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Days Of Our Lives Teasers - November 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 31 Oct 2011
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A headsup that Days Of Our Lives will still be on during the broadcast of the cricket test series between South Africa and Australia. It'll air at 08h00 in the mornings instead of it's usual 17h40 time.

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Tuesday 1 November 2011
Episode 10961

John tells the Killer that he's not putting the gun down - Marlena struggles free and grabs John's hand. The gun goes off.

Maggie thinks that she should've paid close attention to Nick, Hope and Bo say that they didn't see this coming at all. Marlena is not hurt and John goes after the Killer but he manages to get away. John then lashes out at Marlena for interfering.

Lucas is glad that Brady is back in town and tells him his plans to buy a house with Chloe and Allie. E.J. wants Stefano to know that he's going to make sure that his company stays within the boundaries of the law. Hope says that Nick needs some psychiatric help - Chelsea says that he's not crazy.

Bo lays into John and says that trying to kill the perpetrator wasn't a good idea. Kate prepares to leave the hospital - Daniel says he's not ready to let her go.

Nicole calls Brady telling him that she's at a lodge in the mountains and the baby could be in trouble. Brady arrives and insists they go to the hospital right away and sees that Nicole is bleeding.

Lucas, Chloe and Chelsea welcome Kate to the Brady Pub. Stefano asks E.J. if there's any feelings left for Sami, E.J. says that Sami is his past and Nicole is his future.

Nicole becomes worried when the baby's heartbeat stops, Brady is then concerned. Dr. Bakes is called in and gives Nicole something to stop the contractions. Marlena tells John that if he doesn't get help he can no longer be in her life or family.

Wednesday 2 November 2011
Episode 10962

Dr. Baker tells Brady to get in touch with the baby's father right away. Pete tells Philip that he's a hero for saving Melanie the other night.

Marlena tells John to get some help or else he's out of her life for good. John is then shocked to learn that Marlena gave his file to another psychiatrist. E.J. plans to surprise Nicole when he gets back to Salem.

Nick tells Chelsea that he sent those to Melanie so he can be there and take care of her - he'll be glad when he goes away so he can't hurt anybody anymore.

Dr. Baker manages to stabilize Nicole for now, but the monitors go off and she has another contraction. Nick asks Maggie to allow Melanie to stay at her house. E.J. returns home and the maid says that Nicole hasn't come home.

Maggie goes to see Marlena regarding Nick, she then opens up saying that she thinks that Nick is going to do something to himself and that Nick asked her to let Melanie stay with her.

Melanie goes to someone, saying that she can do them a lot of good and she learns that it's Philip. Nicole has a dream about delivering a healthy baby, Dr. Baker tells Brady that Nicole is stabilized but the baby didn't make it.

E.J. learns that Nicole left the lodge with a young man. Brady tells Nicole that she had a girl - the nurse says there was no permanent damage and she could get pregnant again.

Maggie tells Melanie she can stay with her temporarily and to follow some rules. Chelsea tells Melanie that there were reasons behind the stuff that Nick did to her.

E.J. calls Nicole - she wonders if she should answer it.

Thursday 3 November 2011
Episode 10963

Rafe tells Hilda to keep watch on Sami. Hilda asks where he's headed - he says he's going to do some fact checking. Nicole tells Brady that she can't tell him what she knows over the phone.

Mary tells E.J. that Roman left a message saying that Marlena was attacked by the person who killed the Mayor.

Chelsea attacks Melanie when she once again brings up her killing Zack. Philip breaks up the fight between Melanie and Chelsea. Stephanie arrives at the pub and yells for Chelsea as she leaves.

Hope is delighted that Julie as well as Doug are back in Salem in time for Thanksgiving. Sami wakes up and finds Hilda sleeping on the couch. She discovers that Rafe went AWOL so she decides to go for a walk over to the local parish.

Chelsea enters the Cheatin Heart - she tells Max that Melanie was right and that she's the reason that Nick went nuts and killed Trent.

Stephanie tells Philip that she and Melanie got into a fight. E.J. is glad that Johnny is with Hope and Julie in the park.

Rafe then spies on E.J. Sami opens up to Sister Theresa at the church. Brady brings Nicole back to the mansion and wants a drink but Brady says that alcohol isn't the answer to her problems.

Melanie meets someone named Bob at the pub - he wants to get to know her better. Stephanie learns that Melanie will be joining the Titan team, and she wants to know how qualified she is.

Nicole lashes out at Mary when she comes into her room by telling her to get out. Rafe listens in on Hope and Julie discussing E.J.

Bob approaches Melanie outside the pub saying that she ripped him off. Mary tells E.J. that Nicole is back and there's something he should know.

Sister Theresa gives Sami a St. Anne's medal. Sami says that she'll be back.

Friday 4 November 2011
Episode 10964

Bob tells Melanie to give him his wallet back and says he's going to teach her a lesson. Daniel brings Kate to the pub early and, to Lucas's surprise, tells her that he planned a Thanksgiving dinner at the Kiriakis mansion.

Victor is glad that Brady is home and insists that he stay away from the people that are responsible for ruining his life - like Chloe and Nicole.

Philip stops Bob from manhandling Melanie and tells him to get lost. Nicole tells E.J. the reason that she's upset. Victor and Chloe get into it, and Victor warns her that if she makes one false move there will be hell to pay.

Daniel stops and tells Victor he should be grateful for what Chloe said to Kate when she was going through chemo - he then gets a call and leaves.

E.J. tells Nicole that he knows exactly what she did. Nicole explains that something happened at the Lodge and explains why she wasn't alone when she left the place.

Daniel is startled when he gets Kate's results back. Melanie asks Maggie if what she meant what she said about her having a place to live. Maggie says that she can stay and is only doing it because Nick asked her to.

Nicole lies to E.J. when she says that she and the baby are fine - she can't bring herself to tell him the truth. Daniel returns and Philip gives him a gift for everything he's done for Kate - Daniel he says that he can't accept it.

Maggie gives Melanie a message and learns that Philip gave her the job after all.

Nicole promises that she will give her and E.J. a baby. E.J. calls Dr. Baker hoping to get some answers.

Monday 7 November 2011
Episode 10965

Nicole has a dream of E.J. holding the baby and it turns out not to be there. Lucas asks Chloe to pretend it's Christmas.

Kate tells Daniel that last night she couldn't ask for a better celebration - she thinks that Daniel got her latest test results from the hospital and that he's keeping something from her.

Nicole goes to see Dr. Baker and asks him to give her a baby because her life depends on it. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that it'll be impossible for her to conceive another baby.

Chloe is hesitant and wants her gift from Lucas - she opens and is surprised to find a key to the new house. Brady learns from John that he is a DiMera and so is he.

Nicole is given a fake pregnant belly to wear - she's amazed at how real it is and believes she may pull off her deception Chloe is stunned when Lucas shows her a ring and then proposes to her.

E.J. goes to see Dr. Baker - since he's the baby's father he can tell him everything - he says that he has to protect Nicole's privacy. John tells Brady after hearing the news about his new family, to suck it up and be a man.

Lucas gets word that Kate has to go back into the hospital because her cancer has spread.

Dr. Baker tells E.J. that he can't divulge any information and to ask Nicole himself.  Brady comes by the house and notices that she's wearing a fake "belly" - Nicole tells Brady that she can't lose E.J. right now.

Daniel tells Lucas that Kate needs a bone marrow transplant.

John runs into a woman at the pub and learns that she is the Dr. Taylor that he's expecting. Lucas gets all teary at the thought of his mother dying.

E.J. sees Brady and Nicole together when he comes home and asks what's going on.

Tuesday 8 November 2011
Episode 10966

Bo once again tries to get Max to take the box that was left for him by Trent, but Max says that he doesn't want it and tells Bo to either keep it of throw it away.

Philip tells Melanie that he's taking a big chance on her and hopes she doesn't embarrass herself.

Brady tells E.J. that he just learned that John and Stefano are half brothers - when E.J. leaves the room he lays into Nicole for not telling E.J. the truth. She says she was going to but couldn't tell him.

Stephanie learns that Philip has hired Melanie to work at Titan.

Rafe tells Sami that he went on a fact finding mission and got some information about her baby's daddy. Rafe finds the St. Anne's medal and learns that Sami went to the church just down the street - Rafe then agrees to take her to the church and tells Sami that if it weren't for a nun he wouldn't have turned his life around.

Bo invites Brady to come and have supper with him and Hope very soon, and tells him to stay away from Nicole because she's involved with the DiMeras.

Philip tells Stephanie that he hired her and that if he doesn't step in and help Melanie then she's going to wreck her life. Nicole gets worried when E.J. tells her he saw Dr. Baker but is relieved when he doesn't learn anything because they weren't married.

Max tells Melanie that he took the box from their father, but doesn't want it so he's giving it to her.

E.J. brings Nicole in and tells the nurse that he wants to talk to Dr. Baker right away.

Sami apologizes to Rafe for sneaking away - she says that she was drawn to the church.

Wednesday 9 November 2011
Episode 10967

Sami (or Colleen as she is known to Sister Theresa) asks to speak to the nun in private. Rafe insists on staying with her. Marlena tells Kayla that John has agreed to see a therapist.

Charlotte tells John that she's taking on his case because her father - who was supposed to be treating him - died recently.

Nicole tells Dr. Baker that he can tell E.J. everything. John asks Charlotte to wait a second and asks Steve if there are any new leads about the Mayor's killer.

Rafe reacts violently when a guy wearing a hood obscuring his face enters the church. Sister Theresa says that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.

Stefano asks Mary where E.J. went. Stefano then phones E.J. who steps outside the office to take the call. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that she didn't tell E.J. about the miscarriage and that he can't either.

Steve wants to take Kayla some place romantic. Nicole takes drastic measures in blackmailing Dr. Baker to do what she wants. He then lies to E.J. by saying that the baby is fine.

Rafe doesn't understand why Sami wants to speak to Sister Theresa. Marlena meets John's new therapist and sees that she's an attractive young woman - not the older man she expected.

E.J. tells Nicole that he knows she's keeping something from him.

Stefano makes a call saying he wants the best for his future heir, and is bringing in a doctor from Zurich to examine Nicole.

Thursday 10 November 2011
Episode 10968

Chelsea tells Max that it's Kate and this time it's gotten really bad. Lucas tells Chloe that it's common for members of the family tested not to be matches.

Marlena asks Charlotte why she wasn't notified that she was taking over John's case. Kate tells Philip that she doesn't want him to see her in pain - Philip says that he isn't going anywhere and that he can take it.

Daniel gets Billie's test results and is waiting on Austin and Will's from Zurich. Kate insists that Will not be a donor.

Maggie runs into Melanie on the pier and tells her about the new job that Philip gave her - Maggie says that she's glad that she has a job. Melanie then thinks that she can be tested for Kate.

Lucas and Chloe get comfortable at the Horton cabin and dream about what their lives are going to be like now that they're getting married.

Chelsea tells Max that the reason that she's not being tested is because she feels useless. Kate tells Philip what a fine young man he's become and says that if there's nothing that the doctors can do then to fulfill her wishes.

Charlotte tells Marlena that she has reservations about her and John's relationship - Marlena is then shocked when John agrees to meet with Dr. Taylor again.

Melanie tells Philip that the reason she's here is to be tested to see if she's a match. Kayla and Steve run into Stephanie in the park, and ask what's wrong after she gets mad from spilling the hot chocolate.

Maggie believes Melanie when she says that she didn't go to the hospital to score points with Philip.

Daniel gets word that the results are back from the lab and goes to pick them up. Philip then gives Lucas the good news - Chloe offers to go as well. Philip calls Chelsea and tells her that the results are in.

Marlena learns that Charlotte is starting at University hospital and that her office is next door to hers. Daniel tells everyone that he did a search in the hospital database and that Chloe is a match

Friday 11 November 2011
Episode 10969

Sami attempts to sneak out while Rafe is in the shower - she then opens the door and he's standing right there. Lucas brings something with Allie's hand print on it.

Rafe sees how down Sami is that she can't spend the holidays with her mother and decorates the tree and wrap presents. Rafe says he has a surprise for her. Sami says that she doesn't want to think about the holiday - she then sees Hilda holding a tree and singing Christmas carols.

Stefano tells Nicole that he wants to talk about her pregnancy and what happened at the clinic and that he's bringing in a specialist to examine her.

Daniel searches for other options so that Chloe doesn't have to be the donor.

Rafe prepares to go undercover, Sami then tells him that he has no idea how dangerous Stefano is. Hilda gives Sami the perfect Christmas present, when she gives her pictures of her children - Sami then thanks her. Chloe wishes that Kate didn't know that she was a match for her.

Rafe arrives at the DiMera mansion telling Mary that there's a problem with the cable in the place. Stefano brings E.J. down to the pier to wait for Senor Fortin; E.J. is then familiar with their reputation for smuggling diamonds into the States.

Kate tells Lucas she doesn't want Chloe to jeopardize her immune system. Chloe tells Daniel if he can't find another donor then she'll do it. Nicole comes out to see Rafe in her room.

The Fortin's do a double cross on Stefano and E.J. by pulling guns on them and taking their money and wanting their diamonds back.

Monday 14 November 2011
Episode 10970

Brady finds a vial of drugs in the park, and picks it up. John arrives and tells him: "Once an addict always an addict." Nicole hides before Rafe can see her. Rafe hears the door close and asks: "Who's is there?" Nicole comes out waving a shoe at him asking what he's doing in her bedroom.

E.J. tells Stefano to do something when Ramon has them at gunpoint. Stefano calls for his men to take down the Fortin's but Stefano doesn't want to kill them but to teach them a lesson.

Sami is amazed at the decorations that Hilda made and suggests that they put them on the tree to make it feel like Christmas. E.J. tells Stefano that he doesn't like being held at gunpoint or watching men get beaten up in front of him.

Brady tells John to go ahead and tell Chloe and Marlena that he's a drug addict. Nicole goes to the Cheatin Heart and runs into Brick - an old friend who offers to buy her a drink.

Rafe returns and tells Sami that he cased the DiMera mansion and didn't see E.J. but ran into Nicole. He says that she was concealing something and was sad. Max tells Nicole that he owes her an apology.

Mary tells Stefano and E.J. that the cable guy arrived but had the wrong address - Stefano insists that someone was snooping around.

John tells Brady that he reconsidered therapy and Brady is amazed when John says that he's proud of him. Nicole goes on about Max being adopted by the Brady's and was considered an actual Brady - she then has the idea of adopting a child and passing it off as E.J.'s.

Stefano tells E.J. that the cable guy disabled the security system. E.J. then vows to protect his children no matter what.

Brady tells Nicole that what she's doing is a bad idea.

Tuesday 15 November 2011
Episode 10971

Sami is amazed when Rafe tells her that he dismantled the security system at the DiMera mansion. Stefano wants to know what he would do if anyone messed with his children or any member of his family.

Brady discovers that Nicole wants to adopt a baby and keep her miscarriage a secret from E.J. forever. Sami tells Rafe that he's in danger and that Nicole wasn't the only one that saw him at the mansion - and it's all because of her.

Chloe tells Lucas that having Kate's blessing is a relief and that she can flaunt the ring. She tries to take it off and it flies off, into the water. Lucas then jumps into the freezing water to get it.

Stefano tells E.J. that if he loves Nicole as much as he says why he doesn't he marry her and be a family with their child. Chelsea asks Max what he's thinking - he says it's about the box that Trent left him and that he can't bring himself to open it. Chelsea says that he shouldn't - only if he wants to.

Chloe is amazed when Lucas comes out of the water with the ring in his hand and heads over to the Cheatin Heart. Nicole and Brady learn of their engagement.

E.J. goes to Roman, requesting that he see Sami at once. Roman says that it's not possible because he has to follow protocol. E.J. says to do it for Sami.

Max insists that Chelsea stay with him when he opens the box. Nicole approaches Brick wanting to score some coke for someone but only one hit.

Brady tells Chloe that she's brave in donating her bone marrow to Kate. Max finds a toy dog and has a memory of his father taking it away from him when he was a kid.

Roman allows E.J. to make a phonecall but says he'll cut him off if he says anything suspicious. Nicole quickly puts cocaine in Brady's drink.

Chelsea says that there's something else in the box and Max reads it and it's says: "I'm sorry" - he gets emotional.

Roman calls Rafe wanting to speak to Sami and says that there's someone who wants to talk to him.

Wednesday 16 November 2011
Episode 10972

Chloe gets into an argument with her parents and tells Lucas that they're overreacting to her donating her bone marrow to Kate.

The Killer gets a call and he says it better lead him to Sami.

Brady is about to drink it, but is distracted by a call from Marlena. Daniel calls Chloe and asks her to come to the hospital - it's about her white cell count.

E.J. tells Sami he called her to say goodbye and that he's going to marry Nicole. Nicole realizes that she can't do this and tosses the drink out of his hand and storms out. Brady follows her to the pier - he's then shocked to learn that Nicole laced his drink with cocaine. He says he wants nothing more to do with her and walks away.

Chloe goes through another pre-operation test at the hospital and Daniel and Chloe almost kiss but she turns away. Brady tells Nicole that he didn't know just how important this was to her, and agrees to help her. Nicole is then grateful.

Sami throws the phone, gets irate and tells Rafe that Nicole is gonna screw up E.J.'s life. Rafe asks Sami what's the big deal if E.J. is moving on with another woman.

Chloe starts to feel uncomfortable around Daniel and Lucas thinks something is wrong. Nicole misinterprets when E.J. brings up Sami and she storms off to pack her things. E.J. goes to sort things out and learns that he spoke with Sami to say goodbye.

The Killer meets with someone at the pier and gives him pictures of Rafe and that he'll lead him to Sami. Roman vows to catch the person and says he'll never hurt Sami.

Thursday 17 November 2011
Episode 10973

Daniel comes in to check on Chloe and asks how she's doing - she says she's fine and that after last night he can leave her alone.

Melanie makes Stephanie look like a fool in front of Philip when she takes initiative at her first day at work. Philip says that her paperwork won't be processed for the payroll till next month.

Chloe's bone marrow transplant is nearly put on hold due to her rising blood pressure. John comes for his therapy session with Charlotte and sees her and Marlena talking. Kayla comes by and gives Stephanie her wallet which she left on the table - she puts it down.  Melanie thinks about taking money from it, but then changes her mind.

Kate tells Lucas that she won't let Chloe donate her bone marrow unless she's 100% sure. Marlena waits outside in the reception area and hears John and Charlotte laughing and having a good time.

Lucas sees that Chloe is tense and asks what's wrong but she doesn't tell him what Daniel almost did last night.

Kayla tells Marlena that she got distracted and didn't tell her that Charlotte already moved in across the hall. Kayla asks Marlena if she's jealous of Charlotte - she says that she is a bit jealous.

Stephanie tells Melanie that she's going to go into the vault to get some things and will be with Philip for the rest of the day. Melanie returns and locks her in the vault.

Chelsea comes by looking for Philip - she wants to take him to the hospital fr Kate's transplant. Sasha tells Chelsea That Phillip was heading into the vault.

Stephanie sees that Philip is trapped with her and he says that the vault door is on an automatic timer and that no one can hear them because it's sound proof.

John tells Charlotte that he doesn't think that he'll go back to therapy again

Friday 18 November 2011
Episode 10974

Nicole calls Brady - she wants to meet him at the Cheatin Heart because she has the answer to her prayers. Tony confronts Stefano about the business deal between him and E.J. and asks why he wasn't involved.

Sami is relieved when Rafe comes home. Melanie catches Philip and Stephanie about to kiss when she opens the vault door. Philip is impressed that Melanie finished all her work and gives her the rest of the day off - the same with Stephanie.

Sami asks Rafe to go Christmas shopping for her since she can't do it herself. Philip asks Stephanie: "What would've happened if the door hadn't opened?" Stephanie says that they'll never know.

Stefano goes to hospital hoping to take Lexie to lunch but she tells him to leave. Hope tells Bo that she knows how hard he's been working and thinks that one of them should give up their job.

Melanie goes to Max and says that Stephanie was making a play for Philip. Rafe agrees to do the shopping - Sami starts to cry after Rafe leaves. Hilda tells Sami that the toy that she wants sold out weeks ago.

Nicole shows Brady a picture of the baby she plans to secretly adopt. Tony tells E.J. that Stefano is probably setting him up, and that's why Stefano froze him out years ago.

The Killer tells whoever he's talking to, to keep Rafe in sight - he's hoping it'll lead him straight to Sami.

Philip asks Stephanie if she wants to go out, but she says no and that she has to do something first. E.J. tells Lexie that Tony came to see him about Stefano, and says about her coming to him to handle the situation regarding Mayor Marino.

Bo loses his balance and falls off the ladder hitting his head. Nicole follows Brady and ends up back at the bar - she sees Kelly drinking and smoking.

Rafe gets attacked and stabbed by the Killer on the pier.

Monday 21 November 2011
Episode 10975

Brady tells Nicole that Kelly is a con artist and only wants money out of her - Nicole tells Brady that he's the one that's lying. Hope goes over to Bo to see if he's alright after falling off the ladder.

Lexie tells E.J. that she did what she had to do to protect her family and didn't know that the Mayor would be killed because of it.

Rafe and the Killer struggle on the pier and he asks where Sami Brady is - he then hears the police siren and takes off saying: "This isn't over."

Sami asks Hilda about Rafe's personal life since Hilda's known him a long time.

Brady tells Nicole that Kelly is scamming her and that he can prove it: the picture of the baby's father was a counselor at a rehab centre.

Hope takes Bo to the hospital - Kayla tells Bo to put some ice on his bump and that it was only a mild concussion.

Rafe retruns home and Sami is thrilled that he got the Penguins for Allie and Johnny. Hilda asks Rafe if he's alright and says he is and that she can go home. Sami then sees the stab wound and asks what happened.

Kelly comes clean and takes off the fake belly. Nicole can't believe that she was fooled. Brady then says that he's sorry.

Rafe tells Sami that she has to stitch up his wound - thinking that's the only way.

Bo has a flash about the star that he was hanging on the tree before he fell. Hope takes Bo home and asks where the star is and he says it's on Caroline's present - he then hears a scream.

Nicole asks E.J. if he meant what he said earlier about loving her because of the child and she asks him not to touch her.

Abe asks Lexie what really went down with E.J. earlier - she says it was about E.J. accusing her of creating a chain of events. Theo then sees the present and says that he wants it - which delights Abe and Lexie.

Tuesday 22 November 2011
Episode 10976

Rafe tells Sami that he has to call his superior to see if it's safe for her to continue staying where she is.

Max tells Stephanie about her and Philip's romance while trapped in the vault - she then realizes that Melanie told him.

Philip congratulates Lucas on his engagement to Chloe. Lucas then tells Philip that he hates being reminded that Chloe was once his brother's girlfriend.

Melanie goes to see Nick at the jail - he says he was wondering if she was ever going to see him again and asks why she didn't write to him. He then says that he has a gift for her.

Daniel tells Chloe that she's engaged to be married and that nothing can happen between them. Nick asks Melanie for forgiveness for what he put her through - he gives her his shares in his project.

Rafe tries to get up to put new bandage on his wound but Sami tells him she'll do it and he should lie down.

Chloe tells Daniel that she's grateful that he, Lucas and she can all be friends. Daniel says that they can't be friends thinking Chloe has been hitting on him. Chelsea is told by Max that Stephanie and Philip had a moment together.

Max tells Chelsea that he doesn't love Stephanie anymore and that he's never going to love anyone else ever again.

Lucas surprises Chloe with her ring that he resized to fit her finger so it won't fall off. Philip runs into Stephanie at the pub - both are ready to take things to a new level. Melanie arrives and tells Philip that she has things to discuss and that things between them are about to change.

Daniel has a dream about kissing Chloe.

Wednesday 23 November 2011
Episode 10977

Stefano calls Dr. Heisman and says that they will need his services after all. E.J. then enters the room and tells Stefano to hang up the phone.

Daniel stops Nicole and asks why she hasn't been in for any of her appointments - she says that she has another doctor that she's seeing.

Philip and Stephanie learn that Melanie has the rights to Nick's project. Chelsea brings Theo down to the pier and sees Max - she asks if everything is alright.

E.J. hangs up the phone and Stefano is irate that he doesn't want the best for his child. Abe comes to the house at Bo's request saying he doesn't like doing things behind Hope's back - he thinks that Bo shouldn't be working at all.

Philip says that he's going to see Nick to expose Nicole for the liar that she is. Bo explains to Abe that he heard a child screaming after he looked at the tree. Philip goes to see Nick and tells him not to let his obsession with Melanie make life miserable for everyone else.

Nicole asks Dr. Baker to pretend to be her obstetrician and he refuses. Melanie lets it slip to Stephanie that she and Philip shared a romantic moment - Stephanie then calls her a liar.

Abe tells Bo that he should go back to the hospital because it could be more than a concussion. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that he'll probably lose his medical license and what Stefano will do to him.

Philip tells Stephanie that he did what he could and Nick wouldn't budge - she then asks him if he ever slept with Melanie.

E.J. stops by the hospital and learns from Daniel that Nicole has found herself another doctor. Max apologizes to Chelsea for saying that she'll be a great mother, completely forgetting that she is unable to have any.

Dr. Baker agrees to do what Nicole asks only if she gives him $750,000 dollars in unmarked bills - if she doesn't pay then there's nothing he can do for her.

Thursday 24 November 2011
Episode 10978

Philip tells Melanie to clean out her desk because she is fired.

John tells Charlotte that he'll see her the day after Christmas and asks about her plans for the holidays. He then sees Marlena and asks for her help with Dr. Taylor. He complains that Dr. Taylor just sits in his sessions nodding her head.
Marlena tells John that he once said the same about her.

Rafe tells Sami that his identity has been compromised and that if the Killer ever followed him he could lead him to her - he says that it's time she got a new guard.

Dr. Baker tells Nicole that it's not his problem where she gets the money from as long as he gets it. E.J. demands that Nicole tell him what she's doing at the clinic and not at University Hospital. He is upset that she would choose another doctor without telling him. Nicole explains that she prefers Dr. Baker as her OB/GYN doctor and he agrees to accept her decision.

Melanie tries to contact Victor and pretends to be Chelsea to find out where he is. John wants Marlena's opinion on Charlotte and why she's freezing him out.

Philip and Stephanie share a kiss after the lights at Titan go out.

Melanie apologizes to Caroline for her being arrested - she says that Trent was an awful person. Melanie then sees Victor.

E.J. tells Nicole that he set up a trust fund for the baby and is livid that she can't access it yet -t she asks E.J. to trust her.

John goes back to see Dr. Taylor and asks her if he should spend the holidays with his family.

Victor goes to Titan and asks to speak with Philip alone. He then lays into him about letting go of a project that could be worth millions and claims that firing Melanie was personal.

Stephanie lashes at Melanie for going behind Philip's back and talking with Victor. Sami hears Rafe on the phone saying that Hilda should have the holidays off and that he's staying with Sami. Sami then slips and falls in the bathroom.

Philip tells Victor that he's done with him and Titan and that he quits.

Friday 25 November 2011
Episode 10979

Stephanie overhears Philip arguing with Victor and hears him quit.

Rafe goes to check on Sami and he sees her lying on the floor in the bathroom. Stephanie tells Melanie that Philip tried to help and all she did was turn her back on him.

Daniel learns that Lucas checked Chloe out of the hospital. Lucas tells Chloe that once their dream house is ready they're going to be spending less time at the cabin - while she kisses Lucas she thinks about the one with Daniel.

Nicole tells E.J. that she's not sharing her bed with him until this issue is resolved. Maggie is happy to take Allie while Lucas goes to his job interview - she then tells Chloe what a wonderful thing she did for Kate.

Melanie tells Stephanie that she got her away from Max and that it won't be long before she gets her away from Philip.

Rafe checks on Sami and sees if the baby is still moving - he feels a kick and everything seems to be fine. He still thinks that since the Killer knows who he is he should resign.

Philip tells Victor that he trashed the project because Melanie is bad news.

Rafe tells Sami that he's going to stay but sooner or later he'll have to leave.

Maggie asks Chloe if she's with Lucas on the rebound - Chloe says that it isn't the case. Victor tells Melanie that Titan will be affiliating with the project. Nicole kisses E.J. and hopes he doesn't feel her padding - he does and Nicole gets nervous when he touches it and only says that it's growing.

Daniel lingers outside the cabin and sees that Chloe is all alone. Philip calls Victor and apologizes and asks for his job back - Victor agrees.

Daniel gets an eyeful when he sees Chloe in lingerie, thinking he was Lucas when she opened the door.

Dr. Baker arrives at the mansion wanting an answer from Nicole.

Monday 28 November 2011
Episode 10980

Nicole is unsuccessful in putting off the demanding Dr. Baker. EJ enters and is surprised to see Dr. Baker at the mansion.

Nicole explains that he has come to allay EJ's concerns about the clinic and convinces Dr. Baker to speak with her in private. Alone with Nicole, Dr. Baker says if she doesn't give him the money by tomorrow, the charade is over.

Nicole sends EJ out to the pub for food, and plans on how to handle her situation with Dr. Baker. Brady arrives per Nicole's panicked call.

Desperate, Nicole snags an antique from the DiMera mansion and calls Baker, asking if he'll accept a deposit. Baker says this will give her a couple of days.

Meanwhile, EJ runs into Victor at the pub. Victor warns EJ about Nicole and says it's only a matter of time before life with Nicole blows up in EJ's face.

As Daniel stares at Chloe in her negligee, he has a fantasy of passionately kissing her. Chloe covers her fluster with anger as Lucas walks in on this, wondering what's going on.

Max and Chelsea visit Kate at the hospital. At Titan, Victor offers Brady a job at the company.

Tuesday 29 November 2011
Episode 10981

Bo reveals to Hope his flashes and she puts it in context of the Christmas and when they lost their son, Zack.

Meanwhile at the pier, Lexie sends Chelsea away, feeling she can deal with her son herself. Chelsea arrives at Bo and Hope's and feels guilty about Zack, but the three come together and put the past to rest.

Alone, Bo realizes his visions are about Theo, who at the same time, pulls away from Lexie and heads toward the waters that could kill him.

Melanie is jealous to hear Philip tell Stephanie he has a Christmas surprise. She goes to Max to help her crash the Brady Christmas.

Meanwhile, Brady, not knowing Philip knows nothing about him coming to Titan, tells Victor he will take the job. Philip is blindsided and leaves the Titan party as does Brady - who's fed up with Victor's shenanigans.

Chloe resists going to see Kate, knowing she might see Daniel - but she can't refuse. Daniel tells Kate, Lucas and Chloe that he has great news about Kate's recovery.

An attempt to take a photo reveals an awkward tension between Daniel and Chloe. Kate and Lucas fear that the two don't like each other as both Chloe and Daniel do all they can to put distance between each other.

Wednesday 30 November 2011
Episode 10982

It's Christmas Eve in Salem. While the traditional ornament hanging gets underway at Alice Horton's, Lexie and Abe search for Theo, who has gone missing.

This plays into Bo's premonition that something terrible has happened to Theo, but it's Bo, with the help of a ghost from Christmas past, who eventually finds him.

The ornaments are hung and despite trying to fit into the festivities, Chloe drops her new ornament and it breaks. Julie and Maggie reassure Chloe its fine and they will get her a new one.

Daniel can't take his mind off of Chloe. They talk and he finds it harder and harder to deny his feelings for her.

Bo can't shake the feeling that something else is going to happen to Theo.

Meanwhile, at the DiMeras, Stefano throws a little get together. John brings Marlena and Brady. Both are not thrilled, but John explains Christmas is about family and he wants to unnerve Stefano.

Brady and Nicole argue and she asks John for money. John turns her down. Marlena convinces John to leave and she takes him to Alice Horton's home, but it's clearly too much for him to take. Alone, John calls Dr. Taylor, saying he needs to remember his past.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Tony realizes he's the odd one out in the new DiMera family. Brady sadly realizes Nicole's not changing her mind.

At the end of the night, Chloe sings Silent Night at the Horton home while Nicole vows to find an infant of her own.

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tvsa destiny
01 Nov 2011 07:46

Will this soapie ever improve?


01 Nov 2011 09:34


01 Nov 2011 16:30

mindless trash!

gal t
04 Nov 2011 18:44

if its such trash y come n write here damn

08 Nov 2011 09:28

Exactly !!

Why didnt Nicole tell Ej the truth about the baby, he is going to find out.

Guess I wont get a reply to that?

09 Nov 2011 13:56

 stupid,obssesed Nicole!! nutin stays secret 4ever.will she handle EJ wen truth booms out??interesting drama here. i want EJ 2 start thinking abt Sami..

11 Nov 2011 09:09

nicole will get sami baby and pass it off as her own

15 Nov 2011 18:17

U think s0? *thinking*

16 Nov 2011 13:06

Hi All,

what is nicole going to achieve faking this pregnancy.  I cant see Sami parting with her baby.  Whats ej going to do when he finds out sami is pregnant.

Wasnt it sweet of her to make biscuits for her room mate lol !!

17 Nov 2011 10:43

17 Nov 2011 10:46

nicole z ej'z 2nd choice, so wen Ej hears abt Sami z pregnancy, he will leave Nicole 4 guddd!!! he cant let go of Sami i tell u..

22 Nov 2011 16:47

LOL LOL LOL this room is a joke!!!

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