SABC1 explores daddy issues

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 08 Feb 2012
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If you're anything like me and gazillions of other people you'll have spent huge portions of your life working through your daddy issues.

Thankfully I've eventually managed to come to terms with mine. I won't go into the grisly details of what the process involved because it included loads of over-the-counter self medication, including masses of cigarette's a day. Thankfully the torture's over and I'm now able to look at the world through new smoke-free eyes and freedom.

SABC1's premiering a new docu-reality show called Daddy 24/7 that explores a different side of fatherhood - fathers who haven't disappeared or disappointed. Instead they're so dedicated they're prepared to move in together to prove they have what it takes to be a single parent.

The series debuts on Saturday, 18 February at 17h30 and follows four fathers who move into a complex with their kids and go through the challenges of raising them. Word from the channel is that the show aims to explore the question: what makes a good father?

Here's more about it from the release, with news on who the four fathers are:

Four young fathers and their toddlers are taken and placed together in a residential complex outside their comfort worlds, where they are presented with the challenges of nurturing their children.

These dads have to defy the longstanding stereotypes. They have to cope with highly charged and inquisitive toddlers and live with the reality of being primary parents and care-givers.

The show showcases compelling and revealing stories that look at the difficulties and textures of fatherhood in the modern world as more fathers respond to their innate calling and role of being both parents and participants in the rearing of their children.

Each week the show despicts the rearing of the toddlers through the eyes of their dads - their struggles and achievements, angst and joys. At the end of the series one father will emerge with the ultimate prize of R100 000, to be used towards the educational needs of his child.

Daddy 24/7 complex:

The fathers live together with their children at an isolated environment away from their natural homes where they are challenged for 30 days with child rearing tasks.

The complex is equipped with all the latest amenities needed to raise a child. The complex is child friendly and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The dads:

The dad's come from different backgrounds, all over Mzansi. They're aged 25 - 35 years and are first-time fathers.

The dads and their children are:

Mzukisi Taliwe (32): Mining Control Room Operator
His child: Ngcwele (4)

Thabang Masahabela (30): General Maintenance Worker
His child: Lethabo (3)

Ronald Tshabalala (28): Boiler Maker
His child: Natashia (4)

Siphiwe Mika (25): IT Technical Support
His child: Musa (4)

The host:

The show's hosted by Nosiphiwo Matlabane, a qualified Occupational Therapist. She serves as the agent in the show. She is the ‘no nonsense agent’ whose best interest is always of the child.

The agent’s role in the show is to give child friendly, yet entertaining tasks to the dads. She also evaluates and provides relevant tips to assist them.


08 Feb 2012 19:48

Hala Cheesa mara unlike you gal i dd have daddy issues coz he n mom seperated n i ddn't see hm much but that all changed n i love being daddy's big gal.

Sounds lyk an interesting show, cn't wait to see it...........

You honestly doen't have a problem with ppl sayin' that u luk lyk a man????????? wena o sebete.....

08 Feb 2012 20:58

My daughters look like me, and they look better than their moms ... but then, so do my sons. ... some think of it ... all my children look exactly like em' !!!

08 Feb 2012 21:08

VusiK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *faints* 
moms????????? daughthers????????? sons?????????

Thats a flippin' village man.

The General
08 Feb 2012 23:27

Lmao purepersonality

Snuca Babe
09 Feb 2012 07:49


09 Feb 2012 09:33

interesting will definitely watch

mina nje istory sam si complicated my baby daddy just changed after finding out that i was preggies even after we took precautions and didn't work. This man wanted me 2 hav an abortion mind u we're both working & earning fairly good salaries and this is a man who confessed how much he loved and wld kill for me but after the pregancy i saw a different side.

we're not seeing each other any more and i think i'll be going to the maintenance court soon, definitely not how i wanted my life to turn out but hey *bleep!* happens.

surprisingly am meeting men who r willing to be with my pregnant self and raise my child and 1 of 'em even said if baby daddy is not going 2 be there when i deliver he'll happily be there 4 me, am skeptical though of all this attention guess i've been bruised 2 much.

Kudos to u Maki and Vusik 4 always being there 4 ur kids, they wont 4get that when they grow up

09 Feb 2012 14:29

Maki, if there was a "like" button on replies, I would have pressed on

It seems like it is a nice show, will watch. Just sad that "In Debt" e fedile
Phela it wasnice

I have a dad who most people say  I look like, dont have a problem because I am his daughter afterall

The bible says I am made in God's image and He is my daddy and I pride myself in that, so its not any different with pops

09 Feb 2012 15:04

I'm not there for all my children Maddie ... One I cannot access because the mother has continually made it extremely difficult for us ... the one child's mom has poisoned the baby, so I maintain a standoffish stance, a very toxic environment there ... and one is disowned (& disinherited) ... because I would not go with his rush to make money & not get an educated (his mama's child), so I revoked his trust and distributed the contents to those siblings whose development is on the right path ... There is no such thing as a perfect parent, we do the best we can .... it is harder when family is a village as is my case because the children also are fed ideas by mothers who have no clue about the realities I face, so they reach uneducated opinions, and their assumptions (however incorrect) become engraved as the children's reality. (The value of my house & possession has no relevance when related to my support & contributions, yet it is an issue & festers with children ... my common answer is "My money & its use is really no concern of yours", .... then the argument disintegrates to me asserting that child support is not a lifestyle subsidy to her .... and the situation gets worse & worse) ... with time ... even the best intentions of fatherhood can make most men deadbeat dads .... It is always important to investigate WHY the father disengaged fatherhood ... I have found that in many cases .... It is the woman's fault.

09 Feb 2012 15:41

Eish mina in my case im in a process of a divorce due to the present absent father( mean father that cannot provide for the children)......dunno what mi children will say when the are old.......Hope they will understand why I had to D their father.

09 Feb 2012 17:38

@Agree ... the truth without embellishment is always the best was to respond to the children's queries ... I never put a spin on the facts ... if it is my fault, that's what I tell them, ... thereafter, I fill in the details. I'm about to engage a custody battle with my ex for our son, and it is already going around that it will be a battle about education & money ... In my case, I am the more competent parent, & in my argument with my mother (umntwana akaphuciwa umama wakhe Vusi), my rather terse retort was "Excluding the reality that I am a man ... What disqualifies me as the better parent ?" .... The response is always silence. I find that completely unacceptable that the woman is considered the de-facto better parent regardless of clear evidence that the man cab be, or is by far the better parent (as is in my case) .

09 Feb 2012 17:48

I have daddy issues,lucky for my kid,her dad is supportive

09 Feb 2012 18:28

Vuss allow me to salute you for your 'real-ness' and objectivity in many matters. @ Makisto, butiaka hle, i am praying u get custody of ur angel for many reasons, else for peace between u and her mom,she needs,she deserves nothing less than stability.

09 Feb 2012 18:37

Maddie, oh mami. Thats a hectic start:(, but all can stil end well, depends on your responses to what may happen or not. Be it daddy being there or not, or or or Seek wisdom from Wisdom Himself.

09 Feb 2012 18:55

Sori guys i was looking 4 itopic kaPres. I didnt know u were discussing some serious issues. I wil read this when i get 2 work 2mrw. MAmuMakhumalo is looking great in that dress. Wow she has cleavage 2! Love those horses. What a grand entrance!

09 Feb 2012 20:45

BUT YOU ALL KNOW I DON'T WATCH ... so I rely on your comments & observations ... I'm always catching the comments, never the content ...

10 Feb 2012 08:32

I am so going to watch and enjoy this. Just like Cheesa and blueroze, I look like daddy and have mad love for him. He has always been there for us regardless of what happens between him and my mom and he would kill for us.

They had problems in the marriage and because they are elderly have never divorced, but they are not all lovey dovey. 

When I discovered some thing about my dad I was mad, but as I was growing up realised that no matter what I love him, and know that he loves us. 

Strange thing about man is that they will either love the baby no matter what or be non-existent fathers, you never find anything in betweeen with them. Once it sinks in and they commit to being fathers they would do anything for their angels, same applies sadly when they dont want to be involved. 

Sorry maddie, uzoqina love. Dont punish the other man around you for his sins though ne, give yourself time to heal.

10 Feb 2012 09:14

UTazz is my acerbic side ... I love & appreciate him saying some things I feel ... I adored my dad & he adored us. I should be paid for discussing him also, I'd make serious mint because I can go forever about my parents & family ! :-)

10 Feb 2012 09:18

@something purepleasure wrote .... Yes, I have a village, but always before someone says "The Mothers?!?", consider that men don't dissect how many fathers women share when they speak of their children ... A woman does not say I'm going to .... my children, and people jump to "How many fathers do they have?!?" ... not smart, nor productive to think by standards that are unilateral.

10 Feb 2012 10:17

I lost my father in 2005, talk about a man who knew how to love his children.  He was just the best, he had little but the little that he had he shared with us.  I miss him, i miss him dearly in fact he died in February.  I am thinking of visiting his grave for the first time since we laid him to rest.  Typing this brings back a lot of happy memories.  Sometimes i feel like i should just go to the graveyard and just talk to him but that is against my religious beliefs, you can't talk to the dead.  

My husband sometimes says that i compare him to my father and i tell him that would be an injustice to my dad.  He (baby daddy) is not bad, he is involved in his sons' lives and upbringing but i always feel he could do more, maybe i am comparing him to my daddy.

10 Feb 2012 10:18

All those whose parents (fathers) are with them/have raised them-count yourself blessed!

But with no intention of burdening you-think about the kids your own father may have negleted and given you all the attention (financial & emotional)

My mom's ex-partner left my mom (oviously because she was not educated) when she was pregnant with me-which was when he graduated from Wits moons ago, since they never fought, shame she had lovely thoughts that he may be interested in me-strange after working so hard to raise me up with help of step-dads (the guy knows everything about me from age 0-current but he does not want to make contact) i called him , my mom's instruction and all he could do was twang! (i mean he's got two lovely daughers he raised whats the point of the 3rd)-so i really dont think i should waste my time there-SO HE IS ERASED

My child's father after 9 years of our on & off relationship and him wanting a child-he decided to go for younger girls (fresh sex appeal with no brains)-i had to let go-but strange enough the child that so much looks like him-he always wanted-they actually bonded more than me-he negleted her and the "nice-time" decided to make a baby for him-he has two more babies-now his life is still stuck there-i have moved up and he wanted to come back (violently) but does not care about his child

His words are "the child came after we met"-so I guess the child was to tie me down to nonsense

we are happy now and dont miss him a bit! life goes on wonderfully


10 Feb 2012 12:34

Oh yes a BIG applause to the involved daddys... they really deserve to be recognized!

I think I could be sick in the head coz everytime I see/hear these kinds of topics I just get all boiled up and wanna punch something or throw up... don't get me wrong I don't dispise the man but I look at my son and wonder how can someone refuse to be part of such a face.  Most nights I find myself spending an hour or 2 just watching him sleep.


10 Feb 2012 13:22

there are so many men out there, but few fathers. It has been my prayer to be the best daddy to my son, giving him the best future, life, protection and companionship. I delayed giving birth to him, just for me to be well off financially to provide for him. Now he is only 2yrs old, and i cant trade him for anything in the world. I appreciate my wife for bringing into my world such a wonderful gift from above.

10 Feb 2012 17:27

Well written guys ... Nothing to Add or take away.

12 Feb 2012 15:10

lmfao @purepleasure yeah neh u really do crack me up VusiK now let me clear it for you hun is that when a man says  baby mamma's he probably doesn' know half those children whereas when a woman says imma see my kids,u know that those kids are in the same household,they know each other n the know their mother's love.In you VusiK havin a "FLIPPIN VILLAGE" means that you get to see you children seperately,they probably don't know each other and if they do,they probably don't spend time together in the same room with you present or the poor kids think that daddy has only 1 child and thats me.Responsibility seems to have too many meaning depending on an individual.Wena just make sure you keep your village intact.

"Not smart,nor productive" my foot,the reason y we don't jump when a woman says my kids is coz she gave birth to them,took care of them still is n will continue to do so until she ca'n anymore n wena you wanna brag coz you do it part-time,it's a full time job "MY KING".


20 Feb 2012 19:25

I watched this on Saturday... I wonder what it will be like. I wonder if I would keep looking forward to it. Lawwd please dont let them bore us...please, please, please, PLEASE. ANYWAY... I saw sum ideas on what to do with my 4yr old son's bedroom as we are moving in to a new house with my fiancee. Im definetly gonna use some of those.

20 Feb 2012 22:55

Yhu father issues is an issue for most of us. Gee what can i say about mine nothing. Big up to Sabc for bringing this show to help parent out the that it is important to start a bond with ur child at a young age. Children grow up fast and every moment u there for them and spend time with them counts. I am old now i am not really look for a relationship with my father coz hai the time has long passed. This is a chance for all young father out the to break the chain of a fatherless homes.

20 Feb 2012 23:16

It's irresponsible 4 these men to keep making babies everywhere. Ever heard of a condom VusiK. Were u married to all of these women Sorry I don't sympathise with your plight & predicament, I do however feel bad about the situation u find yourself in, especially for all these kids u mention coz regardless of the Poison from baby mamas, they still need their daddy. I salute the men above or on the Show for being there 4 their kids from the beginning. Ultimately we are focussing so much on teenage pregnancies once again making it the 'woman's fault' instead of also highlighting men who have children who have multiple children by different women and then blame the women for trying to get their money when they need support.

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