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Rhythm City Teasers - April 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 27 Mar 2011
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Coming up on Rhythm City in April 2011:

Friday, 1 April 201
Episode 975

Ronald agrees to help Lucilla investigate Nikki. In the meantime Miles tells Nikki that she has a brother.

Jafta urges Fats to move into the main house and kick out the Khuses, and Fats tells the Khuse's to move out. Suffocate tells Thula that he's called in the police to investigate who knocked over Matric and Thula is shocked to discover that he rode over her.

Meanwhile, Sbu does not seem to buy his fathers revelation of the sister.

Monday, 4 April 2011
Episode 976

Niki meets S'bu at the club and, unaware of their relationship, they find themselves deeply attracted to one another.

Lucilla is still relentless about Miles taking the partenity test. Thula tells X9 that they are responsible for driving over Matric and X9 urges him not to say anything - especially to the police.

Fats give the Khuse's 24-hour notice of eviction.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011
Episode 977

As the clock ticks there is no sign of Fats - Kop and Mamokete are hopeful that he will not evict them.

Miles and Niki bond, much to Lucilla's chagrin, while S'bu refuses to meet Niki or to have anything to do with his dad as his mind is on a hot new love possibility.

Suffocate is frustrated by the dead-end police investigation, while Thula and X9 keep mum about the accident.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011
Episode 978

Puleng and Thula bond at the hospital over the comatose body of Matric.

Fats' conscience is troubling him with regards to the Khuse's.

Miles asks Lucilla to make more of an effort with Nikki, and she is forced to confront an unpleasant thought with Ivan Tshinawa.

Thula's conscience is troubling him and causing him to unravel.

Thursday, 7 April 2011
Episode 979

Lucilla is becoming increasingly weary with Nikki, especially after Miles offers her a job at Redemption Records, and Mile is dismissive about paternity tests. Nikki brings Bash to meet the Vilakazi's.

Suffocate and Thula are each struggling with guilt. Suffocate because he feels responsible that Matric's accident happened at his club, Thula for obvious reasons.

Fats and Caroline blame each other for the situation which has resulted in the Khuses new living arrangement.

Friday, 8 April 2011
Episode 980

Puleng and Ngozi get off to a bad start. She doesn't want him anywhere near Matric and he blames her for what has happened to their daughter.

Thula tests the idea of revealing himself as the person responsible for Matric's accident.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Matric's heart stops and the doctors scramble to try and resuscitate her. When the doctor finally comes out to talk to Puleng, his expression confirms her worst nightmare.

Monday, 11 April 2011
Episode 981

Miles conceals from Lucilla how disastrous Nikki's first day at work was.

In the meantime, Bash meets with Lucilla, who pays him to dig up damaging information about Nikki. David encourages S'bu to meet at the girl he met but not her sister.

Puleng finds it hard to leave her dead daughter's site until Suffocate comes and persuades her.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Episode 982

Miles is impressed when Lucilla offers to help give Nikki a few pointers about the office environment and culture.

Thula and X9 realise the trouble they are in because of the death of Matric.

Rose and Mamokete rally around Cuba and give all the help they can in this difficult period.

S'bu is torn about his attraction to Nikki, but can't seem to resist.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Episode 983

Nikki catches Lucilla on the phone to Ivan and they threaten each other.

Mamokete tries to broker peace between Fats and his mother, but it all goes horribly wrong.

Misplaced emotions over Matric's accident spill over in the community. S'bu goes out on a date with his mystery woman and they really get it on.

Ngozi comes to see Puleng and breaks some devastating news.

Thursday, 14 April 2011
Episode 984

Mamokete enlists Kagiso's mom, Mrs Kutumela, to put an end to the Caroline-Kagiso travesty.

Kop tries to intervene in Ngozi's decision on behalf of Puleng's family, but to no avail. David tells Ronald that perhaps it is time he and Miles's daughter met.

Lucilla manages to convince Miles to do a paternity test to prove that Niki is indeed his child.

Out of sympathy for Puleng, Suffocate makes a promise he has no way of keeping.

Friday, 15 April 2011
Episode 985

Miles tells Nikki about Bash's attempt to blackmail him and gets Bash's number from her.

Later that morning, they go out and take a paternity test, while David tries to meet Nikki. Ngozi's uncle tells Kop that Cuba's funeral policy should be used.

Suffocate thinks Ngozi's only interested in money and offers him the equivalent of half the burial policy.

Fats goes back home and the Khuse's are greatly relieved to have their home back to themselves.

Monday, 18 April 2011
Episode 986

The cloud surrounding Matric's burial place continues to affect everyone concerned.

Suffocate intervenes and is in for a surprise.

Meanwhile the ladies rally around the distraught Cuba.

Gail has a major surprise at the office. She and Tessa celebrate.

As Miles awaits news of the paternity test, Lucilla works behind the scenes to oust Nikki, while Bash continues his blackmail trail on Nikki.

David is surprised and amazed to discover who S'bu's love interest is.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011
Episode 987

David continues to sow mischief, encouraging S'bu to take up with Nikki. Lucilla tries and fails to bribe Nikki to leave the Vilakazis and Nikki discovers that Lucilla is having an affair with Ivan Tshinawa.

Puleng persuades a reluctant Thula to do the speak at Matric's funeral after Suffo refused.

He later tells X9 that what he'd most like to do at the funeral is confess his culpability. Ngozi allows Matric's to be buried in Johannesburg.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Episode 988

Nikki questions Lucilla about Ivan after she sees them together and later lashes out at Ivan at Redemption records. Miles forces her to apologise but she refuses.

S'bu calls Miles after his chat with Nikki; he is ready to meet his sister. Lucilla waits with anticipation as the results of the paternity test are about to be revealed.

Thula battles with guilt and X9 convinces him it was an accident. Gail receives an anonymous bunch of red roses.

After a curious comment made by David she becomes convinced that he sent her the flowers.

Thursday, 21 April 2011
Episode 989

As the family prepares for the funeral, Puleng has to face every mother's worst nightmare: burying her child.

Thula tries desperately to get out of making a speech at Matric's funeral. The men bring Matric's coffin to Puleng's house and Puleng and Ngozi mourn the death of their daughter.

Thula makes a moving speech at Matric's funeral.

Cuba and Gogo try to carry Puleng through the devastating process of burying her child.

Friday, 22 April 2011
Episode 990

During a venomous exchange of words, Lucilla accuses Nikki of being a fraud and in turn Nikki hints at Lucilla's infidelity.

Miles' arrangement of bringing his kids together fails.

Meanwhile, Ivan calls Lucilla to arrange another "business meeting". Ivan meets up with Lucilla at Ponto and challenges Lucilla to admit that she has feelings for him.

Suffocate asks Thula to assist Toolkit and Findo in finding Matric's killer.

Nikki and S'bu struggle to fight their temptation and eventually make love.

Monday, 25 April 2011
Episode 991

The tension between Miles and Lucilla continues to grow due to Lucilla's continuous criticism of Nikki.

S'bu is excited about the chemistry between him and Nikki and tells Gail about it.

Thula nears the point of meltdown as his guilty conscience continues to weigh heavily on him. X9 comes up with a plan of deflecting suspicion to a fall guy.

Nikki learns that Bash never left town at all and he tells her about Lucilla's offer. He then reveals a plan to get money out of the Vilakazi's.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011
Episode 992

Gail has her first taste of the negative side of fame, and Kop tries to persuade Tshidi to come home.

David takes an increasingly creepy interest in S'bu's affair with his sister, and Nikki moves into the next phase of her sting, to Lucilla's chagrin.

Puleng insists on going back to work, despite Suffocate's protests.

S'bu tells Nikki about his love for Thembi and what happened to her and then they make love again.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011
Episode 993

The boys realise that S'bu is serious about Nikki when he refuses to kiss and tell.

Meanwhile the two lovers are in for a big shock.

The claws are still out between Nikki and Lucilla.

Big tension arises between Lucilla and Miles over blood test results.

Thula tries to wriggle out of a slip-up he makes to Toolkit.

Gail receives a stunning gift and she and Tessa struggle to unearth the mystery man.

Tshidi goes back home.

Thursday, 28 April 2011
Episode 994

S'bu can't take the shock and the horror of discovering that the girl he slept with is his sister and walks out.

Miles blames himself not knowing the truth behind the reaction.

Meanwhile Nikki and S'bu are shell-shcoked about the revelation.

Suffocate comforts Puleng after she collapses.

S'bu learns that X9 is ready to exit Hustle. He blames Thula for not managing their hottest artist properly.

Thula confesses to S'bu.

Friday, 29 April 2011
Episode 995

Gail is very impressed with the way that Tessa bounces back from the birthday debacle.

Miles tries to get information about S'bu's walkout from Nikki, while Lucilla looking forward to the results of the paternity test.

To try to appease Bash, Nikki extorts money out of Miles in order to "pay" for her drama school.

X9 is livid with Thula for spilling the beans about the accident to S'bu. S'bu tries unsuccessfully to try and get some kind of peace between Thula and X9.

Miles gets the paternity test results.

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27 Mar 2011 14:54

M 1st n im new....damn wat a welcum,k nOw let me read

27 Mar 2011 15:04

numba 2!

27 Mar 2011 15:04

Wat cn i say.....m sO Oo sad shame puleng my gOD!

27 Mar 2011 15:27

shame man, poor puleng.. Story line sucks though

27 Mar 2011 15:47

top 10

27 Mar 2011 19:19

No. 6

27 Mar 2011 19:21

No. 6 Sbu slept with his sister thats bad luck

28 Mar 2011 00:52

Dat nikkis nt sbus sister

28 Mar 2011 07:38

i made it to top 10 yipppy. now let me read.

sexy d
28 Mar 2011 08:02

top 10 wow let me go and read..

28 Mar 2011 08:34

Quite interesting. Much better than Generations to me.

Mrs Chix
28 Mar 2011 09:59

wow Sbu wil sleep with his sister LOL, Trublu Generations is ful of crap

sexy d
28 Mar 2011 10:55

@Mrs Chix if only his pride didnt stay in the way he should have listened to miles when he told him he must meet his sister none of this could have been prevented.

David mare is a snake he will knw gore sbu i dating is sister but will not tell him anyway it serves Sbu right he should know gore blood is thicker than water.

Thula wena just come clean b4 its too late listening to X9 wont help solve wat you did coz boy having a conscience is sumthing else.

NAOMI NAOMI NAOMI wen r u coming back?

28 Mar 2011 10:58

28 Mar 2011 11:04

i don't get it, i am sure this nikki is a fraud, when she sleeps with Sbu doesn't she know his surname? i do not get it

28 Mar 2011 11:05


baby bear
28 Mar 2011 15:56

sounds interesting.......100% better than generations
sbu yena wa tena man

baby bear
28 Mar 2011 15:57

shame poor puleng :-(

28 Mar 2011 16:20

very sad..

Lucilla n Ivan another meeting?? i wonder wat its abt this, i'm begining Lulu is enjoying this.
as for Thula, mayb this is his exit.

28 Mar 2011 16:22

very sad..
Lucilla n Ivan another meeting?? i wonder wat its abt this time, i'm beggining to think Lulu is enjoying this.
As for Thula, mayb this is his exit.

ms Lihle
28 Mar 2011 17:15

Nikki is not Miles daughter she wants 2 milk money 4rom miles,I read it on Move, as we all knw dat Miles is a fool he blivs its tru dat Nikki is her daughter!

sexy d
29 Mar 2011 08:35

morning all

wow wat a moving episode maobane especially that part ya puleng damn gal you mastered that part

le nna am begging to think gore lulu likes to be layed by Ivan i think wat David said about Lu that he likes his man dangerous and upredictable is true

Nikkie shame hai ke fraud indeed.

29 Mar 2011 10:26

Wow.. sad for Puleng... and Ngozi futhi... aowa
As for Thula for not immediately coming clean???  it's dissapointing.

Interesting abt Sbu & Nikkie, Ivan & Lucilla... drama indeed

29 Mar 2011 12:09

WOW great stuff....hOTTER and HOTTER....

29 Mar 2011 12:09

Lulu and her cake! shame, Ivan got her goo and unfortunately he never even gets the job done

29 Mar 2011 12:10


The General
29 Mar 2011 12:27

What Generations can learn from Rhythm City: change storylines, keep them interesting, and CHANGE CHARACTERS, not always having the same people. I was watching Generations, and Queen's character is becoming ridiculous, she should just leave now, it's now affecting her career hayi.

29 Mar 2011 13:31

thula and X9 rot in hell for keeping such a secret....Nikki i knew u were a fraud..can someone give Miles a break pooor man....Wife is sharing his biscuit,,son is sturborn and so called daughter is a friend is sleeping with wife ,,,,shame man

29 Mar 2011 13:51

yeah neh, @tryphine,  no one around the poor dude is real, thats why he tried to committ suicide. shame

sexy d
30 Mar 2011 08:39

morning all

@tryphine hope he gets his break soon hey he also deserves some hapiness

30 Mar 2011 12:00

sounds very  interesting

30 Mar 2011 13:16

Why do they have to put us so much pain about Matric .... haai that is so SAD, thula should have confessed from the word go, how does he suddenly trust X9 from nowhere ??? I hope Puleng finds comfort in Suffocate then maybe !!! Asseblief thleng give poor/weak Miles a break why is he all of a sudden so weak and obsessed with Sbu ?

30 Mar 2011 14:39

hmm its indee sad storyline, by the look of it the funeral will bring safafa and puleng closer, those two are meant to be togethr, i mean how many sufo's girlfriend do we know? only 1. he need a love life.

30 Mar 2011 14:48

Nikki , NIkki her face is familia from somewhere<, what she was doing before rythm city. I can't recall where i know her from, pls help me guys to frefresh my memory

sexy d
31 Mar 2011 08:52

morning all

@titidi she was Dineo ko Muvhango working ko Etwatwa

31 Mar 2011 09:00

poor puleng..........i feel for, it feels so real

31 Mar 2011 10:46

 thanx  sexy d,

31 Mar 2011 10:57

lulu she in for ivan why not telling uvilakazi iqiniso n i thick she likes powerful man,first was david now ivan.

31 Mar 2011 11:51

***so sad*** speechless

31 Mar 2011 14:10

oh! poor puleng, faele lulu ene o ethaya are gongwe nikki o bua maaka are mmaagwe o sule o tshogile oaitse are gongwe miles wl break up wth her to nikki's mum, oh im sorry 4 her she thinks she gona lose miles.

31 Mar 2011 14:17

99% better than generations!

mizz kay.
01 Apr 2011 20:26

03 Apr 2011 15:54

Generations writers now looks like a bunch of amateurs after this storyline.

03 Apr 2011 16:58

04 Apr 2011 11:56


04 Apr 2011 13:51

Where Ivan & Lucilla's relationship going??? Ivan my man u kip screwing Lucilla, for what??? Miles is too busy with Nikki and he doesnt even see that his wife to be is being screwed by another man!!! shame on Ivan Tshinawa...

04 Apr 2011 14:17

skura, those guz are not in a relationship ivan is just using lulu cauz o lemogile fa a le smata,d u remember dat ka tsatsi la her wedding ivan was responsible for the death of her body guards baba neng ba setse ko ntlon so do u cal dat a relationship, ivan want 2 destroy miles's family just watch out nd see!!!!!

04 Apr 2011 14:22

poor puleng... *sad* bt u tloba shap suffocate is der 4u. lucilla ur no longer in protection of ur family but fantasy nw shame uncle milez... liv her n take RondA. nikki? let me read...

Hloni Morakabi
04 Apr 2011 16:06

S'bu disgusts me nxa! He gets to bed with every girl who comes close to him. 1st it was Gail 2nd Elmarine 3rd Naomi 4th Thembi and now uNikki. Sis man I hate u. Nxa

Hloni Morakabi
04 Apr 2011 16:08

Tjo Ngozi is bek.*shocked*

Hloni Morakabi
04 Apr 2011 16:11

I wish uPuleng no Suffo cud b 2geda. Dey would make such a nyc couple

05 Apr 2011 15:23

@6444, I understand that it is not a relationship but was just not sure wat to call it...I jst wish that Lucilla tells Miles everything before he hears it from somebody else ( David or Ivan)...Yeah Ngozi is bek and I cant w8 to see Puleng's face when she sees him..hohohoho. cant w8 4 da drama here. When wil Thula go 2 da police? 

05 Apr 2011 18:50

Are the writers seriously telling me that Miles doesn't have a single picture of his son in house? Not even on his cellphone? Really? And as for Nicki, or whatever her name is, where the hell does she come from, has she been hiding inder a rock, Miles and S'bu have been in the papers together for so many years, don't tell me you don't know that S'bu is Miles' son, heiffer please, as for S'bu, isn't he still supposed to be moaning the loss of the love of his life, women should be the last thing on his mind right now, I guess in

05 Apr 2011 18:53

meant mourning the loss of the love of his life!

06 Apr 2011 12:06

man r different from women especially wen it comes to moaning the loss of their partner.. men move on very fast n for women it cld take yrs.

06 Apr 2011 17:47

miles can realy be stupid sometimes. hw can u embrace someone as your daughte???? 

mizz kay.
07 Apr 2011 10:32

mizz kay.
07 Apr 2011 10:32

sexy d
07 Apr 2011 10:51

@calamity this thing only shows that nikki is hoping to drain some cash from father and son from limpopo to cape town everybody knws gore sbu ke ngwana wa miles so that chick ena ke fraud.

07 Apr 2011 16:28

Nicki is a fraud period, I bet you there is Miles' real child somewhere out there and this imposter is just pretending to be her.

07 Apr 2011 18:49

What the heck is Kete blaming Tshidi for Matric's accident for, I mean if we are to play the blame game, a lot of people willl not be without blame, Mamokete included.

08 Apr 2011 07:55

To give the whole thing authenticity, can this Nicki person at least speak a bit of Venda seing that she drove all the way from Musina and all. 
Although she is con artist, she shouldn't be sleeping with S'bu as she is supposedly his sister just to give this whole thing a bit of genuity.

sexy d
08 Apr 2011 08:13

morning all

08 Apr 2011 12:54

Hi Sexy d.

Nicki is a fraud period, I bet you there is Miles' real child somewhere out there and this imposter is just pretending to be her. @ Takwesha, it wld make better sense neh

08 Apr 2011 13:10

Nikki is just playing a very dangerous game with the Vilakazis.  And as for Bash, he must watch out.  This whole thing will backfire badly.

08 Apr 2011 16:11

guys a nikki ga kgone go bona gore lulu ga a morati, oh it hurts me cauz lulu omo leba ka leitho le esen lone

11 Apr 2011 08:49

hey! morning ppl
 i msd RC on fri only so the party were the doctors runnin sayin matric's heart has sttpd beatn cn someone update

sexy d
11 Apr 2011 08:53

morning all

@charmagal i only saw the part wen the doctor came out telling puleng that matric died..

11 Apr 2011 11:37

HALLA 2 Y'LL, I'm so sad 4 Pulleng no mother has to b in that position, I wish Pulleng n saffo can date thy look gud together

11 Apr 2011 12:49


11 Apr 2011 18:56

what is Miles palying at? If this was anywhere else, that idiot would have been fired a long time ago, Miles is so stupid and people still wonder why Dave seems to win everytime they lock horns.

12 Apr 2011 07:53

I could see the wheels turning in Ngozi's mind. The man is just plain old revolting, he did not care about Matric and there is no reason why he should start now.

Zaza girl
12 Apr 2011 09:51

This is what happened: nikki was involved in a taxi accident bash was driving. While waiting for an ambulance they discovered a letter from a dying young woman. It was from the her mother,a nokuthula telling her about her father,a rich miles vilakazi... That's where and when "nikki" and bash cooked up the plan

12 Apr 2011 09:54

hey ppl

hai shame poor puleng has to go thru al this nd nw tht her bby is dead the father khani akhumbula unengane

12 Apr 2011 10:36

Is it maMokete, MaMokete or Mamokete? I thought that the surname was Mokete, the mme or ma is added as a way of showing respect but shouldn't the surname take precedence over salutation?

ms Lihle
12 Apr 2011 17:14

@Zaza cud b true it ats up!

13 Apr 2011 07:56

Lol Boodah, her surname is Khuse and her name is Mamokete.

13 Apr 2011 10:36

morning pps! it seems like Bash has no friend after ol. He is going to be taking Nikkis' money. How does Lucilla trust Bash? How does she know he'll be giving her the correct info about Nikki? (Stupid). Ngozi now wants to take Matrics' body to be burried to his hometown( thats just sick)...Oh another thing, Mamokete wants Tshidi to come back home but she hasnt told her so!

13 Apr 2011 10:40

Mamokete wahlanya did she only realise gore life is too short AFTER matric's death

18 Apr 2011 13:49

Omg Rythm city is the beeest soapie eva!!
Imagine sista slpn wit brada yoh.......HAI

18 Apr 2011 14:09

ish, hw do u luk at yo bro wen u meet

Mrs Chix
19 Apr 2011 11:18

eish Lucilla is slut, she is now having an affair with Ivan, shame.

19 Apr 2011 11:20

dat msnt bother miles cos he knws vry well ukuthi hai  ululu ubathanda bonke abanemali

Hhhhha al thnx to suffo fo puttn sme sense into ngozi's big head

19 Apr 2011 11:31

Ngozi is jus crazy thinking abt ancestors nw.. did he ever do anything for that little girl...  nxah!

19 Apr 2011 11:32

lol Mskim, hauubefuna ukubonisa umdeni wakhe ukuthi he respects his culture

19 Apr 2011 11:58

wonder what wil happen when sbuda found out that nikki is her sister cause guy he is in love

19 Apr 2011 19:26

Ngozi is human after all. Just tired of David's obsession with Miles, he always wants to stick his nose in Miles' business, he should find a hobby, look for Gina or something.

20 Apr 2011 09:56

mrng bloggerz

anybdy wllin to update a fellow blogger on yday episode

20 Apr 2011 11:08

i understand wat he was tryna do @Charmagal jus that wen a child is born they're other cultural things to be done... dd he do that? i don't think so. so why wld it be important now.

20 Apr 2011 11:09

sorry dear ddn't watch also.. for some reason wenever ther's an advert on Isidingo ther's one on Rhythm

20 Apr 2011 13:57

im tyd of lulu' behavior she is a realy bitch hw can she do this 2 her hus. she cant see dat ivan is just using her, anyway lets watch nd see way wil happen whn they meet again

20 Apr 2011 16:53

Lulu is being played like a chump by that Bash character, I can't get over the fact that both speak perfect Zulu though they claim to be from Musina, honestly couldn't she just say that she from somewhere in the KZN back waters. The writers should inject a bit of realism in this story line. Anybody who is been anywhere near Musina knows that Vhavenda are very proud of their language and if you are going to be living amongst them you have to learn how to speak the language and this Nikki idiot who is allegedly from those parts can't even utter a single venda word, puhleeeaze!

21 Apr 2011 09:38


22 Apr 2011 22:11

What a moving funeral...great acting by Puleng.

Lady Noh.
24 Apr 2011 22:49

It is so bad that isidingo and rythm city viewed at the same time. I enjoy both and it's all getting hot.

26 Apr 2011 11:27

tru @ mathaz...i found maslf cryin as well

cnt wait to wtch tonyt s episode

26 Apr 2011 13:18


27 Apr 2011 10:32

hello!!!! long weknd mizd u 

anyway is nikki realy miles' daughter if she is hw cn she do des 2 sumone she say is her father,if she is not hw wil miles feel after wat he has done 2 her with all his heart e bile a sa batle go reetsa lulu a leka gomo kgalemela.

faele s'bu ene shme on him he cud hv asked nikki gore o dula kae the first day they met maybe go kabo gosa diragala jaana.

i feel sorry for lulu cauz nothing she wil do 2 nikki cauz o tshaba gore o tloga a ntsha her screet with ivan. anyway just watch out nd c cant wait for da partenity results

28 Apr 2011 13:18

Hie evryone! im new.. hope to be welcome to the house of rhythm city i jst lov it .....sad i wander hw is Sbu feeling after realising that the Niki gal is his half sister.... for Thula ya man he has to confess

28 Apr 2011 18:55

Nikki should stop this charade and confess that she is a a con artist who is just after money, that's what she should do. I miss Dylan.

29 Apr 2011 12:08

oh sbu feel sory 4 u

ms Lihle
29 Apr 2011 13:46

Cm on nw its only rhythm city dat doesnt hv the May update nxa

Zaza girl
29 Apr 2011 19:00

Can someone please explain to me what everyone means by sbu and niki being half siblings if they supposedly share the same mother and father. Or is it that they suspect they only share the mother and that miles might not be the father?
30 Apr 2011 09:29

So is niki truely miles' child?

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