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7de Laan Teasers - March 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 7de Laan Teasers on 28 Feb 2012
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Coming up on 7de Laan this March, 2012:

Thursday 1 March 2012
Episode 2689

Sanjay's article about Miss Madeleine in the Hillside Times causes a stir but what will the fallout be for Bruynwaves?

Friday 2 March 2012
Episode 2690

Altus receives an upsetting phone-call from the Miss Madeleine management. Will Helena's shocking behaviour cost Felicity her life?

Monday 5 March 2012
Episode 2691

Marko gets feedback from Miss Madeleine. Helena realises that she has reached a cross roads. Will Felicity's narrow escape drive her back into Herman's arms?

Tuesday 6 March 2012
Episode 2692

Zinzi gets the surprise of her life and assistance from an unexpected source. Altus confronts Miss Madeleine's CEO about Bruynwaves' outstanding fees but will he succeed in getting the money owed to him?

Wednesday 7 March 2012
Episode 2693

Will Paula and Marko's budding romance survive the Miss Madeleine crisis? Zinzi has to make a decision that will affect her whole life. Neville gets an unexpected offer.

Thursday 8 March 2012
Episode 2694

Incidents from the past start haunting Emma. Altus receives upsetting news from London and Xander battles to make sense of Daleen's version of the break-in at her flat.

Friday 9 March 2012
Episode 2695

How long can Altus keep Bruynwaves' financial difficulties out of the papers? Daleen receives a call from one of Gary's friends and Pieter is getting desperate for a job.

Monday 12 March 2012
Episode 2696

Neville meets a possible shareholder in the Hillside Times and Ryno gets into trouble over a character in his book. The new assistant at Hillside Travel has the guys raving.

Tuesday 13 March 2012
Episode 2697

Will Paula's risky plan to get Bruynwaves' fees out of Miss Madeleine land her in hot water? How will the facts that Daleen is keeping from Xander affect her court case?

Wednesday 14 March 2012
Episode 2698

The financial situation at Bruynwaves has Altus considering drastic measures. Charmaine has her doubts about the new shareholder in the Hillside Times.

Vanessa finds a clue in Daleen's flat that makes her realise everything isn't kosher.

Thursday 15 March 2012
Episode 2699

Will Miss Madeleine pay up and save Bruynwaves from going under and what will Altus do when he finds out about the part Paula played in the matter? Xander confronts Daleen with new facts that Vanessa uncovered.

Friday 16 March 2012
Episode 2700

How will Xander react to Daleen's confession that she knew the victim? Errol is back from the Maldives and full of plans for the future. Pieter has a great idea for making some money.

Monday 19 March 2012
Episode 2701

Altus invites Paula to dinner to apologise for his behaviour ... but will it end there? Xander decides whether he still wants to act as Daleen's lawyer.

Tuesday 20 March 2012
Episode 2702

Lilian shows she's a new broom that intends to make a clean sweep. Emma decides to find help for her emotional problems.

How will the family react to Daleen's confession and for how long will they be able to keep it out of the papers?

Wednesday 21 March 2012
Episode 2703

Hilda and Maria plot to keep Oubaas from finding out about the high telephone account. Errol receives bad news. Will Bruynwaves find enough work to keep their doors open?

Thursday 22 March 2012
Episode 2704

Errol finds a part-time job. To Paula's dismay, Lilian reduces her Paula Pruts to a weekly instead of a daily column. How will Daleen hold up during her first day in court?

Friday 23 March 2012
Episode 2705

Will Herman's attitude lead to San-Mari's resignation? Stress levels are sky high in the Meintjies family while they wait to learn whether Daleen has been found guilty of murder.

Monday 26 March 2012
Episode 2706

Marcel is back and full of enthusiasm for aunt Dolores' memoires. Emma opens up to her psychologist. Pieter is taking giant strides with his competition plans. Will Xander and Daleen ever be able to make peace?

Tuesday 27 March 2012
Episode 2707

Asha takes an important decision without Gita's consent ... will she regret it? Susan Kruger threatens Ryno and Boonstra with legal action. Xander makes a shocking discovery in Daleen's flat.

Wednesday 28 March 2012
Episode 2708

Ryno and Boonstra clash over the best way to handle Susan Kruger. Asha's job is on the line. Will the latest developments be the final straw in Xander and his mother's relationship?

Thursday 29 March 2012
Episode 2709

Is Asha's new plan good enough to salvage the situation with the Namibian tickets? Xander warns Ryno that Susan Kruger may have grounds for legal action.

Friday 30 March 2012
Episode 2710

The first round of the cooking competition kicks off. Lilian and Neville disagree about the columns in the Times. The Susan Kruger issue is becoming a thorn in Ryno's side.

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28 Feb 2012 13:36

Finally The March highlights are here, I thought they were never going to make it…..

28 Feb 2012 13:52

I think Helena will leave the show for good.
Wednesday 7th …. Commentary in Afrikaans??
So Zinzi leaves and a new girl arrives, Asha.. Nice.
Errol’s back… I wonder if he’s changed much?
So ALtie and Paula might get back together… It’s about time..Marko didn’t suite her.
Is Emma going Looney again?? Same old, same old.

28 Feb 2012 14:00

hi all finally

28 Feb 2012 14:17

Might be interesting... might not... will just have to watch to see it unravel... it has too many QUESTIONS though!!!

tvsa destiny
28 Feb 2012 14:17

Spoilers have arrived ...

28 Feb 2012 14:25

Hi new faces,  does Zinzi go to be with tumi  (that is his name) so gossip girl is gone.  what happens to helena.  Do Felicity and herman get reunited.
Daleen should have told the truth from day one you always get found out why you lie. 

Emma going bonkers again?

Paula and Altus oh yey they must get back together.

28 Feb 2012 14:37

Not all that interesting

28 Feb 2012 15:16


28 Feb 2012 15:50

Paula n Altie together again, that would b great!No offence Marko u know thetes only one man 4 paula n thats Altie. hope Helena is leaving 4 good dont like her. also hope Felicity n Herman reunite coz they make a cute couple.

Fathima Mulla
28 Feb 2012 17:37

Pieter and Annelie aren't together ?

angelz 28
28 Feb 2012 17:54

paula n altie yay finnaly 
alot of new faces 
zizni is leaving "wil miss ha gossip"
bt it looks like kim is the new gossip girl LOL
@fatima pieter and annelie r 2gethr 4rm last month :-) 


28 Feb 2012 20:43

Nothing much being said really. What's happening with Helena? Will she finally get what she deserves? Sheesh that woman is insane!

Swit Pee
29 Feb 2012 07:07

Zinzi goin, l liked e way she spread gossip, helena shld go fo sho,peter desparate for a job when are they goin to give him a break, altie & paula get back 2gether nice 1

29 Feb 2012 11:04

Hi guys!

Back at work today

Helena should go to a looneybin instead of jail...
Please not another Emma-drama!! I can't stand it!
I'm happy that there will be some new faces... even though gossip girl is leaving...
@angelz, I also think Kim will be the new Gossip girl lol
Paula and Altie... YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!! Finally!!
Daleen - it doesn't pay to lie like that...

Chat later! Xx

29 Feb 2012 11:45

HI all

Shame Marko had such dreams and they have all been flattened.
NExt blow will be altie and paula getting together.

@allyv you are right helena belongs in the looney bin She is dangerous.

What did you think of pieter's painting  a bit weird but good.
Finally he has shown someone his painting. 

Sounds like vince and Bonita's house needs lots of TLC.

Chat Later xx

29 Feb 2012 13:13

i think the new teasers r awesome. 
cant say much for Helena she is cr@zy

29 Feb 2012 13:52


29 Feb 2012 14:08

@MS, Helena is one player short of a lunatic team!
Pieter's painting was a bit strange... but if they like it... good for them :-\

Mmm saw Bernard in the Food Lovers Market again... and he smiled at me... :) **wipes away drool**

29 Feb 2012 14:55


Imagine if more had gone down with Helena and herman how would she have reacted I mean all he did was kiss her and stop.  Helena cant handle rejection very well now can she.  I wonder if she will tell isabella what she has been up to?

@allyv next time you must talk to him, tell him how we chat about them all here.
what would you do if you saw Helena??


29 Feb 2012 16:19

lets wtch and c atherwize no comment

01 Mar 2012 10:33

@MS, I'll probably just get starstruck and smile like an idiot LOL!!
No, next time I see him, I'm jumping on him HAHAHAHAHAHA

01 Mar 2012 16:23

I all

Poor Marko really in a dwang.  How could they do that have they no ethics.

Charmaine and Neville dont look too impressed with vince and bonita's semi.  It needs a lot of cleaning up, was a great party.

Have a good evening all

LOve you xx

Paula Pritz
01 Mar 2012 17:59

hey guys sorry only posting today was abit busy, @ally a very belated happy birthday hope u had a awsome party and may u hav many more mwah

02 Mar 2012 12:05

So from ur comments Herman only kissed Helena if thats the case then i rest my case ....she is crazy

02 Mar 2012 13:41

Hi guys!!

@Mokema, yes they only kissed, but looking at Helena's behaviour, you would swear that they were married! :)

@Paula, thanks so much sweetie :)

@MS, Charmaine and Neville luckily don't have a say in Vince and Bonita's place hehehe

Chat later peeps! Xx

02 Mar 2012 13:52

this Helena girl is crazy, nothing happened between her and Herman i dont know why she is making a big deal of it. i dont lyk her. Felicity & Herman makes a great couple just like Bonita & Vince

Paula Pritz
02 Mar 2012 17:31

hey guys.... @ally u welcome doll... helena is a freak that must get lost her sister left so y is she still hangin around....anyone knows of a good romcom i can wach

02 Mar 2012 19:10

Jeez helena, how can she do that..

angelz 28
03 Mar 2012 09:58

hey people

issebell is bak she should throw dat awful witch into a pile of rubbish
poor felicity bt shell get saved and hopefully also get wit herman 

issebell still wheres dat velvet lng coats LOL
emma shouldnt hv told that freak it just gave ha an idea(bt it was nt ha fault)!!!!!!!!!!!!

bye people
see ya soon

04 Mar 2012 13:38

hey everyone im BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7de laan is quite interesting dis month

WHOSE Lilian,   Asha &   SUSAN kruger 

yay pala and altus ar gonna get 2gether

Helena is like a wwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttccccccccccchhhhhhhhh

ay is Xander gonna find out the truth about his mother????????????

Vince and Bonitas house needs alot of improvement 

its falling apart

is Miss Madelaine gonna fire Marko????????

05 Mar 2012 09:24


Gee Helena has gone over the edge, and to think Emma put the idea in her head when she told her what happened to her.

Poor Isabella getting clapped like that, helena belongs in a straight jacket in a mental institution.

Hope Felicity and Herman can patch things up.

Have a great monday chat later  xx

05 Mar 2012 11:22

hey guys 
allyv i wish i was you when you saw the guy he's so cute

05 Mar 2012 12:34

Hi all quiet again?

@allyv how is jes doing at school.
You will probably see Bernard quite often he obviously loves the food market!

Poor Marko after all the work he put into Miss M.

Later xx

05 Mar 2012 22:49

Hi all.. Isabel mus take her sorry sister and disappear. I hated her so much. Ever since she shot david years ago, her life has been chaotic. What did prison-life do to her

06 Mar 2012 08:07

Hi guys!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday...

Wow... it's confirmed... Helena is a nutcase! Even attacking her sister like that... crazy freak!
Poor Marko... maybe it's better that he will no longer have anything to do with Miss M...
Kudos to Emma for saving Felicity! Unfortunately this is where the "Emma-drama" will take off...

@nhleks25, he's gorgeous! **drool** :)
@MS, If it was up to me I'd go there every day LOL! Jess is doing really well, thanks! Homework is just a constant battle lol... it never ends, does it LOL

Have a great day peeps!

06 Mar 2012 08:56

HI All,

So cross  had no electricity last night until eight, and  I so wanted to see Felicity being saved what  happened has helena been arrested?  Did Emma rescue her? 


06 Mar 2012 09:41

yoh you guys what did helena do?????? i have missed out on sooooo much its driving me crazy!!!!  can somebody pleaseeeee get me up to speed,

06 Mar 2012 10:18

Hey guys 7de laan is so hot, as for Helena rejection is tought gal but move on leave Felicity alone

06 Mar 2012 11:33

Bruynwaves will go through a financial crisis? Gosh I hope Gita doesnt attempt to "help out" on this one... Ja, I saw Vince's and Bonitta's house last week and I wasnt really impressed. But when I really think about it: Homes in Hillside look unsual and people there dont really care about the decor. The only houses that look appealing are Ryno's home, Daleen's home and Gita's home. The rest "no man", even Felicity's looks just like the rest! Hope theres a reason why some of these guys have good jobs, good look but their homes! Its like they all crashing at Hildas!

06 Mar 2012 12:22

Weiss bout hilside homes, i thot i was the only one. Their homes are so untidy

06 Mar 2012 13:27

@Shirloon, Helena tied Felicity up and threw petrol around her... she was about to light a match when Isabelle came in and tried to stop her... Helena then attacked Isabelle... Emma saved the day though :)
Also, Sanjay found out that Miss M was falsely advertising their new skin cream (incorrect ingredients) and Marko told the Miss M execs... they fired Marko and cancelled the launch... now it seems like they don't want to pay Bruynwaves...

@MS, no Felicity decided she didn't want to take this to the Police... Herman doesn't agree with this of course.

Hopefully a new character will join the cast who is an interior decorator (Maybe Paula should become one) and they will spice up all the homes :)

06 Mar 2012 16:01

How stupid is felicity, who is Helena going to attack next?  Are herman and felicity back together?  What does Isabelle say about all this surely she knows her sis needs psychiatric help, I mean she was going to light that match.

How did emma save the day? Didnt Helena also attack her, I wish i had seen it last night damn the council.

Isabella used to keep Ryno's house looking lovely with all the flowers.

I think gita is also quite clued up on decor her  penthouse is nice.

Enjoy you evening if I dont hear from you again.

06 Mar 2012 16:46

@MS, No Felicity is too stubborn... She doesn't want to give Herman another chance...
I didn't see how Emma came to the rescue...

Have a nice evening :)

07 Mar 2012 09:28

Hi all,

I am so happy for ZInzi, gee Gita does have a soft side hey?
I dont think matrone could believe what she was seeing with the whole hugging episode.

Looks like emma is going off the deep end again with the whole Rick story.
I wonder if he will contact her when he gets out of the clinic.

Shame Altus and Co are going to lose all that money that english guy forgotten his name is it david is a real bast ...... 

Felicity must forgive Herman cant she see how obsessed helena was. Okay he made a mistake but he stopped in time.  Helena should be in the mad house not running around Germany. 

Chat Later xx

07 Mar 2012 13:05

Hi peeps!

@MS, I'm sooo glad for Zinzi! Shame that was actually real sweet (this is my hopeless romantic side speaking)...
I think if I were Matrone, my mouth would have been open and I would have been staring LOL
Kudos to Gita

Emma and Rick.... ugh!
It's bad what happened to Bruynwaves... they were only doing their job...
There's a special type of ward in the mad house where Helena belongs...

Tip to Feilicity & Zinzi... PLEASE learn how to 'cry'!! They suck at it when it comes to showing sad emotions... go take lessons from Isabelle and Gita...


07 Mar 2012 14:47

hI again, looks like its you and me allyv.

I hope this whole saga doesnt errupt again between emma and rick spare us please.

Its really sad what happened at Bruynwaves they were taken for a ride, but surely they can do something to retrieve their money its not fair.

What is happening with daleen that has gone quiet, I am sure they will find out she is lying, she should have been up front and told the truth.

When is Errol back?

07 Mar 2012 16:11

@MS, at least there are the two of us... "just the two of us..." just started singing that even though I'm listening to something else lol

I really hope the Emma-saga doesn't go on for too long...

Bruynwaves must try to sue Miss M... but will it actually work...?

I think now that the Miss M story is basically over, they'll turn back their attention on to Daleen... she should have been honest from the start... a lot of women have abusive boyfriends...

Errol must come back now...

08 Mar 2012 09:14

HI allyv and .....
Gita is genuinally upset about zinzi shame she has a little heart.
NIce of her to give zinzi that gift in case she gets homesick

Marko going to england I doubt it will do any good he is just wasting his money. Poor Paula but now she can get back with altus hey hey.

chat later xx

08 Mar 2012 13:18

Hi MS!

Ja shame... I felt for Gita when she said goodbye to Zinzi... She's actually a good actress...

I'm glad Marko left... I feel bad for what happened with the Miss M disaster, but he should go now lol
Paula and Altie now...


08 Mar 2012 13:46

Hi allyv,

Yes Gita is a good actress thats why people cant get over how nice she has been with the whole vince bonita and now zinzi story.  Wonder if she will lash out at any one soon.

I hope Marko gets sorted out but I doubt it they are all a bunch of sneaky bast...

I thought sanjay was going to expose the whole story and get them into trouble for hoodwinking people.

Poor herman he is really sorry for what he did cant felicity find it in her heart to forgive him, I know it must be hard to trust someone after they have cheated.

till later   where is everyone got too much homework??

angelz 28
08 Mar 2012 16:50

hey guys

soooo srry dint chat 4 a while bt we were writig 2day and i had 2 study!!!!!!

so da !*"GOSSIP GIRL"*! leaves de laan lol  
i t just doesnt seem right 4 zinzi 2 be married i dnt know y bt she iis more of a single type kinda girl 
marko n paula soo happy dey brke up 
daleen n ha nonsense will start now eeeerrrrrrrrrrgggggggg
she makes me sick
no miss m in S.A. so it means annelie wont be the face of miss m (shame i feel bad 4 her)
felicity n herman should just 4get wat hppnd 
i think pieter wil start working @ da deli i saw it on da website 
i wunder hw dat new worker @ da times wil be
poor altie he should give dat miss m pppl a piece of his mind 
will miss zinzi  

@paula n abcdefg see urll 2mrrw 



angelz 28
08 Mar 2012 16:52

oh my word dint realise hw much i wrote

08 Mar 2012 19:57

Hi! Am havin tough time, havnt been watchn properly.. Hence bein quiet

09 Mar 2012 09:15

Hi peeps!!
It's Friday!! Whoop whoop!! lol

Shame, was so nice of Vince to surprise Bonita like that!
Daleen should have told Xander the truth from the start... he's starting to realise that her story's not making sense.
Is it just me or does it seem like Xander's not completely over Bonita...? Maybe it's just an over active imagination lol
Xander and Vanessa must enjoy their trip to London.
Shame I really hope Altus gets his money back...
Emma... no comment (I don't want to ruin my Friday lol)
Paula, you're being naughty... spending your rent money like that... shame on you!

Chat later! Xx

09 Mar 2012 09:20

Hi  All
nice to see some of you back, hope the exams went well angelz.

Xander and Vanessa must have lots of money being able to go to London for the weekend.

Daleen is talking herself into trouble she keeps changing her story.

Emma ..going crazy again.

Vince and Bonita's house is slowly but surely getting there it will take time needs lots of work but it is a home.

Chat later enjoy your friday all


12 Mar 2012 10:57

Hi guys!! Monday again...

Yesterday was our 6th Anniversary :)

Shame, I feel bad for Altie... I really hope they get their money back...
Daleen... Good luck... you're going to need it...
I can't really remember what else happened on Friday...

Chat again later! Xx

12 Mar 2012 11:13

Happy 6th anvesary allyv.. Also didnt watch on friday..

12 Mar 2012 11:39

Hi all

Happy Anniverary Allyv. 

Sounds like things are catching up with Daleen Gary's friends are trying to find him and they are phoning her, I dont know how she sleeps at night, must be so worrying all the lies, but I also feel sorry for her Gary had no right to abuse her like that.

Maria gossiping on the phone irritates me, poor hilda and oubaas's telephone bill.

Felicity back at work as though nothing has happened.

I feel for san marie she has been working for Herman for how long he should give her a break and give her a chance at the new job instead of always hiring someone to be above her.

Emma  ... dont let me go there

later xx

12 Mar 2012 12:24

Thanks @Kandy and @MS!!

Like I've said before... Daleen should have told Xander the truth from the start
Maria... I hope you're going to pay for your share of the phone bill...
Ja shame, San-Mari should be the shop manager... then Herman should find a junior for the shop (like Pieter hehehe)

Emma... no comment...

12 Mar 2012 13:02

@allyv you are right Herman should give pieter a chance I mean he is smart and would learn quickly.  Must be so frustrating having no job.

What is going to happen when the truth comes out about Gary will they still say it was selt defence even although she knew him.  I mean he deserved what he caught he was so mean.

maria pay her share you must be joking look how she is always trying to make money out of everyone else with her invoices.

later xx

12 Mar 2012 13:18

I think if Xander knew from the start that his mother was having trouble with an obsessive abusive boyfriend, he would have understood and helped where he could... Maybe Gary's friends will team up and come after Daleen...

Hilda and Oubaas must give Maria an invoice... LOL

12 Mar 2012 13:58

Its always best to tell the truth, it was a pity she couldnt say anything while gary was still alive abusing her but then he seemed to have something on her that she didnt want them to find out.

I am sure Gary's friends will come after her they seem a bad bunch of people if Gary is anything to go on.

I would love to see the look on Maria's face if they gave her an invoice and they should she is phoning long distance.

Later xx

12 Mar 2012 15:14

I wonder what the skeleton is that Daleen has in her closet...? Maybe drugs?
You know what they say... birds of afeather flock together...

Maria's face will be priceless!!

12 Mar 2012 16:26

Dont know what they are but she certainly doesnt want any one to know what they are.  She was terrified of Gary but then he went too far.

I wonder if xander and vanessa had any luck in London with the Miss M business.

Poor bruyn waves might be going to lose its good name and its not even altus's fault  not fair.

San Marie should threaten to resign if Herman wont give her a chance at being promoted. 

Will probably only chat again tomorrow have a good monday evening all

love you xx

13 Mar 2012 09:48

@MS, I agree with you... San-Mari should threaten to resign... that will give Herman a wake up call and will make him realise what he has in her...

What do you guys think about the new assistant at Hillside Travel?
I think she's pretty (and seems like Sanjay agrees with me lol)
I don't like the new shareholder at the Times... I don't trust her...

13 Mar 2012 09:56

Hi all,
@allyv yep she is pretty and sanjay has his eye on her but now he has gone for two weeks.

I also dont like the new shareholder she is too full of herself.

Kim has taken over where zinzi left off with her gossiping.  Altus should watch what he says when she is around news travels fast.  Hope he can manage to get some money back.   Wonder what Marko is doing over in London. 

DOnt want to see what Hilda's phone bill will be.

Later xx 

13 Mar 2012 16:27

All Quiet again  ............. have a great evening xx

13 Mar 2012 16:45

Ja... and Kim makes the news travel even faster LOL

Have a nice evening guys!

13 Mar 2012 19:41

Hi All.. I so feel pity for xandr. Why cant daleen confess. It'l b better. Why is maria being this unfair to the van zyls?

14 Mar 2012 10:09

Hi peeps!!

I didn't see last night's episode... please tell me what happened!!

14 Mar 2012 15:02

hi all  all quiet again .....

@allyv,  last night  Daleen is starting to stress about the court case and Vanessa suggests to xander that maybe she needs a psychologist but he says no his mum will be fine cos she is telling the truth. Xander finds her ticket for her flight to george and she tells him it is for an interview because Jhb is not working out for her/  She is going to get caught out she is lying too much.

Hilda feels guilty about being on the phone for 15 minutes and tells maria not to tell outbaas, so shame she is going to think it was her call that caused the huge bill.

Paula is poking her nose into the Ms M story and is going to get into trouble.

The new girl at the travel agent is late for work and gets off to a very bad start with Gita.  She meets San Marie in the Deli and she warns her about gita etc and she gets upset and runs out saying Joburg is a horrible place full of horrrible people.

Charmaine suggests that her and neville take the new journalist out for supper and they are impressed with her experience
Still dont know If I like her.

Not much more happened hope this helps.

14 Mar 2012 15:19

Thanx ms.. With my sons energy i hardly watch properly this. I miss a lot. Didnt see that part bout asha and gita.

14 Mar 2012 16:08

@kandy I know the feeling been there and done that but now my kids are big so I get peace to watch.  Yes Asha arrived late and said there had been an accident and Gita said she doesnt care what happened she must be on time and then the phone rings and it is for Gita and asha accidently cuts the person off so off to a bad start shame.

Gita also asked her to get a company on the line for her which was in turkey and the poor girl looks in the jhb directory


14 Mar 2012 16:41

have a lovely evening quiet ones xx

14 Mar 2012 20:06

Ms mayb we should swap kids.. Hopefully vanessa wil open xander's eyes.. Poor hilda she thinks its her fault

15 Mar 2012 09:24

hi all,

Kandy how old is your child.

Now the plot thickens now that Vanessa has found that label from the sun glasses.  How will Daleen talk her way out of that.

Maria should own up and tell Hilda the truth shame on her for letting Hilda think she ran up the huge bill.

Did Paula actually make a difference are the people in London listening to her, I think they are just leading her on and pretending they are interested in her story.

Chat later


15 Mar 2012 10:05

My heart also broke last night when poor Hilda thought that phone account was her doing. Maria needs to do another raffel to pay that phone account.

I think Paula will get Miss M to pay up coz we can't lose Altie and the functions.

lerato thage
15 Mar 2012 10:55

hy everyone

15 Mar 2012 12:37

@phunk yes I hope Paula gets it  right or they will all be out of work.

Hilda cant have much faith in her marriage if she thinks Oubaas will divorce her over a phone bill.  Maria wont own up, she will probably carry on phoning her friends.

Hi Lerato welcome


15 Mar 2012 13:02

Hi peeps!
Sorry I haven't really posted that much for a while now... I'm reading some new books so I grab it whenever I get a chance LOL

Wow, poor Asha... She'll come around, I'm sure of it and Gita will soften up... she was hard on Zinzi sometimes too :)
Paula got Miss M to say that they will pay Bruynwaves... now we'll believe it when we see it...
Daleen, Daleen, Daleen... your lies are catching up with you...
Maria... shame on you! Making Hida feel guilty like that! Sies!

@lerato, welcome! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day peeps! Xx

Paula Pritz
15 Mar 2012 15:30

hey guys havent posted for long had assignments lyk crazy cant wait for da holz,da laan is quite borin, da only xcitin is paula n dem n pieter and annelie. bt aasha is quite pretty although she sound lyk bad news. @ally a very belated happy aniversery.@lerato welcome

angelz 28
15 Mar 2012 15:40

hey people

srry dint post 4 soo lng had 2many assignments & tests and hmewrk
@lerato welcme

daleens stry is irritating the life out of me
poor hlida 
paula well done

15 Mar 2012 16:10

@paula, thanks sweetie :)
Good luck with the rest of your tests!

15 Mar 2012 18:08

Hi everyone. Welcome lerato. @ms my boy is 9 mnths old. He doesnt believe in restin. Always busy.. Daleen story is taking too long for my likin.. What did paula do exactly?

16 Mar 2012 09:06

Morning peeps!
It's Friday!! And I'm siiiinging in the rain... just siiiiinging in the rain... lol

@Kandy they are so sweet at that age... just becoming human :)
Paula told Miss M this elaborate story of how they ruined lives and threatened to expose them for the monsters they are... in a nutshell :)

Daleen... I wish you had told the truth from the start... I haven't seen Xander so angry in a while...
Shame on you Altie... going off on Paula like that!! Sis man! She helped you get all your money back... you better apologize and it better involve some diamonds hehehe

Chat later peeps! Xx

16 Mar 2012 10:39

Hi all

@kandy that is such a sweet age.

Yes xander was furious last night cos he knows she is lying to him, makes him look like a fool, thank goodness it hasnt got to the courts yet or xander would look stupid.

Poor Paula was only trying to help, altus better apologise.

Maria how can you sit back and watch ilda stress like that shame on you
chat later

16 Mar 2012 13:09

@MS, I agree with you, Altie was really nasty with Paula... 
Can you imagine how angry Xander would have been if he only found out she was lying while they were in court? lol
Hilda and Oubaas are going to be furious when they find out that it's Maria pushing the bill up like that (especially Hilda)...

Please people... stop your lying!!

16 Mar 2012 13:27

Hi,  do you think Hilda and oubaas are going to find out it is maria? They will have to ask telkom for a print out of all the numbers

I can also so altie's point, Paula did them a favour but she should have asked first before she interfered.  It does kind of make altus look stupid. but they will kiss and make up at dinner. 

Sounds like Errol has an interesting job when he gets back working at the hospital.

What will xander do now that he has found out his mum is lying how will it change the case that it wasnt an intruder at all but that she knew the man.

16 Mar 2012 14:03

hi guys is it me or are you all sweet people??

angelz 28
16 Mar 2012 14:21

hey guys 
how r urll ???????????
we r starting xams 4rm nxt week n then is holidays cant wait bt only on da 30th of march

i dnt think paula n altie wil get 2gether dis month as i read on the website that lillian tells her that y does ha n altie getting 2gether  be so difficult (not so sure)
pieter n annelie r too cut (luv them)

poor hilda they should catch maria 
asha is very pretty i wonder hw shell be. i hate lillian soo far 
i agree with all of urll wit da whole xander and daleen stry
bye chat later hv a great n awesome day n weekend if  i dnt pop in again 

16 Mar 2012 14:25

Enjoy your weekend all 

love you xxxx

19 Mar 2012 11:54

Hi guys!!

@Mbaliem, we eat lots of chocolates, that's why we seem sweet! LOLOL! :)

@angelz, good luck with the exams!

@MS I guess you have a point... Paula should have asked them if it would be ok if she did that... but now he must forgive her...

Welcome back Errol!!! :)
Maria, you should confess!!
Xander, take a chill pill dude... she's still your mom...


19 Mar 2012 12:40

Hi all,

Welcome back errol good to see you, you are a ray of sunshine.

Angelz good luck with you exams.

@allyv i know paula meant well but she should have asked first, but I am sure altus will forgive her because she saved their assess.

Poor xander what a dilemma to be in does he defend his mum or what, they cant lie about what happened they will be found out I am sure.

Pieter has a good idea to making money do you think it will work?

Maria what can is say, you sit back and watch hilda fret and try and sell her bed socks on top of it.  you must own up and pay the bill, I am sure they will let you pay it off, just do it to calm hilda down.

chat later xx

19 Mar 2012 14:44

hi guys, how nice it is to finally join the family.
 I have to agree asha is hooot and I only pray that paula does not lure her to move in with her.

The xander and dallen saga is a BORE!!!!!!

Lilian is self centred and i dont like her.

 As for that woman who want to sue ryno, she should just get over herself! akusilona iphutha lika ryno that she has a common name!


19 Mar 2012 15:05

@MS, I hope for Pieter's sake that it's a good idea lol :)

@Mbaliem, that woman trying to sue Ryno is crazy! Ryno didn't even know her when he was writing that book!! Don't know whether she's crazy or just plain stupid...

Ja, I don't think I like Lillian either... wonder what trouble she's going to cause...

19 Mar 2012 16:07

Welcome mbaliem hope you enjoy your stay.

That woman that is trying to sue ryno is a nut case just a pity she has such a common name

I still think herman should promote San marie and give pieter a chance to prove himself he isnt stupid.

Lilian it too full of herself, thinks she is going to make neville a fortune lol.

What is going to happen to felicity and herman?

have a good night all if i dont hear from you.

19 Mar 2012 16:53

@MS, San-Mari deserves the job... she has been there through all the drama... she's loyal and smart and she does it now anyway...

That's a good question... Felicity and Herman's relationship will probably just fade away...

Have a nice evening peeps! Xx

angelz 28
19 Mar 2012 17:40

hey guys 
starting exams 2morrow soo i wil be a little bit scarce :-(
@alllyv and ms tnx :-) :-) hugs:-):-)
@mbaliem welcome hp u enjoy ur stay!!!!!! mwaz :-)
xander freaked out OMG 
lol that women who wants 2 sue ryno is kinda crazy lol
i dnt like lillian she seeems kinda wierd 

bye c urll sum tym luv ya mwah

19 Mar 2012 18:36

Sies maria*in hilda's voice* Hi everyone. I dont like what maria's doin.

20 Mar 2012 08:53

Morning all,

Maria lying again, by the time she posts the bed socks there will be no profit left.

ALtie and Paula yeh is it going to happen?

Xander is going to defend his mum after all hope it goes well

DOnt trust Lilian there is something not right there.

@allyv yep san marie deserves the break, she should give herman and ultimatum promote me or i leave.   I am glad she went and told Alti his fortune.

Have a good day yeh tomorrow is a holiday!

20 Mar 2012 09:15

@MS you can say that again, Lilian is a sheep in a wolfs clothing and I want to see Asha charecter growing or we must wait for Sanjay???

@ANGELZ , wishing you the best of luck, and dont be a stranger

take care of yourself guyz tomorrow, till we meet again.

20 Mar 2012 09:16

@Kandy, LOLOLOLOL!! :)

@MS, Altie and Paula finally told each other that they still have feelings for the other!! I'm soooo happy!! :)
I wonder how Maria can act like she's innocent... how does she sleep with a guilty conscience...
I also don't trust Lillian...
I'm happy that Xander will defend his mom... blood is thicker than water :)

Today is mini Friday!! YAY!! LOL

Later guys! Xx

20 Mar 2012 10:03

hi again,

Doesnt  Asha speak afrikaans?  I cant wait for sanjay to get back, i wonder if she will like him.  

I thought errol had a job at the hospital?  Maybe not.


20 Mar 2012 11:12

WOW like i havent watched 7de laan in ages...peeped in over the weekend,just when altus was shouting at paula..shame..i hope they get back together soon*fingers crossed*

and asha is sooooooo pretty,too pretty..

20 Mar 2012 13:33

@MS, I'm not sure if she does... but I'm sure she'll learn some soon...
Maybe the job at the hospital is still to come...

@ella, Altie and Paula had dinner last night because Altie apologised to her, but then they also told eachother that they still had feelings for the other... :)

20 Mar 2012 15:34

Does any one know exactly what it is that Pieter wants to do?  I am confused

I am sure they were talking about the hospital job in one of the episodes because remember Errol wanted to study medicine but applied too late so if he can work in the mean time in the hospital and get some experience it will be to his advantage.

Have a great evening all if I dont chat again

20 Mar 2012 17:42

Altie and paula should try again please. Asha will make a good couple with sanjay. Oh daleen's saga is wearin me out. And? What was that about herman requestin his shirts and cds then put on his big grin like he was embarassed.

20 Mar 2012 19:13

@Allyv wow thats a great thing to hear,yay!!when i go home again,i definately wont miss the ommnibus.....

22 Mar 2012 09:08

HI all,
HOpe you all had a good day off

Shame Errol didnt get into the course at the hospital maybe next time.

Lilian is getting on my nerves I would hate to share an office with her.

Whats up with Emma has she locked herself in the flat.

Did Maria actually admit to abusing the telephone?  Bernard it wont help to let ou baas pay R350 they will just cut the telephone off.

Daleen is also getting to me she always looks so miserable.

Chat later xx

22 Mar 2012 11:09

@Kandy, I also think Asha and Sanjay would make a nice couple...

@ella, I'm also very happy that Altie and Paula finally told each other :)

@MS, how was your day off? What did you do?
Shame I felt really bad for Errol... at least the teasers said that he'll find a temp job in tonight's ep...
I would seriously go crazy if I had to share an office with Lillian...
Emma went to go visit her mom for a while
Ja, Maria told Hilda that it was her calls to Qwa Qwa that were so expensive. At least it made Hilda feel better.
I also think this Daleen thing should come to an end now...

Vince and Bonita are doing really good on their own... kudos to them :)
Gita's sticking her head in everywhere these days... she definitely has a brain for business.
Wow Neville was angry at Daleen hey

I'll chat again a bit later guys! Xx

22 Mar 2012 11:43

hi again,

@ allyv yesterday we went to Hout Bay and up Chapman's peak you cant beat that view it is awesome and you what did you do.

Shame Errol is so eager to get a job I hope he gets a break soon.

I felt bad for peter when he asked herman for sponsorship and he said no he is such a cheak skate, I dont T & T is battling he only has to pay san mari although he said he had to buy some new gym equipment.  GIta to the rescue again, gee what has come over her all this niceness.

Okay glad Emma is not locked up in her flat.

Neville had every right to be angry with Daleen she could have cost xander his career.  Do you think she will go to jail?

Vince and Bonita are the picture of a perfect couple they are so in love and are really trying to make their little house a home.  Please dont paint the bedroom yellow!

Chat later xx

22 Mar 2012 16:34

@MS, that sounds awesome!! Hope you enjoyed it :)
We didn't do much... we were just at home and had a braai...

I'm sure Errol won't struggle for too long... he's bright and smart.
Gita's trying to have a finger in everyone's pie...
I don't think Daleen will go to jail... it was self defence after all...

I'll chat again tomorrow peeps! Have a good evening! Xx

angelz 28
22 Mar 2012 21:19

hey ppl
how urll?da 2 papers we wrote were not so nice hpfully da others will be better!! hold thumbs up
 @Mbaliem tnx!!! dnt worry i wont be a total stranger & it will only be until da 30th then its holidays yey 

finnaly errol found a job (brynwaves had a feeling)
this dallleens stry is taking 4ever its irritating da living lights out of me
lillian is soo nasty 
did urll hear the part wen kim tld paula 
"here is a strong cup of bitter coffee just like ur life" LOL 
san mari is too pretty i luv da way she dresses and da way they do ha hair 
paula n altie admitted 2 each other y cnt they just make up & get bak 2gether (there is sumthing wrong wit these writers)
toodles chat again enjoy da rest of da week!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 Mar 2012 08:52

Hi peeps!
It's finally Friday! YAY!! ;)

@angelz, good luck with your other tests!
LOL that part was sooooo funny! LOL

Congrats on your new job Errol!
Lillian you shouldn't mess with Paula... and why did Gita seem so interested in Lillian?
Daleen was a wreck after the day in court... shame... I feel bad for her, but I really wish this story would end now...

See you later guys! Xx

23 Mar 2012 08:59

is lilian that new girl??
any progress with altus and paula?

23 Mar 2012 08:59

is lilian that new girl??
any progress with altus and paula?

23 Mar 2012 11:06

Hi all

Ella lilian is the new woman at the times trying to take over .

Good for errol getting a job.

Shame Daleen is a wreck hope she gets off for self defence.

Glad its friday but sad my daughter isnt coming home this weekend she has too much studying to do. 

Chat later

23 Mar 2012 16:38

@Ella, nope... no news with Altie and Paula... :(

@MS, I also hope Daleen gets the self defence card
Wow, that sucks... now she owes you more time next weekend hehehe

Have a good weekend peeps!

23 Mar 2012 19:50

Hi good people, just finished watching Friday's episode...I'm happy Deleen got off, what a relief.. But Does anyone know the history between Gita and Lilian? It looks like Gita is going to bare her claws again. Enjoy the weekend although it looks like a rainy weekend down here on the South Coast.

26 Mar 2012 09:24

Hi guys!!

How was your weekend?
Mine was ok... sat with 2 sick kids and a sick hubby! Soooo tired lol

So Daleen is free... good for her
I totally understand San-Mari's frustration... it's not nice being treated like a junior when you have everything needed for the senior position... she must resign... that will give Herman a wake up call
Hmmm... Lillian and Gita... wonder what's going on there.
Lillian, do you seriously believe Gita when she says that she has forgiven you??

Later peeps! Xx

26 Mar 2012 11:05

Where is everyone today??

clark bent
26 Mar 2012 12:07

honestly,this is by far the boringest month of 7delaan ever!!!!!!!!!

26 Mar 2012 12:18

Hi all,

Weekend was great went to the getaway show in Somerset west was awesome.

@allyv sorry to hear about your sick little family shame I hope they are better.

So Dallen is free I am glad but now she is returning to the cape doesnt she feel anything for her sons who have supported her through this trying time.  Neville wont be impressed.

I dont know what is going on with Lilian and GIta but something serious happened there.

I have always said San marie must resign and give herman a fright he had not right to talk to her that way in oppie koffie when she was only trying to help the shop.

chat later xx

26 Mar 2012 13:00

Another boring storyline,  yippee!

26 Mar 2012 13:58

@MS, thanks I hope so too HAHAHAHA!!

I'm glad Daleen is leaving... she's very annoying
We want to see how Gita gets rid of Lillian hehehe

26 Mar 2012 16:00

@ally i also find daleen annoying she is alway so miserable but she is their mother doesnt she feel anything for them

I would love to know what went down with Gita and lillian

Wish Sanjay would get back and get with Aysha.

@allyv what is jes doing for the hols ? Did she get a good report

Ms Fab you find 7de laan and isidingo boring to watch so why bother waching at all??

Monday is almost over whew thank goodness.

26 Mar 2012 16:19

@MS Jess hasn't gotten her report yet... so we're still waiting.
We're going to visit my mom for a few days, that's all... lol nothing spectacular lol
Though we are very excited :)

26 Mar 2012 16:34

@allyv enjoy where does you mum live?  My daughter is so stressed out at university, but they warned her second year is quite difficult.

Have a great evening all..
Love you xx

27 Mar 2012 08:12

hey my bloggers, its been long guyz.

I only catch the omnibus because m studying like crazy,, @ MS, I agree with your daughter, university is DIFFICULT, which university is she at????

Will catch you guys on the flip side, enjoy the rest of your day.

27 Mar 2012 08:55

Hi all,

@mbaliem she is at Stellenbosch which one are you at.

27 Mar 2012 09:47

@MS she doesn't live that far from me, but she's been working like crazy the last few weeks so we haven't really had a chance to have a nice long visit.
Shame, please tell her good luck from us :)

@Mbaliem, what are you studying?

Daleen: Na na... na na na na... hey hey hey... good bye!! hahahahaha
What was Lillian thinking when she told Xander that if she ever got into trouble she'd ask him for help... something smells fishy...
Welcome back Marcel... Ryno looks happy again
That Susan woman is definitely up to something... She immediately had an amount she wanted from Ryno.... makes you wonder...

Chat later Xx

27 Mar 2012 09:54

hi!!!@allyv who's susan now??i'm gonna be so lost when i get to watch again...and how are altie and paula doing,any progress?

27 Mar 2012 11:16

@allyv I miss my mum so much you are so lucky.  Thanks I will tell my  daughter good luck shame she is working so hard.

I also heard lilian talking to Xander I wonder if she will need him anytime soon.

Daleen must just get her miserable face out of the laan, her sons deserve better, I think charmaine is a better mother to them.

Good to have marcelle back
I wonder if aysha will like sanjay??

Chat later xx

tvsa destiny
27 Mar 2012 11:31

Isidingo April teasers arrived, hopefully not tooo much longer for 7de Laan!

27 Mar 2012 12:12


27 Mar 2012 12:12


27 Mar 2012 12:13


27 Mar 2012 12:14

whats happening ???

27 Mar 2012 12:44

Sorry guys for a while my comments werent being printed

27 Mar 2012 13:03

@MS glad to see your comments are showing... I just got your email now, so I thought I'd have a look...
Thanks, I cherish every moment with my mom :)
At least you still have your lovely daughter and your TVSA sisters <3

@ella, Susan is trying to sue Ryno because the character in his book has the same name and occupation that she has... now she's trying to say that she's being harassed by everyone that read the book.
Unfortunately no news on Altie and Paula... :(

I hope Asha likes Sanjay... :)

27 Mar 2012 13:25

@allyv thanks I know I can count on all of you and my daughter and son.

My comments are showing but only much later than when i typed them dont know what the problem is.

Susan is a maniac she is trying to make a quick buck.

Altie and Paula are too slow.

when is the competition going to start with Pieter.

hope this shows


27 Mar 2012 13:28

I also think Susan is only trying to cash in on this story...

I don't know when the competition will be... it will probably say so in the April Teasers (whenever those will be published)

27 Mar 2012 15:16

Was just unfortunate that Ryno chose a psycho's name he could have chosen any name.

Where are those teasers?

27 Mar 2012 15:42

They proved it last night that he didn't choose that name and occupation on purpose... he had a bunch of options and he just happened to choose those...

27 Mar 2012 16:22

yes I saw marcelle and matrone studying a piece of paper with him with names on it .
enjoy your evening all.

28 Mar 2012 09:03

Morning all,

So Daleen was lying all the time what is Xander going to do now?

Felicity must forgive Herman the two of them are so miserable.  Poor San Marie just trying to make suggestions for the shop and she gets shot down all the time.
She should resign and land Herman in the crap.

Whats Gita going to do when she finds out about all the tickets to Windhoek?

Chat later xx

28 Mar 2012 09:04

Computer playing up again

02 Apr 2012 12:48

I hope april 's got a lot for us.herman felicit shld get bek togetha

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