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How rich is Mr Sushi in the ratings?

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Primetime TV Viewing Figures on 08 Nov 2011
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So What's the story with Kenny Kunene's reality show So What? It's not starring in the Top 10 shows on so how's it doing in the ratings?

Is it bankrupt of viewers or is it earning enough to collect interest?

To answer the question, we've compiled the ratings across four recent weeks of the show to give you an idea of how it's performing.

We've included the ratings for Adults (15 +) and added the ratings for Children under 15 for interest value.

As you may know, the Adult viewership figure is the figure used as the industry standard when reporting viewership. This is the figure we use when reporting the weekly Primetime TV Viewing Figures but we thought it would be interesting to include children too.

We've also included links to the Primetime TV Viewing Figures for the relevant weeks so that you can compare the ratings to the Top 10 shows for each week.

For an explanation of how the viewing figures are calculated, please read this article.

This what the figures say:

Episode Date Relevant Week Adult
(15 +)
(Under 15)
Saturday, 1 October Week 39: 26 September - 2 October 980,000
156, 000 1,136,000
Saturday, 8 October Week 40: 3 - 9 October 1,484,000 312,000 1,796,000
Saturday,15 October Week 41: 10 - 16 October 1,204,000 201,000 1,405,000
Saturday,22 October Week 42: 17 - 23 October 1,232,000 187,000 1,419,000


The General
08 Nov 2011 16:12

Not bad, can you post the Blame It On Fame ratings as well

08 Nov 2011 17:33

I wonda if he decides to do a 2nd season wt wud he come up wth? Hope he gets the 2nd  season

08 Nov 2011 21:32

PruLuv,i could not have said it better myself!the show is great.

09 Nov 2011 08:27

Go Kenny, go Kenny, go Kenny!!

Please move So What to a weekday slot.

@ PruLuv - I second you.

09 Nov 2011 08:28

I've neva been a Kenny Kunnene fan & em not a hater either.. The ratings seem good so i'll start waching this weekend..

@Pruluv, u sed it girl, weekday slot would be perfect.

09 Nov 2011 08:42


agree i think they shld move it to a daytime slot

it's a great show i luv it, all the other SA reality shows r trying so hard 2 b American and that pisses me off nje

South Africans we've got what it takes 2 b entertaining using our own uniqueness.

Big Ups to Kenny and the team.

i wonder how Rhythm City is doing after they brought back Naomi yhoo that woman is on a leaque of her own, talent, talent, talent

09 Nov 2011 09:32

Not my cup of tea ......Thank you !

09 Nov 2011 10:37

i wonder how Rhythm City is doing after they brought back Naomi yhoo that woman is on a leaque of her own, talent, talent, talent

I was watching it yesterday after a while and was not disspaointed, Moshidi is good. I kept on thinking how their ARs are since the've brought Naomi back
That woman is fire, she takes her craft very serious

KK's SW is good, I watch it whenever im home 
BIOF I forget cause I love zone14 so I keep on forgetting it, watched it twice and yambora
SW is pure ridiculous, KK is absolutely mad, I wonder how he is going to be like when he is broke.(looking at the way he "eats" the money, he will be unless he is making it in the same manner he "eats" it)

09 Nov 2011 17:25

i love me sum Gayton he is so real.Kenny is kak funny. definitely

09 Nov 2011 17:27

ditto pruluv!i sumtyms miss it

09 Nov 2011 17:29

Nonhle's show is back on Vuzu sundays @11.

10 Nov 2011 23:32

Rhytm city has gained a lot of viewers bt largely becouse of the ISIDINDO time change.

xoliswa mbayise
16 Mar 2012 11:17

i totaly agree with you pru love

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