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7de Laan Teasers - October 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 7de Laan Teasers on 26 Sep 2011
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Coming up on 7de Laan this October, 2011:

Monday 3 October 2011
Episode 2581

Herman receives upsetting news about the tracksuit order. Hilda has a plan up her sleeve to spoil Matrone's wedding cake triumph.

The friends organise bachelor/ette parties for Vince and Bonita. How will the family react to the news that Errol is going to be best man?

Tuesday 4 October 2011
Episode 2582

It's Vince and Bonita's big day. Which family members - if any - will rock up at the wedding?

Bonita dissolves into tears at Oubaas' suggestion about her wedding day, and Hilda and Maria surprise guests at the reception.

Will Herman find out more about the tracksuit order?

Wednesday 5 October 2011
Episode 2583

Kabelo allows a golden opportunity to slip through his fingers. Will Xander and Vanessa's row over Vince and Bonita's wedding damage their marriage?

Herman and Felcity face a crisis with their business.

Thursday 6 October 2011
Episode 2584

Will Oubaas spoil the launch party of Isabelle and Aggie's business? Paula is impressed with a man she meets at the launch.

Rick's condition is diagnosed but will it assist Xander with his defence?

Friday 7 October 2011
Episode 2585

Kabelo invites Zinzi to dinner to share important news with her. Xander's attitude irks more than one family member.

What will Vince do with the surprise cheque that he receives? How will Rick react when Emma visits him in prison?

Monday 10 October 2011
Episode 2586

Paula's interview with the man she met at the launch doesn't pan out as she expected.

Aggie receives an important jewellery order. Xander gains ground in Rick's defence case. Oubaas is shocked by 'n murder story in Die Oggendblad.

Tuesday 11 October 2011
Episode 2587

Will Emma agree to assist Xander with Rick's case? Herman and Felicity figure out a plan to solve the tracksuit crisis. Kabelo meets his new agent, but isn't completely honest with Zinzi about it.

Wednesday 12 October 2011
Episode 2588

Will Aggie be able to design Susan's wedding jewellery on her own? Does Isabelle recognise Susan's fiance?

Zinzi doesn't like the fact that Kabelo's agent is 'n beautiful young woman. Does Xander have a strong enough case to get Rick a reduced sentence?

Thursday 13 October 2011
Episode 2589

Will Emma agree to testify in Rick's case? Charmaine feels guilty over Vince and Bonita, but will it motivate her to restore peace in the family?

And will Zinzi live up to the expectations they have of her for the tracksuit video?

Friday 14 October 2011
Episode 2590

Rumours are rife that a serial killer is on the loose in the area.

Judgement is handed down in Rick's case. Is Lebohang only interested in Kabelo's music career or does she have ulterior motives?

Monday 17 October 2011
Episode 2591

Everyone is jittery about the serial killer and Oubaas improves safety measures at the Heights.

Will Kabelo's first gig with his new agent be a success? Paula upsets Emma in her attempt to compete with Sanjay in getting a cover story.

Tuesday 18 October 2011
Episode 2592

Kabelo gets a makeover but Zinzi is unimpressed. Will problems with the tracksuit website be sorted?

Vince and Bonita are back from honeymoon and Aggie enters her jewellery designs in a competition.

Wednesday 19 October 2011
Episode 2593

San-Mari warns Kabelo not to play with Zinzi's feelings. Aggie finds out more about Rick's past.

Oubaas suspects who the serial killer might be. Kabelo's music career gets a big boost and Isabelle ends up in tears after a clash with Roux.

Thursday 20 October 2011
Episode 2594

Oubaas' shocking suspicions about the serial killer deepens and he concocts a plan to lure him into a trap.

How will Kabelo react to no less than two ultimatums? Aggie is puzzled when Roux cancels Susan's jewellery order.

Friday 21 October 2011
Episode 2595

Isabelle tells Felicity a secret about Roux. Paula plans a makeover for Bonita. What happens to Zinzi and Kabelo's weekend plans?

Oubaas and Hilda set a trap for the serial killer.

Monday 24 October 2011
Episode 2596

Susan finds out about Rick's past. Kabelo takes an important decision and Zinzi catches him in an awkward situation.

An award is offered for information that can lead to the arrest of the serial killer.

Tuesday 25 October 2011
Episode 2597

Charmaine is worried about Xander's behaviour. Lukas is hurt when he discovers what Hilda and Oubaas really think about him.

The tension builds between Roux, Susan and Isabelle. Lebogang forces Kabelo to make a difficult decision.

Wednesday 26 October 2011
Episode 2598

Will Hilda be the serial killer's next victim?

Neville confronts Xander about his attitude towards Vanessa. Lebogang's conduct causes Kabelo to doubt whether he's taking the right decision.

Thursday 27 October 2011
Episode 2599

Lukas gets a wonderful opportunity. The dilemma that Roux, Susan and Isabelle face takes a dramatic turn.

Kabelo and Zinzi's relationship reaches a turning point. Paula's attempt to give Bonita a makeover doesn't go according to plan.

Friday 28 October 2011
Episode 2600

Will Ryno's book launch be a success and will Marcel attend the occasion? Bonita shows off her new look. Lukas takes an important decision.

Will Herman take Felicity's hint about marriage seriously?

Monday 31 October 2011
Episode 2601

Will Lukas miss the farewell party being held for him and Kabelo? San-Mari has her eye on Kabelo’s job, but will Herman promote her or appoint someone else? Felicity considers a radical idea.

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26 Sep 2011 15:33

am no 1.yippiiiiiiiiiiii

angels 7
26 Sep 2011 15:35

2nd yey

let me go n read

26 Sep 2011 15:41

Busy month

26 Sep 2011 15:43

4th yhey

angels 7
26 Sep 2011 15:45

bonita finaly gets a makeover yey 
da story wit da killer sounds intresting
"Will Herman take Felicity's hint about marriage seriously? "
are dey gonna get marries soon
xander and vanessa not again
kabelo and zinzi r gonna break up .
wonder wats gonna happen wit rick.
nothing about pieter and annelie (cum on people)

angels 7
26 Sep 2011 15:49

srry meant married

@p.pritz our dream isnt cumin true

angels 7
26 Sep 2011 16:15

felicity n herman r gonna get married soon as it says on da website

Baby love
26 Sep 2011 16:47

Interesting month nw i give up abt annelie n pieter, lol oubas n hilda thot lukas is a serial killer

26 Sep 2011 17:21

September was a terrible month. Xander acted like a naana. I felt embarrised at the part he took.

26 Sep 2011 17:34

Lucas a serial killer! Come on Aubaas and Hilda! But october looks interesting.

26 Sep 2011 18:02

Too much drama but nothing concrete or even tangible. Everything seems to be hanging on balance.

miss ceepee
26 Sep 2011 18:03

hi.im new.October seems quite interesting.nothing on Gita

26 Sep 2011 19:51

October YES its out @angel7,sar786,pritz n rock7 missd ull LOL ................. Exciting Month

26 Sep 2011 19:56

Serial killer in thee heights OMG I wonder who It is n I also wonder who is paula mistry man

angels 7
26 Sep 2011 20:50

@abcdef we missed u 2 why were u absent

Paula Pritz
26 Sep 2011 21:40

NOTING ABOUT PIETER N ANNELIE I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! da serial killer story sounds kinda interesting. bonita is only gonna get a makeover aftr her wed.rick n marcel r back in da pic. dis susan women sounds lyk trouble c urll 2mrw bye

27 Sep 2011 07:50

hey guys -- shoo oct looks interesting!!!! cant wait for all of this action...

sexy mamma
27 Sep 2011 08:35

this is not even good, the only thing i wnna see is the wedding, everything else seems so fa fetched, a serial.....helo, it's the laan.

27 Sep 2011 09:18

Hi all

Who is Roux and Susan?

27 Sep 2011 09:36

Hi@ms, i don't have a glue about them, but it looks isabella might know a lot about the roux guy.

27 Sep 2011 09:43

hippy no: 1 lol

27 Sep 2011 11:13

@angel no I wasn't there, that must've been ROSHNEE ISLAMIC SCHOOL at the jalsa.Was their uniform green??This month seems quite interesting.

sexy d
27 Sep 2011 11:16

let me go and read will come back to comment

sexy d
27 Sep 2011 11:23

intresting indeed cant wait for the drama to unfolds

angels 7
27 Sep 2011 15:08

@amy11 im not sure wat colour was there uniform 
so ur skwl didnt go

27 Sep 2011 19:20

I hate neville and xander they must just leave vince and bonita alone cos they also married women they loved. Can't wait for the wedding and see bonita beautiful. But that bonita character is full of surprises she can pull a stunt or just disappear on the day

28 Sep 2011 08:02

no news on Annelie amd Pieter:(sad..

ntombo northern cape
28 Sep 2011 08:40

@sloe--- i'm with you i also hate those two for making life miserable for other ppl. and Xander is frogetting tht Neville did not approve of his marriage 2 Vanessa, 
everyone needs a second change.
cant wait for the wedding

28 Sep 2011 09:55

@ ntombo I feel you we all need second chances

28 Sep 2011 11:01

Serial killer!!! Wow 7de Laan z alwyz interesting

28 Sep 2011 11:03

@angel my skul didnt go

28 Sep 2011 11:45

Wuuh Xander and Vannessa what's the story now! Xander always think he is alright & knows better than everyone.

October sounds interesting.

28 Sep 2011 11:51

Whhu another wedding bells in the Laan, I can't wait! They always sound interesting. I really enjoyed Mandla's wedding last year.

Shuuu, at last so happy for Bonita. Let's hope it will  last forever.

Zinzi feels intimidated yah neh.

28 Sep 2011 15:12

HEllo all  how are you all,  Ally where are you girl friend?

Paula Pritz
28 Sep 2011 15:31

hey .dnt urll think annelie was abit too xcited bwt bonitas wedding drss.y is vanessa cros at vince, if he told the family they would jus get cross and start fighting.@angels i would lyk too wish you all the best for 2mrw with the op and hpefully it wnt be too painful.good luck!!!!!!!!xoxo.... ps: if it gets too painful just imagine that annelie and pieter are 2gether and alll the pain will just disappear, anyway good luck and take care...mwah!!!!!!

angels 7
28 Sep 2011 15:37

@paula my fingers r crossed and im hopeing da operation wil go well 2morrow not sure if ill cum later 2 skwl
annelie went over board wit da wedding
oh almost 4got i will imagine that

28 Sep 2011 16:35

@angels good luck with the op it is something serious shame good luck
Do what paula says and imagine.

angels 7
28 Sep 2011 16:46

@ms im just gonna cut a growth dat is on my eye!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 Sep 2011 16:47

Okay well good luck anyway, shame I hope it is not too painful xx

Baby love
28 Sep 2011 18:02

Who da hell the meintjies' thnk they r,cnt vince marry da woman he luvs,its nt lyk bonita is a monster after all everyone deserves a 2nd chance,y cnt they give it 2 bonita they so boring nxa

28 Sep 2011 22:54

Hey@angels, gud luck baby....i hope u r okay.@ms we really miss ally. The meintjies family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg:-(:-(:-(

29 Sep 2011 09:14

They are hypocrites like their lives have got no mistakes

29 Sep 2011 10:03

Agree with u @sloe they are hypocrites with capital H..

29 Sep 2011 10:37

@Meenie hi where is ally ?  The meintjies are a bunch of hypocrites definitely, people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

angels 7
29 Sep 2011 11:36

hey all just came back 
didnt do da op i might have 2 do it next month(hope not)
they should just except vince and bonita 
annelie looked  soooo pretty yday
i think nats cumin 4 da matric ball

29 Sep 2011 11:37

@angel, good luck with your op!! hope it goes well and is successful

29 Sep 2011 11:40

@angel how cum u didnt do your op??

angels 7
29 Sep 2011 12:24

the growth in my eye is still small when it grows a little more i wil have 2 go and do da op (if it doesnt clear)

@amy11 hw cum ur not in skwl

29 Sep 2011 12:33

@angel b.coz we not doing any work now and no one goes 2 skul these days

angels 7
29 Sep 2011 13:56

we also dont do work but we go 2 skwl 4 da fun of going.
2morrow we r gettin our reports 
when r u'll gettin urlls

29 Sep 2011 15:27

@angel did they post pone your operation, shame you have to wait again
I am sure you school pupils  are all glad you break up tomorrow for a week. have a good rest.

30 Sep 2011 08:19

Hi peeps!! 
Sorry I haven't posted this week! 
My son had measles and pneumonia, so we were in hospital from Monday... not a good week at all! 
I missed you guys hey!

Wow, things are looking interesting this month! At least it's some excitement.

I won't be posting as much next week... I will be on leave because I have to look after my daughter (school holidays), but I will be posting some...

I'll chat later peeps! Xx

30 Sep 2011 09:39

Why can't vince find the best place for the wedding the man has moola man.

30 Sep 2011 09:46

Hey@allyv, glad u are back we missed u so much:-) sorry aboat the boy, that was terrible, and i hope he is okay.

30 Sep 2011 09:46

Hey@allyv, glad u are back we missed u so much:-) sorry aboat the boy, that was terrible, and i hope he is okay.

30 Sep 2011 09:57

Sp, about!

30 Sep 2011 09:58

Sp, about!

30 Sep 2011 10:51

Thanks @Meenie :)

30 Sep 2011 12:03

Hi Ally  sorry to hear your news hope the little one is better, we missed you

30 Sep 2011 12:14

@Ally ... Our thoughts are with you and your children as well !!!

30 Sep 2011 13:24

@MS and @VusiK, thanks so much guys, I missed you too! Thankfully he is much better!

30 Sep 2011 13:32

Thats good news  not nice when our children are sick.

30 Sep 2011 15:12

Ja, I know... it sucks big time...

So, @MS my friend, how are you doing?

30 Sep 2011 16:45

@angel we got our reports 2day(finally)..... @allyv, I wish your child good health and good luck with your daughter(children of 2day)

02 Oct 2011 10:40

hey everyone never post 4 very long 
i wonder who da serial killer is coz
i think its gonna be a bit scary 
And by da way whos ROUX?

02 Oct 2011 10:44

IS Lebogang Kabelos new agent?
and is Susan a new worker 4 Isabelle n Aggie?

02 Oct 2011 16:04

hey everyone and @paula pritz isnt dis month kinda interesting 

Paula Pritz
02 Oct 2011 16:06

hey all nevr post 4long.@sar lol.y is dis blog sooooo dead i mean cmon its hdays.pls liven up dis place. btw frm 2mrw we can watch isidingo n 7de laan now isnt dat awsome

Paula Pritz
02 Oct 2011 16:09

@sar ya it is. i think lebogang is labelos agent and susan wants isabelle n aggie 2 make jewlry 4 her.wat u done so far dis weekend ]

03 Oct 2011 08:50

Hi all watched the omnibus very interesting.

Ally I am well thank you.

I think Xander and neville are being pathetic, poor charmaine is in the middle she wants to go but feels disloyal to Neville.  Xander is getting on my nerves.

Poor Kabello he shouldnt give up because of one crook they arent all like that.

Errol really enjoyed his matric farewell.  Poor Paula how can the guy be engaged why didnt he take his fiancee to the farewell.

03 Oct 2011 14:27

Whats happening nobody here???

03 Oct 2011 16:28

Hey all... I wonder how the wedding will turn out(the venue is quite small)... Who will the serial killer be? Today nobody is posting..........

03 Oct 2011 17:25

hey everyone Hilda must ruin Matrones cake because i dont like matrone
the family jus gets cross when there is an issue pertaining 2 Vince & Bonitas wedding! WHY CANT THEY JUS MAKE PEACE HUH?????????
Errol is doing a good job by being best man
At least he still is not cross with vince and bonita like da family
 @paula pritz ,@MS & @AMY11 urll r jus rite there is no one posting 
wheres @ ANGELS 7 @ ABCDEF & @ROCK7 i am so sure that they r really enjoying they hoildays RIGHT???
Hows da holidays everyone?????????
k i am getting bored because i usually dont post on normal days ssssssssssssoooooooooooo it is kinda boring 4 me
cant wait 4 2NITES EPISODE coz when hilda and matrone fight i jus wannna luf(matrone:skireekies or mervrou DE KOCK WAT DOEN JY)
    (hilda:dit het niks met jy te doen nie NURSE NORTJIE)
EISH BUT THESE 2 jus fite da whole day i am getting tired oh & then oubaas cums in between these 2 
both of them fite all da tym over him poor oubaas wait not poor oubaas he suppose to protect his WIFE not that NURSE


03 Oct 2011 19:52

Yellow pple ... 2mmrw is thee big day 4 Mince n Bonita Neva post 4 long

03 Oct 2011 19:53

Yellow pple ... 2mmrw is thee big day 4 Mince n Bonita Neva post 4 long I don't feel sorry 4 Matrone Its goods that hilda put that in thee Drink

04 Oct 2011 07:24

Morning guys:)sorry i didn't post yesterday, i can't wait tnite is vince and bonita's big day, pity the parents wont be there.....how sad:(

04 Oct 2011 07:30

Fathima Mulla
04 Oct 2011 12:18

Hii So Pieter and Annelie aren"t together as yet ?

04 Oct 2011 20:30

Hey guys da wedding was kinda kwl angel 7 c omputer is gone in 4 repairs so dat is y she dosent post. Bt it will be bk soon

05 Oct 2011 11:33

At least Neville came 2 his senses, as for Xander he is  so childish its not funny

05 Oct 2011 12:03

Hi guys and girls,  i battled to get in this am was there are problem?

The wedding was beautiful, the flowers were stunning.  Glad Neville and Charmaine went.  Xander is just pathetic.  I hope he feels left out cos everyone was there.  I love netta and stick legs fighting all the time.  How was that cake it was pathetic.    Enjoy you day chat just now

05 Oct 2011 12:04

Hi peeps! The Wedding was nice hey?

I'm glad that Charmaine and Neville attended... Xander is such a brat...

05 Oct 2011 12:20

I wonder if Vanessa and Xander's marriage will be in trouble now?

05 Oct 2011 12:48


sexy d
05 Oct 2011 12:55

afternoon all

@allyv u can say dat again

Wow bonita now is Mrs Meintjies thatha girl

So guys did vince mom attend de wedding?

05 Oct 2011 14:35

@sexy d no vince mum didnt make the wedding, he left two messages on her phone.

05 Oct 2011 15:28

He he he vince ya you are the only one bru who never attended.phew such attittude. Ya serves you right for trying to spoil your bru's day

Paula Pritz
05 Oct 2011 16:28

da wedding was kwaai!!!!!!!!!! bonita luked quite smart,her hair was very nyc but i didnt realy lyk her dress it was abit tooo flowery and pieter and annelie were standing next to each other. at least vaness made da family feel bad and dey showed up at da wed,anelie could have worn something better.

05 Oct 2011 19:02

Yo the dress was just too flowery and its just like her as she liker flowers

06 Oct 2011 08:20

Mawning guys, i wasn't able post or read your posts, did any1 expirience that? About vince and bonita's, i can it was little bit emotional, i was in tears, and bonita was so beautiful. Ahh.....xander is so full of it, he thinks only for himself.

06 Oct 2011 09:43

Morning all
@meenie yes there was a problem yesterday I couldnt post for a while and do you see the big gap above done know what it was.

06 Oct 2011 15:48

hi all, wow Bonita looked so pretty, loved the hair...they seem very happy !!! I'm so glad Neville and Charmain came to their senses thanks to venessa..... I hate xander why is he so uptight he needs to loosesn up... he is acting like an old cow!!! Poor Paula.. she shuld just hook up with Altus! 

06 Oct 2011 16:40

What happened to Herman's face? Did anyone else notice that he had a blue eye and a cut under his eye. Actually both his eyes looked swollen but the right eye looked worse than the left. Not even make up could completely cover it up. Take a good look at him tonight.

07 Oct 2011 11:25

@RHV yes herman has a plaster under his eye.  He said he walked into a cupboard. 

Paula Pritz
09 Oct 2011 10:44

hello sori i nevr post for so long wasnt at home. bonitas dress was just too flowery and its just like her as she likes flowers.da wedding pics are up on da 7de laan website

sexy d
10 Oct 2011 09:37

morning all

10 Oct 2011 11:28

Hi all watched Omnibus yesterday.

Loved what Hilda did to the cake.  What is Rick's problem he just oozes misery.  Poor Emma going all the way there and then he didnt want to see her.

Felicity shame the wheels fell off. 

Shame Paula still has the hots for Altus.  why dont they get together.
Pieter and annelie nothing yet doesnt even look like they are trying.

zander get over yourself you are a real stick in the mud.  Give your brother a break he is so happy.

sexy gal
10 Oct 2011 12:52

yooooh nw dat vince & bonita  r 2gether wat wll hppn?

11 Oct 2011 10:02

Where is everyone?

11 Oct 2011 11:25

Hilda's concoctions will kill people one of these days.

11 Oct 2011 15:22

Hello Peeps!!

Sho, this room is soooo quiet!!

@MS, how are you my friend?

12 Oct 2011 09:03

Where are all the peeps?? :-\

Have all of them been abducted by aliens?? lol

Kabelo's digging his own grave by not telling Zinzi the whole truth...
Felicity and Herman... finally not fighting...
Is Emma going to help Rick?

Only time will tell...

12 Oct 2011 09:59

Hi All,

I am good thanks Allyv, room is too quiet.

12 Oct 2011 14:49

hey people....I think that lukas's girlfriend is the murderer because she needs a new cricket bat and that lady was killed with a cricket bat so it must be her.....kabelo has to tell zinzi the truth...atleast felicity and herman made peace.....I wonder what Isabelle has to do with susans fiance......I absolutely can't wait for bonita to show off her new look....

12 Oct 2011 16:09


What must kabelo tell zinzi  sorry i only see the omnibus on Sunday

12 Oct 2011 16:25

@ms Zinzi thinks dat kabelo has a male agent and kabelo didn't say dat its a female agent

13 Oct 2011 08:15

Morning Peeps!

@amy I agree with you, I also think it's Lukas' girlfriend...

@MS Zinzi found out that Kabelo's agent is a pretty girl... she wasn't impressed...

At least Emma went to visit Rick... I think she will help him in his case...

I wonder how this Roux is connected to Isabelle...?

So Xander says he has more important things on his mind than his marriage... PIG!

So many questions!!

Peeps, please come back!!!

13 Oct 2011 09:37

Hi all how are you.

Okay Kabello must tell her the truth.  Did Emma see Rick?  he looks terrible and all those meds he is on, enough to make you a zombie.

Xander must drop the ego trip, Vanessa is looking nice with that new hair do so he better watch out she doesnt drop him.  Who would want to be with someone so miserable.

13 Oct 2011 10:06

Xander and Vanessa should just divorce

angelz 28
13 Oct 2011 16:03

hey guys im bak sori i was sooo scarce my computer went in 4 repairs
hopefully 4 da dane pieter an annelie dance 2gether
sooo happy kims face looked like dat
who is roux 2 emma (wonder)
see urll might post later

angelz 28
13 Oct 2011 16:04

sori meant dance
and who is roux 2 issebell

13 Oct 2011 18:50

hello everyone!just thought i should come out of silent blogging and say that i like 7de laan,its a cool soapie..i always like the way oubas praises his wifey,damn he never runs out of words!and i also like the girl fights between hilda and matrone,haha always classic...I've one huge question:will felicity and sanjay ever get back together?i dont like her with herman:(.

14 Oct 2011 08:54

Hi Peeps! It's FRIDAY!! :)

@Lizzie, welcome to the family! Silent blogging isn't good for you, so I'm glad you gave it up :)

@MS, I agree... Xander must be careful... his marriage is in trouble (again) and he should just wake up before it's too late...

@Sloe... It's gonna come down to that if Xander doesn't kiss and make up soon...

@Angelz, I get the idea that Roux was Isabelle's first love...

Enjoy your day peeps! Xx

14 Oct 2011 13:18

thanks@allyv...enjoy your day too

14 Oct 2011 15:16

Thanks :)

angelz 28
14 Oct 2011 15:30

hey all

i think dat dey were probably married or ingaged or something
xander is irritating me
i think bernaad n kim wil hook up (not sure)
dey always stand next 2 each other

14 Oct 2011 18:33

Hey every1 um how can Felicity giv Zinzi da lead singer part but paula asked 4 it 1st

angelz 28
14 Oct 2011 20:05

@paula annelie and pieter danced 2gether yey
dey looked soooo cool 
at least dey made dem dance 2geder yey yey yey yey
@PAULA & ABCDEFF see urll sunday @ da fun run 
@sar enjoy ur weekend 

angelz 28
14 Oct 2011 20:05

@paula annelie and pieter danced 2gether yey
dey looked soooo cool 
at least dey made dem dance 2geder yey yey yey yey
@PAULA & ABCDEFF see urll sunday @ da fun run 
@sar enjoy ur weekend 

Paula Pritz
15 Oct 2011 23:49

hey @angels yip dey did and he carried her and it was AWSOME, MORE AWSOME ,AND MORE AWSOME!!!!!!!!! cant wait 4 2mrw

sexy d
17 Oct 2011 08:12

morning all

can someone pls hook up annelie and pieter i mean its long overdue now

xander and venessa should just divorce i didnt really liked them as a couple anyway

17 Oct 2011 08:25

Morning Peeps!
I have a feeling that this is gonna be a slow week... *yawn* hehe

I have to admit it, but I actually felt sorry for Rick... looks like Emma really loves him...

Please peeps, Pieter and Annelie's relationship isn't going anywhere... :(

When is Gita going to do something interesting again?? We need some action please!!

I'll chat again later peeps... Have a lovely day! Xx

17 Oct 2011 13:31

Hi all hope you are all doing well, watched the omnibus, i love the show they put on with the track suits,  shame Errol did really good at such short notice.

Poor Rick he looks awful but at least Emma is there for him although he doesnt want her to visit, i still wouldnt trust him being on all that medication especially around a small child.

Whats with Roux and Isabella is he an old flame. 

17 Oct 2011 14:16

@MS, It hink Roux is an ex of Isabelle...
Ja shame Errol did really well... love him to bits! :)
How was your weekend, my friend?

17 Oct 2011 15:58

Hi ally my weekend was good at last we patched things up whew!  How was yours my friend?
  Yes it looks like Roux was an ex I wonder what happened.    Errol is too adorable I love the way he calls Charmaine "Auntie"  

xander is really neglecting Vanessa, I would be so cross if it was me everything is about rick rick rick.Lets see if things improve now that Rick is going away for ten months. 

Annelie and Pieter sorry I give up, if it was going to happen surely it would have by now. 

17 Oct 2011 16:46

@MS, I'm sooooo glad you made up honey!! :)
Mine was ok... spent most of it packing and my son is teething and that gave him a fever (again) **sigh** :)

Errol is wonderful and he makes you believe that he really loves the family.

Xander is a !@#$% sorry, I don't know how to put it in a better way... lol
I really hope this going away is going to help Rick...

Pieter and Annelie... I don't think there's going to be anything there... not now at least...

Enjoy your evening! Xx

18 Oct 2011 10:15

Eish peeps! Where are you guys?? This is very disappointing... :(

18 Oct 2011 10:53

Hi all,
@allyv why you packing you moving house? Shame the little one teething how painful. I remember when I stayed in joburg there was a pharmary i think in sandton called Bennett's pharmacy that sold a wonder teething remedy called Bennett's teething .... they made it them selves also a life saving syrup for colic. It helped my babies tremendously.

Errol is a sweetheart, is he still going to study medicine next year?

I agree that Gita has been too good for too long, wonder what she will do next to spice the programe up. 

Herman and Felicity do nothing for me they so dont suit each other.

18 Oct 2011 13:34

Hi @MS, yes, but we're not moving far... life in Fourways is just too expensive...
Thanks, I'll see if I can find the pharmacy. At the moment I'm using Prodol and it works nicely as it numbs his gums, but if there's a better product out there, I'll find it :)

I think Errol is going to take next year off and gain some work experience first.

I totally agree that Herman and Felicity don't suit each other... they fight way too much!

The tracksuit video was funny and I hope it works for Felicity's sake.

Kabelo is heading for disaster... if he doesn't want to be with Zinzi anymore, he must tell her and not make up lies... typically guys...

18 Oct 2011 15:11

@Allyv if the Prodol works use it. I think the pharmacy might have been in wendy wood not sure, look it up in the phone book, they also make their own nappy rash cream.
   When is herman going to take that plaster off his face.  I wonder if the track suits will be a success i enjoyed the video. 

Has roux and isabelle chatted yet. 

18 Oct 2011 15:58

@MS, thanks I'll see what I can find :)
I was asking my hubby about the plaster yesterday lol
No, they haven't chatted yet...

19 Oct 2011 08:38

Hi peeps! (the peeps that still bother to come here...)

Can anyone please tell me what happened in last night's episode??

19 Oct 2011 08:55

Hi Allyv, your are right the peeps that still bother to come here.  Sorry cant help you with last night I only saw the end when they were watching the video and they all thought they looked so great.  I think something happened with the track suit business because felicity, herman and isabell were celebrating with a bottle of champagne.   Enjoy your day

19 Oct 2011 10:14

Thanks so much MS! At least I have an idea now hehe.

I don't know what happened to the room... at one stage there were so many peeps commenting the whole time and now it's mostly you and me... don't the peeps like us anymore? :(

19 Oct 2011 11:18

@allyv who knows maybe they are too busy.  How is the little one's teething?

19 Oct 2011 13:51

Ja maybe... He seems to be doing better. I got him some ear drops just now so I'll give it to him tonight...

19 Oct 2011 15:08

Good he is doing better.  This room is just so dead.  How is your day going? 

19 Oct 2011 15:22

Ag up and down.... and yours? I'm sick of this day and wish it would end lol
It's so tragic that this room can go from Booming to zero...
Maybe we should find another room...

Oh well, then we will keep it alive! Even if we only post twice a day, it's better than nothing... do you agree?

20 Oct 2011 07:55

Good morning peeps! (to those that are actually here...)

So Paula is planning a makeover for Bonita (did she really think she would be able to say no to Paula?)
Anyway, I think Paula will do a good job.

Kabelo is going on tour for two months... let's just hope he tells Zinzi how he really feels before he leaves.

Shame Oubaas thinks that Lukas is the serial killer!! LOL
His face when Lukas swung that cricket bat was priceless! :)

Enjoy your day peeps!

20 Oct 2011 09:04

Hi all, Hi allyv looks like it is just me and you.

I saw the end last night your right oubaas's face when Lukas swung the cricket bat that was priceless, but surely lukas isnt the serial kiler.

Shame poor Isabelle that man was harsh.  Looks like they had a stormy past.
He wouldnt let her get a word in stupid man.
I would love to know what happened in the past.

I think susan is too hyper she never keeps quiet.
Is Paula going to give bonita a make over, good for her.

Maybe we should go back to just emailing each other, this place is dead
Chat later x

20 Oct 2011 13:23

Hi MS! Looks like it... maybe it would be better if we just emailed each other again...

I also don't think Lukas is the serial killer... I think his girlfriend is...

I'm also curious to find out what happened between Isabelle and Roux... it look interesting...
Susan seems ok, but a bride that doesn't find fault with anything doesn't exist...

A makeover will do Bonita a world of good... maybe the writers read our comments lol :)

20 Oct 2011 13:39

there is no way that lukas is a killer myb his gf or who knws gitta might b

20 Oct 2011 14:16

@allyv imagine we did start just emailing again there would be no one here.

Roux looks really mean, I cant wait to find out what happened between the two of them.  Lukas couldnt kill a fly never mind being the serial killer. Maybe it is his girlfriend but I havent seen much of her as I watch the omnibus.

I doubt very much it is gita she has been too good lately.

Susan is just too happy to be real.

Cant wait for the make over, its going to be good.

20 Oct 2011 14:39

@zdwesha, I also think it is Lukas' girl... I guess we'll have to wait and see...

@MS, that's a very depressing thought... this room NEEDS life! And even if we're the only ones keeping it going, it's better than nothing...

The only reason I suspect Lukas' girl is because she needs a new cricket bat every week... very suspicious...

20 Oct 2011 15:32

IT must be her if she needs a cricket bat every week, why does she need a new one every week. 

Yes Allyv I guess you and I have to keep the place going. 

20 Oct 2011 15:51

If we don't do it... who will :)

Rock 7
20 Oct 2011 17:03

oubaas wnts to pt his pic up on da wall how silly

angelz 28
20 Oct 2011 17:15

hey guys
@ms and allyv sori i've been soooooo scarce  bt we hve a lot of homework, assignments ect 
cum on oubaas lukie is not da killer
i also think its his girlfriend
finaly paula will give bonita a makeover 
kabelo is irritating me 
chat 2morrow mabye

21 Oct 2011 08:22

Good morning peeps! It's Friday!!!!!! :)

@Angelz, that's ok... as long as you keep coming back! :)

We drove past Donnalee Roberts (Annelie) this morning :)
She stays in the complex next to us... how interesting lol

Oubaas is completely paranoid! lol
Kabelo must choose between working at T&T and his music career... I think we all know which one he's going to choose...
Now we know that Isabelle and Roux were engaged... wonder why they split up...?

Enjoy your day peeps!
Chat again later Xx

21 Oct 2011 10:44

Good morning   TGIF,
@angelz its fine just pop in now and then and say hi, I know you have so much work.

Yes at least now we know about Isabell aned Roux and isabelle is right he does hate her.

Cant wait for the omnibus on Sunday.
How are you Allyv?

Chat later

21 Oct 2011 11:15

Hi @MS, I'm good thanks my friend, how are you?

21 Oct 2011 13:03

@allyv I am good thanks too. very glad it is weekend although me and my other half had another argument oh no.  He is so moody.  Enjoy the weekend if I dont chat to you again.  Lucky you living next door to Annelie does she live alone or dont you know, you probably see her on the way to the studio.

21 Oct 2011 13:53

Oh no sweetie... ask him if he has PMS?! LOL... sorry for laughing, just want to make you feel better...

I don't really live next door... the complex she lives in is next to the complex I live in... this morning is the first time we saw her

Enjoy your weekend honey! Xx

angelz 28
21 Oct 2011 17:11

hey all

wow allv urll get 2 see annelie like everyday its soooo cool

poor lukie feel him sooooooo sorry

kabelo get a life jerk

angelz 28
21 Oct 2011 17:12

enjoy ur week end

24 Oct 2011 08:16

Morning Peeps!! How was your weekend?
Still quiet in here...

I'll come chat again a bit later.

Enjoy your day! Xx

24 Oct 2011 11:06

Hi all hope you all had a good weekend.
Watched the omnibus yesterday.

I would say Roux is a jerk but I suppose he didnt know what happened way back then he thought he had been ditched, what now do you think they will get back together again.

Kabelo i dont agree with what you are doing please be up front with Zinzi and that agent of yours I cant stand her she knows you have a girlfriend and she still makes a play for you.

Oubaas you are pathetic thinking that lukas can be the murderor, I dont know who it can be do you really think it is girlfriend I doubt it cos the one person saw who it was and it was a guy.  Shame Lukies heart it getting broken again.

Cant wait to see the make over - Bonita

@allyv hope your weekend was great

24 Oct 2011 11:29

hi guys, i missed u'rll so much. was off sick but much betta nw. 

wat is it with Isabelle, she is always messing up. thought she and ryno will get back together nw she things she is stil not over this Roux character.!! 

Love Bonita and Vince they look so happy together.

Oubass and hilda I'm speechless.

gave up on Annalie and Pieter.

24 Oct 2011 12:54

Hi  @bezu hope you are feeling better what was wrong.

Isabell and Ryno wont get back together they have been separated far too long and they are both so stubborn.  She is definitely not over roux at all and looks like he still has feelings as well. 

Bonita and vince are so happy it is awesome.  I dont know how they can share a flat with Paula it would drive me crazy, and hour and a half in the bathroom in the morning. 

I dont know why annalie and pieter dont hook up I mean really they are so right for each other. 

Poor Gita still not over the love of her life  Bernard.
Does she have a deal with Tim to get AVA back?

24 Oct 2011 14:33

Hi @MS! My weekend was good thanks, just too short... hehe
Did you guys make up??

Welcome back @bezu!! What was wrong?? Are you feeling better yet? So glad you're back!

I don't blame Roux for being angry and yes, I think they will get back together...

Kabelo is really screwing up... he's not being fair towards Zinzi.

I think the murderer is Lukie's girl... don't know why, I just have that feeling... ja shame poor Lukie...

I can't wait for Bonita's makeover either! To be stuck in a flat with Paula.... not good...

I don't think Gita will ever get Ava back... unless she kidnaps her...

24 Oct 2011 14:46

@allyv yes we made up again, weekend was good just stressful as my daughter starts varsity exams this week. 

I definitely dont blame Roux but he should have tried to reach isabelle to find out what happened, if their love was so strong surely he should have known something serious had come up to stop isabelle from joining him, so much time wasted it is sad.

Kabelo's fame is going to his head and it can only get worse, soon he wont want to know his friends in the laan, but they wont want to know him either if he screws with zinzi, they are such a closely knit bunch of friends no one hurts each other.

Everyone seems to think its lukies girl that is themurderer but didnt that one old lady that was saved from being murdered say it was  a guy with brown hair and blue eyes and that is why oubaas was even more suspicious.

To be stuck in a flat with paula is a nightmare she cant even make her own coffee or breakfast.

Serves Gita right she messed up with AVA having her kidnapped.
Do you think bernard will ever take her back?

24 Oct 2011 15:22

Hi guys sorry for being soooooo absent....i'll make it up for u....life sometimes sucks big time.

24 Oct 2011 15:48

thanks guys. i"m much betta knw. i missed u all n glad that the house is still standing. those who are writting exams -= gud luck and all the best!

24 Oct 2011 16:09

@glad you are better we have been trying to keep the house standing but it has been very quiet, guess everyone must be busy studying etc.
Welcome back meenie we all have things going on in our lifes and sometimes it is difficult to come in and chat. 

I wish Herman would take that stupid plaster off his eye it looks stupid

24 Oct 2011 18:26

hey ppl...We starting with exams soon so I have to study so thats why I don't post so regularly...

24 Oct 2011 19:36

Hilda and her hubby are really getting old. The way hilda was behaving near lukas aai no. Kabelo serves you right to be caught red handed. And you lebohang you are way too cheap girl throwing yourself to a man like that so not cool.

24 Oct 2011 19:38

Hilda and her hubby are really getting old. The way hilda was behaving near lukas aai no. Kabelo serves you right to be caught red handed. And you lebohang you are way too cheap girl throwing yourself to a man like that so not cool.

25 Oct 2011 08:04

Morning guys:-)

25 Oct 2011 08:08

hi guyz@ meenie how u grl?

25 Oct 2011 08:21

Morning peeps!

Welcome back @meenie! Are you ok?

@bezu, I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better :)

@amy, good luck with the exams! If you study hard the tests will fly by :)

@sloe, I agree... Hilda acted as if Lukas was going to rip her head off any moment... and Kabelo and Lebohang must just take off and get it over with!

@ms, I'm glad that you guys made up :) Good luck to your daughter for her exams!
Could it have been Lukie's girl in disguise?
I also think that if Roux really loved Isabelle, he would have at least tried to find out what happened... men!
I would also like to know if Bernard will take Gita back... but I doubt it...

Enjoy your day peeps!
I'll swing by again later! Xx

25 Oct 2011 08:22

I think it's time for some November Teasers now... :)

25 Oct 2011 09:03

Hi all,
@amy good luck with the exams.

What happened last night with Kabelo, the census people were at our house when I usually see the end of 7de laan.  I hope zinzi gives him hell if he was caught out.  Lebohand is a bitch to do what she is doing but Kabelo should be stronger than that.  As usual it is a ego thing.
@allyv thank you I am sure my daughter will do well she studies really hard

Chat later

25 Oct 2011 10:13

25 Oct 2011 10:50

Hi@bezu and @allyv, i'm okay thanks. I think kabelo doesn't have a backbone, he is so week that he let that control freak of an agent to seduce him. Poor u could have seen her when she caught them kissing, shame, i just hope they vanish to their tour quick. I also think that aubaas and hilda have totally lost it, to think that lucas is a cricket bat killer!

25 Oct 2011 11:06

@MS, Kabelo told Zinzi that he had to work late to bring all his work up to date because he promised Herman that the work would be up to date by the time he leaves (he resigned yesterday). Zinzi then decided to surprise him at work with a picnic basket... she then walked in on Kabelo and Lebohang while they were licking each other's tonsils... shame poor Zinzi...

@meenie, who do you think is the killer?

25 Oct 2011 11:38

I think it might lucas' girl, she alway need a new bat or she is supplying killer.

25 Oct 2011 12:35

@thanks allyv, bloody scumbag that he is everyone should disown him.  Shame what did Zinzi do? 

This killer is so confusing, I mean why does lukas's girl need all those cricket bats?  Maybe its rick who has escaped from the clinic (only joking lol).

Whats going on with Roux and isablle anything?

25 Oct 2011 14:58

Well, Rick is crazy enough! LOL

Roux told Susan that it's ok if she still uses Aggy's jewels for the wedding...

25 Oct 2011 16:09

Do think that roux and susan will marry? Is he not going to leave her for isabell?

25 Oct 2011 16:18

I think Roux and isabelle suit each other better than roux and susan. Susan is a bit fake.  Aggie must be happy the jewelery is back on. Shame she thought it was something that she did cos isabelle couldnt tell her.

Whats going on with zander and vanessa they still at each others throats?

25 Oct 2011 16:48

It looks like xander and vanessa are having communication break down. She told her mom that her and xander are just like strangers.

25 Oct 2011 16:50

I think Roux will leave Susan and elope with Isabelle...

Xander and Vanessa... now there's a lost cause...

I'll chat again tomorrow peeps!
Enjoy your evening! Xx

The General
25 Oct 2011 17:26

It would be ridiculous if Lukas' girlfriend was the murderer. I mean really? That would be a total disaster from 7de Laan writers.

26 Oct 2011 10:02

*from silent blogging..*hey all!i  somehow think lukas' girlfriend is indirectly involved in the murder,,maybe she gives the guy the cricket bats or something...i'm too sure but i captured a moment when lukas described the murderer to her and seemed akward suddenly..I don't recall much on that though coz my lil brother distracted me a bit..

anyway,I Just like 7de laan these days,cant  miss an episode..good day all

26 Oct 2011 10:15

Hi Peeps!

Shame, Lukas looked so sad when he realized that Hilda and Oubaas thought that of him... :(

@lizzie, maybe you're right... I guess we'll have to wait and see... :)

@General, who do you think the murderer could be?

Enjoy your day peeps! I'll chat again later! Xx

26 Oct 2011 13:28

Its amazing that when you think someone is whatever you think he is even the things that person does proves your opinion of them right. Look at lukie all he did made hilda believe he is the killer. Shame lukie is heartbroken don't worry lukiE hilda will mix her concoctions for you till you forgive her.

26 Oct 2011 13:55

@sloe, it will only take one concoction for Lukie to forgive her... lol
He won't want her to make another one, so he'll forgive her quickly :)

Where is my friend @MS today??

27 Oct 2011 09:53

Hi all,
@allyv back again how are you my friend?.  I just went into News 24 and they give you an update on the soaps, apparently Herman proposes to Felicity and she says yes. ( I dont like them together as a couple dont suit each other at all)  Is lukas also leaving the laan?  I hope zinzi has dumped kabelo.


27 Oct 2011 14:12

No body out there Hello...................

27 Oct 2011 14:38

hey...thanks 4 all the gud wishes....i will study hard.....

27 Oct 2011 14:38

hey...thanks 4 all the gud wishes....i will study hard.....

27 Oct 2011 16:48

@amy, good for you :)

Hi @MS, sorry had a HECTIC day!

Felicity and Herman... engaged.... NOOOOOOO!!
Yes, Lukas, Kabelo and Isabelle are leaving... :(

I'll be back in full swing tomorrow... enjoy your evening!

28 Oct 2011 05:51

Hi guys, i'ts my daughter's bday tday(foster), she is turning 11. And i'm so proud of her. Zinzi waited for kabelo to dump her....damn....i'll post later guys, i just want to make this day special for daughter

28 Oct 2011 07:57

Happy Friday Peeps!!

@Meenie, that's soooo cool! Happy birthday to her from us! Xx

Kabelo dumped Zinzi... Roux dumped Susan... last night wasn't a good day for the ladies...

Lukas is going on tour with his girlfriend (sorry that I thought you were the killer girlie)...

Marcel might show up at Ryno's book launch...

Bonita's makeover didn't really go as planned... I wonder what she will look like...

Enjoy your day, I will chat again later Xx

28 Oct 2011 11:30

Hi all

Happy birthday Meenie to your foster daughter hope she has an awesome day.

So Roux dumped Susan whoa!!

You mean Lukas is going back packing with his girlfriend.

I wonder if marcel will show up, I am sure Ryno would love her to.

What happened with the make over with Bonita.  cant wait to watch on Sunday.

How are you and the little ones allyv?

chat later xx

angelz 28
28 Oct 2011 13:32

hey all
poor zinzi feel ha soooooooo sorry 
cant wait 2 see how bonita looks 
issebelle will probably leave wit roux 
so sad lukie is leaving
wen is da november teasers cumin out im impatient now

28 Oct 2011 13:50

Hi @MS, the kids are doing good, thanks! Looks like my son is getting flu or something... it never ends... :)
How are you doing today?
Where did you find the soap previews on News24?

Ryno doesn't seem too happy that Marcel might be there...

@Angelz, shame I also felt sorry for Zinzi...

Where are the November teasers??

angelz 28
28 Oct 2011 14:03

@ms i tried going on news 24's website but i didnt find anything little help........

november teasers cum on

@allyv although zinzi spreads alot around da laan but i still think she should be happy

28 Oct 2011 16:08

@angelz, I agree with you... Zinzi deserves some love

I also can't wait for November teasers!!

Enjoy your weekend peeps!

Paula Pritz
29 Oct 2011 09:17

hey all.sorry hav been scarce and wats happnin wat dis blog its gone soooooooo dead.shame poor zinzi kabelo is so naarin... y does lukie have to go im gonna miss him n i wanted issabellle to end up wid ryno not dis new dude...y isnt de teasers for monday cos its still october we seriously nedd november teasers

angelz 28
29 Oct 2011 11:13

NOVEMBER TEASERS CUM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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