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Generations Teasers - March 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 28 Feb 2012
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Coming up on Generations this March, 2012:

Thursday 1 March 2012
Episode 46 (3548)

Dineo is tormented by the past. Lungile soon regrets going to the bar when he sees who is there. Devastated Akhona makes a rash decision.

Friday 2 March 2012
Episode 47 (3549)

Mawande is surprised when Noluntu covers for her cousin. Ruby is shaken by what Dr Steinbeck has to say. Rethabile is furious when she hears about the documentary.

Monday 5 March 2012
Episode 48 (3550)

Queen shows once again just what a big heart she has. Just as Phenyo arrives for the meeting disaster strikes! Patricia is suspicious about Khaphela's strange behaviour.

Tuesday 6 March 2012
Episode 49 (3551)

Ngamla is fed up and puts his foot down. Noluntu lets her claws show during the Pan African radio interview. Dineo is horrified by what she finds at the hospital.

Wednesday 7 March 2012
Episode 50 (3552)

Lungile is in the dog-box but doesn't know why. Nicholas is thrown by an unexpected lecture.

Khethiwe makes an horrific discovery in the basement ...

Thursday 8 March 2012
Episode 51 (3553)

Patricia's attack backfires when she doesn't get the reaction she expected. Akhona is shocked by an announcement regarding her documentary. Queen realises that there's more to what happened at Siqalo than what she was told.

Friday 9 March 2012
Episode 52 (3554)

Senzo refuses to stand back and watch a friend get hurt. Determined Dineo tries to end things with Phenyo. Jason is shocked to see who's organising the Mobile TV party for Ezweni.

Monday 12 March 2012
Episode 53 (3555)

Mawande is furious to hear what happened at the bar. Ruby is shocked to the core by what she sees in the doccie. Ngamla will resort to desperate measures to protect his investment.

Tuesday 13 March 2012
Episode 54 (3556)

Akhona is delighted to make someone's dream come true. A tender kiss at the Three Towers Hotel catches both parties by surprise. A harmless flirtation turns ugly when a lustful man won't take no for an answer.

Wednesday 14 March 2012
Episode 55 (3557)

Dineo realises her humiliation is far from over. Queen is floored after Lungile's shock announcement. Khethiwe is horrified when Khaphela has an unexpected setback.

Thursday 15 March 2012
Episode 56 (3558)

Swazi finds shocking footage from the Mobile TV party. Jason seems to have a plan of his own up his sleeve ... literally! Ruby is beside herself with anger when she hears what happened.

Friday 16 March 2012
Episode 57 (3559)

Patricia is stunned to see who's back in town. Akhona realises her aunt hasn't been totally honest with her. Thabitha is suspicious about a confrontation she witnesses.

Monday 19 March 2012
Episode 58 (3560)

Queen almost chokes on her cappuccino when Lungile wants to take things to the next level. Ngamla is backed into a corner and lies. Nicholas reveals his true feelings in an unguarded moment.

Tuesday 20 March 2012
Episode 59 (3561)

Noluntu doesn't like hearing bad things about her mother and says as much. Motha and Beatrice are not prepared for the shock that awaits them in Jo'burg. Phenyo is determined to dig up dirt on Sello.

Wednesday 21 March 2012
Episode 60 (3562)

Queen is flabbergasted when she's asked to be a fashion model. Akhona is overwhelmed by a very expensive gift. Choppa tries to charm Mawande but she's not falling for it.

Thursday 22 March 2012
Episode 61 (3563)

Khaphela is touched when the last person he expected comes up for him. Lungile gets snubbed - only he doesn't even know it. Ngamla comes clean about what really happened to Mzwanele.

Friday 23 March 2012
Episode 62 (3564)

Senzo is moved when he witnesses an unexpected noble deed. Matthew gets the shock of his life when he sees their hotel bill. Ruby's proposal doesn't go as well as she'd hoped.

Monday 26 March 2012
Episode 63 (3565)

MJ is horrified to hear what his duties as a man entail. Queen realises it's not easy to deceive people you care about. Jason is suspicious about an interaction he witnesses.

Tuesday 27 March 2012
Episode 64 (3566)

Nicholas is floored when Akhona walks into the bar. Lungile can't get enough of the new woman in his life. Dineo reels when Phenyo makes a shock announcement.

Wednesday 28 March 2012
Episode 65 (3567)

Noluntu feels a growing resentment towards her cousin. The star-crossed lovers are caught with their pants down when. Ngamla tries to make peace with Motha.

Thursday 29 March 2012
Episode 66 (3568)

Mawande has a brainwave about a music collaboration. Queen's dishonesty might have cost her her relationship. Just when Matthew and Choppa think all is lost, an opportunity arises.

Friday 30 March 2012
Episode 67 (3569)

An unexpected visitor shows up at the Dlomo house. Jason and Senzo put their foot in it. Suspicious Maude fishes for information from Thabitha.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


28 Feb 2012 13:27

ok lemme read

28 Feb 2012 13:28

not interesting at all.

28 Feb 2012 13:31

no-3, let me read

28 Feb 2012 13:44

boriiiiiiing, you know, kak is kak whether ugalela i spice noma cha, ihlala iyikaka vele, and thts how i see i Generations this days- as ukunya. scandal and isidingo rock, see 4 urself. mwhaaaaaaaa dis lekka hier in die Noordkaap

28 Feb 2012 13:49

no comment i will wait and c

28 Feb 2012 13:50

Yes on top 10

28 Feb 2012 13:59

For the Very first time I am in the top 10... wwwoooo hhhaaaa now lemme go read them TEASERS!!!

28 Feb 2012 14:05

The teazers r nt detailed but its hot

28 Feb 2012 14:05

@NMakhumalo you are one RUDE lady... I seriously can't remember the last time we blogged with RUDE CREATURES like yourself!!! Maybe you should stick to reading Scandal and Isidingo Teasers and leave the Gen teasers to us, who still find the soapy HUMOROUS!!!!!

28 Feb 2012 14:17

okay okay okay i'm on top 10. Lmao choppa is back with a bang. Dis tym she settle for older women E.G Mawande. It looks like Queen n Mabena hav something going on. mmmmmmmm

28 Feb 2012 14:19

Top 20

28 Feb 2012 15:49

Why did the bring Choppa le Mathew back?

28 Feb 2012 16:08

Hi guyz

They shud've brought ntsiki or julia motene back.

I dont know why they love la bantwana, or maybe yo-tv and gen made a joint-venture

Mrs Chix
28 Feb 2012 16:25


mis o
28 Feb 2012 16:47

noluntu and jason......interesting news!!

28 Feb 2012 17:29

Eish Matthew & Choppa!

28 Feb 2012 18:52

Top twenty wow! This Mathew and Choppa thing is so boooooring!

Swit Pee
28 Feb 2012 20:08

No comment

28 Feb 2012 22:51

Once again boring.Generations must just rap it up now.What a waste of Air time...Isidingo rocks.Generations is seriously turning into a cartoon series(Without the drama ofcourse)What a load of crap.

spongebobsquare tights
29 Feb 2012 00:05

wat happens to rethabile and the gun?Dineo must change her hair piece.. mattew and chopa..a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

29 Feb 2012 08:15

@Gameplaya4u please don't start, we heard you loud & clear during Dec & Jan, not now....

29 Feb 2012 08:16

"Choppa tries to charm Mawande but she's not falling for it".   What was he thinking in the first palce.

29 Feb 2012 08:25

whooo c hoppa and matthew but as long bezo spicer their characters a little bit then that will be fine bethuna 
mholweni ma Bloggers

Rethabile and a gun who is she going to kill???  i wonder

guys let us give Queen and Lungile a chance maybe in a long run bazofanelana 
as long u Queen will be getting some....... it's been forever/never yhazz!!!!!

I wonder what exactly happened on this thing of Mawande/Sbusiso/Mzwanele I cant' really get it straight yazz what happend really really!!!!!! becoz looks like she even lied to Noluntu regarding it as well day before yesterday!!!!  eish!!!!

7 guests
29 Feb 2012 08:49

generations boring

29 Feb 2012 09:19

Even e-tv's ekasi stories on mondays are more intresting than lo buvuvu. Forget the best soapie award. It goes to 7de laan

29 Feb 2012 10:21

not much interesting really, i guess 1 must just stay glued 2 the telly...

Despite all though, i still love GEN.....

Although i would love 2 know what happened 2 Mzwanele & how Akhona's doccie ends?!?!?!?!?!!?

signing out..............

29 Feb 2012 10:28

''Friday 30 March 2012
Episode 67 (3569)

An unexpected visitor shows up at the Dlomo house. Jason and Senzo put their foot in it.
Suspicious Maude fishes for information from Thabitha.''

Hehehe maud my frend why ddnt u tell tell us that u r gonna be on gen? 

29 Feb 2012 10:55

ntombiz charecta is coming back on april but being played by zama ngcobo

Mrs Chix
29 Feb 2012 11:08

I am hating Sbusiso right now

29 Feb 2012 11:29

That is a lie @zdwesha, Zama will play Thabitha, Phenyo's fiancee, soon to be ex fiancee because Dineo will snatch him from her. That is a fact, I got it from inside

29 Feb 2012 12:33

@biggiesmalls according to you inside """ when r we going to c Nolunt's father bantu we've been waiting like forever now!!!! ""

29 Feb 2012 14:27

We r not forced to watched  gen so wena Gameplay and NMakhubalo  niyahlanya 
u guz must go to hell u dont belong hereeeeeee nxaaaaaa 

just grow up guyz ninesicefe shameeeee @NMakhubalo  amakaka uwena qobo lwakho ...................

29 Feb 2012 15:17

truth be told, generations is hot these days... thumbs up to the script writers.

29 Feb 2012 15:23

Wow I cant wait to see Zama Ngcobo in action,as for uQueen noMabena ,what a combination??????

29 Feb 2012 15:50

Like generations no matter what...., can't miss it (BIG-UPTO THE WRITERS)

29 Feb 2012 16:07

@Prisci Caleb is coming in June, they just had auditions I hear from the grapevine and they are doing final casting this week, so he will start in March to shoot but as you know us viewers see it three months later. But I must say what baffles me is viewers complaining about Caleb here on Gen not appearing when Isidingo, supposedly to be so real and hot, has Lincon, whatever his name is haven't been on screen ever since. He is supposed to be Nikiwe's father but hasn't appeared but when Gen do something similar it becomes an outcry. I always raise these comparisons because people overlook it on Isidingo but on Gene they make a noise about it. And I know you are going to attack me but I will still ask the same question - Why are we so hard on Gene more than any other soap? Let's question that - Is it because the producer is black and most black people always ;ike to put each other down or is it because it is a number 1 show (whether people deny it) in the country and people feel they must criticise it to bring it down. It baffles me...

29 Feb 2012 16:35

i dnt understand why u guys*Gen haters* are still doing on this blog. if u dnt like Gen then stay away, there's a lot of thing to watch other than Gen. ur  being l rude wont help.

we love Generations no matter how boring u find it to be. Go open a blog or forum or whatever n name it "gen Haters" or sumthng n post ur stupid rude comments  there. ningabe nisingxolela apha nxa

Phezulu with Generations Phezuluuuuu

29 Feb 2012 16:36

i dnt understand what u guys are still doing on this blog *CORECTIONS* LOL

29 Feb 2012 16:47

Rethabile with a gun,NICE 1 but where is ACE coming from?

29 Feb 2012 20:24

there is absolutely NO chemistry btwn queen and lungelo.NONE!the writers shouldnt force the r|ship its not working.they just dont jell.

29 Feb 2012 22:08

Lets look at it like this, we dont hate gen, we all love it to the extend that we wish we were its writers, we all have ' i wish it can be like this or that' & when it dosnt turn like that, we screem very very loud. Is that to hate?

29 Feb 2012 22:18

I found this article in "Sowetan"...Funny indeed but a few ppl say gen has lost its touch. television soapie Generations has been part of the nation's TV viewing for years now.. Comments Sign in or sign up to comment Wed Feb 29 21:56:49 SAST 2012 :: 16-Jan-2012 svavava the used to be white ppl on generation, the likes of Barbra, that old woman who used to own a BnB. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 ___GoatSperm First introduce a black priest in 7de Laan. Other than that.. Useless story for amateur guinea-pigs.. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 RobinH An interesting perspective. Will this exhibition travel to Cape Town, I wonder? Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 MommaC Couldn't the same be said for black people in the horrendous American BS we are subjected to on TV ? Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 Kgaoza606 Are there still die hard Generations fans out there... The soapie is a joke, Mfundi must just retire and hire new producers/directors!!!! Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 MophemeKoPitori So what?1! Generations sucks big time...... Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 JUBJUB Big up to ISIDINGO,Generation ai ya borah maan Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 Csunder i-Generetion umbhedo ayikho leyanto Mfundi Vundla should try something different maybe comedy. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 ApelMankotsana Well i am not a fan of Generations or any soapie for that matter but just worried that only Nguni languages dominates the soapie....bu apart from that it can go to hell.. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 RobinH This is not about the actual quality of the soapie, but rather about an aspect of an art exhibition commenting on the racial profile it appears to display. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 pik_it_up white actors generations sucks!!!!!!! so dont even waste your time go straight to Isidingo Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 DJWinner Who cares? white people don't watch it anyway. White people don't watch TV, they only read books. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 pik_it_up my advice dont waste your time go straight to Isidingo, quality story line, rainbow nation it!! Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 Sinudeity DJWinner - Yeah, we read 'mein kampf' over and over apparently. Its not true though. I personally dont own a TV, but watch plenty of TV shows that I download from or Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 ___GoatSperm @ pik_it_up What do you know? The only soap you know is Lifebouy.. @ DJ Winner It's a Monday, a morning.. Why did you leave your head @ the door?? Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 fokofpolisiekar whait is Generations????????????????? i last watched Generations when they had the likes of Mmasebobe, Barba, Sonny just to name but a few, then Generations was entertaining and very educative, i think even R. City is way better than this crap named Generations Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 moisa MUVHANGO FOR LIFE, GENERATION IS TOO FAKE, THEY ACT LIKE HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 ksetuke But Generations is not a State soapie, the director/s can pick whoever they want. Besides, do whites watch it, i do not think so... Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 RobinH DJWinner: "White people don't watch TV, they only read books." This shows how very, very little you know. People this article is not rating our local soaps. It is an exhibition commenting on an aspect of our soaps. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 pik_it_up @g.oat kwaaaa good one lol Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 Shredder Go tletse Mathosa ko Generations Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 MORNACHIES Let them go and f@ck themselves .they got 7DE LAAN mos .is man or woman? , i min the one in the picture or they think Jason $ Senzo are not getting any compe tition from Nicholas and Akhona ? Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 Sinudeity Now we just need a whitey in Bafana :P Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 Sinudeity MORNACHIES - Hehehehe. You watch soap operas. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 ___GoatSperm @ MORNACHIES You know more fragrances, sun-tans and stilettos more than an average woman getting lost in a shopp!ng mall.. Geez, you even know the hormones of a Grade 5 girl who just failed maths.. What are you?? Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 DJWinner @___GoatSperm...Let's get one thing straight here: You and I are not friends. Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 JUBJUB Shredder Go tletse Mathosa ko Generations ****************************** that is true... Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 KATZ83 Honestly, i don't think white folks are concern about this @ all. So keep your silly remarks to yourself..NXA!! Report Abuse 16-Jan-2012 DJWinner Sinudeity DJWinner - Yeah, we read 'mein kampf' over and over apparently. Its not true though. I personally dont own a TV, but watch plenty of TV shows that I download from or ............................................

29 Feb 2012 22:26

@tlouphiri I couldn't agree more... People all want to be part of this soap, that's why they keep being nasty with it. Just be a viewer... That's for you Gameplaya4u

29 Feb 2012 22:28

Oh please!...Generations fired their head writer Christian blomkamp (Apparently coz the scripts had become boring and predictable).Bong Ndaba,has replaced him...WHAT FOR?coz i dont see much off an improvement....Their is no nail biting twists and if u call the ending that we saw tonight were Rethabile pulled the trigger action then you are wrong.What was that with Queen proposing....I watch isidingo coz i find it extremely interesting,in fact i dont miss a single episode...Isidingo gives awl their characters a story from the Big guns to the waitresses....I dont hate Generations,I was once a really big fan,yes i am giving critic coz i feel that at least someone will see what certain viewers like myself have to say.That is why we have this blog,to comment about Generations and not Dineo's hairstyle.

01 Mar 2012 08:13

@Gameplaya4u we feel u shame, you are so upset you rewsorted to Isidingo. Don't be heartbroken your dreams of being a writer will one day be fulfilled. Why don't you try Isidingo? Maybe they will say yes. What stories are they giving their waitresses, the Char;ie thing at Georgies, please, you call that a story... White girl trying to be waitress in a shebeen, really now, we still believe in those things at this time in SA. Trying to learn tsotsitaal BOO - HOO, YAWNING. Len character not going anywhere, just sitting in that office and speaking twaak all the time, no movement in character. It's a soapie and I get what they are doing. But when people criticise same methods in Gene and say Isidingo is better I find it strange, Queen has no movement as a character, same as Len who is just a mouthpiece in the newsroom and that is a soapie thing, I can make many examples with even international soapies. So, don't lie and say Isidingo is better, it's same soapie formula, if you want high drama go watch CSI and things like that. Soapies are not high drama. 'Extremely Interesting' is not what I can say about Isidingo, I mean your wife sleeps with a young boy and you beat him up then nothing happens, what an anti-climax. No black man would do what Jefferson did, no black man I tell you. And you call that real? It's soapie *bleep!* that's what it is and they are no better than Generations. Bianca and Skhumbuzo also fizzled out like a fart in the air - pathetic but when I watch I go, well, it's a soapie, that's what it is. Lastly, the leap year thing, for me it fits the charatcer Queen, she's always been extreme and that's why she's the most popular character in soapieland in SA (no denying that), people love her for her crazy things and last night was one of those. She does what all of us wish we could do sometimes but have inhibitions to do it, she doesn't think, she just does and for me that is entertainment.

01 Mar 2012 08:20

Morning beautiful bloggers,i missed lastnite's episode.can somebody update me pleeez..?

01 Mar 2012 08:25

Retha fired a gun pointing it at Khaphela, Lungile said to Queen he will never marry her after Queen proposed him for marrige using a watch... tht is all i remember

01 Mar 2012 08:29

oh Dineo insisted on going with Ruby to the oncologist because she does not want to be left out like she was with Paul.

01 Mar 2012 09:17

@Biggiesmalls couldn't have said it better myself... Seriously speaking what is soooo dramatic in watching a younger boy doing an older married woman... I mean really now!!!

Yes Naomi's lines were entertaining because they were hilarious but besides her saying "Jerusalema" or Lisbet wako "Makapanstad" what was so DRAMATIC... what is this DRAMA that you haters are seeking that Gen is not giving... I mean SERIOUSLY I fail to understand where this HATRED is coming from... So maybe you should seriously consider leaving this blog to us who still enjoy watching OUR BELOVED SOAP GENERATION for NATIONS!!!!!

01 Mar 2012 09:20

@Gameplaya4u... when Bongi took over she was not going to make an OVERNIGHT turnaround on things... she has to take over from where Blomkamp left and steer the ship until it takes the direction she wants it to take so if you were expecting overnight changes then you are DUMPER that DUMP!!! 

At this stage Gen is at what we call TRANSITION STAGE!!! Get that HATER???

01 Mar 2012 09:31

Thanx a lot @ bomyy.So Rethabile did shoot Khaphela?Queen proposed to Lungile?ooh, see i missed interesting stuff..

01 Mar 2012 11:07

guyz why a u responding to these generations haters.........why dont u just let them to go to hell with their hate............. kanti why dont they blog on their isindingo and rythm city blog........... kana we never go there and tel who isidingo is boring .........and telling the truth im one person who hates isidingo

01 Mar 2012 11:24

I feel there is no chemistry btwn Lungile n Queen. As much as we love both of them, they dont look cute together. But lol @ Queen proposing, shame she is desperate.

Dineo has all these man hooked on her. 

Whats with Luntu all talking about family now, and wanting to know a lot about them. Is she being sincere or just copying Akhona n trying to impress mama.

01 Mar 2012 11:26

Khaphela was pushing his luck with Khethi yesterday, one smile and ntate is hooked.

01 Mar 2012 11:54

shhhhh asehliseni umoya phantsi bantu (let us all calm down) if you don't like Gen why are you still reading Gen updates; just stick to the soapes that you like....
end of story........  ..... and Soapies will never be the same you'll find out that sometimes a certain soap is boring for the whole month where on the other hand the other is really entertaining so let us just live with that people; we are not the writers or the producers let us just watch and stop critisizing ( wakhe wayiva phi into emnandi okoko wena).. 

01 Mar 2012 12:52

hey gens bloggers i love u alllllllllllll viva gen viva ,phambili nge gen phambili

01 Mar 2012 13:53

No sopie is better than the other here, they all have their gr8 n not so gr8 times.