Big beef between Arthur & Penny

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 19 Apr 2011
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Jeeeeuwce. There's big beefo going on between the judges on's new reality show Step Up Or Step Out. Specifically between Arthur Mafokate and Penny Thloloe because of their opinions on which crews should make the next stage and their points of view on the different dance styles.

no Xplanations needed

The auditions went to Durban this past weekend and a mole who was there has spilt that things between them got verrrry tense when they were choosing which crews should go to the next stage. The auditions wrapped in Durbs so crews need to be chosen for the next phase which involves a workshop.

The beef's obviously a build-up and explosion of what Cheesa noticed at the Cape Town auditions.

This from Cheesa's interview with Penny:

Cheesa: What do you think of the other judges you’re working with?

Penny: I think we get that question a lot. Uhmm Arthur…we seem to be oil and water for some odd reason. Uhmm... but Emile is great (laughs) I don’t know with Arthur there’s something he does which rubs me the wrong way (laughs). I think I’ll need some water to calm me down (laughs).

As Cheesa mentioned in her interview, the two have been judging very differently. The blow-out between them happened over a krumping crew.

Penny didn't like the crew and said their krumping wasn't good enough, Arthur liked them and wanted them to go through and then the two got into a heated argument when Arthur challenged Penny's knowledge on krumping.

She's a ballet and Spanish dancer and choreographer so he was like: "You go and do it and show how it should be done."

Which she didn't do. She just sort of brushed the suggestion away apparently.


19 Apr 2011 14:48

They shud grow up  man ..............................i wonder who's at fault ???

19 Apr 2011 15:07

Haybo...They should stop it.. If they will continue behaving like that then its good that Mr. Afroman sits in-between them until the both grow up.. Let's buy impempe(whistle) for

19 Apr 2011 15:20

Tjo can you see Arthur in that pic that is what made me want to leave there without talking to him. lol check the way he's looking at Penny lol........You cud be right Cheesa maybe they have a thing for each other like icrush ,

19 Apr 2011 16:26

Arthur is triying to hard to be 'Simon Powell' on the auditions. He needs to take a chill pill. We know he came up with Kwasa, Sika Lekhekhe and what what. But that doesnt mean he's an expect. Also he expect the groups to be perfect and on point forgeting that they train themselves and do need to be shaped there and there. They were also fighting a lot on the Durbs auditions, and Arthur annoyed me too.

20 Apr 2011 07:40

no Xplanations needed 

kwaaaa, Arthur isnt laughing one bit....what happened *now lemme read*

is this currently on tv?

20 Apr 2011 08:37

kwaaa at Simon meant Simon Cowell?

Sana Lwam
20 Apr 2011 09:41

the pic just makes me laugh....Arthur must grow up

20 Apr 2011 10:32

guys am really sorry go tsaw agendeng, i am a person living with disability. i hv a problem with sassa department bcz they denying me with my disability grant. its really a long story but to cut it short i would jst say they r owing an outstanding of R30000 and i want wat is rightfully mine. pls bloggers gv me some ideas on what to do coz i went to their offices thousands times but am not succeding.


20 Apr 2011 10:33

I wud if i cud dear .......Bloggers help tu !!!!

20 Apr 2011 10:36

why the blame goes to Arthur , Penny needs to grow up... 

Penny is sturborn she don't want to listern to Arthur's views of which they must work as a team.

20 Apr 2011 10:49

Dear Botselicpus

I'm sorry that you are somewhat being screwed by our government.

The SASSA website has email addresses of "relevant people".

Why not write an email and CC all of them in. Maybe one of them will take heed of your situation and follow up.

I say this because (I know it's not the same situation) we had an issue with Home Affairs and my hubby sent a very strong big letter worded email to certain people and we got an email and a posted letter apologising for the mistakes and we were told that the problem would be sorted in 2 weeks. Needless to say when we went to home affairs two weeks later the issue had been resolved and we received a letter there apologising.

So maybe you need to take a proactive approach (not sure if you have already).

Keep all correspondence and if nothing happens then escalate it. Get Radio 702 to help or other media people to help. Speak to anyone who is willing to listen and something will happen.

Good luck.


20 Apr 2011 11:58

kwakwakwakwa no comment

One and Only
20 Apr 2011 13:00


Being disabled is not an achievement, you cannot go around ulokhu untswininiza tswi tswi tswi mina I'm living with a disability, etc. The disability card has lost it's ink now as we are all disabled in one way or the other some of us even more.

Is the R30 000 really rightfully yours? If it is, take them to court and sue the smelly asses. 

For the record I've got family members and friends who are disabled and they refuse to accept the grant and instead are working.

20 Apr 2011 13:09

Oh sorry I dint see that u guys are already :)

Kim Possible
20 Apr 2011 13:13

OnO "we are all disabled in one way or the other some of us even more."  SHM... yaz only you can say such.

Botse, hope you'll take GLM's advice.

20 Apr 2011 13:20

"Being disabled is not an achievement, you cannot go around ulokhu untswininiza tswi tswi tswi mina I'm living with a disability," kuyahlekwa noma kufiwe.

20 Apr 2011 13:44

Kodwa O&O ................#speechless

20 Apr 2011 13:52

"Being disabled is not an achievement, you cannot go around ulokhu untswininiza tswi tswi tswi mina I'm living with a disability," kuyahlekwa noma kufiwe. Impela The Lady ,lol

20 Apr 2011 13:56

@ One and Only? what happened dear, u were not forced to help her/him if u don't feel like. eishh abanye abantu abanazi nhliziyo yazi nxammmm

Sana Lwam
20 Apr 2011 14:29

kwa kwa kwa....oh One and Only? u know how to make me laugh

21 Apr 2011 07:53

@ one & only, u knw what firstly i ddnt force you to help i just asked, 2ndly if u think getting work is like manna frm heaven, u r then wrng. 3rdly the mny that i am talkng about it is mny from 2003-2006 while i was still schooling. Now i am finishd with my b-tech in HRM so if wena u thnk u better than me just take a lilttle bit look around ur head and come back and tell me who is got a good brains between me and u. Lastly go nd *bleep!* ur ass. 

21 Apr 2011 07:57

@ GML thx i really appreciate it. only if i culd get the relevant people to talk to. i went to sassa head office, public protector, i wrote a letter to speak out but nothing came out of all this. i just dnt knw what to do at the moment.

21 Apr 2011 08:00

i appreciate it and greatful for all who r tryng to hlp. 

21 Apr 2011 08:23

@Botse ... GML has already given you directions ... I was not aware of it, so you can delete the same info in your guestbook.

21 Apr 2011 08:53

I just came to LOL hahahahahahahaha

Tshotsho 1 & Only uzoyeka ukuphapha.

21 Apr 2011 13:38

Tjo One& Only, I dont know you but I can picture you saying ntswi ntswi. Tjo, azange ngihleke kanje............bauuss

23 Apr 2011 20:45


24 Apr 2011 17:45


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