2012 10:26

Ntando is played by Loyiso Mcdonald,he has done a few famous tv commercials and Rosie is played by Lara Lipschitz who most of you might remember from Yo tv when she was a presenter.

11 Apr 2012 13:14

Ja sins of the parents mara. Can anyone tell on the reaction of the Sibeko's when they realised that their makoti 'Rosie' is white please.

11 Apr 2012 13:34

  Hi all 

 i love Ntaando, he  is divine, hope he is not g.... lol,, i saw her galfrd Rosie yoo she is really white hope Nikiwe will like her, .. Benjamine its up to u uyangena noma uyaphuma?????? Cherel is in your case, 

aysh i have drum magazine here with Vusi Moletsane,front cover ,  aysh there are some sick woman outside mannnnn,,

Trixy 123
11 Apr 2012 15:38

@Impondokazi - I agree Ntando is so sooooooo cute!!!

@Gameplaya4u  - Vusi has HIV? My God...first it was Lettie.. shame.

11 Apr 2012 16:24


@trixy no, he doesnt have hiv,he even showed his results..its said the other woman accused him of infecting her with hiv....loooong story...

11 Apr 2012 19:39

@Trixi no,Vusi had provided the You Magazine journalist proof from Lancet Laboritries that he is H.I.V negative.

12 Apr 2012 09:08

Hi all,

Poor Benjy looks so lost.  I also think rosie is up to something and katlego knows it too.

@ella do you think the sibeko's will allow her to keep the baby I mean it is their baby they used katlego's egg and Jeff's sperm didnt they?

I am getting tired of this whole counsillor think with sechaba.

I also read the article about vusi but sometimes the magazines exagerate

12 Apr 2012 10:21

@MS what did rosie do????

ofcourse the sibekos wont allow bianca to keep the baby,they'll sue her for breach of contract...unless jeff falls for bianca,get married and raise the baby together...i think jeff hasn't let go of the katlego calvin affair just yet...he's waiting for the baby  to be born,then he'll take action,katlego will lose the baby,but she wont give up without a fight...

12 Apr 2012 10:40

i just love ntando he is so yummmmmy

12 Apr 2012 11:05

Lerato n sechaba what were they doin in slu's office.that couple can realy act.crazy arent they.

12 Apr 2012 11:12

Zdwesha i honestly thot u were a guy lmao *runs*

12 Apr 2012 11:42

@ella Rosie hasnt done anything yet, I just dont trust her dont know why?

I also dont think jeff is over this affair she had with calvin, maybe he will get with bianca after all and they will raise the baby, poor katlego.    I wonder how katlego would cope with a baby she doesnt strike me as being maternal at all.

Lerato and sechaba are just an irritation.

senior scones
12 Apr 2012 12:08

why not jeff with bianca, frank with nikiwe , sebu with yolanda again fun that way; try it, love circles

12 Apr 2012 12:51

mpondo what if i am hun ?

12 Apr 2012 12:59

Nothing wrong Zdwesha.............jst that i assumed u were and now u sounding like a gal................ me and my stupid assumptions again eish

12 Apr 2012 14:43


12 Apr 2012 18:20

@Impondokazi,nice seeing u here on this page.How are you doing hun?

12 Apr 2012 18:20

@Impondokazi,nice seeing u here on this page.How are you doing hun?

12 Apr 2012 19:45

Ok, the sechaba drama is boring already nd Barkerz been2 Ntando.

13 Apr 2012 10:32

Monring all

Rosie smthing fishy abt you, pls tell us abt your background,Benjie i could here wht happened whn u were born frm Daniel , im worried abt u, ahope Isidingo is not kicking u out?Sechaba and Lerato its enough now u are over doing it,, 

why not jeff with bianca, frank with nikiwe , sebu with yolanda again fun that way; try it, love circles

sana i would love to see Frank with Dr ......Nikiwe with detective,,&Jeff with Bianca haaaaaaaa

13 Apr 2012 10:35



13 Apr 2012 10:51

@qaqamba, I'm tired of Rajesh always being jealous over Priya and Frank. I was thinking for a change, office romance between Rajesh and Nikiwe.

13 Apr 2012 11:18

Nikiwe must just get back together with Vusi, they were good together

13 Apr 2012 11:21

Nikiwe must just get back together with Vusi, they were good together WHY DID THEY BREAK UP?


13 Apr 2012 11:37

Hi all  Friday the 13th need i say more

Sechaba and Lerato is just plain boring.

I agree Nkiwe and Vusi must get back together, she looks stunning with her hair down. 

Poor Benjy.  What is Cherel going to do with her info?

13 Apr 2012 11:56

Njoy, sana  i dont thnk Priya will have a problem if they can get together again  with Frank,Rajesh is boring man i thnk Isidingo can just change his role,  i  wonder wht happen to his son with Cherel??????

13 Apr 2012 12:05

His son with Cherel was adopted somewhere in Mexico. Cherel has never raised a child she puts them up for adoption and she meets them when they are older. Rajesh has never cheated before and people have been cheating on him so why not start now.

13 Apr 2012 12:38

yes sana we need more frm him,

13 Apr 2012 13:22



ownah m p
13 Apr 2012 18:25

Helo sori i came home while you guyz were al out. I agree with most people about couples: vusi-nikiwe, jeff-bianca, kim-len, prada- daniel he would make a gud bio, sku back with ayanda, frank back with priya, rajesh find should in cherel who later dump, Katlego-mr hains, ben- doc mag coz they both have secret, sechaba and zeb are ok where they are, calvin-charlie must jst get on with it and when stupid lolly comes back she wil find rajesh waitin 4 him!! Oooh! I love isidingo it z hot like Ntando God he is so damn hot i just feel like seducing him ooh! As 4 rosie u are messing with the wrong family dear rat o a nnyontsha i cant wait 2 see your down fall stupid gal your mother didnt teach u wel aish!

ownah m p
13 Apr 2012 18:59

Oh my God did i just reffer 2 lolly as him sori guyz. 2 give sechaba a run lerato must cheat with slu. Cherel i like the fact that u are back with the bang and everybody is watching their back thinks 2 kimy.

15 Apr 2012 08:49

Thank God the writers have their own minds, because if were according to all of us, we wouldn't have reached a consesus.

15 Apr 2012 11:26

Lmao best line(maybe your mother was a town bycicle and everyone had a ride)cherel deviliers haines leroux

15 Apr 2012 11:52

Cherel is enjoying herself over the misfortunes of Benjy. I just hope that Fanie owned shares in the BLR business to be inherited by Benjy. That could be a major blow to Cherel.

15 Apr 2012 14:18

The Sibeko's are far ahead of time than I have thought. Uncle Frank is now plain Frank regardless of friendship and equal age with their father. They might as well call their father and uncle by name in as far as their liberation is concerned. The white girlfriend causes no surprise it just becomes a normal thing to happen. Maybe they are keeping up with the Motsepe's and I'm not aware of it.

15 Apr 2012 14:46

hi!what has rosie done or trying to do to the sibekos?

16 Apr 2012 08:32

2nite im going 2 hold my sit very tight coz i will b watching drama all the way

16 Apr 2012 09:17

Hi all,

Yep you are right Rosie is messing with the wrong family.  I also loved it when Cherel referred to Marlene as being "the town bicylce" only she could get away with that.  Poor woman is not here to defend herself.

Cant wait to see what happens at the meeting tonight with kim daniel cherel and benji  ..  let the games begin.

Later ..xx

16 Apr 2012 09:27

@ms  - i think benji's dad is Braam's brother! remember Marlin had an affair with him whil emarried to Braam. so he must be the father" he is the one that committed suicide

16 Apr 2012 10:23

@ Bezu yes I am aware that it was Braams brother she had an affair with and that he commited suicide, didnt sophia blame herself for that.  I laugh he has shares

16 Apr 2012 10:42


16 Apr 2012 10:58

Braam once said that Fanie was a shrewd businessman and therefore it's possible for him to have shares in the business.

16 Apr 2012 11:06

come on people fill me in:((

new twist to the kidnap storyline:Katlego winds up the victim herself when she stumbles upon Ntando and Rosie’s fake kidnapping scheme

16 Apr 2012 11:09

i kinda like feel sorry for benjiboy, not sure why? hate wat Cherel is doing to him but I know he will come upo with a plan he alwasy does!!!!

16 Apr 2012 11:20

@ella nothing yet on the fake kidnapping there are still hints. Ntando told his sister that he receives anonymous phone calls that are strange and Rosie collaborated the story by linking the Pietermaritzburg accident to it. When Nikiwe asked for details from Rosie she said Ntando should finish off the story to her and Ntando was not present then. Ntando also asked Nikiwe not to tell his uncle about the phone calls issue. Nikiwe spoke to Ayanda and said she will beef up security. I also feel for Benjy surprisingly so, I wish for a miracle to happen for him.

16 Apr 2012 11:31

Well, Cherel asked for a meeting in a boastful way and Kimmy suspected something must be fishy. She shot like a bullet to Benjy's room to find out what Cherel might be holding against them and Benjy came out with nothing except the same old story he's been telling them from on set, NOT TO MESS WITH CHEREL. Kimmy came back and told Benjy that she notices how lonely he is and betraying Daniel at this point will further ruin their relationship. Benjy tried to ignore her but the message hit home, nonetheless he said nothing.

sexy d
16 Apr 2012 11:51

So Benji is not Braam child  felt sorry for him when somebody called his cell number when that person asked  to speak to Mr Le Roux he was like there is no Mr Le Roux now that was sad hey.

So as always cherel gets away with anything kante when will this woman be arrested vele.

Trixy 123
16 Apr 2012 12:25

@Gameplaya4u and @ellablueivy .....thanks for the information.  Its a relief that Vusi isnt hiv positive.

16 Apr 2012 12:25

I also feel a bit sorry for Benjamin but shouldnt he gives out as good as he gets.

Well we will find out tonight if fanie had shares.  Poor kim is so worried she knows cherel is up to something.   Cherel doesnt take anything lying down she will fight to the end

I wonder what the car accident was all about in Pietermaritzburg?  Something no right there.
@ella rosie hasnt done anything yet but she is acting suspicious.

later xx

16 Apr 2012 12:44

Poor Len is so stressed about sleeping with Lolly, he's even knocking on wrong doors for friendship.

16 Apr 2012 12:56

thank you @Njoy and @MS......

Trixy 123
16 Apr 2012 13:41

I have to agree with the rest that Benjy is a sorrowful sight now.  I also feel very sorry for him.  I think its coz he has been very truthful in this whole incidence and instead he has ended up being injured...shame....I hope he still has shares via Braam's brother who is believed to be the father....I also hope Sofie and Marien could come back ....

16 Apr 2012 14:19

@ella pleasure.

@njoy yes your are right imagine asking kim to be your friend dont think she is capable of being a friend. 

I would love sophia and marlien to come back but they are on the run arent they cos they think marliena killed Braam, shame benjy needs his mom and sis right now cos he might lose his brother if cherel has anything to do with it.


16 Apr 2012 14:50

watzup with the story lines in all the soapies right now! Pearl, Benji and Phenyo all found out that the ppl they though were their dad's are nt!!!! and the elections thing..feel like I'm watchin the same thing in all the sopies!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Apr 2012 15:10

I laughed when Len said he doesn't want to sleep with anyone right now and Kim answered 'I told you you getting none from me'.

17 Apr 2012 01:16

@Bezu I also noticed that. Its kinda boring hey

17 Apr 2012 08:08

it is @Azuree - but guys I m getting confused with the whole kidnapping thing ya Ntando.. is he also in this with the girlfrend and if he is what's in it for him!!!! im confused....

17 Apr 2012 09:09

OMG Rosie looked liked she came out of a lucky packet in that 3cm jean skirt and the yellow top with a pony tail. She just looked 14 and cute and I even felt like she was not 100% into this thing. I just loved her and feel like blaming Ntando for everything now and not her. Poor Benjy betraying his brother like that I have a feeling that when he realises who his father is it will be too late and he will regret not coming out with the truth to Daniel because Daniel and Sophia know who their pretty sexy mama was cheating with.

17 Apr 2012 09:10

@bezu just think rich spoilt kids and nothing else.

ownah m p
17 Apr 2012 11:36

Hi.. Bezu whats up? @Njoy that line about rosie coming from the lucky packet realy killed ijo! Daniel's reactiom when benji voted ooh i stil think he could make a great bi and just huck up with prada. Marline must come and explain what realy happend and i bet she doesnt know that benji isnot braam's kid coz she was stupid enough 2 sleep with bros now benji has 2 pay for her being an easy ride. As for ntando's kidnaping i cannt wait for it to be over and i wish they could have take katlego instead and do not understand her part in this! Keene keene keene i just wonder how your story wil go and as for haines why did you cross cherel man you have just made her thé devil again and i feel sori for good people around the deep coz when she is angry she doesnt care who wil get hurt.

17 Apr 2012 11:38

Hi all

I am sure rosie has something to do with the kidnapping.

Poor daniel he didnt expect benjy to turn on him.  Now what

What is cherel going to do when she realises keene is in jail and not overseas.
Clever barker.

later x

17 Apr 2012 11:47

this whole parents not being real parents is really getting will be intresting to sse if Kimmy wud still be intrested in daniel seeing now that cherel has defeated them..

ownah m p
17 Apr 2012 11:52

@MS cherel wil definatly freakout and barker wil pay and i dont think keene with feed the cops with information that wil nail cherel for good we al know that keene is the 1 who came up with idea not cherel and she didnt even know how keene wil operate that woman hates jail and she wil do everything she can do protect her self.

17 Apr 2012 12:07

all I'm thinking about is this 6months in jail for 1 million comeon guys!!! who would or wouldn't do that???

I think Rose is behind the kidnapping and what is it with Katlego does she suspect something or what?? 

As for u Sechaba I think he is hot with Lerato

17 Apr 2012 12:28

@ownah tsala where have u been< i've missed you so so much!!!!!!!!!!( hugging and kissing))glad to see you still around!!!!!!!! pls dont disappear like that again..

17 Apr 2012 12:37

I personally think that both Ntando and Rose are in on the trick but as to who needs the money and why is what we still gonna figure out. I also think that Katlego has an idea on whats going on but as to what she will do with the information is what we also still gonna figure out.

17 Apr 2012 12:40

Katlego definitely is onto Rosie she was from the beginning when they had their little chat when katlego found out rosies is from a poor background.
Shame poor nkiwe is beside herself.

17 Apr 2012 13:12

lol@ownah on kidnapping Katlego. Why mara yeh? According to the teasers Frank will be involved and maybe there'll be a good side for Nikiwe out of this "to bond with Frank once again".

ownah m p
18 Apr 2012 07:45

Hi all! @bezu am sori my lav am still around just that i blog with a phone and it can be hectic on and off so dont worry when i disapper i wil pop by say hi... Thanks for the kiss u made mis u more and more but hey i was happy 2 see u ((here is your hug!! Mxaaa!!)) ntando's voice didnt sound convencing and rosie know something and i wonder if ntando know about this, if he does then in did love can be blind. @Njoy please dont say that nikiwe must be with vusi not uncle frank and hey whats up ka vusi kante.!! Katlego is on 2 something atleast she is doin somethin good even tough they dont take her seriously. Benji is realy down i feel for him but i think there is more come. Grandpa barker i cant wait to see your face when cherel find out what u have done. Kim and dan no comment.

18 Apr 2012 07:54

@ownah you always kill me with your comments "Uncle Frank" lol

18 Apr 2012 08:47

haa im having a feeling that ntando and rosie planned this or myb rosie is the 1 behind this whole saga

18 Apr 2012 10:23

Cherel Cherel Cherel!!!! How can she gloat like that to Benjy when she knows that she twisted his arm into voting with her. Yoh this woman is a piece of work. She has destroyed the poor boy. Having a relationship with him then marrying his father, destroying his family, telling him he's not a Le Roux and making him vote against Daniel. Does she sleep at night.

18 Apr 2012 12:21

Hi all,

Do you think Ntando and rosie are in this together to get the money?
How awful if they are to put the family through that.

Cherel I am sure sleeps at night she has no conscience.
I wonder what she will do when she finds out about keene serves her right.

I feel sorry for benjy he alone again.

Nkiwe and Frank is nice.

18 Apr 2012 13:22

maybe Ntando and Rosie are behind the kidnapping so that they can give the money to Rosie's family, seeing the Sibeko's have more than enough!

What if Braam Knew that Benji was not his and still included him in the will, may be there is a loophole somewhere in the will that that they overlooked, that Benji can still benefit........i skim uBenji is Oom Fani's son..........

18 Apr 2012 13:30

Bathong, did you hear Cherel telling Benjy that his mom was just a bicycle that everyone was riding??? Maar this woman is heartless yaz

18 Apr 2012 13:31

don't really feel anything for Benji coz of wat he dd to his dad he may have not bn cot but he sure as hell paying. Cherel yo days r also numbered..

18 Apr 2012 13:34

Sure Kerrie maybe they are stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. That's fair enough. MS you are right the woman's conscience died donkey years ago.

18 Apr 2012 14:27

I dont trust that Rosie chick,there's something suspicious about her & Katlego can see it too.Nikiwe is just plain boring,maybe she will deliver in a few weeks,so i must give her time..Can someone whoop the writers asses for breaking up Frank & Lolly?..Wena,Cherel what goes around comes around(lento ilivili iyajikeleza) *bitch* how can u torture my Benjy like're so cruel,you're a heartless whoré

18 Apr 2012 14:28

I dont trust that Rosie chick,there's something suspicious about her & Katlego can see it too.Nikiwe is just plain boring,maybe she will deliver in a few weeks,so i must give her time..Can someone whoop the writers asses for breaking up Frank & Lolly?..Wena,Cherel what goes around comes around(lento ilivili iyajikeleza) *bitch* how can u torture my Benjy like're so cruel,you're a heartless whoré

18 Apr 2012 14:43

...but what's Katlego's role in the kidnapping, why did she listen-in on Ntando and Rosie's conversation?

did Rosie and Ntando have to go talk on the balcony, i mean, if they were really going for a picnic, why the secrecy!

Cherel doesn't have a conscience is missing in action........if Marlene is the bicycle ene she's a rider, she rides all the foolish men for their riches!lol

18 Apr 2012 14:58

But guyz I suspect that Ntando is the one who offered to help Rosie with money. From the look on Rosie's face it's like she's guilty and about to say something. I think Rosie is innocent really do. The only thing that makes her guilty is that she's in on it. That's how I analyze her regretful look on her face but you'll never know. I think Ntando kidnapped himself here.

18 Apr 2012 15:09

me thinks it's like that also Njoy! maybe he thought if he asked his dad or uncle they'll refuse so they faked the kidnapping. poor Rosie, she can't even sit still on the chair, she might let the secret out.....

18 Apr 2012 15:18

Yes last night when they spoke to ntando he sounded too calm telling them just give them what they want.  And those tears of Rosie there werent any silly woman
I wonder how long she can keep quiet for, it think katlego should question her and get the truth what ever it is.

I wonder what is going to happen to cherel now that Keene has testified

She always wins in the end, like benjy says dont play with cherel.

18 Apr 2012 16:23

@ms I still have faith in Benji he will return the favour - he find a way to pay back!!!! somehow I lov BenjiBoy! I find him mysterious, fascinating and something abt him excites me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say cherel might have won this round but she hasnt won the war!!! it's not over till benj say it is!! he will find something on her....!

18 Apr 2012 16:45

*dead* by if Marlien is a bicycle them Cherel is a rider as he rides every foolish man for their richies! Kwaaaaa! U guys r sick tjo!!

19 Apr 2012 08:03

Rosie nearly bit her fingers off yesterday and Sechaba and Zeb finally expressed their emotions to each other. Blood is thicker than water maan.

19 Apr 2012 08:29

I fear that Barker is playing with fire here he must ask Benjy and he will tell him NOT TO TEMPER WITH CHEREL.Hawu, Ntando is on a camp somewhere. I wonder who is calling Nikiwe for the bribe because I don't see Ntando becoming that sly "IF YOU TRACE THIS CALL THE BOY WILL DIE' neeh. These kids mara.... Two Million Rand..... I can't even put it in figures tjo.

19 Apr 2012 10:13

Iyo! Is everyone offline today or maybe you were not impressed by last night's episode. kutheni?

19 Apr 2012 11:10

no njoy we r i shock that ntando has kidnapped himself

19 Apr 2012 11:32

so u say ntando kidnapped himself?for money?his family is rich why would he do that?i dont get this storyline...

19 Apr 2012 11:52

@ella we are not sure yet but according to Frank's investigation on the day of his disappearance there were items that were bought on his credit card like lots of bread, tent and other camping items. It might be that he wants to help his girlfriend with the school fees or he is in trouble himself because even if he comes from a rich family who would give him two million rand nje.

19 Apr 2012 11:55

Never thought the day would come where I feel sorry for Benjy boy but ja I do, I'm starting to like the lil' devil!  
But I'm still #TeamCherel to the end!
And how boring of Barker to get Keene to expose Cherel, Barker def has gone weak, I mean even an amateur like Kim can get to him, mcm!
But this whole storyline of Cherel going to jail as well is so old & boring coz at the end of the day, we all know it won't happen so why keep playing around it!

19 Apr 2012 11:57

@ BEZU hope you are right  I hope benjy finds something on cherel although it looks like she is about to be arrested with this whole keen saga.

Ntando definitely set this up why would he buy camping equipment, I think although he comes from a rich family he wants his own money, maybe him and rosie want to elope lol.  I think rosie is going to crack.    Nkiwe cant see her brother doing anything wrong but Frank is on to it.

Glad sechaba and zeb made up as you say blood is thicker than water

later xx

19 Apr 2012 12:17

@Dildo01 you have to love the way the woman always escapes jail. If you remember that Dunken case where she pleaded self defense and brought her daughter Tanya to testify for her incest story and later withdrew her as her witness seeing that it would be too much for Tanya and their relationship, it was as if Cherel never killed Dunken for her selfish reasons and you could have blamed Barker for hating Cherel at that point.

19 Apr 2012 14:41

Hi all

i can see tht we have new peeps, hee im proud of u guyz keep it up,


wht a poor kidnapping story frm these  two kids Ntando and Rosie, even my boy he is 5 yrs he can see frm Rosie;s eyes tht , smthing is not right from this kidnapping story, haa, okey if they manage to have this 2m ,$$$$  wht are they going to do with it???? is it for Rosie or for Ntandos debts???????? 
out of topic

i heard tht Nandipha aka Hlubikazi Mboya will have a role in Jacobs Cross, thts wonderful.!!!!!!!!!!!!CHANNEL 107.

19 Apr 2012 14:43

Cherel gets herself out of any situation witch.

Shame so bianca had to be taken to a place of safety, they really are protective of this child. 

If I were  Barker I dont think I could tolerate being in the same room as her after what she did to his children.

20 Apr 2012 07:46

Right now I just wish the writers could give Katlego and Jefferson a very nasty divorce that makes Tiger Woods' nothing to worry about. Katlego's talent and wisdom is underutilized. She is this wicked witch that is seldom in action. I wish she can get her independence and become Jefferson's feisty business rival. I don't know but I believe in this woman.

20 Apr 2012 08:16

My cherel is arrested but the will be hell to pay for barker when she comes out not to mention keen.

20 Apr 2012 09:09

Hi all,

So cherel is off to jail I loved the look on barker's face as she was marched out, but it wont be for long she will get out of this somehow.

So Katlego aired her views and blamed rosie, how much truth is there in that?
I think they should cross question Rosie to get the truth out of her, she definitely knows something. Why else would she eaves drop when frank and nkiwe were chatting.


20 Apr 2012 09:20

Cherel goin tojail cant believe that she will ,escape the law as usual

20 Apr 2012 09:58

the Cherel going to jail stortyline is boring shem, coz we all know she wont be there for long!!! and I felt so sorry for Katlego yesterday the way everyone just made her to be the bad person and not acknowledging that she is also tryin to help...and suspecting her!!! i think she is on to something and i hope if she is right they apologize....

20 Apr 2012 11:38

I'm glad that Cherel did go to jail at least there's something for Benjy to be cheerful about even though temporary. I also like the fact that she hates jail with passion and that humiliation of being arrested while everyone is watching serves her well. But jail doesn't rehabilitate Cherel it makes her more wicked than ever so Barker must watch out,

20 Apr 2012 12:17

m also glad she they arrested her. the humiliation, the fear of jail, the disappointment of her failure to try n escape getting arrested.............will create a monster inside the monster she already is...........the grudges she'll have when she gets out yhooo...........i hope they keep her for a few months................get her a "girlfriend" inside tltltl

i didn't expect Rosie to deny, guess she's much stronger n braver that she looks

20 Apr 2012 13:29

Even Keene is get of Cherel, did you see the look on his face when Slu was warning him abt her!  
Bosso ke mang #Ke Cherel! lol, gotta love the woman.  It's gonna be hell on earth when she comes out.

20 Apr 2012 13:32

Ooops, meant even Keene is "scared" of Cherel.

20 Apr 2012 14:55

@bezu it's true Katlego is like an outcast in that family. Her husband is always siding with his own family and neglecting her. She's a cruel person sure but she deserves recognition. If she is 'clever' like Sechaba would say, she would definitely take my advice. File for divorce, sue for millions, get out of that house and show them what she's got.

ownah m p
20 Apr 2012 15:46

Hi, @Njoy i agree with u if katlego were 2 be out of jeff's shadow then hell wil fall down and she and cherel would make a gr8 team ooh God the deep wil burn down in flame ijo ijo jeff is nothin but a old duck i wonder if she can realy do katlego in bed*hides* i think ntando offerd 2 help and rosie went along assh ntando u disapointed me beauty without brain u should have know better. U see the result of having a galfriend and bringing her home at the age of 16. Cherel wil bounce back i can wait.

20 Apr 2012 16:11

Ja @ownah you always do it for me I'm on the floor with laughter right now.

23 Apr 2012 09:16

Morning all hope you had a good weekend.

Cherel will be out of jail in not time she always does it.
I would love to know how benji got to Keen's wife and kid so quickly that was mighty fast hey?

I agree katlego should sue for divorce and demand millions, jefferson doesnt love her always goes against her.

later xx

sexy d
23 Apr 2012 09:45

So cherel will blackmail Benji forever mos and poor benji he is so confused he can see it he better come up with a plan that he can also use to blackmail cherel o seng yalo o tsile go nna mo maleng a nja...

23 Apr 2012 19:04

I stopped watching Isidingo after what Lolly did to Frank - I could not believe how vacuous she could be.

24 Apr 2012 08:07

Dear perfume Lolly is gone and Frank will move on with his life so start watching again please and join us on this blog it's such a lot of fun. You just voice your concerns and feel good about it. After all, Cherel is too good to ignore. Could Ntando be hiding in the home basement bathong while I thought he was somewhere in the bundus with elephants and lions, Ai I give up.

24 Apr 2012 08:46

no comments hayi ntando uyeyisa

24 Apr 2012 08:58

hi all,
I think Benji is still confused and fustrated at the same time so much that he is not thinking straight- bt once she finds out that he is still a le roux even though he is not Braam's child he will come to his senses and strike back at cherel!! if only his mom will tell him the truth coz i think right now he is thinking that he is not a le roux at all and therefore has no share what so ever in the le roux business..

Believe he will strike back and when he does I'll be right behind him " cheering for him fo rhim" i just love Benji he plays with the big fishes and manages to bring them to their knees....! love u benjiboy

24 Apr 2012 09:02

hey guys what if Katlego followed Rosie yesterday...I kinda like feel sorry fo Katlego, I mean its not right how they are treating her.....yes I knw she had an affair but she is human and she is willing to start over... give her break!!!! Jeff is sucha push over to let Nikiwe and the others treat his wife like that!!!!!

24 Apr 2012 09:20

Hi all,

So Rosie was in it all the time I knew it.  Shame how can he do this to his family nkiwe is beside herself.   I dont think she was followed pity

I feel sorry for Katlego as you say she is only human.

Poor Sechaba didnt make it, it is nice that him and zeb have made up.

I have never see priya so angry, gee Cherel gets everyone's back up she is so good at it lol.  Did you see barker's face when he saw her sitting having coffee.

Kim and daniel didnt know they were that close. 

24 Apr 2012 09:33

Yes Benjy is hurting shame doing everything against his will but I feel like a day will come when he'll bring it back ten fold.

24 Apr 2012 09:35

Cherel's release story is so boring and annoying, i so wanted to klap keene for giving in to that witch but hey family safety is important #angry#

"if i hear anything, u'll be the 1st 1 to know" loved that line from barker, so calm

Ntando unamanyala, no further comments yho jesus

24 Apr 2012 09:39

No that affair should not be what Jeff is banking on for treating Katlego badly because he himself had or still has (I don't know) feelings for Ayanda who is his late buddy's daughter.

24 Apr 2012 09:43

@Impondokazi thinking of what Cherel did to the Bomann (Farrows) family I think it's hard to take her for granted. Yeah loved Barker saying that too even pointing a finger at her at that point.

24 Apr 2012 10:09

Dear Jefffff

Can u kindly check cameras today u will c that ur little rosie is not as innocent as she seems to be & stop treating cc k as if she is a criminal



24 Apr 2012 10:36

Hi good people! Missed yesterday's episode, what happened? Is it just me or have the writers "toned'' down Barker's brilliance and cunning ? But then again maybe jail and losing Lee and Duncan, as well as all his monies slowed him down a bit?  On this note, know this is old, but the chemistry between the actors Ashley Callie and Robert Whitehead was amazing, I saw them on interviews as well they were just out of this world. May she rest in peace. Anyways back 2 the current, yes I agree Katlego has the potential 2b the super vixen of Horizon Deep please may the writers give her a storyline 4 this already! N yep doubt Farrow died seeing as they didn't show us a burnt corpse, maybe they leaving the door open 4 her character? Did Sechaba win?????????????? Him and Lerato aka Michelle Obama always leave me in stitches. Can't wait to see Sechaba "serving' the people, wonder what car he'll request this time, lol.

24 Apr 2012 11:41

@Zile12 Keene changed his story to that he was trying to steal drugs in the police station (not really sure but I think that's what he said). Priya insisted that he should tell the truth and they will give him witness protection if he is scared of Cherel but all that failed. And then, Cherel knocks at Kimmy's door who was in bed with Daniel and they both answered the door and well Cherel being her typical self bragged about coming out of jail. Then she told Daniel that she was actually looking for him to schedule a meeting for tomorrow (today). Barker saw Cherel seated at the bar and he turned back from wherever he was heading and Cherel asked him if he thought he saw a ghost. She also asked him if he had anything to do with her jail stint but Barker told her that he will inform her when he finds out who might have done it. Nikiwe was so concerned about the kidnappers not calling them anymore and even suggested calling the police. Rosie took a lift I think to the basement where Ntando is to give him some stuff and to tell him that people are already suspicious.

24 Apr 2012 12:58

Is Ntando in the basement oh my word so close yet so far so they think.
Why do they want all that money surely ntando has access to his own money is he just being greedy or is it for Rosie?

Cherel really hit the jackpot when she got benjy to threaten Keene with his wife and kid.  Too close to home.

Is Bianca still in hiding?  Katelgo should kidnap her and run away lol


24 Apr 2012 14:42

I think Katlego nailed it in her investigation when she told Rosie that she wants this money for her parents whose business has gone under. Ntando is so stupid maar. He's just a teenager in love for the first time thinking that the butterflies won't fly away and he'll end up getting married to Rosie and living happily ever after. Katlego all she thinks about leaving with is the baby, what about the money she must take it all and leave nothing behind.

24 Apr 2012 14:57

Did u guys hear Len n Frank's new possibilities in their investigation? there's lots of possible motives around this "kidnapping", mna i don't know what to think anymore

24 Apr 2012 15:14

@Impondokazi I did not hear their theories very well as I was still amazed at the two talking about something else excluding u Lolly. Did they think that the people that Ntando was involved with in an accident might have blackmailed him or something?

24 Apr 2012 15:24

i couldn't stop smiling u know, so glad they are back together.

Ja Len think they might've killed some1 in that accident and now the relative is angry n seeks revenge. Frank started calling the hospitals

24 Apr 2012 15:45

I thought it was rosie and ntando that planned this whole thing?  Do you really think they killed someone and they are being black mailed and dont want to tell the family.  At lease frank and len are on speaking terms again

Jefferson will never let katlego leave with his son this son is to replace siphiso.

Shame missing lolly 

24 Apr 2012 15:49

Ijo! that's a total different angle now and very scary. Mos that would be a blackmail for life then. Like you I'll now wait for Ntando and Rosie to say what they really need the money for.

24 Apr 2012 15:56

.......but they seem....or rather Ntando seems  too calm to have killed someone.

this is really confusing

24 Apr 2012 15:59

Exactly my thought.

24 Apr 2012 19:38

My main man Barker's character has been watered down WHY may I ask!!!!!!!!! Katlego needs to pull away from Jefferson, she is an excellent actress and needs her own identity. I am liking Ntando and Rosie, call me stupid but the young love is so sweet, feeling sorry for Nikiwe at the moment. So my love Benjamin finds out he is not a Le Roux, watch the cold side of him manifest, love love love love him. Can someone tell me what is the purpose of Ayanda being on the show, and also can someone please tell Skhu to wipe that silly grin off his face, when facing difficult moments he has that stupid grin on his face arghhhhhhhhhhh lol. What happened to Bianca?????? Excited Kim is back even though she is no match for Cruella aka Cherel, as Barker said this evening "the cat sold her soul to the devil for another 9 lives" loved the analogy lmao!!!!!

24 Apr 2012 20:12

cherel always gets her way not ayoba!!!I It gets obvious that is a story not reality!!!Its annoying big time.

25 Apr 2012 07:41

Morning guyz. I missed out last night and only saw the part where Nikiwe was so brave to ignore the fear of illegal miners and kidnappers to personally go and rescue her brother by herself. I have so many questions here, how did she find out where he was and how did she end up going there alone? And anything else that I did not see?

25 Apr 2012 08:33

all i can say is that NTANDO u r dooooooooooooooooooooooomed

25 Apr 2012 09:04

Wat transpired last nyt pple?

ownah m p
25 Apr 2012 10:05

So marline waz a bicykle after all there was peter on the riding list G! ntando what a freak when his sis asked what was goin his face was like of a lemon that ride a horse on a certain advert, the boy is so damn silly so rosie must have knocked some1 when driving the car now they want 2 pay 4 their medical bills n 2 pay the people who fixed the car now nikiwe crashed the planz as 4 rosie i tought the sebekos wil send her packing the teasers tel us that nikiwe and jeff wil force her in 2 the corner on the 30 oviously they think or ntando didnt tell them the whole truth mmm yami i wonder how she wil flip her eyes this time! Cherel is a diva i like the part where she trew a plastic at preya and walked out with cornfidance! Keene is totaly scared of cherel G the man was shaking.

ownah m p
25 Apr 2012 10:24

Oh @Njoy the guy who len talk managed 2 analysed the cal n send it to him so he met niki and told her that the explaind that the sound on the babk round is from different things like aircorn, pipe n the was a certain sound which could tel where they and niki said the sound was familiar but she was not show from where! When she was goin up she waz on a lift with rajesh who told that the lifts wil be maitaind 2mrow coz of the sound that came from shaft she was arlet then asked what kind of sound n immediatly the same sound from len's 4ne came and rajesh was like ooh thats n niki couldnt wait 2 get out of the lift. Later she cald zeb 2 the office and asked abt the shaft n his explanation matched of lens' from ther we sow her being the brave 1 with a heart of a lion goin down 2 help his bro who doesnt need help ooh! Hope that wil help dear.

25 Apr 2012 10:34

oh thanks Ownah, ddn't know where to start, lots of details.

25 Apr 2012 11:00

Thanks @ownah for being so kind and you just had to spice it up at the end, you're in my good books for that. Haai Nikiwe is so brave maan tjo. I don't think I would have done all that by myself my brother or not u Frank would have gone down there and not me. U Len shame has used that brain of his for something productive for a change instead of dressing down women. But what hit me the most is a 'Peter' in Marliens makhwapheni list!!!!! Kanti what kind of a woman was she? Oooooooh Cherel you are not alone, at least you know who fathered your kids.

25 Apr 2012 11:36

hi guys

What was the sms from marlien to Benjy saying his father was someone called is it van dyk, I thought oom fanie was his father.

What explanation is Ntando going to give to nkiwe, she was very brave going down there alone.  

Kim bailing keen out how sweet of her.

Cherel doesnt take *bleep!* love her.

Barker looks like half the man he was with all the weight loss


25 Apr 2012 11:59

I know that Keene has definitely lost a million rand from Barker but I wonder if that 6 months jail term deal with the state will still exist. OMG I missed out on Cherel meeting Keene wow. I just can't wait to hear what those 2 naughty kids needed a R2,000,000 for, finally able to put it in figures, practice makes perfect.

25 Apr 2012 12:21

Im having a feeling that 1 day keen will bounce back

25 Apr 2012 12:36

Cherel is such a b*tch. "i've worked hard yada yada" n yet all she's been doing is destroying families.

i think Kim bailed Keen out so that he'd always feel like he owes her, cld help her in future

ownah m p
25 Apr 2012 12:38

Ha ha ha @Njoy u are funny u know that, cherel and keene didnot meet just that everytime the name cherel poped when barker came 2 vist he told him that no one knowz cherel n the old gran waz like she rily got 2 u huh and when kim went 2 pay his bail the man told he cant help her u could tel from his face that he is scared mm who would have thought! Ben is in 4 a bumpy ride i wonder who his father is and what he does! Pliz dont bring us a dying man or a mongoes i just want a formal man with man with money so he can give ben a job, shares then ben wil have 2 sell his shares 2 aunty cherel.

25 Apr 2012 12:51

Hawu @ownah I thought you were telling the truth about 'peter' tjo. @MsKim the only family still safe from being destroyed by Cherel is the Sibeko's otherwise she's done them all.

25 Apr 2012 12:55

I just love Keen, i think he's my new crush *screw Ntando, he's naughty n childish*

He did drop a hint to Kim n Barker that Cherel is after her family, he was so sweet to Kim, teliing her that he has a daughter, he can't help ryt now, and that she must shout if she needs help in any other thing. Kim knew immediately that Cherel went after his family.

25 Apr 2012 12:56

I just love Keen, i think he's my new crush *screw Ntando, he's naughty n childish*

He did drop a hint to Kim n Barker that Cherel is after her family, he was so sweet to Kim, teliing her that he has a daughter, he can't help ryt now, and that she must shout if she needs help in any other thing. Kim knew immediately that Cherel went after his family.

and YES  i also think n believe he'll bounce back

25 Apr 2012 13:31

@Impondo your man Keene must simply stay out of the kitchen if he can't stand the heat. Cherel is a pro and doesn't deal with amateurs.

25 Apr 2012 14:08

Hi all 

cant wait for tonight at 19h30....sabc3.

ownah m p
25 Apr 2012 14:21

@Njoy nna i think the sebekos are not safe where ever there is money aunty cherel goes and we know she once approched sis katlego, so the matabane's are the 1s safe. Ha ha ha imagen cherel and zeb in bed 2gether uu tsunami heee and 4 that matter zeb doesnt have money, chereliki just want notes dear she doesnt mind druging man so he cant get horny its al about the money money!! @Impondokazi keene your crash oooh heaven as fall on u he wil definatly protect and give up a million 4 u geez i anvi u just that he get terrified badly.

25 Apr 2012 14:33

@Njoy.............he's very much aware of that, he even admitted to Barker *if m not mistaken* that she is crazy n she hides it very well. I think He will come back with the most well planned plan of attack when he comes back for her lol

@Ownah.........what do u think makes me go mad about him?!, he's a family man on top of everything else. wow man, i just love him lol

25 Apr 2012 14:55

Eish you peeps are crazy maan. Can Cherel do Georgie for money do you think????

25 Apr 2012 15:10

lol Cherel w Bra G ......................... Cherel w zeb  kwakwakwakwa

ya neh she'd be very desperate jo hahahahha lol @ ownah had sorta forgotten abt the drugging part that woman is crazy jo.

25 Apr 2012 15:17

i gues then she's right wen she says she's worked hard to get were she is today..

25 Apr 2012 15:24

heheh she has her own dictionary explaining the meaning of Hard Work yho!

25 Apr 2012 19:38

Keen is going to take his revenge out on Cherel, watch this space. I think he is a very sexy man hmmmmmmm

25 Apr 2012 19:40

Priya give up your dying obsession of Cherel, go and play in the traffic, should you not be arresting criminals lol

25 Apr 2012 19:54

Im crying as im typing this.its the prime time for my fevaret soapie n im weking.thanx OWNAH for the last kindly askin u with the help of IMPO to update again tommorow abt today ' episodes on isidingo,rythm cty,generationz,seven dlaan.thanx in advance.ngiyakhupa is it the ryt word.plz plz sobing.... sobing can someone gv me a tissue.wl mt kusasa mabloggers amahle. luv u all

26 Apr 2012 08:06

So it's true that Peter van Dyk or Thomas Brown could be possible "bastard's" father. How come she did not include Fanie le Roux because she was also in an affair with him as well or maybe the list is too long? It's funny that Benjy's internet search ended up in a with a virus scare. I truly feel bad for Benjy all his life his known himself as a Le Roux and all of a sudden it will change to Van Dyk or Brown. I hate his mom on his behalf. It's better that he killed Braam before he could realise what his wife was up to when he was on business trips.

26 Apr 2012 08:42

Nikiwe was so upset she couldn't even pretend otherwise when Ntando called to delay the ransom. She spoke to Rosie like she was reprimanding a naughty child. Katlego is just always there standing and staring and you wonder if there's something she could have heard but at the end you find nothing from her. Someone find her a job please please please!!!!!

26 Apr 2012 09:34

@ Perfume u are absoulutely right. Barker's my main man too and they've just tamed him down way 2 much. And yes please may the writers develop Katlego's character, she has so much potential n they keeping her in check. As 4 Ayanda n Skue's characters really they shud give them guest appearances or @ least liven them up a bit coz they so boring *yawn! Guys is it not possible the village bike aka Marleen is protecting Benji from finding out his uncle is his dad by saying this vanDyk character is?

26 Apr 2012 09:49

Morning all

only 1 thng i will say this morning, BLOOD IS THICKER THN WATER,, Nikiwe you are very brave !!!!!!!!!!



26 Apr 2012 11:08

Why is Benjy not coming out with the truth to Daniel and prefers to find his father first? Is he afraid that he might not find what he expected and he will keep pretending to be a Le Roux all his life for name sake? That means he will owe Cherel a favour for the rest of his life. What if he's just an aging man dying from whisky would he associate himself with him? If he's wealthy will he want anything to do with him? Ja Benjy is between a hard place and a rock for sure.

26 Apr 2012 11:18

I also think Cherel is misleading Benjy by those names *ulahl'umkhondo if u know what i mean*. He knows that if he finds out he's still a Le Roux then she won't have  a hold against him

Benjy should've been honest maan, he's just complicating things for himself

As for the Ntando/Rosie story ay m clueless as to what could be the solution

26 Apr 2012 11:37

@Impondo if Benjy got the names from Cherel kanti, that I did not know. Oooooh Cherel will name every Tom Dick and Harry that she's ever encountered to confuse u Benjy. Oh Benjy will get more stress from keeping this a secret from Daniel but his mother as well is not treating him fairly by not telling him the truth. No wonder he got to a virus Cherel bathong. I also wonder if Nikiwe wants Ntando/Rosie to get the R2m they are gunning for. Does she trust them with their story though I'm starting to have doubts there maybe the two are being silly and want the money for themselves.

26 Apr 2012 12:07



26 Apr 2012 12:38

no no guys i think benjie got a sms from his mada nakhona that day it only stated Pieter van Dyk, thomas mayb is just a name he added so that brada doesnt ask many questions my thoughts 

26 Apr 2012 15:59

Hi all,

I agree Nkiwe is being brave but she is also being stupid, it is all going to come out in the end. 

This whole think with benjy is confusing me.

Enjoy the long weekend all see you on Wednesay.Take care 

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