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Written by Tashi from the blog As The World Turns on 31 Oct 2011
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Tuesday 1 November 2011
Episode 94

Will tells Barbara that the girl she gave the dress to was not Gwen but an impostor. Gwen calls the police - Cleo says that she is leaving and then collapses on the floor.

Alison starts learning how to talk like Rosanna. A woman named Lynn makes trouble for Brad and Katie. Cleo doesn't tell Gwen about Jade - Gwen doesn't believe a word she says.

Alison makes a phonecall to Craig which makes him very nervous. Megs tells Paul and Lucinda that Craig was rattled by the call he got. Craig learns that Rosanna has "disappeared".

Wednesday 2 November 2011
Episode 95

Emily tells Dusty that she is worried that Alison is using drugs again. Katie and Brad travel to meet the winner of the Do a Chore for You contest.

Jack questions Parker when he finds a book that Carly used to read to him in the garbage. Kim gets a disturbing call at WOAK from a woman who doesn't want Brad in her town - she threatens to kill Brad if he comes.

Kim then goes to Jack to warn Brad.

Craig is determined to locate Rosanna. Paul calls Alison and says that it's time for another call to Craig.

Cheri tries to get Emily to come back to work for her after explaining that everyone is requesting her services. Parker realizes that Faith put the book in his backpack. Emily is alarmed when she sees Paul and Alison together.

Thursday 3 November 2011
Episode 96

Brad and Katie meet the contest winner and they clean up their basement. Craig thinks that Rosanna was in his house earlier.

Emily questions why Alison was getting off the elevator with Paul when she said she was meeting Will and Gwen.

Lucinda gives Meg a bug to wear hoping to get a confession from Craig on tape. Craig gets information from a reliable source that some woman fitting Rosanna's description boarded a private plane.

Emily tells Paul to stay away from Alison. Craig tells Meg that he's possibly being set up by Lucinda or Paul. Brad comes face-to-face with Lynn as she bursts into his hotel room and points a gun at him and Katie.

Friday 4 November 2011
Episode 97

Lynn continues to hold up Brad at gunpoint and blames him for ruining her life. Faith has some harsh words for Parker. Dusty approaches Paul about giving Alison money to buy drugs.

Craig assures Meg that he didn't try to kill Rosanna, while not knowing that he is being recorded. Alison scores drugs and asks Jesse if he wants to party with her.

Jack tackles Lynn on the bed to keep her from shooting Katie - Brad is able to get Katie out of the way. Lynn is then arrested.

Emily thinks Alison is in trouble thanks to Paul, but she says that she is not. Paul, Lucinda and Meg say that it's time to finish their plan.

Monday 7 November 2011
Episode 98

Cleo and Gwen miss each other when they go to Lisa for a job at the Lakeview. Will tells Lisa that hiring Cleo would be a mistake and Lisa tells Cleo that she can't hire her.

Parker tells J.J. that he's stupid for ordering flowers for a mother that ran out on them. Faith then has harsh words for Parker when he won't admit that he misses his mother and comes out to help him water the plant.

Katie and Jack confront Brad about his lie of spending the night with Katie.

Gwen approaches Jade about Cleo coming to see her at her house and thinks she is behind it. Will tells Gwen that it's time to call Margo and tell her about Cleo.

Katie and Jack are honest about their true feelings for each other. Cleo looks for a reason to stay in town, she then spots a woman and recognizes her as Gwen's sister Carly.

Tuesday 8 November 2011
Episode 99

Cleo goes to Carly to welcome her home and Carly tells Cleo that she isn't who she says she is. The police arrive at the Wagon Wheel and both of them get nervous - Cleo takes Carly into her room.

Katie pulls away from Jack when the two share a kiss on their flight home and admits to Jack that she is still married to Mike. Paul asks Alison if she is using drugs or not - she says that she should continue with their plan. Paul almost catches her snorting crystal meth.

Craig asks Meg if she really likes him or not after she pushes away when he tries to kiss her. Carly realizes how much Cleo looks like Gwen and is able to get rid of Dallas when he checks her room. Carly then demands answers from her on why she is going around posing as her sister.

Wednesday 9 November 2011
Episode 100

Emma gets Jack ready for his first date with Katie. Cleo helps Carly see Parker, J.J., and Sage by disguising herself as Gwen.

Paul and Lucinda realize that Alison was high when she called Craig and Paul tells her that she is no longer useful to her and throws her out the room. Paul calls Meg and tells her to get rid of the wire before Craig finds it.

Craig wonders if Meg is helping Paul set him up by wearing a wire - she takes off her clothes and when there is no wire Craig tries to apologize but Meg leaves.

Carly finds the Mother's Day sale flier that Parker threw away. Emma calls Jack and tells him that Sage had a setback when Gwen didn't remember the plans that they made.

Brad runs into Henry at Al's and he tells him that Katie choose Jack over him. Alison sells her soul by offering Jesse more than just money for drugs.

Thursday 10 November 2011
Episode 101

J.J. questions Jack on his and Katie's kiss after Parker opens his mouth. Dusty sees Jesse coming out of Alison's room at the Lakeview and Dusty tells Emily that he knows where Alison is.

Later, Emily and Dusty walk in on Jesse and Alison in bed. Lily comes home - which does not please Faith. She then realizes that she is not the cause for her mother going to rehab.

Emma tells Gwen what a good time the kids had with her last night, but she quickly covers and Gwen and Will realize that Cleo dressed up like her again. Gwen confronts Cleo about what happened last night.

J.J. storms out of Al's after telling her that he already has a mother and that he won't forget her, but agrees to give Katie a chance by being her friend. Carly sees Jack at the diner as she passes by.

Friday 11 November 2011
Episode 102

Will and Gwen go to Margo and request that they talk to Jack. Dusty pulls Emily into a kiss to keep Susan from learning about Alison's condition. Jack almost sees Carly outside of Al's Diner - Carly then makes a run for it.

Alison kisses Dusty while in detox together and begins to take her clothes off in front of him.

Gwen tells Jack about Cleo impersonating her and stalking her - he then checks to see if his kids are alright and lashes out at Gwen for not reporting her sooner.

Carly returns to the Wagon Wheel Motel and tells Cleo that she saw Jack. Later, Cleo dresses up as Gwen to help her see Jack. Jack shows up at Cleo's motel room.

Monday 14 November 2011
Episode 103

Gwen tells Will that she insists on going back to the station to make sure that Cleo is arrested. Jesse returns for the money that Alison owes him and Dusty tells him not to come back again.

Katie takes care of unfinished business. Henry assures Katie that he will not ruin Jack's life. Dusty sees Alison on the ledge of the hotel suite and is able catch her before she slips off.

Jack brings Cleo into the police station where she deals with Gwen by taking off the wig and tells her flat out that she never wants to see her again. Carly leaves the motel thinking Cleo will give her up and is caught by the manager.

Liv comes by Al's Diner and brags to Luke and Maddie that she and Kevin are going to the prom. Maddie then requests that she and Luke go together.

Gwen is stunned to see Carly arrive on her doorstep.

Tuesday 15 November 2011
Episode 104

Carly tells Gwen that Simon insisted that she come back to Oakdale - she then asks a favor to help bail Cleo out of jail. Meg and Paul disagree. Katie tells Tom that she wants to file for divorce against Mike so she can move on.

Jack questions Parker, J.J., and Sage about Gwen's behaviour the other night. J.J. tells Jack that he will give Katie a chance. Craig listens as Lily tells him to give the company to her mother.

Gwen comes to Cleo's aid by offering to pay her bail and Jack wants to know what changed her mind. J.J. apologizes to Katie for his behavior at the diner.

Lily confronts Lucinda on her and Paul's attempt to make Craig think that Rosanna is back. Carly attempts to see her children at the farm.

Wednesday 16 November 2011
Episode 105

Katie and J.J. hear a noise on the porch. Carly overhears that Katie and Jack are together. Gwen assures Jack that Cleo will never go near his kids again. Will learns that Carly had Cleo help her see her children.

Henry gets advice from Brad that he and Vienna belong together. Parker tells J.J. that he thinks someone else was there besides Katie.

Carly begs Simon for help. A mysterious figure is seen in Vienna's hotel suite.

Thursday 17 November 2011
Episode 106

Carly is discovered in Bay City by a cop while asleep on a bench at the bus station and lets her off with a warning to get on the bus and leave. Carly then gets a text message on her phone saying that "It's Done" and buys a bus ticket to Oakdale.

Vienna goes to Henry and shows him that someone put the necklace of Leonia around her neck while she was sleeping. Emily gives Alison the choice to either go to a real rehab facility and tell Susan.

Brad sees Katie and Jack kissing on the set of Oakdale Now. Katie is delighted when Jack offers to spend the night with her alone. Henry shows Jack the "stolen" necklace and says that if the diamonds are real it's likely Prince Adolpho will drop his case.

Susan tells Emily she is glad she is dating someone who is good for her. Henry tells Katie that having the date with Jack won't happen and that Carly is possibly back in town.

Lance returns to Oakdale to cause more trouble for Alison. While reminiscing about his memories with Carly, Jack turns around to find Carly in their Milltown home.

Friday 18 November 2011
Episode 107

Carly explains to Jack that she is back for good and isn't going anywhere. Maddie tells Henry that he'd better hurry up and tell Vienna how he feels before she leaves.

Alison keeps Emily, her mother and Dusty from seeing Lance by telling them to come back in an hour.

Margo explains to Katie that no matter how far Carly travels, she will always be a part of Jack. Carly tells Jack that she and Simon aren't together anymore and that she came back alone.

Alison tells Lance that she is getting clean and for him to go back to Vegas, he tells her that he isn't going back without her. Maddie tells Luke not to worry and that he will look fine at the prom.

Monday 21 November 2011
Episode 108

Lily gives Lucinda a proposal to start a new company from the ground up but she refuses it. Lucinda persuades Meg to go to Craig, after Meg tells her that Paul advised her not to.

Craig confesses to Meg that he had her followed and believes that she is on his side. Jack tells Katie that Carly is back for good - she then thinks she doesn't have a future with him.

Jack tells Carly that even though the necklace is returned she is still under arrest. Meg tells Craig about the kind of friends that she wants in her life and she doesn't want him as a friend.

Carly is then reunited with Sage and J.J., but Parker isn't too pleased to see his mother. He tells her in front of everyone that she should have never come home and that she belongs in jail.

Tuesday 22 November 2011
Episode 109

Will comes to Cleo's rescue as she is the victim of a mugging. Bob catches Lucinda going through a medicine cabinet and asks her what she is doing.

Meg tells Holden that she's not going to do anything about Craig personally, but is worried that Lucinda might do something. Henry signs Vienna's money back over to her, Vienna says that she is leaving town.

Lucinda covers by telling Bob that she isn't feeling well, and after Bob leaves Lucinda takes a bottle of pills. Margo tells Craig that she will never forget what he did to Tom by Daniel getting kidnapped drove him to have a heart attack and her almost losing the love of her life.

Lucinda causes a scene and slips Craig something in his coffee and later on he passes out on the floor. Gwen comes home to see Will and Cleo and Gwen offers Cleo to stay with them.

Henry pleads with Vienna to stay in Oakdale which she does. Meg sees Craig passed out on the floor and begins CPR.

Wednesday 23 November 2011
Episode 110

Lucinda counts the minutes to Craig's untimely doom. Meg gives Craig something hoping it'll save his life - Craig then ragains consciousness and thinks that someone poisoned his coffee.

Parker's word about their mom belonging in jail hurts Sage very much. J.J. tells Jack to help Carly to get her out of jail and for her to come home. Vienna tells Katie not to let Carly get her hooks into Jack again and to fight for him.

Jack tells Carly that he may be able to help him after all. Brad tells Katie that Jack is with Carly at the station and that should spell it out for her. Lance threatens to expose Alison to her family, if he doesn't go with her right now.

Meg confronts Lucinda in about what she found in Craig's coffee cup, and keeps it for insurance. Jack offers to get Carly to sign a statement saying that she was coherced into stealing the crown jewels and got Tom to represent her.

Lance offers Alison some ice to calm her down. Katie tells Jack that whatever Carly is making him do, not to do it.

Thursday 24 November 2011
Episode 111

Carly tells Gwen that she could be doing 25 years if Jack doesn't help her. Will accidentally knocks hot chocolate on Cleo while she attempted to bring him some.

Craig asks Meg why she saved his life and didn't let him die and also what she was doing in his office. Katie tells Jack not to help Carly and not to get mixed up with her again by lying under oath.

Craig comes to the conclusion that Lucinda poisoned him. Gwen comes home to see Cleo wearing her robe and sitting on the couch. Will and Cleo explain to Gwen what happened. Katie learns from Margo that Jack did call Tom to help defend Carly.

Tom tells Carly that the state wants to make this case go away, and that the charges could be dropped. Jack then tells Carly that there is someone else in his life.

Jack goes to Katie and tells her that his feelings for her haven't changed and that if she still wants to go to Chicago. Craig asks Meg to marry him which leaves her speechless.

Friday 25 November 2011
Episode 112

After getting a clue from Brad, Carly realizes that Jack and Katie are seeing each other. Vienna is touched by having a commitment ceremony instead of getting a marriage proposal.

Parker finds Carly at the farm and threatens to call the police, but Carly tells him that she is a free. Still, Parker tells Carly to go away.

Monday 28 November 2011
Episode 113

Susan tells a surprised Lucinda that Craig survived. Luke and Maddie visit at Al's after they went to the prom together. Maddie makes a series of videos on her phone to send to Casey.

Kevin and Liv come over to their table and say hello. Craig tells Meg that if she marries him he will give Worldwide back to Lucinda. Craig lies to Susan on how his cardiac arrest occurred.

Gwen goes to Lisa asking for her to give Cleo a chance working at the Lakeview, but Will thinks it's a big mistake. Holden tells Paul that he is wasting his time asking for Meg's hand in marriage.

Gwen tells Cleo the good news that Lisa has agreed to hire her. After Maddie caught Luke looking over at Kevin, Luke tells her that he is over him. Paul has a vision of someone getting married and the bride is screaming.

Tuesday 29 November 2011
Episode 114

Paul tells Barbara about his vision of him hurting Meg. Craig asks Tom to look at the papers he drew up.

Carly explains that she cares that Jack is happy - Jack then tells Carly that Katie will be there with the kids at J.J.'s baseball game. Lucinda wonders if Meg really has feelings for Craig, but Meg says that she doesn't.

Brad thinks that Katie's night with Jack is the reason she's being so nice to him when she arrives for work.

Craig shows Meg the papers and she sees that he is giving Montgomery Enterprises to her and trusts her to make the right decision.

Wednesday 30 November 2011
Episode 115
(Please note: this episode wasn't broadcast in November and moved to December)

Noah introduces himself to Maddie and then she gets embarrassed when she realizes that she sent her video intended for Casey to his phone by mistake.

Susan lays into Dusty when he broke up with Emily. Alison spots Lance and he continues to threaten to tell her mother everything if she doesn't come back to Las Vegas with him.

Carly shows up to take care of Sage, J.J., and Parker; Parker continues to give her the cold shoulder. Dusty thinks that Alison is hooking up with Lance again; Alison tells Dusty that Lance is threatening to tell her mother everything if he refuses to help her.

Parker tells Jack that the reason that he ran away is because he doesn't want to be around his mother anymore and that she should be spending the rest of her life on jail.

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